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Where real estate agents go to grow themselves and their business so that they can live a better life. Having a better life, one of greater impact, requires of us to become something more; it requires us to grow. Growth comes as we do more and doing more requires us to think bigger. This show will help real estate agents to think bigger.

Where real estate agents go to grow themselves and their business so that they can live a better life. Having a better life, one of greater impact, requires of us to become something more; it requires us to grow. Growth comes as we do more and doing more requires us to think bigger. This show will help real estate agents to think bigger.
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Where real estate agents go to grow themselves and their business so that they can live a better life. Having a better life, one of greater impact, requires of us to become something more; it requires us to grow. Growth comes as we do more and doing more requires us to think bigger. This show will help real estate agents to think bigger.




Michelle Lenahan- Top Thoughts From an SVP National Marketing Manager

Anytime you can get the chance to learn from Michelle Lenahan, National Marketing Manager of Old Republic Title, you should jump at the opportunity! Michelle has been in the industry for around 23 years, watch the interview to learn some of her tricks and tips to apply in your own business.


Bob Lachance- Outsourcing

Have you ever realized that whether an agent is closing two deals in a month or ten, they seem to be just as busy? Obviously, there is a big difference in the kind of life that this produces for the agent and others around them, so what's the difference? Today we're going to talk about outsourcing. What you should and what you should NOT outsource and some ideas on how to do that. I have with me today a former hockey star, Bob Lachance, now turned real estate agent, investor, and outsource...


Joseph McCabe- Stop Planning, Start Doing

A common trend in our industry, in any industry, is to overthink, over-plan, and not get into action. Today I have with me Joseph McCabe, a national phenom in the real estate industry who is redefining what it means to think bigger. In five short years, your jaw will drop when you hear what this guy has been up to.


James Adair- Differentiate Yourself Through Professional Referrals

James Adair of Sierra Pacific Mortgage talks about how real estate agents can stand out in a crowd through professional referrals. Listen and watch the interview to see how you can have success in your real estate business. Listen now to hear about the event coming up on March 22 in Clackamas with James, Justin, and Nick Krautter (a previous guest on the show).


James Becker- Level Up Your Business Quickly Through Partnerships

In traditional business, when a company wants to grow fast, they consider mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships. Within real estate, there is a very similar opportunity. We hear from James Becker, Founder and CEO of Fusion Growth Partners, who acts as a business incubator for emerging mega agents (pretty cool concept!). He and Justin discuss critical pitfalls and solutions in a real estate agent's business. We also discuss some of what an ideal agent's business would look like and how one...


Stephanie Peck- Moms and Real Estate

In light of Mother's Day that just passed, we want to give a huge shout out to all of the Realtor moms that work so hard at home and in their business... and have a frank conversation about how to succeed at both. We interviewed an amazing mother and a top producing agent, Stephanie Peck of PEX Realty Group, to discuss this very topic.


Ryan Wood and Steve Yeager- How to Build Great Company Culture

Building a great culture isn't about butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns. It is about being caring, thoughtful and speaking the truth to people, even when that truth is hard. Here are some thoughts on building a great company culture from our local leaders of Old Republic Title: Escrow Manager, Ryan Wood, and County Manager, Steve Yeager.


Nick Krautter- The Numbers Real Estate Advisors Should Know

There are a lot of real estate agents that can market and sell properties, but to have a real estate advisor is a different and more valuable experience. A real estate advisor can tell you what to buy, where to buy it and when to buy it. To do this effectively the advisor must know their numbers. We have here Nick Krautter, principal broker and owner of City & State Real Estate, to talk about the numbers every agent who aspires to be an advisor should know.


Lars Hedenborg- Your Most Important Business Systems

Most agents light up when they hear the word system because it means consistency when that isn't always their best attribute. Today we are going to light you up! Meet Lars Hedenborg. Lars is the host of the Business Freedom Podcast and the founder of Real Estate B-School, an education and coaching program for top producing real estate agents looking to build sustainable, systems-driven businesses. Lars’ career in real estate began in March 2007 when he left his work in the corporate world....


