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Episode 28: Insider Buying & Selling

Should you buy when corporate insiders are buying, and sell when insiders are selling? Do insider transactions mean anything at all for the future direction of stock prices? What about the market as a whole? Join me today as I cover the topic of insider trading. Sign up for FREE email updates to be...


Episode 27: Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions

How can you and I profit from corporate mergers and acquisitions? What should you do when one of your stocks gets a buyout offer? Today I’ll be discussing all kinds of corporate deals and what they mean for investors. I’ll also present a couple ETFs that allow you to emulate the merger arbitrage strategy used...


Episode 26: Order Types and When to Use Them

Market orders, limit orders, stop-on-quote orders … what does it all mean? In this episode, I start with the basics of order flow and execution: what happens behind the scenes when you buy or sell stocks and ETFs. Then I go through the various order types, from simple to complex, to help you understand your...


Episode 25: How to Prepare for the Next Global Financial Crisis

Are you ready for the next financial crisis? No one knows for sure when the crash will happen, but here are some sensible steps everyone should take to keep from being caught off-guard when it does. I also tell you what signs to look for that will foreshadow the next crisis, so you can be...


Episode 24: My Favorite Resources for Learning to Trade

Trading and investing are all about information: Accessing it, processing it, and turning it into an action that makes you money. In this week’s episode, I go through my favorite learning tools, data sources, news providers, and more to help you locate the most beneficial info and toss out the rest. Sign up for...


Episode 23: A Profitable Mean-Reversion Strategy

Today, I’ll present another simple strategy that new and experienced traders can use right away. The idea here is to find stocks that have extended too far in one direction and are lined up for a short-term bounce or pullback. I show you how to filter down a long list of potentially good setups into...


Episode 22: Two Trend-Following Strategies

Today, I’ll present two simple trend-following strategies that new and experienced traders can use right away. I explain two easy methods for trend trading along with my top tips for profiting from these strategies. I show you how to filter down a long list of potentially good setups into the ones that are most likely to succeed. Sign...


Episode 21: How to Select Funds for Your 401(k)

Most 401(k) plans contain a variety of fund choices, so it can be hard to decide which ones to put your money into. In this episode, I explain the best way to evaluate funds, separating the winners from the losers. I also give my recommended asset allocations for the remainder of 2017, based on where we...


Episode 20: Stop Asking If Your Fund or Advisor “Beat the Market”

Newsflash: If a financial advisor or fund manager brags to you about “beating the market”, it’s NOT what you want to be hearing right now! In this episode, I debunk the popular myth that you should be trying to “beat the market” when times are good. I also lay out the questions you must ask instead when evaluating a mutual...


Episode 19: Volatility and the VIX

Volatility is such a vital concept, but it’s commonly misunderstood. You can’t trade for a living without knowing volatility inside and out. In this episode, I introduce some powerful strategies to harness volatility for profit, but not before laying out the foundations such as: how to measure historical volatility, the difference between historical and expected future volatility (e.g. the...


Episode 18: The Power of Collaboration

Trading should not be a solo venture, even if it sometimes feels that way. In this episode, I present a framework for holding a fun and productive meetup or online trading session with other investors. It’s important to discuss the markets with other people so you get to hear other ideas and have your own views...


Episode 17: How to Open a New Brokerage Account

If you’re totally new to self-directed investing, or just expanding beyond basic retirement accounts, now may be a good time to open a new account. Here’s what you need to know to get started, including: where to go, how much to deposit, position sizing, and some investment ideas. Sign up for FREE email updates...


Episode 16: The Wise Investor’s Guide to US Income Taxes: Part I

In this episode, I introduce the US income tax provisions that apply to personal investors and traders. I’ve got 10 years of experience compiling and filing my own tax returns on these activities, so I’ve got the real-world know-how to help you make sense of this complex topic. Over the years, I’ve dealt hands-on with such topics as: wash sales, PTPs,...


Episode 15: How to Get a Return on Cash When Interest Rates are Low

Wise investors know that it’s a good thing to keep a portion of assets in cash-equivalents at all times, but do we really have to settle for paltry interest rates like 0.01%? Absolutely not. In this episode, I teach you how to put your cash to work without taking too …


Episode 14: Earn Income and Diversify with REITs

Real estate packs a powerful punch for your portfolio. By purchasing shares of a real estate investment trust (REIT), any investor can easily gain access to this vast and powerful asset class. REITs are especially good for younger people or renters who lack any exposure to real estate. In this episode I’ll teach you the basics of investing in REITs, what...


Episode 13: Gold – Don’t Build a Portfolio Without It!

Gold is the one and only investment that I strongly believe every investor needs in their portfolio at all times. However, don’t go overboard and don’t fall for sales pitches that are meant to frighten you into buying gold. In this episode I’ll teach you the basics of investing in gold, what it can and cannot do for...


Episode 12: Don’t Max Out Your Retirement Accounts

The mainstream advice on using 401(k), 403(b), IRA, and Roth IRA accounts to build wealth is flat-out wrong if you want to retire early or achieve financial independence. I talk through the reasons why you should limit your use of these types of accounts if you want to achieve better results than ordinary investors do. I...


Episode 11: How to Achieve Your Goals With Active Investing

In this episode, I go through the most common goals that investors seek to achieve and teach you how to use the financial markets to achieve them. Most investors will want to pursue several of these goals, with one being a higher priority than the others. Traditional retirement, early retirement, income, capital preservation, and fun are very...


Episode 10: Risk Management Keeps You Calm In Volatile Markets

(Wrap-up of ten-part series on Financial Truths) In this episode, I tie together all the concepts I’ve introduced throughout this 10-part series on financial truths. I illustrate a few different asset allocation ranges that will position you for profits and preserve your capital so you can trade for many years ahead. Pick one of these asset...


Episode 9: All Traders Must Have a Big-Picture View

Here’s How to See the Trend (Part 9 of ten-part series on Financial Truths) Section 1: Why Did Your Short-Term Pattern Fail? Section 2: Follow the Money: Start with Inflation/Deflation Section 3: Make a Long-Term Forecast Section 4: Make an Intermediate-Term Forecast Section 5: Identify & Trade the Best Opportunities Sign up for FREE email updates to be notified...