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Connecting you to the most amazing and inspiring people in the world today and how each of them is taking their life, their business and their passions to the next level — by Thriving each and every day.

Connecting you to the most amazing and inspiring people in the world today and how each of them is taking their life, their business and their passions to the next level — by Thriving each and every day.


Millwood, NY


Connecting you to the most amazing and inspiring people in the world today and how each of them is taking their life, their business and their passions to the next level — by Thriving each and every day.






606: Dom Faussette - THINK * REACT * LEAD

Dom Faussette is an award winning speaker, best selling author and founder of ThinkReactlead LLC, He is a master at building strong teams by using effective communication, diversity and rapport. He is a strong believer in vulnerable leadership and enjoys sharing real-world insights that will help both leaders and team members achieve bigger goals today and also build new leaders for tomorrow. He also hosts The Think-React-Lead Show on 960 The Patriot KKNT-AM in Phoenix, Arizona. Listen in...


605: Amberly Lago - True Grit & Grace

Amberly Lago is a leading expert in the field of resilience, transformation, and health and wellness. She shares her passion for turning tragedies into triumphs at exclusive workshops, public events, and corporate summits, and schools. She offers a carefully curated set of practical tools to teach others how to tap into their superpower of resilience and persevere through any of life's challenges. She offers hope and solutions for anyone living in chronic pain and has been featured on NBC's...


604: Allison Graham - TAKE BACK YOUR WEEKENDS

As a resiliency expert, 5X author, executive coach and speaker, Allison Graham works with accomplished professionals and business owners so they can do all they do without the guilt, destructive stress and risk of burnout. Her problem-solving framework, tackles topics such as efficiencies, productivity, imposter syndrome, chronic worrying and revenue generation. Her latest book, Take Back Your Weekends, is the ultimate guide to taking back your power, your life and, of course, your...


603: Marisela Abasta - The Impossible is Possible

Proving the impossible is possible! For the last 10 years Marisela Abasta has been helping people who are stressed out, overwhelmed feeling stuck in life by teaching them a powerful process to getting unstuck so they can live life with more Confidence, Clarity and Courage! But she’s on a mission to stop suicides by sharing with the world what depression really is. She’s passionate about changing the way the world sees and understands depression. No longer seeing it as an incurable disease...


602: Kathy Klotz-Guest - STOP BORING ME!

Kathy Klotz-Guest, MA, MBA, MLA, is a business storytelling strategist, author, speaker, and comedian. Founder of Keeping it Human, her mission is to help organizations turn jargon-monoxide into compelling business stories, abolish boring marketing, and uncover boldly creative ideas for marketing content, products, branding and more. She calls them idea orgasms! A podcaster (Keeping it Human's Improvised Marketing Show), stand-up comic and improviser, Kathy has written two other short books...


601: Inga Deksne - High Impact Happiness

Inga Deksne is a social media and business strategist. She helps business owners establish their social media presence from scratch. She created the High Impact Happiness brand because she loves working with businesses who create huge impact in the world and she wants them to be happy while they are running their business. She is the proud founder of the “Magical Creators” community that has been running for three years now creating a space for business owners like you to get their social...



In a bit of a twist, Thrive LOUD intern and producer of this episode Sophie Grippo sat down and interviewed Lou Diamond to commemorate the 600th episode of Thrive LOUD. In this episode, entrepreneur and the founder of Thrive LOUD shares his move from working on Wall Street to starting Thrive. He also highlights the common theme of 'connecting' and how it is the center of all of the work he does...including this podcast. While Lou did not want to make a 'big deal' about reaching this...


599: Chef Lizette - EAT WELL * LIVE WELL * BE WELL

Chef Lizette (Lizette Lopez De Arriaga) is OWNER of CHEF LIZETTE ENTERTAINMENT, a lifestyle brand advocating living more healthy using food as the foundation “one dish at a time”. Over the past 25 years of feeding the public Chef Lizette has cooked for over 5 million people including 5 US Presidents. As a speaker she works with organizations, private clients and schools across the country giving engaging talks and cooking presentations focused on wellness and nutrition. Throughout her...


598: Trey Roth - "YAY BY YAY, DAY BY DAY"

Trey Roth is a lifelong serial entrepreneur, platinum-selling songwriter and music producer, avid learner, hard worker. He is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in marketing technology. Serial entrepreneur and skilled leader with a heart for growing people and businesses. He is the founder of YAY STACK -- a social network for authentic referrals and recommendations only. Married to his middle school sweetheart, Ashley, and father of four - Trey...


597: Monica Tanner - "SEXPIONAGE"

Monica Tanner, married to her best friend, is a boss mom to 4 small humans, is a weekly podcaster at On the Brighter Side ~Marriage For Entrepreneurs and is a relationship and intimacy Sexpert. She helps Passionate Entrepreneurs who are building or scaling their business stay happily married by up-leveling their commitment, communication and connection skills. Her goal is to help you create a marriage that supports your business and a business that supports your marriage through her...