Darryl Glade- The Buyer's Better Story

The best marketing agents recognize that it's not about just showing a home. It's about how the buyer's story improves by living in that home. With more and more consumers making judgments about a home based on pictures they see online vs. actually walking the home, pictures can make or break the exposure and demand for your listings and if they ever experience what their story could be like living in that home. We have Darryl Glade, CEO and Co-Founder of, on the Think Bigger Real...


Kevin Kauffman- Becoming a Next Level Agent

When agents follow the status quo, they get mediocre results. It, therefore, behooves them to find individuals and communities that can help them take their brand and business to the next level. We have the opportunity to listen to Kevin Kauffman, co-founder of Next Level Agents, here on the show to talk about what it takes to become a Next Level Agent.


Josh Hackenjos- From Salesman to Advisor

Both Josh Hackenjos and Justin Stoddart have had contracting businesses. From this experience, they realized some fundamental flaws in the professionalism of this industry. Real estate agents, unless taught otherwise, have some similar tendencies. Today we are going to cover how to avoid that trap and become more of a professional, earning the respect of your customers and colleagues and moving more towards advisor and consultant than a salesman.


Tazz Weatherly- The LinkedIn Agent

3 years ago, Tazz Weatherly wasn't even a real estate agent. Year one, she and her team sold $12M, year 2, $20M and this year, her 3rd year, she and her team are projected to sell over $30M in volume. How did she go from 0 to hero so fast?! Tune in to hear her secrets that include the oft-overlooked social platform of LinkedIn.


Eric Post- Mastering Your Morning Routine

Every high performer is dedicated to an intentional and powerful morning routine. We have the opportunity to hear from a leader in the real estate industry, Eric Post, talk about this very topic. Think about how you can improve or maybe adjust your morning routine to set your day up for success.


Josh Friberg- Success and Significance

Being a great real estate agent and a great parent is not easy. We hear it all of the time from real estate agents all over. They feel pulled in a million different directions and live with constant guilt. It doesn't have to be that way. You can be great at both. Josh Friberg of The Abundant Agent discusses here how to best manage both.


Joe Fustolo- The Power of Contribution

Justin had the pleasure of attending an event put on recently by this episode's guest that benefited Embrace Oregon. Justin will have the privilege of leading a panel discussion that will be a fundraiser for the West Linn Youth Music Project, of which today's guest will be a part of. Joe Fustolo of Soldera Properties, Inc. contributes to making the real estate industry better through his incredible group, Masters in Real Estate. As you listen to the episode, think of some ways you can...


Debi Laue- Mastering Your Craft

As she comes up on 42 years in the business, Debi Laue has been a top producing agent for decades. Tune in to hear her secrets that include: -the advice she would have given to herself when she was first getting started -what an agent can do to offer more value to their customers -what she does to intentionally Think Bigger


Jesse Dau- Be Unstoppable Like Damian Lillard

Real estate agents that want to be unstoppable. Jesse and Justin review the book written by Tim Grover called Relentless- going from good to great to unstoppable and compare it with Damian Lillard's last second shot and how real estate agents can use this mindset to become unstoppable.


Josh Anderson- Housewarming Parties

Scaling a referral based real estate business has it's challenges. How do you get in front of the friends of your friends in an environment that allows you to create a relationship while getting all of the contact information that you'll need to stay in touch? This episode discusses the many opportunities from offering your clients housewarming parties. Be sure and get the checklist offered by Josh in the Think Bigger | Real Estate Facebook group.


Chris Suarez- Become the CEO

Wall Street and venture backed tech companies are betting on a future with more tech and less agents. This is drawing attention to the value proposition that a real estate agent offers to the transaction. By becoming more professional, acting more than a real estate sales person, but more of a CEO, disruption in a real estate agent's individual business can be disrupted. Chris Suarez shares strategies on how to do this.