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Connecting you to the most amazing and inspiring people in the world today and how each of them is taking their life, their business and their passions to the next level — by Thriving each and every day.


Millwood, NY


Connecting you to the most amazing and inspiring people in the world today and how each of them is taking their life, their business and their passions to the next level — by Thriving each and every day.






931: Aimee Schuster - "SELLING THE INVISIBLE"

Aimee Schuster is the CEO and founder of Bandwidth Strategy, a fractional c-suite consulting group that empowers B2B organizations in growth mode. She is also the co-founder and chair of Women Influence Chicago, a leadership accelerator for women technologists. She’s doing some real cool work and she connects with Lou on Thrive LouD about all of her work and how she’s selling the invisible. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


930: Danielle Cobo - "UNSTOPPABLE GRIT"

Danielle Cobo is a speaker, author, podcast host that works with organizations to develop the grit, resilience, and courage to thrive in a rapidly changing market. She is the author of the book and hosts the podcast "Unstoppable Grit” Breakthrough the 7 Roadblocks Standing Between You and Achieving Your Goals." This “monster truck driver in heels” gets Lou to jump in the truck while she’s racing toward greatness in an unstoppable episode of Thrive LouD. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


929: Henna Pryor - "GOOD AWKWARD"

Henna Pryor, PCC is 2x TEDx and Global Keynote Speaker, Workplace Performance Expert, and Executive Coach. Her talks blend 2 decades of work with corporate leaders and teams, with a modern, science-based approach to taking more strategic risks and being braver in the work that we do. Her first book GOOD AWKWARD – How to Embrace and Celebrate the Cringe to Become the Best You is what you need to spin awkwardness into greatness. She resonates, she keeps it real, she’s got a delicious coating of credibility with every room she enters…and most importantly for this program…she gets LOUD with Lou. Enjoy Henna Pryor on Thrive LouD. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


928: Jeff Harry - "Making Work Suck Less"

Jeff Harry has been assisting companies in making work suck less for the past 15 years by embracing a play-oriented approach to work. Jeff combines positive psychology and play to heal workplaces, build psychological safety, and helps leaders build a playground atmosphere that motivates their staff to do their most vibrant work. After a make shift dance session in Orlando, Florida Lou and Jeff reunited and realized it was time to bring back the ‘fun guy’ onto Thrive LouD. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


927: Ken Rusk - "Bringing Back That Blue Collar"

After the launch of his incredible book, Blue Collar Cash last year - Lou wanted to bring back some of that blue collar cash mindset onto Thrive LouD. Ken Rusk reconnects with Lou Diamond on Thrive LouD. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


926: Emily Jaenson - "Let's Go!"

Emily Jaenson is helping leaders grow their confidence, achieve their biggest goals, and use their voice to make a difference for themselves and their communities. She’s a former GM of a Triple-A Minor League baseball team and leads the amazing podcast, Leadership is Female, a Top 10% followed podcast world-wide, and consulting group as well as The Assist Group, where she sharpens her skills working with clients daily. Her latest book “Let’s Go! A Guide to Increasing Your Confidence” is all about becoming more goal directed and confident in your life. Emily connects with Lou on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


925: Jackie Insinger - "INSINGER INSIGHTS"

For two decades Jackie Insinger has focused on her life mission of developing Spark Brilliance, a revolutionary approach to leadership and team dynamics that transforms team performance, results, and fulfillment. By leveraging the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology, she designs simple, actionable strategies that individuals can use right away to spark their team’s brilliance. Lou couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring Jackie back on Thrive LouD to catch up and talk about some of the real leadership challenges today. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


924: Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco - "THAT1 AGENCY"

Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, tech visionary and thought leader. He is consumed with the passion to help people break free from the confines of complacency and propel to untapped levels of success. "C-Roc" is the powerhouse behind the "What Are You Made Of?" podcast, and the best-selling author of ROCKET FUEL Convert Setbacks. Become Unstoppable. And the founder and CEO of That1 Agency. C-Roc and Lou connect on a Thrive LouD in “THAT1” episode you need to listen to. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


923: Jake Kauffman - "Let Love In"

Jake Kauffman is an international transformation coach & spiritual mentor to purpose driven, visionary men & entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow in their life and leadership. He has supported hundreds of men to thrive and reach the next-level in all areas of life, business & relationship. His mission is to help men radically heal & transform so that they can achieve their full potential & fulfill their purpose. His new book “Let Love In” is addresses how when the pain stops, the truth starts. Jake shares his journey, story and mission with Lou on Thrive LouD. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


922: Amy Green Smith - "WORTHY"

Amy Green Smith is a certified and credentialed life coach and hypnotherapist, masterful speaker, and personal empowerment expert. Amy uses her roles as coach, writer, podcaster, and speaker to move individuals to a place of radical personal empowerment and self-worth. With acute focus on helping people “find their voice”, she is highly sought after for her uncommon style of irreverence, wisdom, and humor and has been a featured expert in Inspired Coach Magazine and on Fox 5 San Diego. Check out Amy’s profoundly transformational group coaching immersion WORTHY - which includes TWO luxury in-person retreats. It’s been almost FIVE YEARS since Amy’s original appearance on Thrive LouD (a true Classic) and this conversation between Amy and Lou is just as epic. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


