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Hailley Griffis: Where to find content for your social media accounts

Where to find content for your social media accounts Hailley Griffis - BUFFER FACEBOOK TWITTER Let’s face it- most of us struggle to find quality content to use for our social media accounts. Who has time to spend hours looking for just the right articles for our viewing audience? Well, one of the fabulous tools I use for Top Dog Performance and all my clients is BUFFER. Imagine being able...


Katie Nall: Dealing with Stress

Because she’s a mathematician who want everyone to love math, our next guest searched for a way to help students overcome fear, anxiety, and worry about mathematics and taking tests. During her search, she found vey little for students to use - until she found this most unusual, most strange, and most effective method to reduce fear and anxiety. While using this method, our speaker found the new technique effective in helping all kinds of people with all kinds of different stressors,...


Lisa Wozniak: Do You Need Marketing In Private Practice?

Do You Need Marketing In Private Practice? GUESTLisa Wozniak WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN Lisa talks about the common misconceptions among private practice owners with regard to marketing. She explains why they need it in today’s environment and what steps they need to take to get started. Lisa is Marketing Consultant and owner...


Sasha Zebryk: How intentional are your networking efforts?

How intentional are your networking efforts? Sasha Zebryk is an author, international speaker, and mentor to many women over the age of 40 who look to start new businesses as well as improve their skills to become wildly successful. For many women, just the mere word of SALES casts a negative image no matter how smooth the process. Sasha is a master networking professional offering clever tips and tactics designed to create immediate and lasting business relationships. Listen in to our...


Laurie Collings: Secrets from a Headhunter

Secrets from a Headhunter (how to stand out from the crowd) What do top performing job recruiters look for when filling top executive positions? Learn from Manpower’s very own, Laurie Collings as to what tips and tactics you need to have for a stellar online presence and resume. Whether you are looking for contract work, looking to hire a virtual assistant, or considering a fulltime position back in the workplace, Laurie will share the do’s and don’ts when she looks at resumes and the...


Kavita Sahai: How to Make Your Big Plans a Reality

Kavita Sahai is a leading online Coachultant® (Coach + Consultant) and founder of She’s a proud mom, recovering workaholic and college professor who has built two companies to over seven-figures and has raised over $800M in capital. Educational accolades include graduating Summa Cum Laude at the University of Florida, and earning an MBA as a Haas Merit Scholar from UC Berkeley. Kavita has a long-standing passion for teaching, and helped to establish the entrepreneurship...


Stacy Cook: What kind of digital marketing efforts do you really need to get noticed?

What kind of digital marketing efforts do you really need to get noticed? There are many online tools, and I mean many for getting your business name and offers out there. Working with a professional, saves you many hours of testing and research. If you are looking to try to do your marketing yourself - I would say for most businesses it’s easy to get started…. focus on brand, make sure you are #1 for your brand names and the related terms like your brand name and the location names,...