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The Growing Trend Of Adding Legal CBD/Hemp To Health And Beauty Products

Having discovered the use of CBD and hemp when she had to take in her sister who was having ovarian cancer three years ago, Tea guru Miriam Novalle is now utilizing CBD/Hemp in her business. Miriam is the CEO and founder of the world-renowned T Salon in New York City and the founder of High […]


Why We All Need To Become Global Citizens

Kunal Sood is the Founder of X Fellows, Novus and X-Impact Group. Sood is also a TED Speaker and Resident. He discusses: How an extraordinary experience can transform a person’s life; what is the difference between an ordinary conference and a curated event and why we all need to be global citizens. Sood works with […]


How 3 College Friends Started A Jerky Company

Jess Thomas is the Co-Founder and CEO of True Jerky, a consumer brand of protein snacks. Thomas discusses the challenges and rewards of a start up in the food space including: What it's like to start a business with friends; how to survive in a competitive market with a few large incumbents and a lot […]


How Social and Emotional Intelligence Makes Kids Better Citizens

Leslee Udwin is the founder of “Think Equal” a non profit whose mission is to create a global system change in education. Udwin discusses the powerful impact teaching young children emotional and social intelligence has on their role as citizens – in the country, world and their careers. She was voted by the NY Times […]


Want to Give a TEDx Talk? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Ajit Mathew George is the Organizer & Executive Producer for TEDx Wilmington. In this episode he discusses why and when to share your one, great idea through a TEDx Talk; elements of a sucessful TEDx talk; how to apply and what a TEDx talk can do to shape your personal brand. He has organized 29 […]


The Power of Classical Music to Transform Our Lives

Yelena Dudochkin has captivated audiences across the world with her expressive stage presence, rich soprano voice, and powerful interpretations. Her operatic roles include Tatyana in Eugene Onegin, Violetta in La Traviata, Snow Maiden in Snow Maiden, Iolanta and Brigitta in Iolanta, Gilda in Rigoletto, Chernyafka in Magic Mirror, and Marfa in Tsar’s Bride, with Opera […]


Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent

Professor Sydney Finkelstein discusses his latest book Superbosses and what superbosses do that’s so special including how they manage millennials, and where to find them in your organization. Sydney Finkelstein is the Steven Roth Professor of Management and Director of the Center for Leadership at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He holds […]


Epicured Food Delivery: Gourmet Food Solutions With A Healthy Twist with Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett the co-founder and CEO of Epicured, a gourmet kitchen and food delivery service designed to make healthy eating simple and joyful. Epicured is the first 100% low FODMAP and gluten-free food company offering healthy, unique, and digestion-friendly menus.


Why Quirky Wins The Day

If you look at the greatest innovations of this world, it may surprise you to find deviant personalities and quirky innovators behind them. Melissa Schilling, Professor of Innovation and Strategy at New York University’s Stern School of Business, was inspired to do a multiple case study on serial breakthrough innovators. She didn’t actually try to […]


The Power Of Onlyness

Nilofer Merchant discusses her latest book The Power of Onlyness: Make Your Wild Ideas Mighty Enough to Dent the World. Now that the Internet has liberated ideas to spread and scale through networks rather than hierarchies, power is no longer determined by your status, but by “onlyness”—that spot in the world only you stand in, […]


Finding The Top Leadership Thinkers In The World

Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove, the founders of the Thinkers50 Conference, discuss how they search out and honor the top management and leadership thinkers from around the world – and what they have learned from them. At Thinkers50, Stuart and Des’ job is to scan, rank, and share the very best management ideas in the […]


What Is John Sculley Up to Today?

Former Apple CEO and Pepsi President John Sculley talks about his past, present and future as an entrepreneur and technology leader as co-founder of Zeta Global, an independent marketing cloud company. John says AI is going to be as foundational to the world of business as oil and electricity was back in the industrial age, […]


Why You Need to Create Multiple Income Streams

How do people make money? What are the options? Dorie Clark, the author of Entrepreneurial You, attempts to answer those questions in her book, as well as a few others like if you want to create multiple income streams in your business, what are the possibilities, how do you implement them, and how can a […]


Technology in Everyday Life

Over the last ten years, we’ve seen a huge transformation of technology in everyday life, especially on the types of devices that people are using to connect to the internet and how people consume content. One of the biggest changes has been the shift from traditional cable satellite or terrestrial antenna television to streaming services […]


The Theatrical Culinary Project

As a developer of new work and a foodie, director and choreographer, Marlo Hunter, has always been trying to look for a way to marry her two passions, words and food. Her most recent project, the Theatrical Culinary Project, was baked from her goal to see if chefs and playwrights could speak the same language […]


How Can Your Leadership Development Make Your Staff Smarter? With Expert Liz Wiseman

My guest today is Liz Wiseman. She is the founder and the president of The Wiseman Group. She’s also the author of the very popular book, Multipliers; How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. The book has just been released in its 2nd edition with new refreshed and new content including: Accidental Diminisher chapter Dealing […]


The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness, with Lolly Daskal

My guest on today’s podcast is Lolly Daskal, CEO and founder of Lead from Within, a leadership consulting firm. Her extensive cross-cultural experience spans 14 countries, six languages and hundreds of companies. Lolly has also been designated a Top 50 leadership and management expert by Inc. magazine. I am particularly excited to interview her because […]


The Soul of Money with Lynne Twist

On today’s podcast I am interviewing Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money and founder of the Soul of Money Institute. Lynne is also a founding member of The Pachamama Alliance, an organization dedicated to rain forest preservation. On today’s show we will discuss branding in the non-profit world, and the significant role that […]


The Power of A Self Published Book To Build Your Brand

My guest on today’s episode is Joel Freidlander of Marin Bookworks. Joel is a blogger and book designer who was named by Writer’s Digest as one of the 10 people to follow in book publishing. On today’s program we discuss the power of self publishing a book including: • The most important things you need […]


Acting Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Steal To Build Their Brand

Anthony Meindl is the founder of AMAW and an international acting coach. Tony’s focus is on teaching actors how to be get beyond the typical acting training which teachers actors to be someone else, and instead draw on their own unique way of being, and bring that into the role. In today’s episode I explore with Tony […]