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Learning from those with experience in small companies, speculation, resources and markets.

Learning from those with experience in small companies, speculation, resources and markets.
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Learning from those with experience in small companies, speculation, resources and markets.




006: Jonathon Feil discusses early identification of themes, sectors and companies

We discuss with Jonathon discusses importance and challenges identifying themes and companies. What stages happen before a company is listed on the ASX, the role of corporate advisers and the current state of the market.


005: Faheem from 952i Capital talks short term investing and trading

In this episode we talk with Faheem from 952i Capital. He talks about how he started in the market, pitfalls to watch out for. How to identify potential ten baggers in industrial, resources and other sectors and being aware of who is backing a company. Faheem is on twitter at @F952i and generously provided a summary as well as additional information after the interview including his tips and book suggestions.


004: Trading Halt! Talking capital raises with Ben Williamson

Most small and growth companies will require additional capital as they grow their business on the hopeful path to a ten bagger. In this episode we sit down with Ben Williamson from Fresh Equities to talk the ins and outs of how companies raise capital when listed on the ASX. What is a placement, rights issue or share purchase plan. How do companies decide the price of the raise and what happens behind the scenes. You can contact Ben via


003: Adrian Byass talks project identification, JORC and drilling

This episode we talk with Adrian Byass. We discuss identifying projects that are worthwhile even if they have been looked over before. The background and reasons for JORC reporting (you can read more on the website) We also cover what needs to be considered when valuing a mineral resource and the types and costs of drilling.


002: Interview with Warwick Grigor

In this discussion with Warwick Grigor we talk about his background, experience working in a number of different companies and directorships of listed resources companies. Warwick explains what things have changed in the market over time and some of the things which always seem to stay the same. You can find out more or contact Warwick via his website:


001: Introduction - Trawling for Ten Baggers

In this introductory episode Sam and Joel introduce themselves, discuss their backgrounds and what they hope to do in future podcast episodes. We would love any feedback. Please get in touch with us on twitter @Trawlingfor10x or email Some of the other finance Podcasts we like and mention in the episode.