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This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

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Welcome to This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal!

Welcome to This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal!


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Welcome to This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal!




Make it an Extraordinary Transition

Meet Pam Jones. Devoted to service above self, Pam has seen it all in the more than three decades she has been selling people's sanctuaries - their homes. She has sold through up and down markets. When she is not selling your home, she is devoted to public service. Listen in to see how Pam weaves service to others in her service to clients.


“This Old House” Reimagined

Imagine a plantation that has made it to 2021 and spent the time & money to realize a 360-degree view of its full history. Now imagine bringing the past forward through trails, trees, 4.5 acres of lush gardens in addition to a historic home. Listen in to learn how Caleb Schutz, the CEO of Oatlands, is using unique strategies to sustain this treasure for future generations.


New Beginnings: Money, Marriage & More

After one too many phone calls around common money myths & misconceptions, we share some reality checks from wedding spending, getting dirty and deep into your own investing, and how your personality may be denting your prosperity.


Fueling Your Best Life

Meet Kristen Coffield. When her life took a stumble after a charmed upbringing, she regained control by making non-negotiable commitment to her health and wellness. Listen to hear how she shifted her perspective and where to find her incredible chicken recipe!


(Photo)shoot for the Stars

Meet Aliyah Dastour. Picture this, she embraced the global disruption in service and grew her studio and brand agency while seizing the once-in-a career opportunity to more than double her space and staff. Listen in for a new lens on building a small business while giving back.


You Will Never See Commercial Buildings the Same Way Again

Meet Sean Hughes. Head of real estate for William and Mary, he tells us how a love for Legos as a child shaped the career in corporate real estate he has today. Listen to learn how parenting in the time of COVID-19 has affected his young family.


Feeding the Soul - A Business Built Helping Farmers

Meet Dan Hine. Dan is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys success as he re-imagines farmers markets. He's a husband and father who has some wisdom to share. Be sure to listen to the end for Dan's thoughts on finding love the second time around.


Confidence Is Beauty: Taking Command of the Room

Meet Carolyn Berrigan. A business manager navigating the rocky road of the coronavirus who shares with us why feeling your best matters, even when we are all stuck in the house. Listen to learn why confidence is beauty (not the other way around!) and how her and her husband arrived at their family mantra – “no kids, no pets, no plants”!


The Sailing Winemaker

Meet Sébastien Marquet. Learning the winemaking trade from his grandfather in northern Burgundy, Sébastien now travels the world (often by sailboat!) and shares his knowledge with other winemakers. Tune in to hear how he and his wife navigate their blended (pun intended) family.


Microsoft + Microbreweries

Meet Nikki Haase. A skilled IT process engineer by day and a microbrewery owner, she has learned that support equals success. Tune in to hear how Nikki leans on her large support system to get it all done.


Worry to Worthy, One Woman Goes from Victim to Victor

Meet Jennifer Seven. A business owner who has experienced the highest highs and some very tough times. When you take responsibility for how your life is going and will go, change can be exhilarating. First, it’s terrifying. Tune in to hear Jennifer share her secrets for celebrating life.


Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert on Resilience in Life & Work

Meet Tina Powell. A truly warm woman. Tina, a TEDx speaker and host of In The Suite podcast, we explore everything from tough childhoods to building successful companies. Be sure to listen until the end when Tina shares the true value of social media.


Heal Thyself, Then Help Others Heal

Meet Denise Dorfman. An Intuitive Energy Healer, her passion for health and wellness comes from her personal journey of overcoming Lupus. Listen to learn about how she discovered how healing herself ultimately led to her being able to heal others.


Candid & Confident, Zaneilia Talks Money

Meet Zaneilia Harris. Planner to the well-heeled woman. Zaneilia's blog Finance 'n Stilettos is a fun take on serious money. She is an author, businesswoman, wife, mom, and sought after interview.


A Sterling Woman

Meet Cindy Battino, an accomplished serial entrepreneur with an Economics degree whose business teaches transformational skills to heal lives. Her own life has had many twists and turns including her life with horses. Tune in to find out how Cindy learned the meaning of enough.


Leadership Reimagined

Meet Brenda Harrington. A global executive coach using imagination to help leaders unlock their potential. Listen to learn how creativity can keep you from surrendering who you are in exchange for what you do.


Designing a Career - Life as the Ground Shifts Beneath

Meet Heather Madden. A Senior Designer for Herman Miller and busy mom of two focusing on improving the human experience wherever people work, heal, learn, and live. Listen to hear about how her and her husband juggle a family with fast paced careers and why it matters what kind of chair we sit in!


Smart Business Owner Shines in Spite of Three Major Challenges

Meet Sheryl Hine. A successful business owner whose life today shines after divorce and significant personal loss. An inspiration in carrying on, listen to learn how her childhood money memories shaped her journey along the way.


From TV Executive to Leading Transformational Change in Unexpected Ways

Meet Gwen Kinsey. A transformational executive coach whose own journey took her from the corporate world of the television industry to owning her own thriving business. Listen to learn her thoughts on the fundamental challenge of the notion of leadership.


Speaker, Author, HuffPost Contributor on Showing Up

Meet Susan McCorkindale. Funny and irreverent, Susan is helping people live fiercely in the world using humor & humility. She has been where you are. Be sure to listen to her tips on staying sane when your world turns upside down.