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Even more brilliant work. Growing sales. Award after award: Part 3/3 - Episode 13

Part 3/3 - We round off our chat with Smyle's CEO, Rick Stainton talking case studies, industry regulation, raising the industry profile, the need for industry leaders, the event trade press, its trade bodies and Government to do better, expanding overseas and how Rick works two jobs (3 if you include being a Husband/Dad).


More brilliant work. Growing sales. Award after award: Part 2/3 - Episode 12

Part 2/3 - We delve for clues on how to be successful as we continue our chat with UK 'Agency of the Year', led by the indomitable Rick Stainton as we go behind the scenes of Smyle.


Brilliant work. Growing sales. Award after award: Part 1/3 - Episode 11

Part 1/3 - So you want to do brilliant work, grow your business and win award after award. We chat to someone who is part of a team that does just that. That someone is Rick Stainton, CEO of UK 'Agency of the Year', Smyle


Keynote speakers - talking talent: Part 2 - Episode 10

In Part 2/2 we share today's popular speaking topics and I persuade Maria Franzoni - a speaker bureau professional of some 20+ years to name a few names and share some clips of popular speakers - Angela Oguntala, Dr Beau Lotto and Caspar Craven, plus anecdotes, budgeting and the changing face of the professional speaker business.


Keynote speakers - talking talent: Part 1 - Episode 9

In Part 1/2 we talk the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of hiring keynote speakers for events, conferences and meetings with Maria Franzoni - a speaker bureau professional of some 20+ years. Full of tips and sound advice.


Putting the Social in Events - Episode 8

I talk with 'Practical Futurist', Andrew Grill on the business of Social, whether that's the social in social media, social sharing, social selling or social business in general. We cover Linkedin, the 'sanity versus vanity' of Instagram, your digital first impression, how to rise above that noise, quality content and Sir Tim Berners-Lee.


Digital Disruption in Events with futurologist Andrew Grill - Episode 7

We talk how to get digital, Bitcoin, Betty the Bot, off-loading the tedium, the role of personal digital agents, attracting high profits, data in the cloud or in a Swiss bank, poor event apps, the 15 people you should really network with and Arthur C Clarke.


Talking events and technology with Julius Solaris: Part 2 - Episode 6

Part 2/2, we talk: AR, VR and Mixed Reality, 360 degree live video, facial recognition at events, ticket scalping, event chatbots, voice and live transcriptions


Talking events and technology with Julius Solaris: Part 1 - Episode 5

Three Blind MICE talk with Julius Solaris, founder of the Event Manager Blog and one of the foremost writers, speakers and authorities on event and marketing technology.


VoGs - Tips, tricks and words from the wise: Part 3 - Episode 4

Stories from our Voice of Gods. If it has 'celebrity' in the title, it probably isn't! Winning a gong. Ice cool in the ring. Her Majesty The Queen - is she there? Always have a 'CYA' list to hand - in case of the unexpected.


VoGs - Tips, tricks and great stories: Part 2 - Episode 3

Part 2/3 as we chat pre-recordings, but live is better, visualising your audience and making emotional connections. Our VoGs share their tips and stories.


VoGs - What are they, who are they and some useful tips: Part 1 - Episode 2

Part 1/3. We talk VoGs in the events industry and a touch of the X Factor! What are they? Tips, tricks and stories. Becoming a VoG. Preparing an event script.


What's going on in Events - Episode 1

Three Blind MICE sits down with two events industry stalwarts to talk events. A dress rehearsal for Three Blind MICE. We talk UK Brexit, mistakes event professionals make, freelancers and the lack of health and safety in events.


Introducing Three Blind MICE - Episode 0

A brief introduction to Three Blind MICE and its host. A podcast made by event professionals for event professionals.