921: Albie Masland - "VALOR CRAFT PERFORMANCE"

Albie Masland is an endurance athlete, community builder and Founder/President of Valor Craft Performance, a hybrid-plant performance company, built by doers, for doers. Utilizing the benefits of Cannabis, Functional Mushrooms, and other Natural Extracts, VCP designs one of a kind products to help you DO MORE with your day and your night. Learn about Albie’s personal journey and how he has helped to renovate the VCP brand in his engaging session with Lou Diamond on Thrive LouD. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


920: Brandon Birkmeyer - "BRANDS ON BRANDS"

Brandon Birkmeyer is a seasoned brand strategist, business coach, keynote speaker, and podcaster. For over 17 years, Brandon advised and directed brand strategy for top FORTUNE 100 companies including Apple, Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Wells Fargo. He is the founder of the Podcast Branding Academy, an online school for podcasters. He also produces and hosts a top marketing podcast called Brands On Brands, which has ranked #1 in personal branding and content marketing on Apple Podcasts. Brandon is perfectly ‘on brand’ and connects with Lou on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


919: David Bayer - "A Changed Mind"

David Bayer is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of David Bayer Transformational Programs, an Inc #171 global coaching and training company focused on helping entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals harness the maximum power of human performance, intelligence and potential. David and his wife Carol have built an organization from $0 to $25M in the last 7 years while helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and individuals via their live events, digital courses, coaching and certification programs. Inc and Success Magazine named David ‘a leading expert on both mindset and business strategy’ making David a unique resource and mentor for individuals who truly want to achieve their full potential. His annual event The Powerful Living Experience was named by Inc. as ‘a Top 3 must attend personal development event.’ His “A Changed Mind Podcast” should be put on your ‘must-listen-to’ list. David and Lou connect on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


918: Charles Gellman - "HIDO Health"

Charles Gellman is the chief patent advocate at HIDO dedicated to reducing drug development costs He is one of the top voices on AI assisted robotics, digital health and the impact on care. Listen to Charles share with Lou some of the new and improved ways his company his helping to lower how much we pay for the medication we need. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


917: Joey Coleman - "Never Lose An Employee Again!"

For almost twenty years, Joey Coleman has helped organizations retain their best customers and employees - turning them into raving fans via his entertaining and actionable keynotes, workshops, and consulting projects. He has a long history of energizing and motivating audiences to enhance their customers’ experiences and employees' experiences. He is the author of the #2 Wall Street Journal bestseller, Never Lose a Customer Again and the recently released Never Lose an Employee Again. Joey Coleman steps into the fun seat on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


916: Diana Kander - "GO BIG OR GO HOME"

Diana Kander is a keynote speaker on curiosity and innovation, and a New York Times bestselling author. A serial entrepreneur who entered the United States as a refugee at the age of eight, she has launched and sold millions of dollars of products and services. Also, Diana can juggle. And do a handstand. Through not at the same time. Her latest book, Go Big Or Go Home is all about creating a customer experience that will close the deal. Diana takes a shot of liquid courage (like she needs it ;-)) and shares her curiosity with Lou on Thrive LouD ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


915: Karen Eber - "A Perfect Story"

Karen Eber is an author, international leadership consultant and keynote speaker. Her talk on, How your brain responds to stories – and why they’re crucial for leaders, continues to be the source of inspiration for millions. As the CEO and Chief Storyteller of Eber Leadership Group, Karen helps companies build leaders, teams, and culture one story at a time. Karen works with Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, Microsoft, Kraft Heinz, Facebook, Kate Spade, and Big 4 Consulting Companies. Her latest book, The Perfect Story: How to Tell Stories that Inform, Influence, and Inspire is the ultimate toolbox for narrative excellence. Listen to Karen and Lou’s conversation on Thrive LouD ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


914: Suzanne Jabour - "A Lived Experience"

Suzanne Jabour is a certified Grief Educator, speaker and transformational coach and facilitator. She works with grievers and those supporting them to open the conversation, navigate the journey, and learn to stay in the awkwardness that all that requires. Helping leaders address grief in the workplace to build connection, retention and loyalty. Her own personal story and loss will inspire you in this heartfelt episode Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


913: Kō Hana

General manager at Kō Hana Distillers Kyle Reutner comes to NYC to visit and have a chat with Lou Diamond on Thrive LouD. Like a delicious tasting sipping rum, this podcast interview has been aging for almost six years since Kō Hana’s founder Jason Brand came on Thrive LouD back in September of 2017!! A lot has happened since that initial interview and Kyle brings Lou up to speed as to what is happening at the distillery in Hawaii. From the classic rums to the newly launched “ready to drink” (RTD) mixes, Lou and Kyle have a great conversation and a fun time sipping Kō Hana. You’re gonna want to order a bottle or two after this interview!! ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***


912: Nick Pollard - "Boundary Builder"

A recovered addict and a former people pleaser Nick Pollard has lived the experiences of living someone else's life. After years of self-transformation, training, and practice, he has coached thousands of people all over the world to transform how they establish boundaries, how they show up in the world, and how they live the life they want After nearly a decade, Lou and Nick reconnect in a powerful, impactful and invaluable conversation for every Thrive LouD listener. Click the player link above to listen or watch the full episode on YouTube. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***