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Best-selling author, and branding and marketing strategist Karen Tiber Leland, has engaging conversations with today’s thought leaders from the worlds of business, art, technology, science and entertainment.

Best-selling author, and branding and marketing strategist Karen Tiber Leland, has engaging conversations with today’s thought leaders from the worlds of business, art, technology, science and entertainment.


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Best-selling author, and branding and marketing strategist Karen Tiber Leland, has engaging conversations with today’s thought leaders from the worlds of business, art, technology, science and entertainment.








The Importance of Philanthropy During COVID-19 With Miracle Foundation’s Caroline Boudreaux

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Caroline Boudreaux, a social entrepreneur and the Founder of the Miracle Foundation. The Foundation is committed to a family for every child in our lifetime. Caroline and I take some time to talk about philanthropy and charity in trying times, the three Ts of philanthropy as well as the challenges nonprofits face compared to for profit businesses. Tips In 1989, the U.N. ratified the Rights of the Child — 12 measurable things kids need to...


Holistic Financial Planning — Finding Your Financial Quarterback With Joanna Burish

Joanna Burish joins the show today to share her expertise as a licensed holistic financial planner with Northwestern Mutual. Her family office focuses on three ways for her clients to have more power and control over their finances. We discuss the importance of listening to your financial advisor, the difference between good debt and bad debt, the three things you absolutely need to have a handle on during this COVID pandemic, and how having a financial quarterback can really help keep...


Surprising Solutions to Magical Thinking Messing up Our Productivity

Surprising Solutions to The Magical Thinking Messing up Our Productivity Today’s episode is a little different. Instead of interviewing a guest, I’m going to share about something I’ve recently encountered with clients and that I’m dealing with myself. After a call with a CEO client, I realized that many overachievers suffer from the same productivity issue: magical thinking. Like many of us, my high-performing CEO client expected herself to be at her maximum amount of productivity...


How TikTok Can Help Build Your Brand — Leveraging User Participation With Evan Horowitz

Evan Horowitz is CEO and Co-Founder of the creative studio Movers+Shakers in Brooklyn New York and I am happy to have him on the podcast to help wrap my head around TikTok, a platform that is about more than just dog videos. Tune in for an engaging chat about what brands the platform is best suited for, what not to do on TikTok, and how to best leverage user participation. Tips TikTok is primarily a top-of-funnel campaign platform and is best suited for consumer products —...


Robots are Not Coming to Take Your Jobs — The Future of Work With Jeff Wald

Jeff Wald is the co-Founder and President of WorkMarket, an ADP company, as well as the author of the book The End of Jobs: The Rise of on Demand Workers and Agile Corporations. He comes on the show today to discuss the way COVID-19 has precipitated some of the changes forecasted for the future of work, as well as what you as a business owner or leader need to do to prepare for the future of the American workforce. We touch on subjects ranging from the absence of retraining and its...


Accessing Your Genius Lounge — How 20 Minutes of Transcendental Meditation Can Change Lives With Bob Roth

Today I welcome Bob Roth to the podcast. He has been teaching transcendental meditation for the past 45 years, and currently serves as the CEO of the David Lynch Foundation. Bob is also the author of the 2018 New York Times Bestseller Strength in Stillness. I used to be so-so about meditation and had actually tried several different types – but none of them seemed to stick. When I found TM I loved how easy it was and how calm I felt when done mediatating. Tune in for a science-packed...


Pitch, packaging, preparation, and perseverance — Getting Into O Magazine With Susan Harrow

I am happy to welcome my friend and colleague Susan Harrow on the show; she is a top media coach and author of the best-selling book Selling yourself Without Selling Your Soul. Susan has written the guide to getting into O, The Oprah Magazine. Tune in for a quick-paced episode where you will learn what it takes to get your product, book or article into O Magazine. Tips On Getting Into O Magazine O, The Oprah Magazine About Karen Tiber Leland Karen Tiber Leland is the...


Leading in Extreme Conditions — Respect Trumps Harmony With Rachael Robertson

My guest, Rachael Robertson, led a team of 18 people through a 12-month research expedition in Antarctica. She was chosen to lead this expedition after a boot camp interview process measured her ability to lead with empathy. I’m excited to talk to her about what it means to lead in extreme conditions, what we can learn from her experience as we progressively open up post-pandemic, and how we can all better our leadership practices in the face of a new world. From the challenges of...


11 Ways Your Business Can Survive the Pandemic — With Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is the Chief Evangelist of Canva and the creator of The Remarkable People podcast. In this episode of Thought Talk Guy shares his thoughts on how bad times make good companies and discussed ideas from his recently published Youtube video “The Art of Perseverance: Surviving the Pandemic.” In this episode, we talk about everything from taking the time to organize your inbox (and toolbox) to actionable ways to keep your business afloat while battling the feelings of failure...


