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A podcast designed to provide listeners with education and a unique insight into specific factors that are currently driving our nation's economy. Trading Perspectives is brought to you by Oakworth Capital Bank.

A podcast designed to provide listeners with education and a unique insight into specific factors that are currently driving our nation's economy. Trading Perspectives is brought to you by Oakworth Capital Bank.
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A podcast designed to provide listeners with education and a unique insight into specific factors that are currently driving our nation's economy. Trading Perspectives is brought to you by Oakworth Capital Bank.






Negative Interest Rates in the United States

Last week, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, said that it’s only a matter of time before negative interest rates spread to the United States. In this episode of Trading Perspectives John and Sam talk about why much of Europe has negative interest rates and what would need to change for that to happen here. If American risk tolerance were to change, could the US sustain negative interest rates?


The American Empire

Throughout history, empires have come and gone, but they have all had some common characteristics. The American empire is a little different. This week John and Sam discuss economic growth of countries and how the US empire works on a financial and economic basis. How does the US fit into Global GDP historically? What role has the United States played in this new period of accelerated growth and are we the cause or just a beneficiary?


Gross Domestic Product

How strong is America’s economy? That really depends on who you ask. Since the Roosevelt administration, the most widely used measure of economic strength is in terms of GDP. Gross Domestic Product. This week, John and Sam compare GDP to lesser known measure called Gross National Happiness. Is GDP still the most accurate way to measure the health of our economy and growth of society? What is the best way to measure happiness? What role does happiness play in a country’s productivity?


The American Dream

In this week’s episode of Trading Perspectives, John and Sam talk about an article written by Bloomberg columnist Noah Smith titled “It’s Gotten Too Hard to Strike it Rich In America”. The article suggests that big companies, institutional investors, tight lending standards and degree requirements make it tougher for the average American to achieve the American Dream. Is the American Dream dying? Is it getting harder to create new businesses? Read the full article here: ...


The Effect of Major Events on the Economy

In this episode John and Sam talk about the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio and the effect the tragic events will have on an already unsettled market. Do major events effect the market? How have local and global markets responded in the past? Lastly, how much pressure will the GOP have to implement meaningful gun reform?


FOMC Rate Cuts

For the first time in over a decade the Federal Open Market Committee, the monetary policy making arm of the Federal Reserve, cut the overnight lending target by 0.25% to an effective range of 2.00-2.25%. This week John and Sam breakdown the statement from the FOMC. Why now and is it even necessary? Should we expect to see another rate cut in the near future?


Negative Interest Rates

Last week, the European Central Bank decided to keep interest rates below zero and president Mario Draghi hinted at cutting the rate even more. This week, John and Sam explain negative interest rates. How do they work and who would buy a security that is guaranteed to lose money? How will it affect the U.S?



Last week, Netflix announced its most recent quarterly earnings and needless to say, the markets aren’t happy. Earnings per share was down, user growth was less than expected and the number of US subscribers decreased by over 100,000 users. In this week’s episode of Trading Perspectives, John and Sam talk about how the nature of television is changing yet again. With streaming so easily accessible, how can Netflix stay ahead of the curve? Additionally, is the future of regular cable coming...


Bitcoin is Back

This week, John and Sam talk about the recent rise in the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are back in the spotlight since Facebook announced the launch of the Libra, it’s own form of cryptocurrency. Why are cryptocurrencies back on the rise after what happened in 2018? Where is the value in Bitcoin coming from? Currently cryptocurrencies are seen as volatile replacement for precious metals. As cryptocurrencies become more valuable, what happens to the value of the...


The Gold Standard

Last week, President Trump named Judy Shelton, a long-time advocate of the gold standard, as his latest pick for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board. The US abandoned the gold standard in 1971 under the Nixon administration and many feel bringing it back would be devastating to the US economy. On the flip side, some believe it would make the US dollar less susceptible to inflation. With the US dollar being the primary form of currency, would returning to the gold standard be a good idea?


Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loan forgiveness could very well become a major part of the democratic platform in 2020. This week, John and Sam explain the scope of the problem behind student loan debt and how it came about. Before we make a decision to eliminate student loan debt, we need to understand where we started and who is at fault for the student loan debt crisis. How are student loans effecting college tuition? If student loan debt is eliminated, how would that impact education?


The Future of Banking

Episode 44 of Trading Perspectives features special guest Scott Reed, Senior Managing Director of Oakworth Capital Bank. As Bernie Sanders and many left leaning politicians are making a push to break up big banks, John and Scott discuss how the role of banks has changed over recent decades. How has technology impacted the way people bank? Will the evolution of technology in the banking industry raise question marks in Washington? If so, how will that impact the future of banking?


US Military Involvement in Iran

Amidst the rising tensions with Iran, John and Sam talk about US military involvement in episode 43 of Trading Perspectives. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo says Iran was behind last week’s attack on oil tankers and the US is ready to take action if necessary. What exactly does that look like in today’s world? Is it fair to risk the lives of young men and women by sending them into armed conflict? Or would applying pressure through more economic sanctions have a larger impact?


Bernie Sanders Goes to Walmart

Last Wednesday, Bernie Sanders traveled to Walmart’s annual shareholders meeting to demand that Walmart increase wages to $15/hr. In episode 42, John and Sam talk about the effect that would have on employers in areas that are not as wealthy as San Francisco and New York. If employee related costs went up, would employers hire less people? Would they be forced to raise prices on consumers? Although the idea of increasing wages for everyone sounds great, the overall economic impact could be...


Bernie Sanders

In episode 41 of Trading Perspectives John and Sam talk about Bernie Sanders and his campaign to decrease pharmaceutical prices. Is it really that easy to slash prices like Sanders says? What would the average American have to do to see a decrease in prices? There are two options. Decrease demand or increase supply.


High Deficits: Do They Matter?

In episode 40 of Trading Perspectives John and Sam talk about the ballooning budget deficits and the ability to pay back the debt. With the United States still being the dominant economy, and its debt still desirable, the question remains how long can that last and should we be worried?


Technology and Ticket Sales

Ticket prices for the PGA Championship Tour were down this year and turn style attendance at baseball games is proving to be on a down hill trend. Even college athletics, the MLB and the NFL are reporting fewer people in attendance. What impact will this have on local economies? This week, John and Sam talk about how technology is effecting the world of sports and how salaries for professional athletes can continue to go up when ticket sales are falling. Are TVs to blame? Ease of...


Climate Change

This week John and Sam talk about the sacrifices they are willing to make when it comes to climate change. With meat free items emerging in the fast food industry, investors responded well to the IPO from Beyond Meat, the plant-based meat provider, earlier this month. Setting stock price aside, would you be willing to trade that Big Mac for the meatless alternative to support climate change? What about air travel? If a high-speed rail was readily available, would you use it for recreational...


The College Admission Scandal

In episode 37 of Trading Perspectives John and Sam talk about Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and the economics behind “Varsity Blues”. On April 4, 2019, Caitlin Flanagan wrote an article in The Atlantic titled “They Had It Coming”. The article suggests that the parents involved in the scandal were responding to a changing America and upset that what they considered to be rightfully theirs was being taken away. When did legacy admissions transition from a donation or scholarship fund to...


The Perception of Retirement: Then and Now

In episode 36 of Trading Perspectives John and Sam discuss the generational differences in the perception of retirement. Statistics show the average age of retirement has been consistently on the rise since the 1980s. More and more people are continuing to work well into their late 60s and even 70s. According to younger generations, people no longer want to be defined by their jobs. Work life balance has become much more important sparking a shift in workplace behaviors. How will labor...