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The World's First AI Enabled Smart Air Conditioner Controller

In our latest podcast, we talk to Ambi Labs CEO & Co-founder Julian Lee about how he has used artificial intelligence to create the world’s first AI enabled smart air conditioner controller


Monthly News Review - October

This month we talk: 1. New infrastructure projects launched in China 2. Breakthrough in preventive treatment technology in China 3. And unleashing economic consequences of Saudi's journalist scandal.


Introducing Business Process Maturity with Arthur Li

A company's competitive position and the success of its internal projects may be at risk due to immature business processes. BPM is an assessment tool, which addresses these issues by evaluating capability and maturity of a company's business processes. It guides enterprises on the path of continuous improvement, helping identify defects in daily procedures and increase operational efficiencies. In this podcast, Arthur Li, a senior manager at Typhoon Consulting, gives us an extensive...


Relevance of Lean Six Sigma in the Digital Age

Lean Six Sigma is a popular methodology introduced by Motorola in 1980-s and successfully applied by Toyota to develop and implement quality improvements and waste management in its critical production processes. For long time, lean Six Sigma was argued to be a quality control tool used solely in manufacturing, rather than business processes in general. In today's podcast together with Arthur Li we explore how relevant Lean Six Sigma framework still is in light of the shift to digital...


AI In Smart Cities With Dr Andy Chun

How can we build smart cities with AI? More than half of the world's population currently lives in cities, and this number is projected to increase to 4.4bn in the next 10 years. However, such rapid urbanisation will add further pressure on current issues with traffic, environment, and healthcare. In this Podcast we are joined by Dr Andy Chun - a leading Artificial Intelligence pioneer in Hong Kong - to discuss how AI can help cities minimise the burden of constant and inevitable expansion....


Change Management: Introducing SEEK

Over the past decade, change management has grown from foundational understandings to a recognised discipline. Although change management is clearly becoming a buzzword, very few people are aware of the actual meaning of this concept. In this podcast, together with subject matter experts fro Typhoon, we discuss the real value of change management and introduce a new revolutionary approach to successful organisation transformation.


Monthly News Review - September 2018

This month we talk 1. Goldman Sachs’ move into digital consumer banking 2. Incoming IPOs from the disrupters in close mobility solutions 3. And a recent epidemic of illegal robocalls


HBX Harvard Business Course With Claire Simon

A growing number of universities have been offering innovative online programmes to executives and professionals as a way of keeping employees’ skillsets relevant to the fast-changing business world. In this podcast we talk with Claire Simon, Senior Consultant at Typhoon to learn more about her recent experience with HBX program and to understand the real value of such innovative courses.


Is The Gig Economy The Future Of Work?

Is the Gig Economy the Future of Work? Stemming from the need to remain agile, both from employer's and employee's perspective, the gig economy continues to strive in numerous organisations. In this podcast we talk with Nick La, co-founder and COO of Weploy, about the potential legal and cultural challenges arising from the new setup


Building A Global Platform For Residential Property with Colin Bogar

Waves of digital disruption continue to hit traditional industries as advancements in technology become increasingly accessible. PropTech, as part of a wider digital transformation, is shaking up the property industry and reshaping the way real estate is built, managed, transacted and recorded. With the rise of PropTech unicorns like Compass, Homelink and Opendoor, investors and consumers alike are gaining greater interest in this space. We talk with Colin Bogar, CEO of Property Passbook,...


Monthly News Review - August 2018

This month we talk 1.Elon Musk’s surprise announcement of privatising Tesla 2.Google’s attempts on re-entering China and; 3.Uber's recent strategic moves into electric bicycles.


Disruption In The Legal Industry With Lucy Ashenhurst

In the past couple of years we have witnessed a growing number of companies in Banking, Health Care, and Retail sectors racing against each other to adopt the latest pieces of smart technology, whether it's blockchain, smart contracts, or machine learning. The legal industry, however, is generally behind when it comes to innovation and technological disruption. Together with Lucy Ashenhurst, the CEO of Upstart Alliance, we discuss how digitalization trends can disrupt the most...


Blockchain in the Medical Tourism Industry with Taeyong Kim

Blockchain, a buzzword most recently associated with the Bitcoin bubble, is in fact an undeniably revolutionary technology. Be it in banking, law or healthcare, it holds the potential to transform any number of transactions requiring trust. In this episode, we talk blockchain in the healthcare industry with Taeyong Kim. As the CEO of medical tourism startup Medipedia, Taeyong brings a unique perspective on the current and future impact of the application of blockchain technology.


Demystifying AI (Ep. 4) - Valuable Human Skillsets In An AI World

Does the rise of AI mean the demise of humankind? As superintelligent machines continue to gain capability, the need to identify our human competitive advantage is essential. In this instalment of our 'Demystifying AI' series, we speak with Kevin Pereira, MD of Blu Ltd - Artificial Intelligence. Listen in as we discuss critical skillsets, the job outlook and ethical considerations in an AI world.


Introduction to UX Design and Agile with Hanny Yeung

In the e-commerce world where user experience and customer satisfaction are the synonyms for success, the attractiveness of online communication channels becomes the decisive factor for company's survival. Listen to our discussion with Hanny Yeung to learn more about how UX design and Agile can create an outstanding digital experience for your clients.


Monthly News Review - July 2018

In the July edition of our monthly news dissection, we talk: 1) The RISE conference and trends in the HK startup space 2) Softbank's $100bn Vision Fund and investment philosophy 3) An update on the US-China Trade War and its effects on the 2025 Made In China Initiative


The Disconnect: Youth and Society with Elsie Gisslegaard

Age discrimination against young people is a serious but overlooked societal issue. The young are dismissed as irresponsible and naïve, which deprives society of their insights, talents and enthusiasm. Listen to our discussion with Elsie to hear more about how this disconnect is created, and what we can do to combat it.


Demystifying AI (Ep. 3) - Regulating the Unknown

How do you legislate for technologies which are constantly evolving? How will AI transform the law itself? We caught up with Matthew Scherer, an Associate at Littler Mendelson PA and author of Regulating Artificial Intelligence Systems: Risks, Challenges, Competencies and Strategies, to find out.


Demystifying AI (Ep. 2) - Towards an Orwellian Future?

Could AI reduce the use of violence? Would that necessarily be a good thing? In this episode we talk with Paul de Font-Reaulx of the Future of Humanity Institute of the University of Oxford about security concerns in relation to military power, government surveillance and personal data. We ask the question, ’Where will AI take us?’


Driving Gender Equality with Adrian Warr

Creating equality in the workplace requires more than simple changes to corporate policies. Hear about one company's journey and how the Male Allies are pushing for change in Hong Kong. Adrian is managing director of Edelman Hong Kong and is also part of a group of male business leaders in Hong Kong who recently founded the Male Allies.