How Millennials Have Changed Brand Building On Instagram — With Gayneté Jones

Instagram used to be all about the pretty pictures, but Gayneté Jones, CEO of G.A.M.E. Changing Industries says Millennials have altered the social media landscape. In this episode we discuss the way Millennials approach Instagram, how the way they purchase is shaping the new world of business online and why digital products are the future. Gaynete also shares her actionable tips for building a stronger Instagram audience. Join us for an engaging and enjoyable conversation about how...


Optimizing Your Immune System Response is Easier Than You Think — Finding a Silver Lining In Today’s Crisis With Dr. David L. Katz

Today’s episode is densely packed with information, tips, and incredible insights on the current COVID19 crisis. My guest today, Dr. David L. Katz, is a preventative medicine specialist and a globally recognized authority on lifestyle medicine. He is a regular guest expert on CNN, Fox News, and Bill Maher and he has just co-authored How to Eat with New York Times columnist Mark Bittman. Strap in for a deep dive on how to imagine the future even in this state of crisis, what you can do...


From Actualization To Transcendence — Finding Joy In Giving With Jenny Santi

How can we keep giving during the COVID-19 crisis, when many of us have seen our livelihoods negatively impacted? In order to address this question and shed light on how giving can change our lives, I welcome Jennifer Rose Santi to the show! Jenny founded the philanthropy services firm Saint Partners and has been a charity advisor to some of the wealthiest people on earth for the past 13 years. She is the author of the acclaimed book The Giving Way to Happiness: Stories & Science Behind the...


Thought Talk Chat Tuesday — How Are You Going to Make Today Matter, With Michelle Young

Welcome to the first Thought Talk chat Tuesday, a weekly informal discussion with some of my close friends and colleagues. I am so very happy to welcome my guest Michelle Young — a great, great friend, enough so that we have had to promise not to swear! Tune in for a fun chat about why I said Michelle couldn’t call herself a life coach, how this COVID-19 quarantine is an introvert’s heaven, and what Michelle and I plan to do with this time that has been given to us. Chat Tuesday...


The Future of Your Personal Belongings in Public Space - with Travis Hollman

When one of my colleagues first suggested that I should interview the CEO and President of Hollman Lockers — I wondered how much is there really to say about lockers? Turns out quite a bit. Join me today for a chat with serial entrepreneur and innovator Travis Hollman. We discuss his leadership style, business as a force for good, and the future of privacy in public spaces. We will also discuss the mind-boggling use of data and technology in lockers today and ways that leading-edge...


Build Your Edge — From Adversity to Advantage — With Harvard Professor and Author Laura Huang

Today’s Thought Talk show is about overturning adversity in the workplace. I’m happy to welcome Laura Huang — Associate Professor at Harvard, the author of the new book From Adversity to Advantage. The book is based on her research on interpersonal relationships and implicit bias in entrepreneurship and in the workplace. Tune in for insight on topics ranging from the biases that women should be on the lookout for when pitching projects — and what to do with them, what “Hard work, Plus” and...


Logos And The Visual Storytelling Revolution With Rodney Abbot

Rodney Abbot is a senior partner at Lippincott, the global creative consultancy behind the logos of Walmart, Starbucks, Delta, and Southwest Airlines, among others. In this podcast, he discusses the process of creating a logo for a company. Topics include using a logomark, logotype (or both), color’s impact on a logo, and the hottest logo design trends for 2020.


The Power Of Crafting A One Person Show With Gretchen Cryer

Gretchen Cryer has been at the center of writing, performing and directing one person shows for more than three decades. In this episode of Thought Talk she shares insights, experiences and knowledge about how businesspeople can use these techniques in public speaking.


Aesthetic Intelligence: What It Is And Why It Matters With Pauline Brown

Pauline Brown the Former Chairman of LVMH North America discusses her new book, “Aesthetic Intelligence”. Brown left her position at LVMH to do a deep dive into the way aesthetics impact us personally and professionally and teaches about what she learned at Harvard.


Creating A Chocolate Company With Purpose With Sritha Thayi

Sritha Thayi, the co-founder of W3 Chocolate, discusses her journey (from idea to execution) in introducing a new chocolate to an already crowded marketplace. Sritha shares about how she and her co-founders conceived of the concept in a meditation and how she personally went door to door in Brooklyn hawking her chocolates to coffee shops.


Why Original Content Creation Is The New Currency For Success With Ben Pines

Ben Pines, Head of Content for Elementor, a Drag and Drop Site builder for WordPress, shares his take on the way content management has evolved and what every business needs to know about creating content for websites and beyond.