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A podcast designed to provide listeners with education and a unique insight into specific factors that are currently driving our nation's economy. Trading Perspectives is brought to you by Oakworth Capital Bank.

A podcast designed to provide listeners with education and a unique insight into specific factors that are currently driving our nation's economy. Trading Perspectives is brought to you by Oakworth Capital Bank.
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A podcast designed to provide listeners with education and a unique insight into specific factors that are currently driving our nation's economy. Trading Perspectives is brought to you by Oakworth Capital Bank.






The Crystal Ball

In episode 21 of Trading Perspectives, John and Sam make specific predictions about everything from the government shut down to sports. This past year we heard a lot about GDP, federal rate hikes, Brexit, etc. What can we expect in 2019? What factors will have the greatest impact on our economy? And how long will the shut down last?


What to expect in 2019

Trading perspectives is back! After a crazy end to 2018, John and Sam pick up where they left off with episode 20. In this episode they discuss the first week of the new year and the continuing volatility in the markets. What can we expect to see in 2019 and when will the volatility begin to subside?


The Global Dissatisfaction with Political Leadership

In episode 19 of Trading Perspectives John and Sam discuss the overall dissatisfaction with G7 political leaders. Although this issue doesn’t receive much media coverage, America is not alone in feeling a lack of confidence toward our leaders. How much of this dissatisfaction is driven by technology? Is our ability to easily share opinions through social media playing a role in the global discontent for political leadership?


The Recent Volatility in The Markets: December 2018

In episode 18 of Trading Perspectives, John and Sam discuss the recent market volatility and the potential reasons for it. You have all heard the talk about trade wars, immigrant caravans, Brexit, and a whole host of other excuses. Could there be a bigger issue? Could it be that it has been so long since we haven’t had our foot on the gas we don’t know how to respond?



Roll Tide Roll and gross domestic product. With Alabama playing in the SEC Championship over the weekend, episode 17 of Trading Perspectives focuses on the impact college football has on the economy, especially in the state of Alabama. Does the investment we make in our teams of choice effect more than our own entertainment? Does overall spending actually increase when teams are winning?


More Money?

In episode 16 of Trading Perspectives, John and Sam discuss raising minimum wage, a topic that has been debated for years. Based on recent studies by the US Census Bureau, many states have decided to pay a minimum wage of $15.00/hr instead of the federal rate of $7.25. Would a higher minimum wage be good for the economy overall?


Black Friday

In episode 15 of Trading Perspectives John and Sam talk about the biggest shopping day of the year known as Black Friday. Where did the term Black Friday come from? Is it still as relevant to consumers and how does it compare to Cyber Monday?


Trading with China

In episode 14 of Trading Perspectives, local business owner, Bew White, talks to John and Sam about what it’s like to be the largest importer in the state of Alabama during the trade war. Mr. White is the owner of outdoor furniture company, Summer Classics, and imports products from China on a regular basis. How are the tariffs impacting his bottom line? Is the trade war effecting his relationships with his Chinese vendors?


Mid-Term Elections

With the Mid-Term Elections less than 24 hours away, John and Sam discuss a variety of different outcomes and the possible impact on the economy in 2019. Will the democrats take the house as predicted in the polls? Find out what John and Sam are predicting in this week’s episode of Trading Perspectives.


Lottery Fever

When the Mega Millions lottery hit a world record high at $1.6 billion, many people, including host John Norris, rushed out to buy tickets in hopes that they could be the next lucky winner. In episode 12 of Trading Perspectives, John and Sam debate over buying lottery tickets. Is it support for a good cause, good for the economy, or a flat-out waste of money? Feeling lucky? You could be the winner of the Trading Perspectives lottery! All you have to do is leave a comment or send us an email...


The Recent Volatility in The Markets: October 2018

Given the recent volatility in the market, many people are expressing a growing concern for the future of the global economy. Between the midterm elections, rising interest rates, trade wars and the federal reserve many are left wondering what will have the largest impact. In episode 11 of Trading Perspectives, John and Sam talk about the areas they see as a concern and the likely impact we can expect to see in the future. Are we on the brink of another global meltdown like we saw in 2008?


Hurricane Michael: The Economic Impact of a Natural Disaster

As John and Sam record episode 10 of Trading Perspectives, Hurricane Michael is wreaking havoc on parts of Florida's gulf coast and heading towards Georgia. Outside of the white sandy beaches and beautiful vacation homes, Florida is home to many farms, orchards and fisheries. While many individuals and businesses will suffer from the wake of Hurricane Michael, others will benefit. How can Florida and Georgia recover economically from the devastation left behind as they begin to rebuild?


Trump Trade War

We can all agree that trade is good. More trade is better than no trade. In episode 9 of Trading Perspectives, John and Sam discuss the purpose of a trade war and the rising pressure Trump is putting on China after striking a deal with Mexico and Canada. How was the USMCA deal able to be completed while China continues to push back? Could China’s opposition be driven in part by ego or the opposition to fair trade? The trade war is expected to impact the US economy in 2019, just how...


The Future of Social Media

With the exit of Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom and CTO Mike Krieger, many companies are left wondering what role social media is going to have moving forward. In Episode 8 of Trading Perspectives, John and Sam discuss the different aspects of social media that are causing concern and how relevant social media platforms are going to be given the amount of control Mark Zuckerberg has over Facebook. Will a social media marketing strategy be worth the investment for growing companies in the...


Brexit: The Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union

In episode 7, John and Sam talk about the upcoming Brexit, short for British Exit. Just what will happen IF the European Union and the British can't see eye to eye on their impending, um, divorce? Will it be the end of the global economy as we know it? Will it be Britain against the Continent, again? Will the US even feel it?


Corporate Social Responsibilites: A Benefit to Society or a Strategic Marketing Campaign?

Today's workforce generally puts a lot of value on social and environmental efforts of their employer. In episode 6 of Trading Perspectives, John and Sam talk about the social responsibility of companies like Nike and Starbucks and whether or not companies have a responsibility to put benefits to society over those of the company. On the flip side, are corporate social efforts driven by a strategic marketing plan to increase sales and revenue?


The Aging Workforce in America

The average age of US citizens is rising. In episode 5 of Trading Perspectives, Baby Boomer John Norris and co-host Sam Clement, Gen Z, discuss generational changes in the American workforce. In 1950 the economy had at it's disposal 8.1 people of working age for each person of retirement age. By 2030 that ratio is expected to have shrunk to just over 5.0. In 1950 the average age of the American worker was 29. Today it has risen to over 38. The personal savings rate is half of what it was in...


Bar-B-Que & Big Gulps

Episode 4 of Trading Perspectives is the 2nd of our 2 part discussion on sin taxes. John and Sam dive deeper into the sugary products discussed in episode 3 and just how much money they actually cost on annual basis. Sam provides statistics surrounding the amount of money the government spends on healthcare in relation to the sugary foods we consume daily. Should we, as consumers, be dependent on the government to tell us when enough is enough?


Pour Some Sugar On Me?

In episode 3 of Trading Perspectives, John Norris and co-host Sam Clement discuss the taxes on unhealthy goods and services. How much is too much and should the government be able to dictate the food we eat? This episode dives deep into the sugary products that sin taxes are placed on (in addition to alcohol and tobacco) and just how beneficial these optional taxes are to the economy and the consumer.


Are We Getting Lazy or Just Uninventive?

In episode 2 of Trading Perspectives, John and Sam discuss the productivity of American workers and the impact of new technology on today's workforce.