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019 - What is a PMO? with Lindsay Scott

“Very basically a PMO normally stands for a project management office. And they're there to basically help organizations get better at delivering the projects that they have.” If you’ve ever wondered what a PMO is, that quote from this episode of Time Limit is your answer. But take heed, because there’s a lot of complexity to PMOs. That’s why we invited PMO expert and Director of PMO Learning, Lindsay Scott, to join us to fill us in on: Resources mentioned in this episode: PMO LearningPMO...


018 - Suze Haworth on Crafting Process

"Trying to implement things from a framework, you've got to have expectations that you will need to adapt things, try things out." Sometimes your process is rock solid and it just works. Other times, you find room for improvement. Whether you’re adapting formalized practices like Scrum or Waterfall, or crafting your own process based on what you know what works (or what doesn’t work) for you, your team, stakeholders, and project. But there will always be challenges and things to consider....


017 - Rich Maltzman and Jim Stewart on Facilitating Productive Meetings

“Ironically, a lot of these planning meetings are about planning a very well directed project, but often not a lot of time or preparation goes into planning for the meetings.” If you’re a Time Limit listener, you’re likely stretched for time. And that means everything can feel rushed. But if there’s anything you can learn from this episode, it’s that taking the time to plan your work and your meetings will save you time--and anxiety--in the long-run of your projects. In this episode, we...


016 - Dr. Sidjae Price on Estimating, Planning and People

Creating estimates and plans can be tough, especially if you don’t have the time to do them well. But, if you’re working on a team, you should leverage them. In this episode of Time Limit, Brett interviews best selling author, international speaker and CEO of Priceless Planning, Dr. Sidjae Price, about ways to get to well-rounded estimates and plans with teams. But it’s more than that. In fact, this conversation covers: Resources mentioned in this episode: Priceless PlanningThe Art &...


015 - Neil Vass on Managing Teams

“The more you think about how things look to other people and how might they see the world, the better you're going to work together as a team.” There’s a lot that goes into making a team work well together. Of course there are those magical instances where you get a group of talented people together and it just works. But more often than not, you have to take a measured approach to make the magic happen. In this episode, Brett interviews Neil Vass, an agile delivery manager for Co-op...


014 - Rachel Gertz on Project Management Education

Whether you’re a seasoned PMP or a brand new project leader with no formal training, you’ve likely thought about ways to level up your skillset to make you a better PM and your career. But where do you go to learn? Sure, TeamGantt is a great starting point for classes, resources, and templates, but there’s more. In this episode, Brett talked to PM trainer Rachel Gertz about PM education, and a few related topics: The conversation went in a few different directions, but always came back to...


013 - Tera Simon on The Management Career Path

It seems like the natural project management career would lead to people management. But why? Managing projects is a far cry from managing people. And doing both at the same time? That sounds like madness. But people do it every day. In fact, this week’s guest is one of those people. Tera Simon works at Globant where she leads projects and project managers, among other things. In this episode of Time Limit, Tera and Brett discuss: Resources mentioned in this...


012 - Crystal Richards on Social Politics

”This is a part of our work lives, quite frankly. What I like Putting a label on is that it helps you to understand a framework and how you can navigate through it.” You’ve been there: leadership doesn’t tell you things, rumors happen, ...Social politics are a part of our work lives, whether we like it or not. And did you know that there’s a positive aspect to them as well? In this episode, Brett talks to trainer, facilitator, and project manager Crystal Richards all about navigating the...


011 - Shawn Van Dyke

If you think running projects can be difficult, you should try running a business! On this episode of Time Limit, Shawn Van Dyke digs in to the many highs and lows of running a construction business. It’s a wide-ranging conversation that touches on a lot of points that will resonate for you, no matter your industry or whether you’re a business owner or a project leader. Topics discussed include: Paperwork Punch List:28 Days to Streamline Your Construction Business


010 - Patrice Embry on Freelance Project Management

Ever wonder what it would be like to go out on your own? Imagine that: the free wheelin’ life of a freelance project manager. In this episode of Time Limit, you’ll get an insider’s take on what it’s like to run your own freelance project management business. This week’s guest, Patrice Embry, shares her path into her successful freelance career, as well as several other topics, including:


009 - Sam Barnes on The Project Management Career Path

It’s a fact: many project managers fell into their roles. Some more quickly than others, but the fact is: there are qualities that make a great PM and even better managers. In this episode, Sam Barnes, engineering manager at Marks and Spencer, shares his own winding path into PM and talks about where his experience led him. It’s a personal tale with unexpected twists and turns--one that you may relate to whether you’re an accidental PM, trained PM, or part-time PM. Along with his story, Sam...


008 - Dave Prior on Agile

What’s the first question you’d ask an Agile expert? Tough one! But in this episode, Brett asked Leading Agile’s Certified Scrum Trainer Dave Prior the tough questions about Agile transformation, and even blending Agile approaches. It’s a good, short conversation that gets straight to the matter and may help you on your own Agile journey. Topics discussed in this episode include: Links and resources mentioned in this episode: Dave’s Classes at Leading AgileLeading Agile Sound Notes...


007 - Elizabeth Harrin on Communications and Collaboration

On this episode of Time Limit, Brett talks to Elizabeth Harrin, founder of GirlsGuidetoPM.com, and author of 5 PM books, including Collaboration Tools for Project Managers. Not only did Elizabeth write the book on how PMs can implement tools and overcome obstacles, but she also showed up to the podcast with really valuable, practical advice and ideas. Topics covered in this episode include: Links and resources mentioned in this episode: Collaboration Tools for Project Managers Girl’s...


006 - Culture with Colin D. Ellis

In this reboot of Time Limit, we share the idea for our new format and jump right into an interview with award-winning international speaker, author, and consultant Colin D. Ellis. Show Notes: “Great leadership provides the foundation for successful project management.” It’s a quote from Colin D. Ellis’s first book, *The Conscious Leader: How to create a culture of success for your projects, your team and yourself*, that speaks volumes about how project managers are set up to...


005 - Time Limit - Motivation

This week, the guys talk about what motivataes them and how they keep their teams motivated.


004 - Time Limit - Working Remotely

Nathan, John, and Brett are back to talk about working remotely and how we handle a remote team at TeamGantt.


003 - Time Limit - Project Estimation with Brett Harned

Nathan and John are joined again by PM guru Brett Harned to talk about estimating projects.


001 - Work Smarter, Work Harder, Just Don't Work Longer

Nathan and John talk about working hard without burning out, and how we handle our work hours at TeamGantt.


002 - Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid? with Brett Harned

Nathan, and John are joined by good friend and digital project manager extraordinaire Brett Harned to talk about PM Methodologies and which ones you should think about for your projects.