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UBS On-Air: Market Moves brings you beyond the highs and lows of the ticker, with conversations that can broaden your thinking about market behavior

UBS On-Air: Market Moves brings you beyond the highs and lows of the ticker, with conversations that can broaden your thinking about market behavior


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UBS On-Air: Market Moves brings you beyond the highs and lows of the ticker, with conversations that can broaden your thinking about market behavior




Fixed Income Conversation Corner Podcast with Mike Contopoulos (RBA) and Leslie Falconio (UBS CIO)

Thoughts on the current fixed income landscape, rate environment and outlook for monetary policy with Mike Contopoulos, Director of Fixed Income for Richard Bernstein Advisors, as well as Leslie Falconio, Head of Taxable Fixed Income Strategy Americas with the UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy

Top of the Morning: CIO Strategy Snapshot - Q4 outlook

With 4Q22 underway, we reflect on the drivers behind recent market volatility and touch on what the set up looks like for return over the next three months, including whether the Fed might deviate from its policy course in consideration of the recent market environment. We also reinforce the case for staying off the sidelines during volatile times and where opportunity exists in the market today. Featured is Jason Draho, Head of Asset Allocation Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host:...

UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Open for business?'

Equity markets strengthened yesterday. Higher energy prices on expectations of OPEC oil supply cuts helped energy stocks. Fiscal policy U-turns by the UK government may have strengthened investor perceptions of the power of markets to discipline governments, although the bulk of the UK’s deficit-financed higher income tax reductions remain in place. Fundamentals remain volatile, especially where politics is involved.

UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Volatility from UK policy'

The UK remains a source of market volatility (the US employment report may distract investors at the end of the week). The UK Chancellor is set to speak today. The UK Prime Minister has suggested the more controversial policies were the Chancellor’s idea. So far free markets have given a negative verdict whenever the Prime Minister or Chancellor has spoken.

Washington Weekly Podcast: Hurricane Ian response, Government Funding, Geopolitics

Our conversation outlines the federal response to Hurricane Ian, the latest on government funding efforts and a roundup of geopolitical developments, including the recent Asia tour of Vice President Kamala Harris and the Russia Ukraine War. Featured is Shane Lieberman, Federal Affairs Manager, UBS US Office of Public Policy. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Wealth Planning Podcast: Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) Rights

In this episode, we cover timely strategies when providing comprehensive planning advice to student-athletes, their parents and advisors regarding their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Rights. Featured is Erik Seeney, Wealth Planning Strategist, UBS, who is joined by Melissa Lilly, Wealth Planning Strategist, UBS - they will share their insights on this timely topic.


The of the Morning: The week in review and preview

Our conversation covers the recent movement across rates and the impacts to the broader markets. We also touch on a rate outlook, recap the commentary of Fed speakers from the past week, and preview what you can expect in the week ahead. Featured is Leslie Falconio, Head of Taxable Fixed Income Strategy Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Shiavon Chatman


Top of the Morning: Investing in Emerging Markets - Brazil

We turn focus back to the emerging markets with a tilt towards Brazil as my guests speak to recent developments spanning the economic environment and political landscape. Plus we touch on a new investment theme to consider. Featured are Xingchen Yu, Emerging Markets Strategist, as well as Ronaldo Patah, Chief Investment Officer for Brazil, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Financial systems need to function'

The principle objective of any central bank must be to ensure the financial system functions. Policy will not transmit to the real economy if the financial system is paralysed. The Bank of England was confronted with a financial system that was increasingly paralysed in consequence of the UK government’s fiscal policy, and took action. The emergency bond purchases do not set a ceiling for UK government bond yields and are not inflationary - there has been a surge in liquidity demand,...


