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UBS On-Air: Market Moves brings you beyond the highs and lows of the ticker, with conversations that can broaden your thinking about market behavior


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UBS On-Air: Market Moves brings you beyond the highs and lows of the ticker, with conversations that can broaden your thinking about market behavior




Top of the Morning: CIO Strategy Snapshot - UBS House View (April)

As we embark on a new week, we take a temperature on investor sentiment and discuss a near-term market outlook. We also outline the latest asset allocation recommendations from the UBS Chief Investment Office, and examine the road ahead of monetary policy. Featured is Jason Draho, Head of Asset Allocation Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'The waiting game'

What have we learned this week? Remarkably little. Economists have been wrestling with real-time economic data that has become progressively less reliable as structural change has swept the economy. Now the aftermath of the first bank runs of the Twitter era only adds uncertainty. The future depends on two hard-to-predict behaviors: will bank investors and depositors keep moving their money? And if they do, will loan officers respond by tightening lending standards? Central banks will know...


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Limbo dancing'

Economics now enters a limbo period. The data flow that we get over the next few weeks relates to the period before the recent financial volatility. There is considerable uncertainty over how the real economy is affected by that volatility. The optimistic case is that larger banks do not tighten bank lending standards dramatically, and consumers carry on more or less as before. The pessimistic case is that lending standards tighten, consumers are forced to spend using only their falling real...


House Call: House View Equity Portfolios monthly update with UBS Asset Management

Featured are Jeremy Zirin, Head of the Private Client US Equity Team, and Dominic Schagar, Senior Equity Investment specialist, UBS Asset Management.


Top of the Morning: The week in review and preview

Our conversation recaps yet another eventful week in the markets, including takeaways from the Fed meeting and press conference, along with an update on the banking system crisis. We also outline the equity positioning changes per the April edition of the UBS House View, and preview what you can expect in the week ahead. Featured is Matt Tormey, Equity Strategist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Washington Weekly Podcast: Russia-China Summit, TikTok testimony, FDIC Insurance Cap

Our conversation recaps this week’s notable summit in Moscow, the Congressional testimony delivered by the TikTok’s CEO, rumblings surrounding an increase to the FDIC insurance cap and more. Featured is Shane Lieberman, Federal Affairs Manager, UBS US Office of Public Policy. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Is the Fed's long policy error almost over?'

The Federal Reserve raised rates 0.25% yesterday, as expected. Fed Chair Powell signaled they may be close to the end of the rate hiking cycle—acknowledging stricter bank lending standards are a form of tightening. Arguably the longest policy error since New York Fed President Strong in the 1920s is nearly over (the error was not the rate hikes, but the fanatical "hike, hike, hike" mentality without pausing to assess the damage being done).


Sustainable Investing Perspectives with Amantia Muhedini (UBS CIO) and Jens Peers (Mirova)

Our conversation outlines developments surrounding the EU’s Green Deal Industrial Plan, outlines the progression of ‘green transportation’ and touches on the global rise in energy prices and the role renewables can play. Featured are Amantia Muhedini, Sustainable and Impact Investing Strategist Americas with the UBS Chief Investment Office, and Jens Peers, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Mirova. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Top of the Morning: Our favorite longer-term themes

Our conversation outlines the current longer-term thematic preferences of the UBS Chief Investment Office, including a look at two recent additions, ‘Aging in comfort’ and ‘Education services’. Featured is Michelle Laliberte, Thematic Investing Strategist, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'A comedy of errors'

The Federal Reserve delivers its policy decision today. Estimates of the outcome should not be described as forecasts—economists can only guess at what will happen. The fact that we are guessing policy for the world’s reserve currency is the result of the Powell Fed’s comedy of errors.


State of the US economy and road ahead for the Fed

With a very fluid and market moving macro environment, Brian Rose and Ed Kerschner join us to share their views and thoughts around the state of the US economy, the road ahead for monetary policy and the investment implications to be mindful of. Featured are Brian Rose, Senior Economist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office, and Ed Kerschner, Chief Portfolio Strategist, Columbia Threadneedle Investments. Host: Daniel Cassidy


World Economic Forum: Young Global Leaders program welcomes Alejo Czerwonko

Alejo Czerwonko joins our 1285 podcast studio to share his recent exciting news of being named to the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program. Listen as Alejo explains how his work here at the UBS Chief Investment Office, along with his roles in academia and global think tanks, will shape his contributions to the program, plus what he plans to take away and apply from the experience. Featured is Alejo Czerwonko, Chief Investment Officer for Emerging Markets Americas, UBS Chief...


Banking sector turmoil: How should investors react?

Chief Investment Officer Mark Haefele and colleagues from around the world discussed the implications of the recent events in the global banking sector for central banks, economies and markets.


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Slowing and credit'

Early March export data from South Korea showed a fairly large drop in exports, led by weakness to China. The fact that developed economy consumers have been prioritising service sector spending over goods spending is well established—and record global manufacturing supply is meeting slowing goods demand. However there are some signs that a floor may be close.


Top of the Morning: CIO Strategy Snapshot - Taking inventory

We take inventory of market performance as the banking crisis has unfolded over the past two weeks and explore how the developments might impact central bank policy and the macro environment. We also spend time outlining CIO’s latest positioning guidance, plus explain what to do and what not to do during periods of market volatility. Featured is Jason Draho, Head of Asset Allocation Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy


Talking Markets: Equity Investing with Nadia Lovell (UBS CIO) and Brad Neuman (Alger)

We outline views on equity market performance drivers, themes, as well as positioning across sectors and regions. Featured are Nadia Lovell, Senior US Equity Strategist with the UBS Chief Investment Office, and Brad Neuman, Director of Market Strategy with Fred Alger and Company. Host: Daniel Cassidy


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Welcome to the revolution'

Recent events emphasized that the fourth industrial revolution is revolutionary. Social media has meant that any company’s reputation and brand has become exponentially more important. This emphasizes the importance of a strong corporate culture—having the right person, in the right job, at the right time—requiring employment free from prejudice.


Top of the Morning: The week in review and preview

Our conversation recaps what was a volatile week in the markets, include the latest developments surrounding US banks and how this crisis differs from what was experienced in 2008. We also touch on the implications of these developments within the banking sector to the course for Fed monetary policy and CIO’s investment outlook. Featured is Danny Kessler, Asset Allocation Strategist Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Shiavon Chatman


UBS On-Air: Paul Donovan Daily Audio 'Getting the recycling habit'

The ECB raised interest rates 0.5%, and signalled that future policy would be data-dependent. One would hope that in any well-run central bank, policy would always be data dependent. ECB President Lagarde was asked about the role of profits in driving inflation—the answer was not terribly insightful. Raising rates should tackle profit-led inflation, but it is an unnecessarily destructive way of achieving that goal.


Fixed Income Roundtable with the UBS Chief Investment Office

Join the CIO fixed income team every other month for a discussion around the drivers behind asset class trends and performance, positioning and a near-term outlook. Leslie Falconio, Head of Taxable Fixed Income Strategy, moderates a panel which includes insights from Senior Fixed Income Strategists Barry McAlinden, Frank Sileo and Alina Golant, along with Senior Municipal Strategist, Kathleen McNamara.