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EP8 - My First Month As A Marketing Manager

Advice from my own learnings after one month in my new Marketing Manager role.


EP7 - How to Align Your Marketing Goals, Strategy and Tactics

They guide and dictate how you spend your time as a Marketer. They are goals, strategy and tactics and together they form your Marketing Plan. In this episode I clear up some of the confusion that seems to be in many online articles, confusing strategy for tactics. Strategy is your "How" and Tactics are your "What".


EP6 - Job Hunting for Marketers

Let's discuss the job hunting process for Marketing Managers, as well as some tips to boost your chances of securing that awesome role. I share my thoughts on the current business climate, the current LONG list of marketing roles, creating a career strategy and personal brand, promoting your personal brand, applying and interviewing. You deserve a great career in marketing.


EP5 - Data, Privacy and the GDPR - What Marketers Need To Know

Marketers, What are you doing with your data, and when are you deleting it? New legislation is coming into play in 2018, and it is becoming a BIG talking point for Marketing Managers around the globe. Big discussions are finally taking place around data management, or lack of management implications and facing the reality that you may have to delete lead and customer data or face penalties. In this episode, I discuss the latest in data, privacy and the scary (not so scary) GDPR. 1. Have a...


EP4 - 10 Key Skills of a Marketing Manager

Time to get your skills on. Yes, managing marketing is the ultimate juggling act. It is a tricky market out there. Marketing Management isn't exactly as simple as it seems. No two roles are alike. In some businesses, you are the ultimate Marketing Leader. In other businesses, you are reporting to a Marketing Director, who reports to a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Regardless of the business size, the core skills of a Marketing Manager are roughly the same. I say roughly, because, like...


EP3 - Hottest 6 Marketing Trends for 2018

The Marketing Trends for 2018 have arrived. Is your marketing strategy ready? It's THAT time of year. On this episode, I highlight what I believe are the current trends affecting Marketing Leaders and Managers for the coming year. It's important to remember, that when looking at trends and assessing what is possible in your role, that you keep your eyes on the business goals, and only leverage the trends that your budget, time and resources allow. Here are my predictions for 2018: 1. Brand...


EP 1 - Current Challenges for Marketing Managers

Have you ever wondered what life is really like for a Marketing Manager? I start out with a brief history of Marketing Management and the 7 Stages. I look at the current state of Marketing Management, how today’s Marketing Manager has evolved, and end up on today’s marketing challenges - Leadership and C-suite problems, lead generation, growth hacking, project management, people management and more.


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