596: Nidhi Tewari - Embrace Your True Self

Nidhi Tewari, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, mental health therapist, international speaker, and entrepreneur located in Richmond, VA. She specializes in treating trauma, grief, and anxiety disorders. She works with corporations, health systems, and entrepreneurs to create a pro-mental health, trauma-informed workplaces, and she enjoys speaking on a variety of mental health topics. Nidhi believes embracing your true, authentic self is the product of healing the wounds and...


595: Lindsey Curry - "HOLY SHIFT!"

Lindsey Curry, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Trained Dancer, Choreographer, Entrepreneur, Thought-leader, Wife, and Mom of 5 brings decades of lessons learned that will make you laugh, cry and best of all take you to the next level of your evolution. She brings a fierce wit to topics such as fear of failure, self- acceptance and what it really means to be yourself shamelessly. She is an ember carrier that holds just the right spark to ignite your fire within. Get ready because her new book...


594: Neil Sahota - "Inspiring Innovation"

Neil Sahota is a futurist and leading expert on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other next generation technologies. He is also an IBM Master Inventor, former leader of the IBM Watson Group and professor at the University of California at Irvine. He is the author of Own the AI Revolution (McGraw Hill) and works with the United Nations which uses AI to solve issues like poverty, homelessness and more. Neil shares with Lou his thoughts on AI and our next big leap forward on Thrive...


593: Vanessa Price - "Big Macs & Burgundy"

Born and raised in Kentucky, Vanessa Price first caught the wine bug working in a small winery down south. She followed her passion for wine and moved to New York City in 2007, starting as a sommelier on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. From there she moved on to wine education, PR and events for wine-focused client services, consulting for private wine collectors and wine lists in NYC restaurants, and as a distributor and importer, working with some of the most renowned restaurants and...


592: Jesse Bradley - "Heal * Hope * Restore"

Jesse Bradley is a former professional soccer goalkeeper, radio host, podcaster, author and speaker. He didn't grow up believing in God and never expected to become a pastor. Yet his unique journey -- Overcoming life threatening illness (fight for my life for a year and ten years to recover), changing careers from soccer to pastor providing wisdom of servant leadership, becoming an advocate of adoption and living with passion--- is a story he shares with Lou Diamond on Thrive...


591: Melanie Moore - Tapping in... to Thrive

Through her regular live streams, online courses – Tapping Into Abundance and Tapping Into Your Big Vision, her weekly Facebook show Big Vision TV and online community, Melanie Moore inspires you to not only think and dream bigger, but she also gives you the tools to help you change the trajectory of your life. She helps people at a crossroads in their life to get clear on their vision, then to commit to this vision by taking bold action towards their goals and creating their dream...


590: Brandy Wilson Edwards - "Self-Love"

Brandy Wilson Edwards is a Texas attorney turned Empowerment Speaker and Coach in Dallas, Texas. She is the founder of The Self-Love Challenge and emphasizes the importance of self-love, confidence and courage. Her message is a kind reminder to make empowering choices that help you believe in yourself more and love yourself without conditions Part of Thrive LOUD's continuing series on Elevating the Brilliant Minds of Women….Brandy connects with Lou Diamond on Thrive LOUD. *** CONNECT TO...


589: Charity Gibson - "Be You & Shine Bright"

Charity Gibson is the National Account Coordinator for Peerless Umbrella, owner of Green Banana Social, a founding Chef and Executive Committee member of industry 501(c)3 PromoKitchen, and the host of the Badass Women of Promo Podcast. She started her career on the distributor side of the promotional products and decorated apparel industry, and moved to the supplier/manufacturer side of things in 2015. She is most well known for her heavy engagement on social media, educational sessions and...


588: Rachel Haley - "Get Kick Started"

Rachel Haley has worked in the finance and tech industry for the past 10 years. Rachel started her career at Hall Capital Partners in the portfolio management group, focusing on portfolio management, market analysis and financial modeling. After Hall Capital, Rachel moved to Salesforce to work in the finance and strategy department. In 2015, she Co-Founded Clarus Designs, which now has over 100 employees globally. Most recently, Rachel worked as the Senior Director of Sales Operations and...


587: Daniel Ponce de Leon - "One Line Drive"

Daniel Ponce De Leon is a professional baseball player, husband, father and author. Daniel wrote a book entitled One Line Drive, about his return to pitching after being hit in the head on the mound in AAA. He suffered a major brain injury and subsequent surgery/rehab. The story is about perseverance, family, faith, baseball, and triumph over tragedy that is extremely relatable to any person who has ever been told they weren't good enough, or someone who has regained their passion for God,...