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218: Haley Sacks - Mrs. Dow Jones

The self-appointed Mrs. Dow Jones — a.k.a. Haley Sacks — is on Thrive LOUD. Haley is serving finance memes to the masses by marrying her two loves (celebrity culture and finance). Mrs. Dow Jones is a financial media company that makes Keeping Up With the Dow Joneses as fun as Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Using a deadly combo of pop culture, humor and financial knowledge, this growing media brand translates Wall Street into content millennials will understand. Part Paris Hilton, part...


217: 'Find What Makes You Thrive'

Plucked from their original episode, marketing guru on host of the Scott King Podcast, Scott King and Lou chat about online marketing, learning from your guests and the importance of finding out what makes your thrive. *** Connect to Lou Diamond: Subscribe to Thrive LOUD:


216: Lola Melani - Exquisite Elegant Forever

Acclaimed celebrity photographer, Lola Melani, is known for her elegant and intimate portraits, which have been featured in the media worldwide. Melani specializes in maternity, newborn and beauty photography, and her style blends editorial, fashion and fine art portraits. Her signature look has attracted global dignitaries, public figures and celebrities. Lola speaks frequently about her journey from immigrant to one of the world's leading photographers and how we can all make a difference...


215: Champions On & Off the Mat

Two unbelievable athletes hop off the wrestling mat and onto the Thrive LOUD Podcast. Yianni Diakomihalis won the 2018 NCAA men’s wrestling title at 141 pounds to cap off a 37-1 rookie season. He became just the second Cornell University rookie to secure a national title. The only other person ever to do that is the second of this episode's duo, Kyle Dake. Kyle went on to win four national championships from 2010-2013 which was featured in a documentary film 4for4 . To add to his...


214: 'Joy Junkie'

Plucked from one of the more amazing conversations we've ever had on Thrive LOUD, Amy Smith connect with Lou. It was actually challenging to pick just ONE moment from this interview to produce a 'minisode'; so have a listen...go back and re-listen to the original episode...and see if you like what we selected. *** Connect with Lou Diamond: Subscribe to Thrive LOUD:


213: Corey Kupfer - Authentic Negotiating

Corey Kupfer is an expert strategist, dealmaker and business consultant with more than 30 years of professional negotiating experience as a successful entrepreneur, and attorney. The founder and president of Authentic Enterprises, LLC and the Authentic Business Academy, Corey is dedicated to inspiring authenticity in business through speaking, training and consulting on topics such as authentic negotiating, authentic deal-making, building authentic business relationships, and authentic...


212: Cal Newport: DEEP WORK

Cal Newport is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. In addition to researching cutting-edge technology, he also writes about the impact of these innovations on society. Newport is the author of five books. His most recent, Deep Work, argues that the ability to focus is becoming increasingly valuable in a modern work culture increasingly hobbled by distracting technologies. Cal connects with Lou on Thrive LOUD! *** Connect to Lou:...


211: 'Connect Brands Through Design'

Fanny Krivoy Head of Analogous - who believes the world is a better place with beautiful design. Has a new podcast program that’s launching in a few weeks called Project Inclusion. It’s a program comprised of interviews with forward thinking individuals that are revolutionizing workplaces, businesses and communities by using an inclusive design approach. So for this minisode - we wanted to go way back to when Fanny was a guest on Thrive Loud In this specific out-take Fanny talks about the...


210: iX Leadership

Two Culture & Leadership Experts are featured in this episode. Meg Manke is a ranch kid from western South Dakota an avid runner an advocate of the well-rounded education of youth, and a major supporter of finding humor in all things. Dr. Rachel MK Headley rose through the ranks at a global satellite mission (from an intern all the way to Operational Science Officer), she managed big projects, united diverse stakeholders, guided teams through change, and led complex and ground-breaking...


209: Jody Britt - Fine Art Consulting

Jody Britt is an experienced art sales consultant and business driver having worked in the fine art world for over a decade. She is responsible for the launch of two fine art photography companies (Morrison Hotel Gallery Los Angeles and Rock Paper and two private businesses (Britton Fine Art and Britt Fine Art Consulting). Motivated, connected and personable, she is a proven curator in fine art photography representing over 200 photographers, including leading photographers Terry...


