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The show that works to get your mojo working!

The show that works to get your mojo working!
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The show that works to get your mojo working!








The Mojo Radio Show EP 211: How To Reinvent, Accelerate and Future Proof Your Career - Michelle Gibbings

The way we work is changing. The rise of freelancing and the gig economy means flexibility and independence, but it also means living with less security. Or does it? While you can’t future-proof your job, you can future-proof your career. Our guest this week Michelle Gibbings shows us how. In this episode, we examine how leaders get fit for the future of work, prepare for the inevitable tides of change, and develop the confidence to take decisive action in our working lives. When people...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 210: A Tribute To The Rebels, The Dissenters, and The Troublemakers - Prof. Charlan Nemeth

We like to get along at home and in the workplace. We don't want to offend anyone. Many view harmony, cohesiveness, and agreement as the building blocks for a great work culture, effective decision-making, and creativity. But they are wrong. Professor Charlan Nemeth, the world's leading expert on dissent, uses 35 years of research to show us why we need rebels. She explains how people with minority opinions need space to express themselves with no compromise. This is a show for the...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 209: How Successful People Manage How They Think and Feel - Kurek Ashley

Kurek Ashley is one of the most in-demand success coaches in the world. As an expert in personal and professional development, he works with Fortune 500 companies and major brands like Apple, Schwarzkopf, Westin Hotels, The Australian Military, Hollywood stars, Olympic Gold Medalists and professional athletes. This episode will ensure you finish your year on a high and get set to rock a new chapter for what’s ahead. Here's what we discuss with Kurek. When people ask Kurek what he does,...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 208: Programming Our Minds For The Marathon Of Life Ahead - Deena Kastor

American long-distance runner, Deena Kastor, won the bronze medal in the Olympic women's marathon in Athens. She was an eight-time national champion in cross country and won both the Chicago Marathon and the London Marathon. Deena has defied the odds over and over again to achieve her dreams and smash through barriers. This episode helps us reprogram our minds for the marathon of life ahead. When people ask Deena what she does, how does she like to reply? "I’m slower than I was, I am not...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 207: How Do We Find And Foster Our Inner Warrior? - US Navy Seal Ray "Cash" Care

Ray “Cash” Care is a 12-year veteran of the US Navy, ten years of which were spent serving as a member of the SEAL teams. Today he works with first responders, professional teams, and athletes. Ray infuses his direct, honest, and to the point training with real-life experiences which cannot be learned from books. In this show, we cover the physical and mental fortitude of a SEAL. Ray is the motivator, educator, and decimator. He believes that together we can do anything we set our minds to...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 206: Making Your Passion A Profitable And Successful Business - Jess Koncz

Jessica Koncz created the app Crave, the Tinder for foods. It's a cool way to discover cafes and restaurants, as well as access deals. Jess grew Crave from an Instagram page and early on acted as the brains, photographer, and rep for the brand. She started the Instagram page as a hobby to showcase local cafes and restaurants. This is a story of enterprising thinking, a desire to succeed, doing what it takes, envisioning the future of food. Here's what we discuss this week with Jess. When...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 205: Lessons From A SWAT Point Man - Dave Acosta

Dave Acosta is a mental fitness coach and speaker on elite leadership. A former point-man on the Las Vegas SWAT, he works globally with elite military and security forces. Dave studies what makes the elite -- elite. In this show, we discuss the formula Dave created that includes four common denominators that every elite performer possesses. Here’s what we cover in this show with Dave. When people ask Dave what he does, how does he like to reply? The front of Dave's website says, “Your...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 204: How To Gain Clarity And A Deep Understanding Of Your Body And Mind - Dr Gabrielle Lyon

Dr Gabrielle Lyon is an elite performance physician who works with Navy SEAL’s, Wall Street executives, and professional athletes. Dr Lyon discusses how to restore our metabolism, balance our hormones, and gain clarity of what aspects of our body, mind and health need healing. Dr Lyon gives us a strategic plan so we can take our life back. A Fitness America finalist, professional fitness model and national figure competitor, Dr Lyon is at the top of the wellness industry. Here's what we...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 203: Be The Boss Of Your Mind And Take Back Control - Giovanni Dienstmann

Are you the boss of your mind or is your mind often the boss of you? Giovanni Dienstmann is an author, meditation teacher, and coach. He writes the popular LiveAndDare blog and has helped thousands of people get clarity and inspiration on the topics of meditation and personal growth. Giovanni inspires people to apply mindfulness, meditation and mindset engineering to create a better version of themselves. Meditation is a type of contemplative practice, is it possible that I could be...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 202: FBI Agent Joe Navarro on Observation, Curiosity and Reading People

Joe Navarro spent 25 years at the FBI working as an agent and supervisor in the areas of counterintelligence and counterterrorism. Joe is internationally recognised as an expert in the interpretation of non-verbal behaviour and has written many best selling books on human behaviour. He is frequently featured on programs such as The Today Show, Fox News, and Good Morning America. In this episode, we discover how to truly optimise what we do, say, see and feel day-to-day.


