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Best-selling author, and branding and marketing strategist Karen Tiber Leland, has engaging conversations with today’s thought leaders from the worlds of business, art, technology, science and entertainment.

Best-selling author, and branding and marketing strategist Karen Tiber Leland, has engaging conversations with today’s thought leaders from the worlds of business, art, technology, science and entertainment.


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Best-selling author, and branding and marketing strategist Karen Tiber Leland, has engaging conversations with today’s thought leaders from the worlds of business, art, technology, science and entertainment.








Four Foolproof Ways to Stay Crazy Ahead of your Competition

As I head into my 79th episode of the Thought Talk podcast, I’ve decided to take a break, step back, and do a bit of reworking. The Thought Talk podcast will be back by the end of March and better than ever. So for this episode I wanted to share with you four tips I learned decades ago that can help you ensure that your brand stays crazy ahead of your competition. In all honesty, they are so simple, it’s easy to toss them off. But don’t - they can truly transform your career and...


The Art of a Better Photograph with the iPhone Diva

Today’s guest, Lynette Sheppard is also known as the iPhone Diva. Lynette joins the show from the highly photographic island of Molokai in Hawaii to give us some insight on how we can best use our phones to practice creativity through photography. Lynette Sheppard has taught iPhoneography throughout Europe, Canada, and the United-States. She is known for her out-of-the-box imaginative uses of taking photographs and making images with an iPhone. When you take a photograph, is the app...


COVID-19 has Changed Real Estate, maybe forever...

Today’s guest is Theresa Souers, managing broker at Corcoran Global Living. Theresa has been in the real estate business for the past 25 years. On this episode of Thought Talk we discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the broader real estate market and the implications for buyers, sellers, and investors alike. You will want to take notes as Theresa shares her impressions on this seller’s market, the trends that are here to stay, as well as the things we can expect to see in the future. Theresa...


Overcoming Multitasking Madness For a More Efficient Workflow

Overcoming Multitasking Madness for a More Efficient Workflow Karen’s latest book, No Nonsense: Time Management: 50 Tips to Hack Your Time and Get Everything Done is now available for order on Amazon. Today, Karen tackles one of the topics addressed in the book, a problem all of us face: multitasking madness. Studies have found that when people switch back and forth between tasks, they experience substantial losses in efficiency and accuracy — in some cases as much as 50%. In today’s...


Fine Tune Your Business Goals With Less Excuses & More Adjustments

On my most recent Peloton bike ride, the gentleman leading the session said something that I found applies to so many aspects of our professional lives: “Less excuses, more adjustments.” In today's short episode, I will share five ways for you to fine-tune your business goals by doing just that. Oftentimes when we work on our time management, personal brands, marketing plan, or business development we throw up our hands and give up when things don't go as planned. Today’s podcast is all...


Why Creating A Team Brand Might Be Your Best Bet In 2021 With Karen Tiber Leland

Even as we sit on the verge of bringing an end to COVID-19 with the new vaccines, the trend towards a decentralized workforce seems likely to be an integral part of the new normal. With that in mind, in this episode I talk about going beyond team building to team branding. Team branding is essentially about defining a given team’s brand and then translating that brand into a strategy, a code of conduct, and a series of actions. If you do it right, it can have a powerful impact on a team’s...


Applying The 80/20 Rule for a Winning 2021 With Karen Tiber Leland

Today I am talking about a great principle you should be applying to your business for the coming year. I’ve been using the 80/20 rule for years and regularly suggest it to my clients, and although most of you may already know of the 80/20 rule, very few know where it comes from and how broadly it applies. In 1897, an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto identified that 80% of the wealth was owned by 20% of the population. This may seem too broad, but listen in for a breakdown and...


To Reach Peak Performance Find Your Inner Calm with Barbra Schulte

I recently renewed my long time passion for horseback riding and met today’s guest — Barbra Schulte — at the C Lazy U dude ranch in Granby, Colorado where she was teaching peak performance on and off a horse. Barbra is a Professional Cutting Horse Trainer, personal peak performance coach, and Equine Consultant. She is a Cowgirl Hall of Fame inductee and, this January, Barbra will be awarded the prestigious Women of the West Award given by Western Horseman Magazine. Barbra joins me on the...


Creating Audience Engagement On Video Conferencing With Karen Tiber Leland

A lot of us are still spending quite a bit of time on Zoom and other video conferencing platforms— a trend that does not look like it will go away any time soon. As a virtual facilitator and webinar leader I’ve found several things that help foster audience engagement so that participants are attentive and interactive while on video conferences. In today's podcast, I’ll share some tips and tools you can use to immediately start engaging your audience more interactively on video...


The Career Skills You Need To Succeed Post-Pandemic with Mark Herschberg

Today on Thought Talk, I welcome Mark Herschberg, author of The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You. Mark has spent his career identifying and studying the skill gap that exists for what he calls firm skills, including networking, negotiating, communicating, leading, and career planning. We tend to think of many of these as situational skills, but Herschberg says they are really life skills — none of which are formally taught in school. Join me for an...


The Secret To Making Your Videos More Watchable with Michael Dutcher

Video content has exploded in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down as a major marketing medium. But making watchable, engaging videos that are on-brand requires training and practice. I’m pleased to be joined today by Michael Dutcher, CEO and co-founder of bspoketv — a streaming TV channel that creates 30-minute episodes from proven YouTube influencer content. With Michael’s help, we’ll explore watchability. What it is, why it’s important, and how to increase it on your own...


How To Take Your Virtual Presentations From Good To Great with Dewitt Jones

On today’s Thought Talk, I speak with my good friend Dewitt Jones about the power of virtual presentations. Jones is an international Keynote speaker, former National Geographic photographer, and the founder of Celebrate What’s Right With the World. Dewitt went from speaking at dozens of in-person events with thousands of attendees pre-COVID to pivoting to virtual keynotes. He is currently gearing up for his first 130,000 person talk. We will discuss the keys to a great virtual...


Is It Time For You To Embrace Mental Toughness? with Dr. Ellen Reed

Dr. Ellen Reed is the co-author of Relentless Solution Focus; she’s worked side-by-side with Dr. Jason Selk for 15 years and has extensive experience in mental training for consistency, accountability, and execution in business, athletics, academics, and the performing arts. She joins the show today for an in-depth discussion on achievement and how to stay consistent. We touch on how heart rate affects performance and how our brains are wired for seeing problems (problem-centric thought),...


How Critical Thinking Can Change Your Life with Helen Lee Bouygues

On this episode of Thought Talk I am joined by Helen Lee Bouygues the Founder of the Reboot Foundation an organization that funds and publishes research on improving critical thinking. Helen is joining us from Paris where she lives for a conversation on the importance of critical thinking in a world where search algorithms and social media are designed to feed us more of the same of what we already believe to be true. Tune in for a fascinating discussion on why critical thinking has...


Converting Followers into Customers With Karen Tiber Leland

“I have a big social media following but it does not seem to be translating into new customers/clients.” I hear this comment all the time from potential clients who call me up wondering how to make their social media a more effective business development tool. The first step in gaining a greater conversion from your social media is understanding that social media is just one out of a necessary six to eight touchpoints to convert a potential customer, and so expecting social media alone to...


For Greater Productivity Stop Interrupting Yourself With Karen Tiber Leland

Today I want to talk about something that universally impacts our productivity: self-interruption. If you work in an office, it’s obvious that other people are sources of interruption. While those may be less of a productivity problem when working from home – kids, friends, partners, and even pets can easily provide sources of distraction – interruptions by others are only a part of the story. A great deal of the interruptions we experience are self-interruptions. Here are a few of the...


Preventing Zoom Fatigue with Karen Tiber Leland

I lead a webinar called How to Look Better, Feel More Comfortable and Be More Productive When Video Conferencing and something that’s brought up by a lot of executives, salespeople, and entrepreneurs I’m talking to is Zoom fatigue. Today I want to talk about why and how Zoom fatigue happens as well as five easy ways to nip it in the bud. 5 Tips to avoid video call fatigue Stop staring at yourself — You look fine, you sound fine, use the app’s functionality to only see others in...


Why CEO Branding is a Necessity With Karen Tiber Leland

I often get called by CEOs who are interested in the added value of having a CEO brand that is separate from – but connected to – their businesses. In today’s Thought Talk podcast,, I’ll be discussing the three biggest mistakes I see when it comes to CEO branding as well as the three thought leadership categories CEOs sort into when it comes to their personal brands. Tips for better CEO branding CEO branding can’t be done as a transactional relationship. You can’t delegate the crafting...


6 Ways to Measure Your Brand Reputation

My guest today is Eddie Hull, the Associate Strategy Director of FutureBrand and he is here to help us understand the biggest takeaways from this year’s FutureBrand Index for entrepreneurs and small businesses. To gain insight on how strong brand reputations are perceived and managed, listen for the six dimensions that are used for the study, as well as how the pandemic has changed how brands are seen. Tips For A Brand With Staying Power Thought leadership — Move your thought...


The Seven Myths of Personal Branding With Karen Tiber Leland

With COVID-19, more and more eyeballs are on us online, and our business and personal brands need to be sharp and effective. In today’s solo episode I will be busting the seven most common myths surrounding personal brands. About Karen Tiber Leland Karen Tiber Leland is the founder of Sterling Marketing Group, a branding, marketing, and color strategy and implementation firm helping CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs develop stronger personal, business, and team brands. Her clients...