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LUYC 070: Drop Ship Lifestyle with Anton Kraly

Welcome everybody! Joining us today is Anton Kraly, the founder and CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle. Anton helps people learn how to start a successful drop shipping business. Today, he’s here to share his eCommerce journey, the challenges he has faced starting out and how he has helped over 10,000 students to implement drop shipping profitably. The first thing I thought about if someone wants to learn from me is what do they want to get out of this? Episode Quotes "Always trust your intuition or...


LUYC 069: Creating Community with Membership Sites w/ Travis Northcutt

Hey everyone! Today, I’m chatting with Travis Northcutt. Travis is a membership site consultant, co-founder of MemberUp and Member Score. Community is very important in a membership site. In this episode, Travis shares practical steps on how to effectively build the community, how to reduce churn and increase membership engagement. Come for the content, stay for the community. Episode Quotes "You just keep on keeping on. It doesn't come overnight." "One of the strengths of a membership site...


LUYC 068: Finding a Niche by Accident w/ Aaron Hultquist of Massage Exam Academy

Welcome to Level Up Your Course! Today’s guest is Aaron Hultquist. Aaron and his wife Ivy are the founders of Massage Exam Academy. Aaron works on the technical side while Ivy creates the course curriculum. In today’s episode, Aaron shares how he and Ivy found a business model by accident and used just-in-time learning to build Massage Exam Academy. We also discuss the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. Enjoy! Our site is a tool; it's not a magic wand...If you buy it and don’t use...


LUYC 067: How to Turn Consulting into a Course with Michael Zipursky

Hello everybody! I am with Michael Zipursky on the show today. Michael is the CEO of Consulting Success, where he helps consultants attract more clients, increase their fees, win more proposals and grow their business. In this episode, he shares insightful advice and tips about the consulting business as well as how he turned his coaching into a successful group program. Enjoy! One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they don't take action, they don't put up stuff out there....


LUYC 066: How to Pre-Sell Your Online Course with Amy Hoy

This is it! The Zen Courses Show is now Level Up Your Course. For the very first episode of Level Up Your Course, I’m honored to have Amy Hoy as our guest. Amy is a software developer, writer, co-founder of Stacking the Bricks along with Alex Hillman, and a course creator. She is here today to share her story and everything about her online course ‘Sales Safari’. Most importantly, we’re going to talk about the V word: validating your idea and why you should pre-sell. Don’t spend a year...


ZCS 065: Why I Took a Hiatus and What’s Next

Hello everybody! If you’re a long-time listener of The Zen Courses Show you may have noticed that I took a hiatus for a bit. Almost a year to be exact. In this episode, you’ll find out why I took a break, what I learned during my time away, and what’s coming up next. Lessons I learned out of the break It’s ok to stop. I know that’s not the message you hear. Everyone else tells you to hustle till you drop. During my break, I learned that it’s not about working non-stop but instead working...


ZCS 064: The Only Way to Learn is to Fail...with Ben and Marie Borowski

Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of The Zen Courses Show. I’m so excited to have Ben and Marie Borowski on the show today, they complement each other so well when talking about skill sets! Ben, being a software developer, is more on the technical side while Marie is into course design and marketing. I know you will love this episode! It came out of the success of Marie's program Before collaborating with each other, Ben and Marie were doing their own things: Marie was working on her...


ZCS 063: Printmaker Jen Hewett on Letting Go of Ego When You Teach

Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of the Zen Courses Show! Today, we are joined by the talented Jen Hewett. Jen is a self-taught printmaker, illustrator, and a teacher. In this episode, Jen and I talk about her online course “Design, Carve, Print”, her experience being an online course teacher and some tips for artists who want to follow her footsteps. I guide people from the very beginning to printing to the fabric Jen’s journey is an interesting one. After “running her stationary...


ZCS 062: Teaching Business to Artists with Alyson Stanfield

Welcome to another episode of The Zen Courses Show! I am thrilled to have Alyson Stanfield joining us today. Alyson has been working with artists for many years. Today, she’s here to share a behind the scenes look at Art Biz Coach and her Art Career Success System (ACSS), which has helped many of her clients grow their careers. Alyson has a lot to share about building an art career, the challenges she faced in her business journey, and some tips as a coach working with artists. A quick note...


ZCS 061: Creating in Public with Matt Ragland

Hey, hey! I am excited to have Matt Ragland on the show today. Matt is the creator of the Sketchnote Starter Course. He’s also a member of ConvertKit’s team. In this interview, Matt and I talk about his work, how he created his sketchnote course, and what it’s like being part of ConvertKit. I know you’ll love this episode! A quick note: - Matt references the course platform Coach, which is now Podia - Listen to the end to get access to the video walkthrough of Matt’s course! Ideas not art…...


