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Nastaran Tavakoli-Far (Elegance, Gender and Judginess, Obama)

Nastaran Tavakoli-Far is a journalist and co-host of "The Gender Knot Podcast." In a conversation on the banks of the River Thames in London, Nas talks about trading elegance for authenticity, embracing the right amount of judginess and confrontation as women, and the frustrations of President of Obama. It's a fast-paced, wide-ranging conversation that you won't want to miss.


Caleb Spaulding (Music, Rhythm, Ghana, and Joy)

Caleb Spaulding is the composer of the TBD podcast theme and so much more. He shares about his recent trip to Ghana, what he learned there about the foundation of joy, and why he finds movement and rhythm are so powerful. He also give s sneak peak at an exciting new project.


Miquelle West (Fashion, Prison Reform, and Meditation)

Miquelle West (celebrity stylist and prison reform advocate) shares how her mother's plight drives her activism, the key role fashion has played in her life, and how meditation fuels her work.


Brent Bushnell (Creating and the Circus)

Brent Bushnell shares how clowning and keeping a soft mind leads him to be more creative, the importance of having a "second thing," and why everyone should create.


Magdalena Sartori (Collective Evolution and Spaces)

Magdalena Sartori shares her dreams of collective evolution, awareness training, connecting with the feminine, the importance of spaces.


Daniel Ospina (Randomness and Diversity)

Daniel Ospina talks about the power of randomness and diversity, living with uncertainty, and why he never sets goals or plans.


Lauren Zander (Telling the Truth and Embracing Your Dark Side)

Lauren, a top coach, author, and founder of The Handel Group, talks about lying, loving our dark side, embracing her freak flags, and what it means to live the good life.


Nick Gray (Adding Too Much Value and Museums)

Nick talks about how he discovered the fallacy of adding too much value, how he hires the best people, what it means to be an "A" player, and why he starts his day with a glass of salt water (and his other health habits).


Ani Okkasian (Embracing Jealousy and Discomfort)

Ani talks about her story of survival and resilience, coming to America, and why she embraces her jealousy and the power of an annual self-audit.


Jesse Israel (From Music to Meditation)

Jesse Israel (of meditation club Medi Club and events company The Big Quiet) gets real about how he went from founding a successful record label to leading a modern meditation movement.


TBD Podcast - Trailer

A preview of the exciting new show from founder and journalist Erica Berger. She gets out of the studio and meets guests where they're at--where they live or work--to discover how they lived through uncertainty and created a life that's always "to be determined."