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Connecting you to the most amazing and inspiring people in the world today and how each of them is taking their life, their business and their passions to the next level — by Thriving each and every day.

Connecting you to the most amazing and inspiring people in the world today and how each of them is taking their life, their business and their passions to the next level — by Thriving each and every day.


Millwood, NY


Connecting you to the most amazing and inspiring people in the world today and how each of them is taking their life, their business and their passions to the next level — by Thriving each and every day.






437: Denise Gosnell - VACATION EFFECT

Denise Gosnell is an attorney, strategist and growth hacker... She has authored and co-authored over eight business and technology books as well as the VACATION EFFECT. Which is also a program and podcast which helps to teach you how to grow your business by subtracting—not by adding more—from your to do list. She is a frequent speaker at various television, radio, and industry events for her expertise on business, legal, and technology matters. Denise was also honored to receive the "Top...


436: Rosemarie Rossetti - Change, Influence & Motivation

Rosemarie Rossetti is a powerful, internationally known keynote speaker, trainer, author, consultant, and president of Rossetti Enterprises Inc. Through her own personal tragedy she looked deep within herself and found new strength and resolve. She demonstrates how to live with conviction and rise above misfortune. She empowers audiences to embrace change, improve performance, and unlock their competitive advantage. She taps into what motivates people to change their behavior and achieve...


435: Evan Money - LIFE IS TREMENDOUS!!

Producer, actor and #1 Bestselling Author, Evan Money is best known for his high energy and take action attitude. One of his favorite projects is the ground breaking documentary on the power of the spoken word, Words of Art. Evan was born and raised in southern California and grew up making shorts with his brother on VHS. Evan and his bride are known throughout the world as the forever honeymooners as they remarry in a different state or country every year. A man who believes to his core...


434: Geoffrey Cooper - "THE PRIZE"

Geoffrey M Cooper is the author of The Prize.​​ What does it take to win a Nobel Prize? Deceit? Fraud? Maybe even murder? When she finds a drug that has the potential to treat Alzheimer's disease, Pam Weller is certain she's made the discovery of a lifetime. But her success threatens the supremacy of Eric Prescott, a leading figure in Alzheimer's research, who sees his chances at a Nobel Prize slipping through his fingers. His lust for the prize and the accolades that come with it drive him...


433: Holley Mignosi - EMBODY

Recognized as one of the top "Embodiment Coaches" Holley Mignosi has helped over 250,000 "Embody" their message with passion and dynamic stage presence. Speaker, Speaking Coach, Storyteller, and Body Language Expert, she is also the CEO of The Dynamic Dream Life Group, INC. She helps speakers, experts, and leaders master the art of hypnotic body language and neuroscience of charismatic communication so that they can maximize their influence, eminence, and income on ALL of life's...


432: Mike Volkin - The "VOLKINATOR"

Mike Volkin is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, Army veteran, and author of 5 books (one bestseller). He has built and sold 4 companies. As a marketing leader, he specializes in building company value through great branding. Throughout his career, Mike has worked with over 400 small and mid-sized businesses and has a tremendous track record of driving company growth and brand awareness through the development and implementation of a variety of marketing programs. What sets Mike...



During this very unique time with the global pandemic of the Coronavirus...there's not a lot of 'fun' things going on right now. And with social distancing and efforts to better contain the spread of COVID-19 - there's almost not live sporting events taking place anywhere in the world. We at Thrive LOUD needed a change of pace and something ELSE to talk about. Evan Money (an upcoming guest on Thrive LOUD) and Lou Diamond got together to make the most of the situation we are in and created...


430: "MADNESS"

This was initially going to be an episode focused on the NCAA basketball tournament; however, things change. Due to the spreading of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe - many events, meetings, sporting activities, classes, conferences have been either cancelled or postponed. At the time of this recording, the NCAA Basketball Tournament was to be played with no fans in attendance; the NBA basketball season has been suspended and many other sporting events are up in the air as...


429: Marina Qutab - LIVING ZERO WASTE

Marina Qutab, a.k.a. the ECO GODDESS, is a lifestyle blogger passionate about the earth, people, warm blueberry muffins, animals and everyday magical moments. She is all about providing her followers tips for living zero waste, soulful wellness inspiration, and gluten-free vegan recipes. Thrive LOUD listeners are sure to enjoy this episode where Marina connects with Lou Diamond. *** CONNECT TO LOU DIAMOND: SUBSCRIBE TO THRIVE LOUD:


428: Gabrielle Hartley - BETTER APART

Gabrielle Hartley is a leading elite divorce strategy and wellness coach, mediator, attorney, consultant, speaker and author. Gabrielle is known for her unique, non-toxic approach to divorce that she has developed over twenty five years. She keeps 99% of her cases out of the courtroom and at the negotiating table, as she effectively supports her clients to create a healthy, uplifted post-divorce life for them. She wrote Better Apart; The Radically Positive Way to Separate with the...



Last time we had JJ Ramberg on Thrive LOUD - she was hosting a show for NBC News called Your Business, a podcast called Been There Built That and a series on BBC World News called Follow the Food. She also partnered with her brother on Goodshop, an online coupon site which has donated more than $13 million to charity. With all of that...JJ needed to kick her feet up and listen to some podcasts! And now she's making it even easier for others to do just that. Along with her brother Ken -...


426: Danielle Girard - EXPIRE

Danielle Girard is the USA Today and Amazon #1 bestselling author of Chasing Darkness, The Rookie Club series, and the Dr. Schwartzman Series—Exhume, Excise, Expose, and Expire, featuring San Francisco medical examiner Dr. Annabelle Schwartzman. Danielle’s books have won the Barry Award and the RT Reviewers’ Choice Award, and two of her titles have been optioned for movies. A graduate of Cornell University, Danielle received her MFA at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina. She,...



University faculty-turned-entrepreneur, Jill Schiefelbein is an award-winning business owner, author, and recovering academic. Jill focuses on providing custom communication training and strategies for her clients —through workshops, keynote speaking, consulting, and virtual training. She travels, she leads, she connects, she’s freakin awesome..and I’m so glad I get to catch up with THE DYNAMIC COMMUNICATOR and the creator of DYNAMIC VIRTUAL EVENTS. In this unique environment we're...


424: Yasin Abbak - FantasyLifeApp

Yasin Abbak is a born leader. An engaging and inspiring personality he's also blessed with deeply analytical intelligence, street-smarts, and a indomitable can-do attitude. After earning his chops on Wall Street - he ventured off to a career filled with entrepreneurship, startup investing and an eye for success. He is currently the CEO & founder of the Fantasy Life App -- the must-have application for fantasy sports players and sports bettors, with the fastest breaking news, advice, chats,...


423: Jack Hersch - REMARKABLE

Jack J. Hersch, Dave Hersch's son, is an expert in the field of troubled and distressed companies. He is a strategic advisor to investment institutions and corporate managements, has served as a corporate board member, and has guest-lectured in the business schools of M.I.T., U.S.C. and U.C. Berkeley, among others. He is also the author of DEATH MARCH ESCAPE - The Remarkable Story of a Man Who Twice Escaped the Nazi Holocaust. Thrive LOUD listeners will enjoy this conversation between Jack...



The CEO of Executive Essentials, Michelle Tillis Lederman (a.k.a. "Lou Diamond's Connecting Sister from Another Mister") is back on a special "Catch Up" episode of Thrive LOUD. It's Michelle's book "The Connector's Advantage" BOOKIVERSARY - and Michelle has a special offer for Thrive LOUD listeners. ** CONNECT TO LOU DIAMOND: SUBSCRIBE TO THRIVE LOUD:


421: Deke Copenhaver - THE CHANGEMAKER

Deke Copenhaver currently serves as Principal of Copenhaver Consulting, LLC, a niche consulting firm in Augusta, Georgia serving the needs of businesses, nonprofits and local governments. In May of 2019 he published his first book “The Changemaker: the Art of Building Better Leaders” with Advantage|Forbesbooks. Deke served as Mayor of Augusta, Georgia from 2005 through 2014. Since leaving office Deke has served as the host of “There it is With Deke Copenhaver”, a daily call-in radio show on...



A quick thought piece from Lou Diamond as he shares an experience he recently encountered that falls under the category of "what not to do" when trying to connect with others. *** Connect to Lou Diamond: Subscribe to Thrive LOUD:


419: Kim Sakwa - THE PROPHECY

Kim Sakwa is the best selling author of the time travel romances THE PROPHECY and NEVER SAY GOODBYE. Hoping on occasion to fall through time herself, she settled on creating these stories instead. When not writing, you can find her with coffee in hand, walking the hills of Michigan subdivision, listening to the soundtracks that she creates for her novels. Hopeless romantic hooked on happily ever after. Enjoy listening to KIM SAKWA in a special episode puled from Bedside Reading's Authors...


418: Laurie Gerber - Angel Recruiter

Passionate about personal development, Laurie Gerber has been coaching individuals and groups for over 15 years. She specializes in relationship and marriage coaching and is the #1 marriage and relationship coach based in NYC. She spreads her message of empowerment through public speaking events, such as the 2019 TedX Brooklyn, live international events, one-on-one coaching, virtual coaching courses, and on radio and in TV appearances such as MTV’s True Life Special: I’m Getting a Second...