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Episode 24 - Audio Engineer and Music Publisher Miguel Bustamante

Part two of our focus on the local music scene. Let me introduce you to Miguel Bustamante, audio engineer and owner of Lucesca Productions. The mission at Lucesca is to Support and guide independent and emerging artists and songwriters through the increasingly autonomous music industry landscape. Music production with a focus on storytelling, which converges with song placements and synchronization as a primary end goal. Miguel has a storied career and it’s only just beginning. He has...


Episode 23 - Music Impressario Michael Donaldson

That was then… The benefits of doing the podcast are many but getting to meet so many cool people is the tops. Michael Donaldson is no exception. Whether learning about the current music scene or trading war stories from back in my days in the biz I could have gone on for hours. We tried to narrow it down to an hour but that was still not enough. It looks like Michael has a lot more is store for us so watch for follow up episodes as we work towards helping to expose more of what seems to be...

Episode 23 - Music Impressario Michael Donaldson

That was then… The benefits of doing the podcast are many but getting to meet so many cool people is the tops. Michael Donaldson is no exception. Whether learning about the current music scene or trading war stories from back in my days in the biz I could have gone on for hours. We tried to narrow it down to an hour but that was still not enough. It looks like Michael has a lot more is store for us so watch for follow up episodes as we work towards helping to expose more of what seems to be...

Episode 22 - The Mercury Collective

Every third Thursday at the Orlando Game Space you will find my friend Jamal running around, shaking hands, sharing hugs and cultivating an incredible group of creatives at an event he calls Mood The Party. Mood The Party is a diverse gathering of Orlando creatives from the art, music , tech and film communities. The idea falls under the banner of Jamal’s organization The Mercury Collective. The Mercury Collective is a traveling art show that is a lot more than just an art show. On any given...

Episode 21 - Digital Orlando - Orlando Innovation

Wednesday April 10th not only saw my 26th wedding anniversary but the meeting of the minds that was Digital Orlando 2019 at Orlando’s Science Center on Princeton Avenue. Digital Orlando was a half day of speakers, panels and exhibits that saw Orlando and Tampa’s most visible business leaders come together to discuss issues regarding our economy and what it’s like to live in such an open and creative environment. Some of the diverse panels included Startup and Innovation Culture, The Business...


Episode 20 - Stetson University and The Greater Central Florida Tech Faire + Hatter Hacks

Welcome back Gang. I am excited to introduce you to Dr. Joshua Eckroth, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Heyley Gatewood, A Jr. majoring in Math and Computer Science at Stetson University in nearby Deland. Heyley, in addition to attending classes has an extremely active role in leading the Campus Hacker Club as well as presiding over this years 4th annual Greater Central Florida Tech Faire + Hatter Hacks which takes place April 5-7 2019 on the Deland Campus. The event targets...

Episode 19 - Talking Esports with Josh Mora, Executive Director Strategic Partnerships @ Full Sail University

It’s always great to sit down with my pal Josh Mora, especially when he takes you on a quick preview tour of the new Esports arena at Full Sail University. It’s so new in fact that I couldn’t take pictures however, by the time you read this there should be some press releases out there for you to see and learn more. In addition to Josh’ work at Full Sail he is also a member of the council for the Greater Orlando Sports Commission. GOSC has put quite an emphasis on branding Central Florida...

Episode 18 - Pastor Jared Witt, Castle Church Brewing Community

Yes you read that correctly. Church and brew in the same title. I know it may be hard to get your head around this concept but that is exactly why we sat down with my pal, Pastor Jared Witt to talk about this incredible “new” concept for church. The Castle Church Brewing Community. Jared, an ordained Lutheran Pastor is creating an atmosphere based more on action than religious dogma. His partner, Aaron Schmalzle has been brewing for years in the original Castle Church Community of his...

Episode 17 - Understanding Cyber Security with Regine Bonneau of RB Advisory

As you are most likely aware I started a position three months ago with a University in Lake Mary called ECPI (East Coast Polytechnic Institute). I am working with students primarily within a Bachelor Degree program called Networking and Cyber Security. The degree has been around for a few years but is new to my Lake Mary campus. In fact, our University has been designated as a Center For Academic Excellence by the NSA and Department of Homeland Security. Needless to say I had some learning...

Episode 16 - Falcons Creative Group

“” Well it’s been a long time coming but 16 has finally arrived. Carlos and I are currently experiencing conflicting work schedules making harder and harder to schedule time to sit down with guests who’s own schedules are hectic to say the least. In fact this episode was recorded at the studios of Falcons Creative in Metro West using the audio set up of their brilliant sound guy Rick Morris while Carlos worked his magic on the back end. Thank you both for your help. If you are not familiar...