208: 'Giving 100%, Literally'

Plucked from their original interview back in 2017, this Thrive LOUD Minisode features Liz Diemer Liz is part of the leadership team at the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research where she is the Director of TEAM FOX. The Michael J. Fox Foundation's single and urgent goal is to ELIMINATE PARKINSON'S DISEASE IN OUR LIFETIME. ***** Learn more about TEAM FOX.... *** Connect with Lou: Subscribe to Thrive LOUD:


207: Joel Salomon - Mindful Money Management

Joel Salomon is committed to helping over 100,000 people become financially free. Most recently, Joel shifted his focus to assisting individuals as a Prosperity Coach where he works closely with his clients to help identify and overcome the roadblocks standing in their way of personal financial freedom. In 2012, Joel launched his own hedge fund, SaLaurMor Capital (named after his daughters, Lauren and Morgan). This was a dream that Joel had had from the early 1990s. Since inception he...


206: Stephanie Hayes - Anything is Possible

Stephanie Hayes is a business transformation consultant, focused on helping organizations build and improve business processes, manage change, align service areas, build capabilities and improve operations. She has worked across many sectors, including mining, international shipping, manufacturing, heavy equipment, retail, education and public sector. Stephanie is the owner of multiple startups, all of which are still growing. Using her experience building and operating small businesses,...


205: Dr. Richard Nongard - VIRAL Leadership

Dr. Richard Nongard is a keynote speaker, leadership coach, author and psychotherapist. He is a man who believes you need to Seize the power of now, to create lasting transformation and apply Practical strategies for activating leadership & intention. Richard is the author of numerous books, publications, and training videos. He has written two books on leadership: Transformational Leadership: How to Lead from Your Strengths and Maximize Your Impact (2013) Viral Leadership: Seize the power...


204: 'Perseverance'

In this Thrive LOUD minisode - we go way back to one of the early interviews where Lou sat down with sports columnist Ken Davidoff. Plucked from that original conversation, Ken shares how he stuck with his passion and stay in the field of his choice through hard work and perseverance. *** Connect to Lou Diamond: Subscribe to Thrive LOUD:


203: Sharón Lynn Wyeth - Know the Name

What if you could learn everything important about a person… just from their name? Sharón Lynn Wyeth has spent the last 38 years developing the field of Neimology® Science. Names are powerful. She created Neimology® Science, the study of the placement of the letters in a name, after 15 years of research followed by 3 years of testing my theories traveling in over seventy countries, including Russia, India, and China, to perfect my system of discerning behavioral characteristics from...


202: Richard Brooks - Counter Investing

Financial advisors have a huge responsibility to take care of their investors, but does your advisor take your money seriously? When selecting a financial advisor you need someone who can advise with the highest ethical standards, provide personal service, develop a master investment plan, identify individual goals and objectives, coordinate an effective tax and estate plan and provide solutions for multiple dynamic investment needs. Counter Investing is a unique revolutionary system...


201: Ben Friedland - Client-Centric Focus

Friedland serves as Vice Chairman & Co-Head of CBRE’s Alternative Investments Practice (AIP), an industry-specific practice group focused on advising private equity firms, hedge funds and other Alternative Investment companies on their real estate strategies across the globe. Ben and his team provide advisory services to firms in the Alternative Investments sector on real estate needs within their investment portfolios. Enjoy this great interview and learn from one of the top producers...


200: Thrive LOUD 200th!

In the spirit of celebrating milestones, we came up with something fun for the 200th Episode of Thrive LOUD. With over 200 guests coming on the Thrive LOUD program sharing their all-time favorite movies -- we tallied all of the movies and put together a "Top 10 Movie Countdown List" of the Thrive LOUD guests. Enjoy this short 'minisode' that highlights numerous 'classics' of the silver screen. *** Connect to Lou Diamond: Subscribe to Thrive LOUD:...


199: Lisa Mayer - My Social Canvas

Lisa Mayer is a social entrepreneur and the CEO of My Social Canvas - a social impact company on a mission to inspire the next generation of women and girls to design the life and career they love. Her amazing story is a MUST listen to on Thrive LOUD as she shares her passion, her draining her bank account to almost nothing to creating an incredible platform for women and girls everywhere. *** Connect to Lou: Subscribe to Thrive LOUD: