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The Exit

The Exit. Liquidity. Acquihire. Merger. No matter the name, it’s a milestone in any entrepreneurs life. Today we take a look at the real stories behind acquisitions, when people aren’t always “killing it” and when the outcome isn’t quite what you read about in Techcrunch with stories from Andy Sparks, former COO of Mattermark, Courtland Alves VP of Product & Mentorship at Bloc and Morris Wheeler, DrummondRoad Capital founder and principal. Sponsors: CloudSponge. CloudSponge is the easiest...


Diversity in Tech (Pt 2)

In Part Two of our look at Diversity in Tech we hear from how Stripe increased their percentage of underrepresented candidates in their internship program from 10% to 40% in one year. How Crowdfunder fixed their gender pay gap problem and how VC Arlan Hamilton is investing millions into underrepresented founders at Backstage Capital. Sponsors: Vervoe Vervoe seamlessly automates the interviewing process, and allows all candidates to show their skills and style through online simulations....


The Napster Effect

We look at the changing music industry and how it's effecting the most important people involved, artists. We bring you three stories today, from Denver Colorado's the Simulators, Soundcloud darling Oliver Tank and Jazz & Funk legend Galt MacDermot about their experiences with music and the music industry, it's decline, and how it's evolved with the internet. Sponsors: Vervoe Vervoe seamlessly automates the interviewing process, and allows all candidates to show their skills and style...


Achieving Greatness w. Laird Hamilton (Pt 2)

Laird Hamilton is known as one of the greatest big wave surfers in the world. He's the co-inventor of tow-in surfing, and an occasional fashion and action-sports model. In this episode we dive into the circumstances in his life that allowed him to achieve greatness. It's a fascinating look at the early days of the surfing industry as we know it today and the sacrifices and dedication it took Laird to accomplish what he has so far in life. Sponsors: CloudSponge. CloudSponge is the easiest...


Achieving Greatness w. Seth Godin & Dennis Crowley (Pt 1)

We would all love to achieve greatness, if only in one skill in our entire life. Most of us will fall into the realm of expert in something in our lifetime – but what differentiates the good from the great? The experts for the masters? In his book Outliers, Malcom Gladwell examines the work of K. Anders Ericsson, a Swedish psychologist who wrote the paper The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance which inspired the book. In the paper K. Anders Ericsson states...


Can Basic Income Save Us? (Pt 2)

Basic Income is the idea that we should provide a base level of support for our nations poorest and most exposed. This the second episode we take a look at the benefits of lifting up the poor and what it would take to fund such a program. We talk with Dylan Matthews of, Basic Income Advocate Scott Santens and Economists Martin Farley and Priya Kothari. Sponsors: Freshbooks. The all-new FreshBooks is the #1 cloud accounting solution specially designed for small business owners. Join...


Can Basic Income Save Us? (Pt 1)

What is one thing that the left and right can agree upon? Not much these days, but Basic Income is one of the few ideas with the ability to reach across the aisle. We have some big dilemmas facing us as a society, with the rise of AI and automation jobs may become scarcer and the divide between the rich and the poor larger and larger. From YCombinator to non-profits in Kenya, people are trying to figure out how we take care of the most vulnerable in our society and fend off the impending...


Welcome to This New Economy

Exploring Humanity through economics. Season one brings us stories on Basic Income, Achieving Greatness, The Untold Story of and even a look at the weird world of Fantasy Sports. With interviews from amazing individuals like Seth Godin, Dennis Crowley, Everette Taylor, Arlan Hamilton, Galt MacDermot & so so many more.