Episode 15 - CT Social - Greg Trujillo and Carolyn Capern

The number one thing I love most about my life and my work is that I get to meet so many great and interesting people. I had chance to get to know Greg and Carolyn while spending time at the Orlando Game Space where they have the headquarters for CT Social, an amazing group of marketers that pay close attention to new media and customize marketing plans based on the individual needs of each client. There is a lot more to marketing than posting ads and social media posts. They provide a...

Episode 14 - Diagram (Visual Scripting for Unity for Educators) with Virtual Hammers Justin Gallo

It's good to have Rock Star friends. Especially when they are using their Rock Star talents to bring new solutions to educational issues. We all know the importance and need for good programmers in today's society but with the increase in students in the plethora of Comp Sci. and Game Dev. programs around the world are we providing them with the tools to help them easily grasp the concepts and foundations of the art? Justin Gallo has worked as a Course Director for Full Sail Universities...

Episode 13 - Wellness with Welli Chief Wellness Officer Kristine Thomas

Over the past year that we have been recording the This Is Orlando Podcast we have tried to bring to you a potpourri of varied topics while always offering opportunities to learn more about and take advantage of our City Beautiful. My goal is to expand your view beyond the tourist destinations, chain restaurants heinous traffic and give you opportunity to get involved and enjoy what Orlando has to offer. The Jay Z and Beyonce of Downtown Orlando It is with this in mind that I sat down with...

Episode 12.5 - Mega Health Jam Update

A quick update to fill you all in on the latest news about the Mega Health Jam. We kick off Thursday night at 6:30 at the Orlando Science Center. Be sure to get the rundown in print at

Episode 12 - Kelli Murray & Kunal Patel, Mega Health Jam

The Orlando Gaming community continues to grow and it's events like the Mega Health Jam that help to make it happen. April 12th - April 15th will welcome the first annual Mega Health Jam to Orlando. The brainchild of Medspeaks Kelli Murray and the Orlando Game Space' Kunal Patel the event will bridge and unite our thriving communities of Health Care and Technology in an effort to create wellness and health care technologies ALA game jam style. Rather than write about it we have set aside...

Episode 11 - Jim Thomas - CEO, Orlando Tech. Association

If you have been paying any attention to the local Orlando tech scene for the past few years then Jim Thomas is a name that you certainly recognize. Through his work with the Orlando Tech Association and the Orlando Chamber of Commerce he has provided a voice for our community on both a local and national level. Go to any of the ubiquitous tech themed meet ups around town and you will most likely find Jim spreading the word. 2017 was a year of growth and with growth comes many challenges....

Episode 10 - Alysse Metzler Coe - "The Recruiting Snitch"

Our 10th podcast of 2017 ends our year with a bang. This is the essence of what we do and preach day in and day out. If you are interested in a career in tech or ways to continue growing your career then you need to listen to what Alysse has to say. Her book, The Recruiting Snitch has helped countless people navigate the terrain of the professional recruiter. In fact it is required reading for all students in the UCF Business Program. She currently serves as the Sr. Recruiter at The...

Episode 9 - A Podcast With Film Florida Executive Director John Lux

Last month when we were wrapping up Episode 8 with David Glass Carlos turned to me and asked if I have ever met John Lux from Film Florida. He went on to tell me that John and I were kindred spirits and he too shared the same passions and ideals. Carlos made the introductions and thankfully John agreed to come down and meet me here at The Gamespace to talk about his work with Film Florida. Carlos was correct. Not only did I hear John echo back to me many of my own thoughts but I learned a...

A Podcast with Orlando Tech Evangelist & Orlando iX Founder David Glass

Being a Tech Evangelist in Orlando often feels like preaching to the choir. We all know what a passionate and dedicated community we belong to but that's not always enough. Orlando's David Glass has worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to provide opportunities and education to our community while raising our nation profile as a top tier tech destination here in the U.S. September 2018 is the target date for the next iteration of OrlandoiX. Although the past three OiX' have been well...

A Podcast with Alan Ashby, SR. Recruiter @ EA Tiburon

One of the anchors of our Game Development community here in Orlando is without compare EA Tiburon. Located in Maitland and employing over 700 they work tirelessly each year bringing us the latest iteration of Madden, NCAA and FIFA as well as contributing to many other titles in the EA stable. I invited Sr. Recruiter Alan Ashby over to the Coble Ranch to talk about his role and to fill us in on a day in the life of a recruiter for one of the largest AAA studios in games. During our...