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Sales Closing Techniques - Oren Klaff

There's a lot to be learned when it comes sales closing techniques. Sometimes, a salesperson, business owner or an entrepreneur tend to be over excited when they think they found the perfect person to close a deal with. What they don’t know is that providing a lot of information about their services might lead to not getting the sale. On this episode, we have Oren Klaff. He's currently the President and CEO of Pitch Anything. He’s also world-renowned for his ability to close...


Fast Growth In Business - John Lincoln

Any company or business would wish for a fast growth in business. However, some of the companies tend to get overwhelmed by that fast growth. This can be avoided though with a lot of planning ahead and having a clear system and process in the company. On this episode, we have John Lincoln. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ignite Visibility. His company has been listed twice under the Inc. 5000 list. John talks about how fast growth has affected his company. He also shares strategies to...


Transparency In Business - Ajay Kapoor

Having transparency in business makes it easier for the company and its people. The focus is more on the growth of the business rather on the hiding or dealing of problems. On this episode, we have Ajay Kapoor. He’s the Chief Executive Officer of TouchSource, one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the country. Ajay talks about what radical transparency is in the business and how to maintain it. He also shares on how to apply the technique of radical transparency in the...


Business Growth Strategies - Shannon Hudson

As an entrepreneur, we may want to cater to a lot of things or services in the business thus having the business development strategies is important to be able to stay focused on your goal and doing the things you are great at. On this episode, we have Shannon Hudson. He is the owner and CEO of 9round Franchising which is one of the fastest growing businesses in the fitness industry. Shannon talks about some of the things that had helped his business grow. He also gives pieces of advice...


How To Retain Customers - Jaime “Jim” Hernandez

When doing business, we always think about how to get new clients but we forgot that we also have to consider how to retain customers who have already done business with us. The existing customers are the goldmine of the business. They are the people who know, like and trust the business already. Staying in touch and appreciating them is one way of letting them know that the business cares for them. On this episode, we have Jaime “Jim” Hernandez. He’s currently the President and CEO of...


Importance of Company Culture - Brandon Wilson

Sometimes as companies grow, they would tend to forget the importance of company culture and would lose their cohesiveness. Building a strong company culture starts in the hiring process. It’s important that the people who will be working for the company are aligned with the values and beliefs of the company. The leaders in the company should be taking the lead in conveying and embodying the values of the company to maintain the company culture. On this episode, we have Brandon Wilson....


Creating The Advisory Board - Shannon Wilburn

There are a lot of ways to improve the business and oneself and one of the ways is creating the advisory board or surrounding yourself with people who have strengths in your weaknesses. They help a lot with the feedback that they are providing. They give a different perspective of the business. If you are lucky enough, you will not only get business advices but also life advices. On this episode, we have Shannon Wilburn. She’s the CEO and co-founder of Just Between Friends Franchise Inc....


Characteristics of A Leader - Paul Pickett

Identifying people who have the characteristics of a leader and making them part of your team is crucial in making your business successful. Everyone has the same equal chance to become a leader. The only difference is the people who step up and make that decision to develop that skill set or characteristics that will make them a leader. On this episode, we have here Paul Pickett. He is currently the Chief Development Officer of Wild Birds Unlimited. Paul talks about their mission and...


Effective Delegation - Mike Michalowicz

For a lot of people, especially those who started the business from the ground up, have yet to learn effective delegation. It’s worrisome for some to delegate the tasks since they’re not confident yet that their employees can do the job as they would have done it. However, there are ways to effectively delegate those tasks so that focus is given more to the important role of the business. On this episode, we have Mike Michalowicz. He is the author of Profit First and other popular...


Gender Equality In The Workplace - Madeleine Park

It is a delight to know that there are companies that are empowering their employees and promoting gender equality in the workplace. Inequality, whether it’s age, gender or ethnicity, is still one of the issues that a lot of companies face today. Eradicating it is a work in progress and as long as there are steps taken to resolve it, employees will feel that they are included and being cared for. On this episode, we have Madeleine Park. She is the Director of Marketing at MaidPro...


