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UBS On-Air: Conversations offers a surprising array of fresh perspective—it’s advice beyond investing, with topics that can take you anywhere

UBS On-Air: Conversations offers a surprising array of fresh perspective—it’s advice beyond investing, with topics that can take you anywhere


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UBS On-Air: Conversations offers a surprising array of fresh perspective—it’s advice beyond investing, with topics that can take you anywhere




Sustainable Investing Perspectives Podcast with Anthony Eames (Calvert) and Amantia Muhedini (UBS CIO)

Our conversation covers the ongoing debate on energy security, recent developments surrounding ESG regulation, and LGBTQ plus inclusion in the workplace. Featured is Amantia Muhedini, Sustainable and Impact Investing Strategist Americas with the UBS Chief Investment Office, and Anthony Eames, Managing Director, Responsible Investment Strategy, Calvert Research and Management. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Living your Legacy: Jean Trebek

Join Sarah Salomon, Head of UBS Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services, in conversation with Jean Trebek, CEO of Inside Wink, an altruistic lifestyle website. Jean’s philanthropic endeavors, such as being on the Helen Keller International Board of Trustees, gave her a renewed sense of purpose. She was driven by her passion to assist people in recognizing the innate goodness and generosity in life to create Inside Wink with her partner Alison Martin. Jean shares what she has learned...


Sustainable Investing Perspectives Podcast with Michelle Dunstan (AllianceBernstein) and Amantia Muhedini (UBS CIO)

Our discussion outlines the attributes that make a company or portfolio ‘sustainable’, the evolution of ‘Governance’ and how to invest in biodiversity. Featured are Amantia Muhedini, CIO Sustainable and Impact Investing Strategist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office and Michelle Dunstan, Chief Responsibility Officer, AllianceBernstein. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Engineering the Future with Chetan Tolia ‘UBS Next’

An in-depth conversation about life, innovation and the future of finance with Chetan Tolia, Head of UBS Next - UBS’s venture and innovation unit. In this discussion Chetan talks about his childhood in Kenya, his early exposure to tech and innovation, career lessons, and ultimately, his focus as the Head of UBS Next. To learn more visit


Living your Legacy: Danielle M. Reyes

Join Elizabeth Cribbs, Senior Strategist on the Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services team, in a discussion with Danielle M. Reyes, President and CEO of the Crimsonbridge Foundation. The Crimsonbridge Foundation, founded by Gabriela Smith, is dedicated to investing in transformative and scalable solutions with a focus on education, leadership and capacity building. Crimsonbridge takes a strategic and entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy to create social change. Danielle has over 25...


Observations on Women’s Issues in Estate Planning

Head of Advanced Planning, Ann Bjerke, and Senior Wealth Strategists Joyce Crivellari, Catherine McDermott, and Rebecca Sterling reflect on the latest report from the Women’s Segment and discuss planning strategies that are especially relevant for women today.


Planning for the LGBTQ Family

Advanced Planning Senior Wealth Strategists, Brad Dillon and Joanna Morrison give insights as to what makes planning for LGBTQ couples unique and highlight specific examples from their new whitepaper, Planning for the LGBTQ family.


Living your Legacy: Dale and Katy Carlsen

Join Shawna Hamilton, Senior Strategist on the Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services team, in a discussion with Dale and Katy Carlsen. Dale and Katy Carlsen are pursuing their shared philanthropic passion through Ticket to Dream. Dale is the Founder and CEO Emeritus of Ticket to Dream, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and opportunity for foster children across the country. Dr. Katy Carlsen is a Medical Consultant for California Childrens Services and serves on the...


UBS Investor Sentiment: Equipped for uncertainty

Our conversation offers a look into the concerns on the minds of investors and how they are preparing their portfolios for volatility. Plus, we outline an outlook for inflation, market performance and how to consider your asset allocation strategy. Featured is Dani Scherl, Global Thought Leadership Analyst, UBS Client Strategy Office, and Brian Rose, Senior Economist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


The Wealth Planning Podcast: Special Needs Planning Edition

Listen to the latest edition of The Wealth Planning Podcast hosted by UBS Wealth Planning Strategist, Erik Seeney. In this episode, we hear from David Rosenthal, Wealth Planning Strategist, UBS and Dawn Rodgers Vice President, Comerica Advisor Solutions, who share strategies for advisor and families interested in Special Needs Planning.


