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Take control of your financial destiny with great insights, tips and advice from the team at The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.

Take control of your financial destiny with great insights, tips and advice from the team at The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.




Take control of your financial destiny with great insights, tips and advice from the team at The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.




What To-Dos Should You Be Checking Off Your List During Lockdown

Lockdown is getting pretty tough on all of us. This week on ThinkSmart, Rob and Mike look at what we can do to keep ourselves occupied. Let's start checking off some of those need to-dos that we keep putting off.


Owners vs Loaners: Equities and Fixed Income - How Does Your Portfolio Measure Up?

How much control do you want to have of your portfolio? Find out what simple choices you can make to stay successful. We discuss the fundamental differences and problems between heavily weighted fixed income or equity portfolios and what we believe is the undisputable smart choice. Fear often over-shadows historical data to the detriment of investors. Learn how to escape the mistakes investors continue to make. Today on ThinkSmart.


What Continuing Trends Can We Expect To See in 2021?

How will Canada and the world begin to tackle their trillions of dollars in debt? Will increasing taxes be their only option, and if so, which tax type will even make it possible? We see movement and changes everywhere we look. Retail is struggling while social media is thriving. Is the department store well and truly dead? Which way will the interest rate be heading? Even the real estate markets are changing in ways we could not have predicted. Listen today to hear our prognosis for the...


Robo - Advisors: Are They Really The Future of Investing?

No one would argue that AI is not doing miraculous things in all areas of our modern lives. We see an elimination of errors, lengthy monotonous tasks are often completed at record speed and with great efficiency. Still, they are missing one thing - the human element. Sure, Robo-Advisors have become very good at some of the basic aspects of portfolio management, but they lack a certain amount of foresight. They cannot wholly comprehend the variables, personalities, or complexity of a clients'...


Dangers in the Market

There are sharks in the water that will never change. But what you can always rely on is the efficiency of the financial market. In this day and age, when news is disseminated instantaneously, it's hard to have the inside track on any given situation. Rob and Mike discuss the beauty of the free market system and how it remains a constant through time.


Financial Evil #4: Solutions For Avoiding Financial Indecency

The media can be a veritable lion's den. Every agency, publication, newspaper, commercial, or newsfeed is grasping for your view and your time. Each one working harder than the next to sell you their idea. In this minefield of information, how do you understand what to do and what information is rational? As an investor, the feat is practically impossible. Statistics manipulate, factoids are deceptive. What can you do to avoid being a sucker for financial proselytization? Today on...


Financial Evil#4: Financial Indecency

We all know the media's impact on our mindset, and our decision making is huge, but how does it affect our thought process when making financial decisions? It's important to remember that a large part of the media's job is to entertain. It's not always about getting you all the facts but more often about keeping you engaged long enough for you to see the advertising or the commercial. Not surprisingly, people turn to important people in their lives for advice, Doctors, Lawyers, friends, and...


The Sexy Secrets of Private Equity

What is Private Equity Investing? How do you gain exposure to this type of investment? Is it a good idea? Today on ThinkSmart we discuss some of the lesser known details of venture capital and labour sponsored funds. How volatility and illiquidity can be hidden aspects of these big risk investments. This and more today on ThinkSmart!


Financial Evils Part 6: Solutions for Eliminating Debt

Today we discuss what we can do to eliminate one of the biggest evils in our financial lives; debt. It can be as simple as creating a budget, paying yourself first and looking at your options when it comes to mortgage debt. Rob and Mike go into the details of these and many more strategies that can help you to get yourself on the right track with your savings and expenses.This and More Today on ThinkSmart!


ThinkSmart Episode 80 - Financial Evils Part 5 The 3rd Financial Evil: Debt

The credit market in Canada is now 28 billion dollars. 50% of all Canadians are facing insolvency. How are we functioning with all this debt and what are some of the common and most detrimental mistakes that we make that lead us into this inescapable prison? What is the connection between investing and debt? Discover this and more today on ThinkSmart!