EP 201: Power Forward By Slowing Down - Carl Honore

Carl Honore believes western society's emphasis on speed erodes health, productivity and quality of life. Carl an award-winning writer, broadcaster and TED speaker is the global spokesman for the Slow Movement. He travels the world teaching people how to power forward by slowing down. In his words, "when you use the slow gear, everything falls into place. You connect more, create more, focus more and achieve more. You become more.” Take a moment and savour this special show.


The Mojo Radio Show EP 200: 'Atomic Habits' & Proven Frameworks For Improving Ourselves Everyday - James Clear

Author/Entrepreneur James Clear writes the hugely popular blog,, in which he talks about the habits of human potential. We discuss the habits and rituals of athletes, artists, and business leaders to tease out the common characteristics that make these people the best at what they do. We also discuss James' new book Atomic Habits which outlines proven frameworks for improving ourselves every day.


The Mojo Radio Show EP 199: Facing Failure And Learning To Start Over - Decorated US Navy SEAL Jason Redman

Decorated US Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jason Redman served in Afghanistan and Iraq where he led assault forces in over 40 combat missions. Redman is brutally honest about his struggles to learn how to be an effective leader, yet that effort pales in comparison to the story of his critical wounding in 2007. His team was ambushed, and he was struck by machine-gun fire at point-blank range in the face. This show traces the evolution of a modern warrior and a man who has come to embody the...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 198: The Commonalities Of Sustaining Excellence In Every Condition - Ryan Hawk

Ryan Hawk is a student, teacher, and practitioner of leadership and performance excellence. He started with a career as an NFL quarterback and now has shifted that mentality to the business world as host of his hit podcast, The Learning Leader Show. The show focuses on learning from the smartest, most creative leaders in the world. He shares the commonalities of sustained excellence of the world's foremost thought leaders. Ryan is a sought-after public speaker, an accomplished writer, and a...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 197: Convicted Bank Robber Noel "Razor" Smith On Detachment, Focus and Survival

This episode is a CLASSIC. Noel "Razor” Smith committed over 200 armed bank robberies and spent more than thirty years in prison. He had 58 convictions, and was given eight life sentences and 80 years to be served concurrently. He spent the majority of his adult life in prison. He was a bad man. Today he is a best-selling author. Noel shares his wisdom learned from living inside the criminal world, lessons that we can apply outside in leadership, focus and strategy. True gold!


The Mojo Radio Show EP 195 - How We Can Use Rituals To Develop Our Discipline and Willpower - Benjamin Spall

Benjamin Spall is the co-founder of the blog,, and author of the best-selling book, My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired. In the book, he interviews today’s most talented creatives and business people who share their secrets on what they do first thing in the morning for greater energy, focus, and calm. Benjamin is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. In this episode, he shares with us why rituals are popular and the secrets we can...


The Mojo Radio Show EP 194: Build A Super Successful Online Business - Bernadette Schwerdt

Bernadette Schwerdt is a recognised authority in online marketing and the author of "How To Build An Online Business: Australia’s Top Digital Disruptors Reveal Their Secrets For Launching and Growing an Online Business." Bernadette also coaches business owners on how to be outstanding speakers and copywriters. As a commentator for ABC TV, BRW, B & T, The Australian Financial Review and Sky News, Bernadette is the go-to person for online marketing, sales and promotion.


The Mojo Radio Show EP 193: Develop Curiosity That Unlocks Your Next Killer Idea - Evette Cordy

Evette Cordy is as an adventurous problem finder, so much so that she named her book "Cultivating Curiosity." Evette promotes businesses growth by showing us the way to breakthrough innovations. She is a registered psychologist with a thorough understanding of consumer behaviour. Evette has facilitated new thinking in companies and industries in every sector. Curiosity is key, and here we discover the what, why and how.


The Mojo Radio Show EP 192: How To Create A Resilient Winning Identity - Dr Simon Marshall

Dr Simon Marshall is a world-class sports psychologist, and his wife Lesley Peterson is a world champion athlete. Lesley is known as one of the most mentally tough professional athletes competing, and Simon knows why. Together they are the driving force behind Braveheart Coaching and co-authors of a terrific book, "The Brave Athlete." It solves the 13 most common mental problems we face in our everyday training for the race of life.


The Mojo Radio Show EP 191: Tools To Help Us Manage Our Time, Priorities, And Email - Dermot Crowley

Dermot Crowley, the founder of Adapt Productivity, is one of Australia's most recognised thought leaders on personal productivity. His focus is on helping busy executives manage their time, priorities, and email in the modern workplace. Dermot is the bestselling author of "Smart Work" and recently released "Smart Teams." His training and coaching programs change behaviours, leverage the effectiveness of teams, and help use the power of technology positively.