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The show that works to get your mojo working!
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The show that works to get your mojo working!








The profound effect of operating with a growth mindset with Dr Eve Grodnitzky

Dr Eve Grodnitzky is a psychologist, author, keynote speaker with a Ph.D. in Social Psychology. Eve and works with big Fortune 500 companies on leadership development, performance management, with much of Eve’s work today focussing on the development of a “Growth Mindset.” This work is a build upon the original research done by fellow psychologist Carol Dweck. In this show we discuss the profound effect that can be produced by learning and operating with a growth mindset. Here’s what we...


How do brand builders create brands customers love? Darryn Altclass

Darryn Altclass is an award-winning brand strategist, author, and speaker. His latest book "This Way Please" has received widespread acclaim. We live in a world where brand is becoming critical for any company leader however the value and understanding of brand are being eroded. In this show we dive into brand, marketing, promotion and strategy and chat about what’s it take for a brand to succeed in the market today? Here;’s what we discuss with Darryn in this show. When people ask...


Powerful productive work habits to own your day with Cyril Peupion

Productivity and performance expert Cyril Peupion wrote ‘Work Smarter: Live Better’ to help people to change their work habits, take control and dramatically improve their performance. ‘Work Smarter: Live Better’ was named a top 10 business books and he is a regular contributor to business magazines, national TV and radio. In this interview we delve into practical ways to change your work habits and transform your life. Get more, do more, be more, contribute more and enjoy the process of...


Becoming Olympic, learning to trust yourself in the moment Martin Reader

Martin Reader played elite sport at the highest level on the biggest stage. Martin is a retired Canadian male beach volleyball player. He competed for Canada at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. He relised his childhood dream of representing his country and spent seven years on Canada’s beach volleyball team. With clear vision and driven by a passion for the sport, Martin now shows us how to be Olympic. His compelling view of leadership, strategy and performance, brings the ability to be...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 172: The Mojo Radio Show EP 172: Mind The Gap: Closing The Gap Between Good Intentions And Getting It Done - Marcus Child

Marcus Child built his reputation helping many well-known UK organisations embrace change successfully. A natural storyteller, Marcus has supported an astonishing number of CEOs, MDs, boards, business teams, sportspeople, and politicians to realise bold and extraordinary goals. Marcus uses work as an opportunity for self-improvement, creating new habits practised in the mind and through relationships to move from good intentions to getting it done.


David Heinemeier Hansson. A straight up approach to high performance in today's business world.

David Heinemeier Hansson is the Founder & CTO at Basecamp (formerly 37signals), creator of Ruby on Rails, NYT best-selling author of REWORK and REMOTE, and a champion Le Mans class-winning racing driver. An opinion leader on the new world of business and the work environment, David has a reputation for his straight up approach to work, performance and productivity. In this terrific interview David shares his views on how we can learn any skill more efficiently, how to get quality thinking...


Melissa Ambrosini Open Wide, strengthen your intuition, love deeper, smash limiting beliefs

Melissa Ambrosini is the International bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, a motivational speaker, and a self-love teacher. Having been a guest on Ep 81, in this show, we explore Melissa’s new book Open Wide and discuss how we can unlock our full potential, master our inner Mean Girl (or Man), smash through limiting beliefs, and ditch self-doubt to start living the life of our dreams. Here’s what we discuss with Melissa on this show. When people ask Melissa what she does,...


How to ensure you execute your strategies effectively Dirk Anthony

Dirk Anthony is an experienced international business consultant, with a track record of delivering the clear strategic vision and creating value for teams organizations around the world. Matching the psychology of business with clear intention, Dirk has a special quality is seeing what needs to be done to not only design but actually execute plans to change company cultures, and developing high-performance teams and people. Here's what we cover in this show with Dirk. How does Dirk like...


Close the gap between business results and personal excellence Eddie LeMoine

Eddie LeMoine is a Canadian-born bestselling author and international keynote speaker. Eddie specialises in leadership, team engagement and the psychology of success. Eddie shares inspiring stories and a genuine care for people, and talks about how we can close the gap between business results and personal development. His job is to bring success to companies and their staff by inspiring greatness in individuals and moving people towards brilliance. His passion for people is very evident....


Dr Meg Jay on how as a super normal you can better deal with adversity.

Meg Jay, PhD, a clinical psychologist and assistant clinical professor at University of Virginia, and author of Supernormal: The Untold Story of Adversity and Resilience. In this show we explore the secret, inner world of those who are resilient. That’s what Supernormal is all about. It is the amazing story of resilience—the heroic, powerful, often challenging lifelong journey of facing up to challenge. This is the world of the supernormal, those who soar to unexpected heights after...