Financial Evils Part 4: 10 Strategies to Reduce Your Tax Bill

The ins and outs of TFSAs. How to tax allocate your portfolio from interest income from your GICs. How to use REITS to your advantage. Where should your fixed investments and equities live? The tax implications of active investing vs passive investing. How and when to trigger a capital loss. This and More today on ThinkSmart.


Financial Evils Part 3: Taxes

Episode 78: ThinkSmart There is no question, taxes are difficult to understand, and most people want to fall asleep the minute you mention them. However, there are many different types of taxation and they all play a significant part in your finances. In fact, the list it seems, is practically endless; from the little-known hydro tax to land transfer and investment taxes. Learn about marginal tax rates, average tax and interest income vs dividend income. This and More Today on ThinkSmart!


Financial Evils Part 2: 10 Strategies to Overcome Inflation

Inflation plays an enormous role in the stability of your financial future. There are adjustments and best practices that are required to keep your portfolio in check with the pace of inflation. Know for sure how you are invested and that you will have peace of mind in retirement. Learn This and More Today on ThinkSmart!


Financial Evils Part 1: Inflation

Inflation is that incremental little evil that sneaks up on you when you are not looking. Inflation rates seem in many ways to have a mind all of their own. Why is it that we see this confounding lack of consistency in so many areas; from housing to automobiles. Is it simply luxury items that fall victim to this unscrupulous rate of increase or is it more prevalent than we think? Are you certain that how you have your money invested will be able to keep up? We explore this and more today on...


Interview with Dr. Riley Moynes "Squeezing the Juice Out of Retirement" Part 3

Join us for the third and final part of our interview series with Dr. Riley Moynes as he discusses his latest book; "The Ten Lessons: How You Too Can Squeeze All the Juice Out of Retirement". What is the secret to a successful retirement? Reinvent yourself. Finding your purpose in retirement and contributing your unique knowledge to create a rich and vibrant community, can help you to have an amazing sense of satisfaction in this extraordinary time of your life. Learn This and More Today on...


Interview with Dr. Riley Moynes author of the "The Four Phases of Retirement" Part 2

What is it that equals a successful retirement? You may be surprised to hear that it's not only about financial success. 10,000 people are retiring every day in North America and in this modern age that can mean that 1/3 of your life is spent in retirement.Dr. Riley Moynes discusses in detail "The Four Phases of Retirement". Listen, as we journey through part 2 of his discoveries in this three part series on financial education and retirement. We explore this and more today on ThinkSmart!


Interview with Dr. Riley Moynes author of the "Money Coach" Part 1

The life and times of Dr. Riley Moynes; his work for many years in the field of education, as a teacher, a consultant to various schoolboards and even to the Royal Ontario Museum. In speaking with Dr. Moynes one thing is clear he has always been passionate about education and learning. He took his first major steps as a financial educator with the writing of his book "The Money Coach". Listen as we journey through his discoveries in this three part series on financial education and...


The Upcoming U.S. Election Part 1

What impact will the Presidential election have on the financial markets? Taking a look back at the history and data, what are we able to predict for the future of world economies?Which party has consistently been more successful over time at providing better market returns? We look at the many factors that define profitability in one election year vs another. From FDR to Obama what has the office of the President been able to contribute to the nation's wealth. We explore this and more...


How to Work with and Manage Multi Generations of Families

Over the years we have worked with many Canadian families and multiple generations within those families. We have found that some of the key factors to generational financial success is often found by creating a supportive open environment for families to communicate in addition to a well organized and executed plan. The ability to clearly understand the needs of parents, children and grandparents can allow for easy life transitions. Whether it's buying a home, selling a family cottage,...


Apps Make The World Go Round

For many of us apps have become so much a part of our lives and there is no debate; the benefits are tremendous.Apps are changing our personal and business lives by freeing us up from tedious often repetitive tasks as well as teaching us new ways to create and explore. Join us as Rob and Mike discuss a few of the apps they love and what makes them both fun and useful.