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Take control of your financial destiny with great insights, tips and advice from the team at The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.

Take control of your financial destiny with great insights, tips and advice from the team at The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.




Take control of your financial destiny with great insights, tips and advice from the team at The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.




The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes

The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes Episode 45 : ThinkSmart We also need to follow this idea of taking advice. What are we learning to do to keep up with our current lives? There is no miracle solution it's a combination of a lot of best practices. This and more today on ThinkSmart.


And Now For What We've Done Well....

What are we doing right? We were early adopters of diversification and balanced portfolios long before they were widely available. We determined that higher risk tolerance over time did outperform for our clients. We became leaders in fee based advice which translated into client-centric advice not bottom line advice. This and more today on ThinkSmart .


Simple Is As Simple Does

Simplifying your "whole life" becomes less of a want and more of a need as we age. Rob and Mike discuss the pros and cons of illiquid assets, real estate, capital losses, power of attorneys and more. Today on ThinkSmart.


Owning Up to Some of The Bad Advice We've Given.

We've definitely made some bad judgement calls over the years. From holding bad positions too long to appeasing a client and going against our own advice. We've learned a lot along the way. This and more today on ThinkSmart.


Investment Mistakes We Have Made Along the Way

Some of the big investment mistakes we have made over the years. Including; Labour Sponsored Funds; bottom of the barrel companies looking for venture capital. Oil and Gas investments hit with Capital Gains and other complications, Illiquid Balance Property Funds and the Dot Com bubble. This and more today on Thinksmart.


Best Strategies for Dealing with Getting Older

The reality is we are all getting older. Old age can seem to creep up on us without us even realizing it's happening. There are some important steps to take to insure that your future self is ok. There are a ton of things you can do to make things easier during difficult times. This and more today on ThinkSmart.


What Trends Are we seeing in the Investment Industry and Asset Management These Days?

Trending towards tech is great for everyone. AI is working to make the Index and markets more efficient and saving us all money. More people are leaning towards global and diversified portfolios. What is Factor investing and what are the benefits of this and Evidence-Based investing? What has replaced the pension plans of the past?


Protecting Your Interests

Real life just happens; whether it's a divorce, a marriage, illness or even a death in the family. Having an advisor can help you ride the rough tides of life. This and more Today on Thinksmart.


Predicting The Gloom: Can we determine what the market will look in 2020?

What may be coming down the pipe? Is a recession still looming on the horizon? Which direction are interest rates going? Beyond Meat's stock prices to hit a record high? Dropping Stock Prices, President Trump, Brexit Resolved. Can we predict it?


"Wealthspan": Making Your Retirement Money Last

Global attitudes towards retirement are changing. Managing expectations of retirement income; it may be a little different than what you had in mind. How gov't dependency may be crippling for future generations of retirees. How living longer is affecting our short and long term goals. This and more today on ThinkSmart.


Strategies for Tax Optimizing Your Accounts

A rundown on the tax advantages of different account types from Open to RESPs. When, how and why to RRIF. Capital gains and taxation.


Pseudo Savings - when you're harming your chances of saving for the future

Inflation and the new TFSA rate for 2020. Moving money between accounts only increases cashflow and pseudo savings, not true savings. Learn the art and best practices for creating real savings for retirement. The more you make the harder saving money can be. Curb bad spending habits and create a healthy financial future with today's tips and tricks from ThinkSmart.


Oil and Gas Giant Encana Moves Its Calgary Headquarters to The US

Our opinions on the recent move of oil and gas giant Encana south of the border; Job losses to the Canadian economy, the future of oil and gas in Canada, advancements in the auto industry and what impacts they may have and the future of transportation. This and more today on ThinkSmart.


Canadian Banks Are Not Working for You

Our priority is taking care of your interests can the same be said for bank advisors who are stuck with few choices and bank specific products? When you are really in need of help is the bank there for you? How are banking fees scaled and does it make sense how much they charge you year over year? This and much more today on ThinkSmart.


Technology: Making Us Way Better At What We Do!

Technology has had a huge impact on financial services. Market efficiencies are translating into enormous benefits for clients. Listen here today for more insights in part 2 of our debrief of DFA's Charlotte, NC conference.


The Evolution of Funds - Dimensional Fund Advisors Conference Charlotte NC

Charlotte North Carolina 2nd largest U.S. financial center plays host to the annual DFA conference. A company that aims out do even their best, 30 years on. What strategies and growth are we seeing in new portfolios? What is it about this company that helps them thrive in excellence.


Part 2 - Pursuing a Better Investment Experience

Key principles to improve your investment success. Practice smart diversification to manage risk. Avoid timing the market to maximize your returns. Managing your emotions can be a struggle when it comes to your investments. This and more today on ThinkSmart.


Pursuing A Better Investment Experience

The key principles that increase the odds of success as an investor. Enhance market pricing, what does that mean? Don't try to outguess the market. What does data 20 years out tell us? Resisting change based on past performance: can you guess which one is the superstar? Letting the market work for you, does it actually work that way? What are the drivers of returns and how can you get them to work in your favour?


Becoming A Great Client Takes A Little Than More You Might Expect

Today on ThinkSmart. Becoming a good client requires a great advisor. The importance of having sound advice and taking it. Savers vs. spenders and what it can mean to the future of your plan. The importance of goal setting and finally, muffins, are they really where it's at?


What We Learned from our Evening with Preet Banerjee

What we learned from Preet Banerjee, acclaimed Globe and Mail columnist, behavioural finance consultant and host of Million Dollar Neighbourhood. Do survival instincts kick in when they really shouldn't? What generation is surprisingly carrying the largest portion of debt today? Is the recession actually old news? What is anchoring? This and more today on ThinkSmart.