Faith and Philanthropy: Zakat Programs and Muso: Lowering under-five mortality through proactive care in Mali

Join Safia Dandia, Associate Director on the Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services team, in a discussion with CEO Dr. Ari Johnson and Mali Country Director, Dr. Djoume Diakite, as they tell the founding story of Muso, The UBS Optimus Foundation’s newest Zakat-eligible program focused on ending the child and maternal mortality crisis and delivering universal health coverage at scale. Muso has a unique proactive care model, documenting rapid health improvements in the communities it...


Multicultural Investors and Advanced Planning: Planning considerations

Join Melinda Hightower, Head of the new Multicultural Investors segment, as well as Senior Wealth Strategist, Jennifer Lan, and Advanced Planning Wealth Strategist, Premini Scandurra. We offer insights into how multicultural investors build their wealth and outline various tax planning strategies featured within the latest publications: Invest to Advance: How Multicultural Families Build Generational Wealth and Planning for Multicultural Investors. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Faith and Philanthropy: Giving Trends and Research among Muslim Philanthropists

Join Safia Dandia, Associate Director on the Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services team, in a discussion with Dr. Shariq Siddiqui, an Assistant Professor of Philanthropic Studies and Director of the Muslim Philanthropy Initiative at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. In this episode, we explore the latest giving trends and research on faith-based giving and philanthropy amongst the Muslim community.


Living your Legacy: Tom Davidson

Join Tom Naratil, Co-President UBS Global Wealth Management and President UBS Americas, in a discussion with Tom Davidson, CEO and Founder of EVERFI, about the importance of financial education and creating financial literacy for all. Tom founded EVERFI, a digital financial education company, with the mission of empowering individuals with the tools and skills to drive ecosystems of change and inspire lifelong success. Tom will share the significance of financial education and how private...


Faith and Philanthropy: The charitable emphasis in Ramadan, Eid and beyond

In this episode, Imam Khalid Latif, Executive Director and Chaplain for the Islamic Center of New York University, discusses the charitable emphasis in Ramadan and Eid, the importance of the last 10 days of Ramadan, and how to strengthen your connection to your faith and spirituality through philanthropy and helping others in this month and beyond.


Personalized Tax Management 101 with UBS Asset Management

A look into how the Personalized Tax Management solution from UBS Asset Management can function to improve after-tax returns. Featured is Sebastian Mainegra, Lead Investment Specialist, UBS Asset Management. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Sustainable Investing Perspectives Podcast with Amantia Muhedini (UBS CIO) and Susan Gim (Martin Currie)

Our conversation covers the implications of the Russia-Ukraine war to energy sustainability, the new IPCC climate assessment and more. Featured are Amantia Muhedini, Sustainable and Impact Investing Strategist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office and Susan Gim, Client Portfolio Manager, Martin Currie. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Planning with assets that have decreased in value

Given the recent stock market volatility, Jennifer Lan, Senior Wealth Strategist with UBS Advanced Planning, discusses how to use assets that have decreased in value to make lifetime gifts. Capturing the potential ‘rebound’ in depressed assets outside of your taxable estate can be extremely beneficial and tax efficient. Listen as Jennifer provides several options and items to consider when using such techniques. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Faith and Philanthropy: Orphan Care in Islam and Impactful Philanthropic solutions to consider

In Islam, there is a great emphasis on and many benefits associated with caring for orphans. In this episode, Sarah Veilex, UBS Optimus Foundation Program Director, shares some eye opening realities of children living in institutions, including the fact that 80 percent of children in orphanages have a living parent. Learn about the detrimental effects these institutions can have on children, as well as alternate solutions to be impactful with your charitable giving in this area.


Top of the Morning: Seasons of planning - Spring edition

Our seasons of planning series of conversations continues with a look at some considerations you should be mindful of during the spring season, namely estate planning and long-term care. Featured are Ainsley Carbone, Total Wealth Strategist Americas, and Katie Williams, Discovery Strategist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy