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Stay current and up-to-date in the world of property investment. Learn from the UK's leading property professionals, and grow your property business. Hard hitting discussion, with ALG, Richard Swan, and guests.

Stay current and up-to-date in the world of property investment. Learn from the UK's leading property professionals, and grow your property business. Hard hitting discussion, with ALG, Richard Swan, and guests.
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Stay current and up-to-date in the world of property investment. Learn from the UK's leading property professionals, and grow your property business. Hard hitting discussion, with ALG, Richard Swan, and guests.




Protecting Your Properties From The Big Scary "A" Word

In today's show, Richard sits down with not 1 but 2 guests - Neil Munro and Ian Stone from Acorn Analytical Services. Ian and Neil are experts in their field and their conversation is here to help many of our listeners with one of the scariest words you'll hear in property. Whether you're an investor, landlord, tenant, property manager, sourcer, portfolio builder, and whether it's residential or commercial, the very sight or sound of this word can strike terror. A feared topic. A taboo...


Property Pros Spotlight: Laurie Duncan

It's another episode in our series of bringing Property Pros into the spotlight. But this one is even more special, being a video edition podcast! Richard sits down with Laurie Duncan to chat about his fantastic journey of becoming a property investor, to grill him on all the details and numbers of the amazing deals he's doing, and to hear how anyone can learn the skill of becoming an investor. > From his love of music in Ibiza with Carl Cox, to packing all his music gear into his new...


StepLadder: a unique way to step up onto the property ladder

In today's show, Richard sat down with not 1, but 2 guests. Matthew Addison and Lucy Mullins both spoke about their fascinating service in the UK Property Market ...StepLadder. Being able to save a deposit for your home and get on that property ladder is one of the biggest challenges facing people. And StepLadder aims to be your step up onto that property ladder. A principle that is already used effectively in other places such as Brazil, Matthew knew that he could bring the concept to...


Michelle Niziol

If you're looking for an example of someone who loves what they're doing, who's very successful at it, and who's passionate about helping other people find the same passion and success, then you won't find many examples better than Michelle Niziol. Richard sat down with Michelle, to talk about all of the different businesses and clients that she runs and helps. With an incredible work ethic, motivation, and drive, Michelle has been on an incredible journey so far in life, which now sees...


Fredrik Sandvall

In today's show, Richard sits down with the impressive Fredrik Sandvall, a gentleman with a most incredible experience in life and business. With tales from Costa Coffee to Organised Crime, with experience of the smallest deals to the most complex projects, and with an exposure to well over 80 countries around the world, Fredrik is someone whose opinion, insights, and knowledge is well worth listening to. A fascinating, and often funny, chat about property, finance, tech, business,...


Property Pros Spotlight: Reece Devlin

In our latest episode of bringing real people in the property world into the spotlight, Richard sits down and chats with Reece Devlin. In his early twenties, Reece already has behind him some great success, experience, insights, challenges, and exposure that will inspire and encourage many listeners looking to get into business and property investing. Reece speaks about his family bubble, the importance of his power team, and honestly shares the real emotions from the rollercoaster ride...


Latest News & Events

We'll be running our flagship event THE PROPERTY JUMPSTART 1-DAY INTENSIVE in Glasgow, on April 27th, and in London, on May the 11th, and we'd like to invite you to attend for free. This event has been designed to help you get started in Property, even if that means starting with no money, credit, experience, or prior knowledge. If you already have a Property business, we’ll show you how to accelerate. The aim of the event is to give you the direct roadmap to generating serious cashflow and...


Property Pros Spotlight: The McKays

In our latest episode of putting real people - UK property professionals - into the spotlight, we have the fantastic couple Mark and Ellie McKay. Known affectionately as the King and Queen of Doncaster to reflect the property and business empire that they're growing there, Mark and Ellie share their fantastic personal story of becoming property professionals. Many listeners will be able to connect with their different backgrounds, their personal careers, kids coming along, and a drive and...


Shared Ownership: Property Booking

In today's show, Richard sat down with Jimmy Acton from Property Booking. Property Booking is the UK's leading shared ownership portal. FOR FULL EPISODE AND RESOURCES VISIT OUR WEBSITE Shared Ownership, also known by some as 'part buy / part rent', is a solution to getting on the property ladder that is for most people totally unknown, and for some people misunderstood. Jimmy's chat with Richard addresses both of those challenges by very clearly and simply describing every part of the...


Property Pros Spotlight: The Corrs

In our series of shows that put the UK's real property professionals into the spotlight, Richard sits down today with The Corrs. Husband and wife team, Barry-John Corr and Leeann Corr, are a shining example of what's possible for any listener out there, who is thinking about getting into business and getting into property. FOR FULL EPISODE AND RESOURCES VISIT OUR WEBSITE This power team of a couple opened their doors, opened their books, and opened their hearts to every part of their...


Join Us In London...

Join us on Saturday 23rd February where we'll be running a 1-day PROPERTY JUMPSTART Intensive in London. I realise you may or may not be near to London but this experience will be like no other. From start to finish, it'll be an action packed day, and has been designed by Paul McFadden along with myself and the team, to help you get started in Property, or accelerate an existing Property business. We'll be giving away knowledge and expertise that others pay thousands for, or take years to...


Your Power Team: The Estate Agent

In today's show, Richard sat down with Barry Walker and Stuart Wylie from Walker Wylie Estate Agents. In a very wide-ranging conversation, the guys chatted all about one of the essential positions in your property business's Power Team: The Estate Agent... FOR FULL EPISODE AND RESOURCES VISIT OUR WEBSITE Barry and Stuart were so open and generous with their time. They were grilled with questions and taken off on tangents, and they offered their opinions and experience on the market in...


Raising Finance: SSAS

For over 40 years now, there has been a mystical product/service in the financial industry that has managed to keep the secrets of its amazing flexibility and power hidden from the general public. A financial solution so far reaching and powerful to business owners that once they get to hear about it and understand the options it gives, they can't quite believe it exists, can't believe it's legal, and can't believe it's fully endorsed and backed by HMRC itself. That product is known as a...


High Rise And Fall: The Making of the European Real Estate Industry

In today's show, Richard sits down with Andrea Carpenter, author of new book 'High Rise And Fall: The Making of the European Real Estate Industry' 10 years on from the 2008 financial crash, Andrea reflects on how the European commercial property industry transformed from a local, small-scale business to an international, financially sophisticated, multi-billion-euro industry that was ultimately left devastated. Drawing on her experience as both former Editor of EuroProperty, and Director...


Arthur Online: Bringing Sanity To The Chaos Of Renting

Renting. Dread, anxiety, late night phone calls, problem tenants, burst pipes, and relentless stress. That's some of the negative connotations that make many in the property world think of chaos. And that's where "Arthur" steps in. To bring sanity to the chaos. Marc Trup, the founder of Arthur Online explains how that's achieved... In today's show, Richard dials into the busy and successful office of Arthur Online, to hear Marc's story. From a surprising start in the world of...


More Than Just Business

Business - a 'commercial activity', 'an activity that someone is engaged in' Those are some of the dictionary descriptions for what business is. In one particular area of business, I personally came together with 3 other gentlemen: Paul McFadden, Barry McEwan, and Ian Brierley, to get involved in property investing many years ago. Very quickly, and ever since that time, it became something much more than just business... FOR FULL EPISODE AND RESOURCES VISIT OUR WEBSITE In this special...


Powerful Female Voices In Property

There's just not enough female voices. When it comes to business, and property in particular, the quota is not high enough. On today's show, we've got two powerful female voices that are able to help in that area. Carol Watson and Lisa Smith, are not only inspirational business women, but are causing waves of success in different parts of the property world, and they've now launched their very own podcast too! The Life Balance Podcast. Carol and Lisa chat about their lives, their businesses,...


Peter Sage Q&A

How resilient are you really? How confident and optimistic do you feel? How would you really cope if it was all ripped away from you? Your business, your connections, your very freedom itself... 'The Inside Track' is the best-selling book from Peter Sage, covering his incredible journey of being a non-criminal sent into Britain's toughest prison, Pentonville, One of the world's top experts in Personal Development would face his toughest challenge yet. Tales from the book not only show...


Latest News and Free Training

A very special short podcast from This Week In Property just to give you the very latest news on a number of fronts, and also to give listeners a gift... A WEEK OF FREE PROPERTY TRAINING! If you've ever wanted to get involved in Property, or you're already involved but know it's time to level up, then this is for you. For a full week, starting next Monday 3/Sep, PMW will be hosting a private group focused on THE 5 CORE FUNDAMENTALS of creating a SUCCESSFUL...


The Art And The Science Of Marketing Our Property Business

Rather than start with your property products and services, start with understanding who exactly you're going to be selling to. Who is your market? What do they want? How do they think? Where do they live and move? What value can you deliver to them... In today's show, Richard sits down with James Miller to discuss the art and the science of marketing. James' experience and background enables him to give our listeners some incredible insights into the workings, tools, and strategies...