Building, executing, and winning through effect strategy that empowers teams.

Jeff Schwisow is Australia’s thought leader on the power of a ‘project mindset’ to achieve and execute a strategy. He has lived and breathed projects – leading them, studying them, fixing them and using traditional project management processes and techniques to discover how a team can tap their true potential to deliver exceptional outcomes for business. This show is about setting, executing and delivering on a strategy and how do we truely empower and lead a team to achieve the set...


Kasper van de Meulen on living a fulfilled life and relising our true potential

Kasper van der Meulen is an author and lifestyle adventurer. We describe Kasper as a practical productivity scientist. He went from being overweight, burnt out and unhappy, to developing laser beam focus, being finally fit and creating personal freedom. After numerous experiments and challenges he optimised his lifestyle, conquered the cold, ran ultra marathons in bare feet, tested countless diets, read a ton of scientific literature in books and wrote an Amazon best seller. With all that,...


Leadership lessons on humility, resilience, curiosity and dealing with the imposter syndrome Stan Peake

Stan Peake describes himself as an entrepreneur by nature, coach by trade, catalyst by approach. He lives to help leaders discover and live up to their potential. This is a guy who is very clear on his life purpose, guiding successful company executives to assist them to perform at their best and build true self awareness. Leadership, motivation, purpose, sales, dealing with the imposter syndrome and how we draw the best out of others. It's a great show that covers lots of ground. When...


From fighting for gold to fighting for life, the story of grit and resilience.

Sally Callie is a former World champion Australian Olympic rower. Sally and her rowing partner Amber Halliday set a world record at the Athens Olympics in 2004. They were at the top of their game when in different events, they both ended up having to face and recover from serious brain injuries. This is an inspiring story of how an olympic athlete faced personal crisis and called upon all the learning and skills of sport to fight on and survive. It’s a real life story of struggle, grit,...


The grit, resilience and never quit attitude it takes for success in business

Imagine making 100 cold calls a day for a year before you ever got your first business customer. That’s what it took Pamela Jabbour CEO of Total Image Group to start her business. 11 years later, Pamela’s company Total Image Group a uniform designer and manufacturer is dressing 250,000 people a day across Australia, with clients including Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, Pandora, and Ford. The brand has been named the official formal uniform supplier for the Australian 2018 Winter Olympics team....


The Business learnings we can take from the death of Bon Scott and our wrap for 2017.

Jesse Fink is an international bestselling author of BON: THE LAST HIGHWAY a major biography of legendary AC/DC singer Bon Scott. The book uncovers the mystery of exactly how Bon died and who did write Back in Black one the biggest selling rock albums ever. There is a lot to uncover in this show and there are GOLD takeaways for todays business leaders when you consider how ACDC created such an amazing brand that endures. Our whole team is in the studio… what could possibly go wrong!Here’s...


Building your future, getting beyond what’s holding you back.

Lukas Schwekendiek is a top writer on Quora with over 14 Million views. He's recognised as a top writer in Self-Improvement, Optimism and Setting Goals. Lukas has been featured in Time, INC and the Huffington Post and has built his career assisting people to remove their blocks to their success and getting rid of what is holding us back. From his own suicidal thoughts to building a future helping others, Lukas offers help for those that are serious about making change. Set your New Year...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 159: Optimise Your Daily Energy, Live Longer, Feel Better, and Perform At A Higher Level - Dr Sharad P. Paul

Dr Sharad P. Paul, M.D is a surgeon, physician, academic, evolutionary biologist, social entrepreneur, and an adjunct professor at Auckland University of Technology. TIME magazine describes Dr Paul as "one of the most inspiring, intelligent and compassionate men you are likely to meet." In his latest book, The Genetics of Health, he analyses our genetic code to determine how our genes can influence stress levels, nutrient metabolism, sports preferences and most importantly, how to ‘eat for...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 158: Is This The End Of Jobs As We Know It? - Taylor Pearson

Taylor Pearson wrote The End of Jobs to show how investing in entrepreneurship can create more freedom, meaning, and wealth in our lives. Taylor spent three years meeting with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, and regardless of industry, age, race, country, or gender, one thing stood out - entrepreneurship was more accessible, profitable, and safer, while jobs were riskier and less profitable. We're racing towards the end of jobs and entering the entrepreneurial era. Here’s what...


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