How Your Phone Is Killing Your Success

Mobile phones have become one of the most-sought after things in our day to day activities. For some, it has even become a focal point in their lives. It is an incredible tool for it creates ease and comfort however mindfulness and consciousness should always be taken in consideration when using it. On this episode, we talk about how excessive mobile phone usage affects a person and provide some suggestions to minimize the use of such tools. Get all the resources for this episode and...


How To Build Trust In A Team - Brian Rott

Why do you need to learn how to build trust in a team? It is because the team is what makes the business and creates the success. On this episode, we are with Brian Rott, the President, and CEO of Cart Mart. He's been working there since 1988. He's excited to celebrate 30 years at Cart Mart and the company itself is 60 years in business. Brian talks about different ways on how you can build trust in your team which can make your business move forward, grow, and become more...


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Influencer Marketing - Jon Ferrara

With influencer marketing, it is possible to grow and scale your business without spending a dime on marketing and advertising. On this episode, we are with Jon Ferrara. Jon is a CRM and Relationship Management entrepreneur and noted speaker about Social Media’s effects on Sales and Marketing. He is best known as the co-founder of GoldMine Software Corp. Jon talks about how he started GoldMine on $5000 without ever taking a dime of venture and was able to scale it to the first $50,000 in...


Burnout Recovery Plan - Danna Korn

Burnout is natural and can happen to anyone and so having a burnout recovery plan is crucial for us to be able to ramp up the wellbeing of our work-life. On this episode, we are here with Danna Korn. She's the co-founder and CEO aka Chief Energizing Officer of Sonic Boom Wellness, a health-tech company that specializes in corporate wellness. Danna talks about the reason why leaders experience burnouts and how we can improve our wellbeing so we can function at our full potential. Get all...


Growth Hacking Tools For Sales - Max Altschuler

Utilizing growth hacking tools can help companies grow their revenue despite having less financial and human capital resources. On this episode, we are here with Max Altschuler. He's the founder of Sales Hacker, a media company that helps companies figure out how to really thrive with sales. Max explains what sales hacking is and how it can help start-ups grow and scale their businesses. He also shares what software companies can use to leverage automation in their sales processes. Get all...


Event Planning Steps - Jason Allan Scott

Knowing what the important event planning steps are and implementing them properly can help you put up a successful and memorable event. On this episode, we are here with Jason Allan Scott. He is a keynote speaker, a best-selling author, and an award-winning event professional. He’s been recognized by Eventbrite as being one of the top people to create events. Jason talks about how important it is to listen and know your audience when putting up an event because then, you will understand...


Dealing With Fear - Leah Guy

There are many ways of dealing with fear and anxiety but there’s no recipe for it. It’s important that a person understands that those feelings are not the problem. In fact, they are signs telling us that something is out of balance and not right in our life. and they are not the problem. On this episode, we are with Leah Guy. She is a media personality, an author, and a spiritual teacher. Leah shares different ways on how we can overcome fear and anxiety. When dealing with these crippling...


How To Manage Business Money - Ingrid Thompson

When starting a new business, there are a lot of things you have to consider and learning how to manage business money tops the list. On this episode, we are here with Ingrid Thompson of Healthy Numbers. She’s an author, a podcast host, and one of Australia's foremost authorities in the area of getting ready to start a small business. Ingrid talks about tracking and dialing in the most important numbers in our businesses and why we should do it. Get all the resources for this episode and...


Moving Forward In Life - Dan Clark

Practicing gratitude and finding happiness in little things are key things in facing any setback and to moving forward in life. On today’s episode, we are here with Dan Clark. He’s a former NFL football player and star of the American Gladiators. He’s also been on various notable publications and television stations. Dan shares what he realized after having a heart attack and what he did to reach his goal, which was not only to come back but also to become a better human being. Get all the...