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The ifa Show is your guide to the stories behind the headlines in financial advice. Join the ifa team as they discuss the latest developments in the advice sector.

The ifa Show is your guide to the stories behind the headlines in financial advice. Join the ifa team as they discuss the latest developments in the advice sector.
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The ifa Show is your guide to the stories behind the headlines in financial advice. Join the ifa team as they discuss the latest developments in the advice sector.




How the financial advice industry can increase market penetration

In this episode of The ifa Show, CEO of Hamilton Wealth Management, Will Hamilton, joins host James Mitchell to explore the adversities that are currently being experienced in the financial advice sector. Will suggests how the industry can provide education around the value of financial advisers, why the domestic funds management industry needs to become more competitive, and what more can be done to provide support to advisers in these high-pressure times. Will also advocates in favour of...


Put your stocks to work by lending them out

FInClear's head of equity finance Alev Dover sits down with ifa editor James Mitchell to discuss why the launch of Australia's first HIN-based securities borrowing and lending platform. In an environment of low rates and slower growth, investors are searching far and wide for returns and a positive yield. Ms Dover explains how wholesale investors can put their money to work by lending out their stocks while still implementing their long strategies. Equity lending has typically been only...


How to start your own IFA business

In this episode of The ifa Show, FinClear director Tony Lynch discusses the ins and outs of setting up your own practice. From the business planning stages to finding a niche, this episode covers the fears and doubts that all new business owners must go through on the road to success. Starting a financial services business can be a complicated and confusing process. Advisers need to make important decisions around licensing and platforms, and identify their target market in an industry...


The Difference between Independent Vs Aligned Advisers

In this episode of the ifa show, MLC General manager of distribution Geoff Rogers joins host James Mitchell to discuss the changes in the financial advice processes. Geoff discusses the opportunities MLC sees for financial advice in Australia, his thoughts on how financial advisers will integrate changes on the back of the royal commission and the understanding from clients around the difference between independent vs aligned advice. He also reveals why advisory firms should be using...


Adapting to a culture of innovation

In this episode of the ifa show, NetWealth joint Managing Director Matt Heine joins host James Mitchell to talk about financial advice and the advice process. Matt talks about the friction points in the financial advice process and how to overcome them, shares his thoughts on communication channels and the way in which advisers communicate with their clients is changing. Matt also reveals the four key innovation areas that Netwealth is looking towards and how adapting to new technologies...


The big questions every adviser should be asking

Momentum Intelligence recently demonstrated the impact that market research has by driving real change in the mortgage broking sector, which was in danger of being ruined by the royal commission. In this episode of the ifa Show, head of Momentum Intelligence, Michael Johnson, joins host James Mitchell to reveal how the research group has partnered with ifa to conduct further research into the financial advice sector in a move that will both that will empower advisers and provide a solid...


The big issues set to impact financial advisers

In this episode of the ifa Show, Lifespan Financial Planning CEO Eugene Ardino joins host James Mitchell to analyse the financial advice sector in light of the recent royal commission findings and recommendations. Eugene will share his thoughts surrounding vertical integration, the departure of grandfathered commissions and how it will impact the bottom line of advice practices across Australia. He also addresses the issues surrounding disclosure and transparency surrounding client...


Rethinking the traditional dealer group

In this episode of the ifa Show, CEO of Centrepoint Alliance, Angus Benbow, joins host James Mitchell to reflect on his entry into the financial services sector following a 10-year career in the defence industry, discussing the synergies between the two sectors and his views on a post-GFC financial services industry. Angus will discuss his prior role as CEO of Shadforth Financial Group and how it has shaped the work that he is now completing with Centrepoint Alliance. With a focus on...


The story behind the story: Now is the time to make money off drugs

Now is the time to make money off drugs – at least according to the cover story for this month’s edition of the ifa magazine. Editor of ifa James Mitchell is joined by journalist Eliot Hastie to discuss medicinal marijuana and its role within Australia, and how the arrival of companies involved in its production on the stock exchange has opened up the possibility of investing in the drug as an asset class. Eliot will reveal the surprises that he came across when researching for the story,...