ZCS 060: Demystify Your Finances with Dominique Broadway

Hi everyone! I am glad to have Dominique Broadway on the show today. Dominique is an award winning Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, Finance Expert and the Founder of Finances Demystified & The Social Money Tour. In this episode, we discuss her course, Finances Demystified Bootcamp. I absolutely love this episode and cannot wait for you to hear it! Quitting was not a financial worry, I was just over it. I needed a change. Before quitting her job and jumping into entrepreneurship, Dominique...


ZCS 059: Seek Work that Satisfies You with artist Lisa Congdon

Welcome to episode 059 of The Zen Courses Show! My guest today is Lisa Congdon, fine artist, author, illustrator, and online instructor. In this interview, Lisa shares her journey as a teacher turned artist turned artist who teaches. Enjoy! In This Episode You'll Learn: What motivated Lisa to switch careers later in life Why you're never too old to begin something new (and how it works in your favor) How she overcame her resistance to teaching online The pros and cons of partnering with...


ZCS 058: You Need Your Own Money Girl! with fashion designer Jane Hamill

Welcome to episode 058 of The Zen Courses Show! This is part two of my interview with Jane Hamill, former fashion designer, business consultant, and online course creator. (Check out episode 57 for part 1.) In this part, Jane shares how she structures her courses and motivates her students. Enjoy! In This Episode, You'll Learn: How to get your content done Why your students need more structure than you think How to support your students when life happens The secret for staying in your zone...


ZCS 057: What Your Course and Cherry Pie Have in Common with Jane Hamill

Welcome to episode 057 of The Zen Courses Show! My guest for this episode is Jane Hamill, former fashion designer, business consultant, and online course creator. In this interview, Jane shares how she transitioned from running her clothing line to teaching online. Enjoy! In This Episode, You'll Learn: Why you shouldn’t ask your students what they want Why you should start with one course, even if your vision is bigger How to start your course with a limited budget How she tackles talking...


ZCS 056: Why your idea doesn't matter with designer Jarrod Drysdale

Welcome to episode 056 of The Zen Courses Show! My guest for this episode is Jarrod Drysdale, visual designer and new course creator. In this interview, Jarrod shares how he launched his first course and what he's learned from ten years of designing and entrepreneur-ing. Enjoy! In This Episode, You'll Learn: What he learned from his first failed business Why he launched his course on a weekend—when everyone says not to! The incentives that motivated Jarrod’s audience to buy his course How he...


ZCS 055: It's Time to Launch Your Newsletter with Meighan O'Toole

Welcome to episode 055 of The Zen Courses Show! My guest for this episode is Meighan O'Toole, digital strategist and online course creator. In this interview Meighan shares how she left Corporate America to grow her own business and the story behind her course, Anatomy of a Newsletter. Enjoy! In This Episode, You'll Learn: Why social media is not where you will make sales How to overcome your resistance to starting a newsletter Why you should validate your course before you create it Why you...


ZCS 054: Why YOU Are Your Brand with Rachel Shillcock

Welcome to episode 054 of The Zen Courses Show! My guest for this episode is Rachel Shillcock, an award-winning designer, author, and online course creator. In this interview Rachel shares her story and why she decided to create an online course when she already had a couple products. Enjoy! In This Episode, You'll Learn: Why Rachel decided to create digital products when she already had a successful design career Why Rachel believes YOU are your brand How to use your values to help you...


ZCS 053: How Aerial Spaces is Creating Accessible Education with Tiffany Mikell

Welcome to episode 053 of The Zen Courses Show! My guest for this episode is Tiffany Mikell, CEO of Aerial Spaces, an immersive learning platform. In this interview Tiffany shares how she transitioned from being a corporate software developer to dropping everything and creating an education platform. Enjoy! In This Episode, You'll Learn: How growing up in on two different Chicago neighborhoods opened Tiffany’s eyes to disparities in education Why creating inclusive and accessible spaces of...


ZCS 052: Sell Services Before Courses with Halley Gray of Evolve and Succeed

Hey, it's episode 052 of The Zen Courses Show! My guest today is Halley Gray, Founder of Evolve + Succeed. She’s also the creator of Be Booked Out, an online program for coaches, designer and VAs. In this interview Halley shares how she transitioned from consulting to creating her flagship course. Ready? In This Episode, You'll Learn: Why you shouldn’t start with courses if you’re a new business owner How to use momentum and deal with emotions to structure your course How Halley adjusted her...


ZCS 051: How a Help Desk Company Launched Their First Course and Sold Out in 5 Days with Len Markidan

Welcome to episode 051 of The Zen Courses Show! My guest for this episode is Len Markidan, Director of Marketing over at Groove, a help desk SaaS. Groove recently created their first online course and sold out in 5 days! In this interview Len shares why a help desk company decided to create an online course and what it took to make it happen. Ready? In This Episode, You'll Learn: Why content marketing is important…and how Groove rebooted their content marketing strategy Why you should focus...