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UBS On-Air: Market Moves brings you beyond the highs and lows of the ticker, with conversations that can broaden your thinking about market behavior


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UBS On-Air: Market Moves brings you beyond the highs and lows of the ticker, with conversations that can broaden your thinking about market behavior




Washington Weekly Podcast: Debt Ceiling, Farm Bill, Committee reorgs and more

Our conversation outlines the latest on debt ceiling negotiations, as well as those pertaining to the 2023 Farm Bill. We also touch on the latest Congressional committee assignment developments and the tracking of a spy balloon over the skies of the US. Featured is Shane Lieberman, Federal Affairs Manager, US Office of Public Policy. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Top of the Morning: Jan Jobs Report, Fed takeaways and the week ahead

Our conversation breaks down the eye opening January employment report and what the data suggests about the health of the US labor market, along with the potential implications to Fed monetary policy. We also discuss the latest Fed policy decision and preview what you can expect in the week ahead. Featured is Brian Rose, Senior Economist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Shiavon Chatman


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Waging war on inflation'

It is US employment report Friday, which means economists will be tirelessly reiterating their monthly reminder that “average hourly earnings are not wages.” The increase in the number of people taking additional jobs to help overcome disastrously bad real wages will tend to lower average hourly earnings. However, as not all the job layoffs that have been announced have been implemented, the payrolls number may get some support.


Fixed Income Conversation Corner Podcast with Gene Tannuzzo (Columbia Threadneedle) and Leslie Falconio (UBS CIO)

Fresh off the recent Fed policy decision, our guests offer their reflections and takeaways, along with discuss the implications to rates, credit markets and more. We also spend time on outlining where opportunity can be found for fixed income investors, and how to think about positioning for the current environment. Featured are Gene Tannuzzo, Global Head of Fixed Income, Columbia Threadneedle Investments and Leslie Falconio, Head of Taxable Fixed Income Strategy Americas, UBS Chief...


Living your Legacy: Re:wild

This episode features a discussion between Shawna Hamilton, Senior Strategist on the UBS Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services team, in conversation with Dr. Barney Long, Senior Director of Conservation Strategies at Re:wild. Re:wild’s mission is to protect and restore the wild to build a thriving Earth where all life flourishes. Barney shares how Re:wild combines more than three decades of conservation impact by Leonardo DiCaprio and Global Wildlife Conservation, expertise, partnerships...


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Hike, hike, hike'

The Federal Reserve did what was expected, raising rates by 0.25 percentage points (pps) yesterday. Fed Chair Powell offered a confused set of signals, even by the confused standards of Powell's ordinary commentary. For instance, rates would continue to rise but the Fed was not going to challenge the markets' dovish expectations. Since the June policy errors trashed forward guidance, markets have been inclined to emphasize the Fed's actions rather than words.


Top of the Morning: Lessons from the shadow economy

Our conversation outlines what the shadow economy can tell us today about demand for commodities and ‘circular economies’, including some investment takeaways. Featured is Michelle Laliberte, Thematic Investing Strategist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Rates rise as inflation rates fall'

The US Federal Reserve is expected to raise rates, slowing the pace of tightening to a quarter point. Fed Chair Powell’s chant of “hike, hike, hike” seems to be running on autopilot. The press conference still suffers from Powell’s June policy errors, when forward guidance was trashed. Markets have less reason to believe forward guidance, forcing the Fed to be ever more implausibly shrill in its statements about future policy.


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Moderating growth, gradually cooling inflation'

French fourth-quarter GDP came in very slightly stronger than expected, with a 0.1% increase in activity. This follows from a drop in the German data yesterday—although every preliminary German GDP release in 2022 was subsequently revised higher. Consumers are dragging down economic activity as negative real wage growth starts to overwhelm the willingness or ability to leverage household balance sheets.


Top of the Morning: CIO Strategy Snapshot - Tallying the technicals

We conclude the first month of the year by taking inventory of the technical and fundamental performance drivers behind the strong start, and discuss whether the momentum can continue. We also outline how you should consider positioning for the current environment. Featured is Jason Draho, Head of Asset Allocation Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Waiting for the longer term'

Today is quiet, ahead of this week’s central bank meetings in the US, the UK, and the Eurozone. There is also the enticing prospect of the US employment report, which investors have a lot of faith in (despite of the decline in the data quality).


Top of the Morning: The week in review and preview (Q4 earnings check)

As we make our way through the heart of the Q4 corporate earnings season, my guest reflects on how the results have measured up to expectations and the prospects for earnings growth in coming quarters. We also discuss the momentum drivers across equity markets and preview what to expect in the week ahead. Featured is Matt Tormey, Equity Strategist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Chips chopped'

Japan and the Netherlands are reported to be joining the US in restricting China’s access to semiconductor machinery. Economic nationalism is likely to continue through the fourth industrial revolution—portraying minority groups and foreigners as the enemy distracts from the pain of structural change. In the fourth industrial revolution, technology is less important than how technology is used, but governments prefer to focus on the simplicity of manufacturing rather than the complexity of...


Top of the Morning: The Emerging Markets outperformance has legs

Against a backdrop of a reopening Chinese economy, we discuss the prospects for performance across emerging market assets in 2023, along with the investment opportunities and risks. Featured is Alejo Czerwonko, Chief Investment Officer for Emerging Markets Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Growth realities (sort of)'

US 4Q GDP is due, and positive but slowing economic growth is expected. The fourth quarter was when the impact of falling real wage growth started to hit consumers as savings and credit became exhausted (for some). However, the consumer was still strong at the start of the quarter, offering support.


Top of the Morning: Yield Opportunities in Latin America

Our conversation updates you on the CIO investment theme, including a look at the investment case and performance potential of the theme. Featured is Donald McLauchlan, Emerging Markets Strategist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Slower prices, positive sentiment'

December producer price inflation is due from the UK and Spain. The general expectation is for pricing pressures to slow. Producer prices represent corporate pricing power, and the weirdness of fictional housing measures and things like the boom and bust of used car prices do not affect this data.


CIO Global Livestream: Anticipate the inflections

Regional preferences in a changing environment - Co-Head Global Asset Allocation and colleagues from around the world discuss commodities and currencies, as well as our regional equity and fixed income preferences.


Top of the Morning: Debt Ceiling Deja vu

Our conversation will bring you up to speed on the recent and ongoing developments surrounding the US debt ceiling, and what investors need to know. Featured are Tom McLoughlin, Head of Fixed Income Americas with the UBS Chief Investment Office, and Shane Lieberman, Federal Affairs Manager with the UBS US Office of Public Policy. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Lagarde speaks. Again. Nobody cares. Again.'

ECB President Lagarde is speaking today. For those counting, this will be the fourth consecutive business day of comment from Lagarde. It is almost as if Lagarde were a politician running for office, rather than a central banker trying to inform markets. Goodness knows who the audience for these comments is supposed to be.