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Setting Yourself Up For Success

S2:Ep 9 Setting Yourself Up For Success In S2: Ep 9, I meet with one of my mentees who is about a year into her first job post undergrad. She has not been set up for success in her current organization. We talk about how to turn this around and set herself up for success, regardless of the road blocks the organization puts in her way.


MBA or Nah?

S2: Ep 8 MBA or Nah?


Season One Throwback: Self Care

Season One Throwback: Self Care S1: Ep 7 Recorded March 13, 2017 on


Internship Midpoint: Summer Schmoney Moves Part 2

S2:Ep 7 Internship Midpoint: Summer Schmoney Moves Part 2 In the last episode we talked about setting yourself up for success from the start of your summer internship. Today we talk about where you are halfway through your summer internship. What success should look like. If your experience isn’t looking like this, we discuss what you can do to possibly salvage the tail end of your experience and gain an offer.... MAYBE! And I go in on this episode! Joining me today is Jessika, a former...


Secure The Internship Bag: Summer Schmoney Moves

S2:Ep 6 Secure The Internship Bag: Summer Schmoney Moves Summer Interns, are you ready to gain a full time offer? In this episode, we break down the things you must think through and the things you must execute in order to gain an offer. Need more detailed information? Join Our Safe Space to receive the Trill MBA 10 Week Summer Internship Guide Workbook. Shout out to WorkLife with Adam Grant for breaking down the personality trait of Self Monitoring that we mention in this episode....


Mid-Year Evaluations, Managing Up, and a Fish Fry

S2: Ep 5 Mid-Year Evaluations, Managing Up, and a Fish Fry with Tionna Chanel and My Work BFF What happens when The Trillest MBA has two of her favorite Corporate Warriors over for dinner? A great conversation at the kitchen table. Knowledge dropped between laughs galore. This convo will bless your weary Mid-Year prepping soul. Tionna is one of the most authentic people I have ever worked with. She is wicked smart and extremely lovable, but she doesn't fit a typical corporate mold. She is...


F*ck Your Likeability: Just Be Your Black A$$ Self

S2:Ep4 F*ck Your Likeability: Just Be Your Black A$$ Self with Tiffany Samuels Raise your hand if you are struggling or have struggled with likeability and relatability at work....struggled so much that you were passed over for promotion or you were pushed out of the company. I would say this episode is for you, but it's actually more for the companies and managers that need to, stop hating us, recognize us and set us up for success. Email us at if you want me to email...


Breaking From the Norm

S2:Ep 3 Breaking From the Norm with Katrina McGhee Many of us were told, “ Go to school, Get your degree, Get a good job, Go to Grad school, Get another degree, Get a higher paying job.....” As if these were the keys to a happy and fulfilled life. But what do you do when you did that and you find yourself stuck, unfulfilled and just tolerating life? Katrina McGhee is many of us. She comes from humble beginnings. Followed the sage advice of the elders, made everyone proud, got the MBA and...


Tragedy, Career Breaks, & Chick-fil-a

What do you do when Tragedy strikes in the middle of your career grind? How do you take care of yourself? Do you take a break? What does that look like? Join my B-School BFF, Tiffany, as we discuss what we are learning from our life Ls, current career breaks, and my unhealthy love for Chick-fil-a. Let us know what ah-ha moments you gain from our convo. Shout out to Melania @mely_somm, Nicaila @sidehustlepro, Katrina @kmcgheecoaching Sources: Good advice that our circumstances didn't allow...


Corporate America Hates Black Women

Corporate America Hates Black Women Yeah, I said it.....Corporate America Hates Black Women....really, it's true. The most ambitious, the least likely to succeed. Black women are going through it y'all. I got the receipts. You can find my sources (the receipts...) at…ates-black-women/


Season 2 Coming April 5, 2018

The trailer for Season 2 of the Trill MBA Show sets the tone for the learnings and shenanigans that are about to ensue. Back for Season 2 and it's going down in a Podcast! Keeping it even more real about surviving and thriving in corporate America.