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TheFirst90Days Day 8: Your big, hairy audacious goal

What is your BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS GOAL (‘BHAG’)? What is the single, long-term, measurable vision for your business that keeps you and your team motivated, and working in the same direction? In Day 8 of The First 90 Days podcast we talk about BHAGs – what exactly is a BHAG, some examples we LOVE (including Upski’s!), and share ideas on how to brainstorm and make sure you’re setting the right BHAG for you!


TheFirst90Days Day 5: The traditional business plan is dead

If you’re writing a 50-page business plan before you’ve even started testing your idea in the market and getting first customers, then you’re moving too slowly. In Day 5 of The First 90 Days podcast we talk about the ‘business model on a page’ – a fast, iterative way to document and communicate your business model, and talk through each of the nine essential things that you must consider when creating your business model.


TheFirst90Days Day 3: Know your customer

I find it crazy when I meet entrepreneurs that are investing both time and money in their businesses, without a clear and detailed view of who their customers are (and yet it’s surprisingly common!). In Day 3 of The First 90 Days podcast we talk about this – how to identify your ideal customers, really get to know their wants, needs and problems, and then use this to steer decisions you make for your business.


TheFirst90Days Day 2: Is your business a painkiller, vitamin or candy?

Are you confident that there is a real customer need for your businesses products or services? That people are really going to care when you market to them? In Day 2 of The First 90 Days podcast we discuss this – we talk about how to be sure what you’re creating solves a real customer need, and how to understand how these customers are going to relate to or interact with your business – by categorising your idea as either a ‘painkiller’, ‘vitamin’ or ‘candy’.


TheFirst90Days Day 1: Is This The Right Idea For Me

As a founder, your business is a representation of yourself (at least in the early days), so it’s important that it’s a good fit for you as a person – what you stand for, what motivates you and will keep you motivated in the years to come. On Day 1 of The First 90 Days podcast, we discuss how to ensure your business idea is the right idea for you, and put ‘Upski’ through the ‘Is this the right idea for me’ test.