The biggest breaking news stories of 2018

In this special episode of the ifa Show, host James Mitchell is joined by the journalists from Momentum Media’s wealth and wellness titles. Tune in as they discuss the biggest stories that shaped the financial services sector through 2018 and reveal some of the features that they will be looking to bring you as we head into 2019.


Addressing financial wellness within the workforce

In this episode of the ifa Show, managing director of Financial Advice Matters, Darren Smith joins host James Mitchell to share his stance on financial wellness within the sector, and the adviser explains how his education program is supporting a growing number of businesses and their staff. Darren also discusses why he entered the profession and why the Financial Advice Matters program places a focus on practical financial skills. He addresses the most common concerns he is seeing among...


Challenging the traditional financial advice model

In this episode of the ifa Show, CEO of Experience Wealth, Steve Crawford joins host James Mitchell and tells his story of how he went from a first job completely removed from the finance industry - working with the association for leather tanners - into being a highly regarded ambassador to the financial advice industry. He will discuss the moment where he identified a gap in the market targeting a younger demographic and their needs, and how with no client base, referral partners or...


Keeping the human connection in a sector driven by technology

Recorded live at the IFA convention 2018, ifa editor James Mitchell catches up with netwealth’s Nick Mitchell, Experience Wealth’s Steve Crawford and Sufficient Fundz’ James Millard to delve into the impact that technology has had on customer service in financial advice. Find out how these advisers maintain a human connection in a world dominated by emerging technology platforms, the concept of financial wellbeing and why customer needs should always come first.


How international trends create risk and opportunity for Australian investors

In this episode of the IFA Show, host Katarina Taurian is joined by John Guadagnuolo, investment manager from Antares Equities, to discuss how shifts in global demographic trends can impact the profitability of various investment opportunities. John will share an insight into some of the changes taking place in the current climate, the next opportunities that he believes fund managers and investors can capitalise on, and how Antares Equities assesses the opportunities and risks of a...


Building a more productive business with Praemium

In this episode of the IFA Show host James Mitchell is joined by the chief executive of platform provider Praemium Michael Ohanessian, to discuss how their service is helping to increase client engagement, save time and reduce costs. Michael will share how their service differs from what is being offered by their competitors, why they have chosen to place their focus in the managed account sector, and how they are implementing what they have learnt from their experience in overseas markets...


Keeping clients front and centre

NAB general manager of wealth distribution Geoff Rogers dropped by the studio to recap the 2018 ifa Business Strategy Day, where he ran a session on client centricity and practice management. Geoff also spoke to ifa about NAB’s commitment to the non-aligned advice sector, the latest in the platform space and how managed accounts can benefit advisers and their clients. He also talked about NAB’s decision to demerge its wealth management divisions and what that means for ifa readers....


The UK independent advice experience

Ahead of Australia’s inaugural IFA Convention in September 2017, ifa speaks to Gillian Cardy, founder of the UK’s IFA Centre and an advocate of the global independent financial advice movement, about the experience of IFAs in the UK. We discuss a number of topics pertinent to Australian advice including vertical integration, the philosophy of independence and adviser education standards.


Rebuilding client trust and adopting the 'growth mindset'

Acclaimed American author and motivational speaker Rick Capozzi speaks to The ifa Show on the sidelines of the Netwealth Study Tour in New York City about how advisers can rebuild trust with consumers in the wake of the royal commission. A former executive at Wall Street firms Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and Merrill Lynch, Rick has lived through numerous scandals and believes a particular brand of client-centric leadership is the key to redemption.


Between hearings: recap of royal commission’s first round

With the second round of hearings for the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry around the corner, The ifa Show speaks to Momentum Media’s Annie Kane about the lay of the land.


FPA chair addresses member criticism

In this special edition of The ifa Show, Aleks Vickovich gives Financial Planning Association chair Neil Kendall an opportunity to respond to some of the most commonly heard member concerns around the mandatory standards regime and the FPA’s role in the new era.