Sustainable Investing Perspectives Podcast with Amy O’Brien (Nuveen) and Amantia Muhedini (UBS CIO)

In the latest episode, we cover the investment implications of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the circular economy, and water scarcity. Featured are Amantia Muhedini, Sustainable and Impact Investing Strategist Americas from the UBS Chief Investment Office, as well as Amy O’Brien, Global Head of Responsible Investing at Nuveen. Host: Shiavon Chatman


CIO Livestream: Discovering opportunities in volatile markets

On Tuesday, Chief Investment Officer Mark Haefele and colleagues from around the world discussed the potential market scenarios, and shared favored portfolio positioning in order to navigate volatility.


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio Much to ‘closely monitor’

Russian energy supplies to Europe are in focus, with Russia attempting to annex parts of Ukraine and a leak conveniently developing in the Nordstream gas pipeline. The Nordstream gas pipe casing is around 15 centimetres (6 inches) thick, making it unlikely that Russian President Putin accidentally banged a nail through it. Cutting off gas to Europe is perhaps less likely to create consumer inflation (as consumers expect governments to offset price consequences), making the growth impact of...


The investment case for China: Approaches and macro considerations

We outline the investment case for China, including a look at approaches to consider, along with the associated risks. We also touch on the macroeconomic environment and the geopolitical landscape, including how relations with the US might evolve from here. Featured is Dr. Jason Hsu, the Founder, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Rayliant Global Advisors, as well as Alejo Czerwonko, the Chief Investment Officer for Emerging Markets Americas with the UBS Chief Investment Office. Host:...

Top of the Morning: CIO Strategy Snapshot - Year of Discovery continues

Following some notable moves across financial markets as of late, my guest outlines what the path forward for return might look like through the balance of the year and into 2023. We touch on the risk factors, both in the US and globally, that could influence market behavior and trigger volatility, as well as explain how to consider positioning for the current environment. Featured is Jason Draho, Head of Asset Allocation Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'MMT takes a pounding'

The global signals from the UK’s mini-budget matter. Modern monetary theory has been taken into a corner by the bond markets and beaten up. Advanced economy bond yields are not supposed to soar the way UK gilt yields rose. This also reminds investors that modern politics produces parties that are more extreme than either the voter or the investor consensus. Investors seem inclined to regard the UK Conservative Party as a doomsday cult.


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Mortgaging the future'

Financial markets remain displeased with the UK government. US Federal Reserve President Bostic warned that UK-inspired uncertainty risked a global recession. Popular attention focuses on the weakness of sterling, every tourist can understand exchange rates. Memories of the ERM debacle mean emergency rates to defend sterling are unlikely, but more aggressive scheduled rate hikes are coming.


Own your worth: Aligning investing with purpose

Our conversation spotlights the annual Own Your Worth report from the UBS Women’s Strategic Client Segment, which explains how women are focused on living a life of greater purpose and how they are aligning their purpose with their investment decisions. Featured is Nicole Herman, Relationship Manager, Women’s Strategic Client Segment, UBS Client Strategy Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Economics trussed up by ideology'

Today’s UK mini budget signals an international trend. Fewer people join political parties in advanced democracies, causing political parties to be more extreme relative to the political centre and policies to be more ideological. Markets view today’s UK mini-budget as shaped more by ideology than economics.


Top of the Morning: Muni Markets - Navigating volatility

Our conversation touches on the recent performance drivers of muni assets and highlights some investment themes to consider, against a backdrop of market volatility. We also touch on an outlook for muni performance and spotlight renewed momentum for nuclear energy. Featured is Kathleen McNamara, Senior Municipal Strategist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Portfolio diversification: The role of alternatives with Dan Villalon (AQR) and Daniel Scansaroli (UBS CIO)

We discuss an outlook for markets and macro conditions and explain why you should consider an allocation into alternatives as part of your portfolio strategy in order to achieve portfolio diversification. Featured are Daniel Scansaroli, Head of Portfolio Strategy and UBS Wealth Way Solutions Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office, and Dan Villalon, Principal and Co-Head of the Portfolio Solutions Group, AQR Capital Management. Host: Daniel Cassidy