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Are you a busy professional with a to-do list a mile long? Do you wish you could just control your brain, time, clutter, or ADHD? If you struggle with time management, paperwork and productivity, this podcast is for you. Your host, Catherine Avery, is an ADHDer and Neurodiversity Coach, so she gets you. On this podcast, she and her guests will offer productivity tactics that work with your differently wired brain, not against it, to help you gain control over your time, space, and information.


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Are you a busy professional with a to-do list a mile long? Do you wish you could just control your brain, time, clutter, or ADHD? If you struggle with time management, paperwork and productivity, this podcast is for you. Your host, Catherine Avery, is an ADHDer and Neurodiversity Coach, so she gets you. On this podcast, she and her guests will offer productivity tactics that work with your differently wired brain, not against it, to help you gain control over your time, space, and information.






Pause, Plan for 2023, Making the Best Gravy EP 172

The final podcast guest for 2022 is Ellen Faye, productivity expert, colleague, mentor and friend. Ellen believes that you need to first determine if you are a low, moderate high structure person before jumping into the latest productivity craze. It needs to fit you. Catherine and Ellen dive deep into the importance of procrastinating, pausing, and planning. They discuss the importance of leadership to productivity, particularly in teams. Tune in to hear how they tie a bow around all of...


Holiday POP! Planning, Organization, and Pausing - Bonus Replay EP 171

In this fourth and final episode of Uncluttered Holidays, Catherine focuses on the POP of the holidays – planning, organization and productivity. Yes, we’re back to work. Fear not for the week between Christmas and New Year’s tends to be the quietest work week of the year. Catherine shares strategies to get a ton done, using her own two digital organizing projects as examples. Happy 2023 everyone! To learn more about your host, Catherine Avery: Catherine Avery ADHD Coaching Link:...


On Scrooge, Gift Giving, and The Cancer Couch - Bonus Replay EP 170

Gift giving – it can be complicated, stressful, and unfulfilling. Did you know that 44% of shoppers rack up more than $1,000 of holiday debt?* As part of the Uncluttered Holidays series, Catherine tackles keeping a holiday budget without being a Scrooge. First, it’s all about setting the intentions for how you want to feel at the holidays. Maybe your holidays are not so much about gift giving but spending time together with your family. Catherine’s family gifts a variety of experiences to...


Intentions, Families, and Your Magical Holiday Calendar - Bonus Replay EP 169

In this second segment of Uncluttered Holidays, Catherine interviews Maria Yunis. Maria is a break-through coach who specializes in empowering leaders to reclaim the spark in their lives. Catherine and Maria explored how to create a magical holiday calendar, one that works for you and your family. They agreed that self-care has to be scheduled first, even if that’s taking just a few minutes at the beginning of the day to get centered and intentional. At a time when the calendar is in flux,...


The Great Lie of December, Reflection and Intentional Holidays - Bonus Replay EP 168

In the first of this month’s series “Uncluttered Holidays”, Catherine talks about the importance of reflection in the month of December whether you’re Christian and believe in the quiet time of Advent or you celebrate in other ways embracing the peace and darkness that comes in the winter. Catherine busts through the unrealistic expectations of the season and let’s you know that you’re ok even if you aren’t wildly enthusiastic about the holidays. She asks that we give one another space and...


Productive Environment, Emotional Clutter, and Gratitude Bonus Replay EP 167

In this special Thanksgiving episode, Catherine interviews Barbara Hemphill founder of the Productive Environment Network and author of ‘Less Clutter More Life’. Catherine discusses with Barbara about her “Why”, starting Productive Environment Network and how the team has evolved to tackle “emotional clutter”. It is important to remember that when we deal with clutter to improve our productivity that there is a ripple effect that goes well beyond the office or cubicle. Catherine wraps up her...


ADHD Dad, Productivity Strategy, and Journals EP 166

Wrapping up our series on ADHD and burnout, guest Shane Thrapp shares his journey in learning and discovering about his ADHD. He also discusses his fibromyalgia and high functioning autism. Shane shares his struggles and how he copes differently during his mental breakdowns after being officially diagnosed. He’s still figuring out the balance for ADHD and fibromyalgia medications. Tune in to hear Shane gives us his take on mental health in men and the new ADHD Men’s Support Group. About...


ADHD vs Overwhelm, Equanimity, and the Six Cs EP 165

Too often people say “We all have a little ADHD." But it’s actually that we all have a little overwhelm. Today’s guest, Cameron Gott, clarifies how you can tell the difference between overwhelm and ADHD. He then explains the different types of ADHD. Cam takes a deep dive into Positive Intelligence and ADHD including his recent Equanimity group. He mentions Susan David’s book on emotional agility. And he mentions the 3 barriers of ADHD. Tune in to hear Cameron as he shares his thoughts about...


Boundaries, ADHD BOGOs, and the Molasses Swamp EP 164

This week, Catherine speaks with Dr Tamara Rosier, an expert on ADHD and boundaries. Catherine was so impressed with the Boundaries chapter in Dr Rosier’s book “Your Brain Isn’t Broken'' that she asked her to come on the show. Dr. Tamara believes that Boundaries are rules we set for ourselves, based on our values and priorities. She explains why people with ADHD are more prone to burnout and gives an overview of how ADHDers can miscalculate their energy levels. Then, she explains how...


Burnout, Intuition, and the Unique Gift EP 163

This week’s guest, Victoria Shaw, is an intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Coach who was diagnosed with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and ADHD. She dives right into shares her experience in psychotherapy and why the brain is wired differently. Victoria explains how ADHD peers deal with intuition. Intuition works best with a still mind so Victoria shares strategies on how to meditate to help the ADHD or differently wired brain become more focused. And she delves into how developing your intuition can...


ADHD Burnout, Boundaries, and Burn the Boats EP 162

This week's guest, Dave Greenwood, is the author of Overcoming Burnout. He starts with the story of his first burnout after managing a restaurant and describes what it means to “burn your boats”. Burnout is very individual. It comes not only from work but can happen from caretaking responsibilities. And when you’re burned out you can’t get out of your own way. So Dave gives several ideas to start to dig out. They also discuss the importance of boundaries to help prevent burnout or a second...


ADHD Burnout, Magic, and the 100% Rule EP 161

This week’s guest, Patty Lennon, helps us understand how having a spiritual life no matter how small can help us manage burnout. Catherine really wanted Patty on now because she has found this to be so true in managing her own burnout this summer. Patty explains her process for making space for magic. She explains the 100% rule and the beauty of patience. Patty has a loved one with ADHD so they also discuss the role of “letting go” when you have ADHD. Patty also explains the two types of...


Burnout, ADHD Brain, and Penn State Football EP 160

For ADHD Awareness month, Catherine is focusing on ADHD and burnout. She starts by sharing a memorable Penn State Football game from nearly 20 years ago. She parallels her illness at that game with her recent battle with burnout. She explains the possible signs and struggles of having burnout with ADHD and how the symptoms can look similar. Catherine offers the strategies she is using to overcame (and hopefully prevent) burnout as an ADHDer. Catherine talks about the schools of thought on...


Organizing, Circulation, and Muppets EP 159

Matt Baier discovered his super power organizing skills while working as department head of Design Services at The Jim Henson Company. Matt’s philosophy on organizing is all about circulation. Think of things moving in and out of your home. Matt explains entrance/exit depots where you can keep items like your briefcase or your child’s backpack. And as you organize and declutter, you can have a spot to gather your donations in the garage. His team set this up for Catherine. Tune in for a...


Meal Planning, Back Pocket Dinners, and Not a Drag EP 158

Claire Tansey, meal planner extraordinaire wows us with simple ways to get dinner on the table without stress. A food pro, working mom, and solopreneur, Claire takes us through the 5 types of food planning styles - see if you can identify your preferred method. She even reveals which one works best for Catherine. Claire explains how a customized meal plan can be the gateway to easier, happier, and more fun dinner times. And she offers ideas for quick and easy backup plans and meals on the...


Being Prepared, CALM, and the Rule of 26 EP 157

September is National Preparedness Month. Today’s conversation with guest, colleague and friend, Judith Guertin, will set you up for long term preparedness success. Catherine and Judy dive deep into her new book: “Beyond the Estate Plan Guide”, which not only provides the many forms that you need to keep all of your important information but also the how to gather and manage your information using her CALM process. We discuss why we (and our families) need to have ready access to life...


Focus Vs Attention, the Focus Crisis, and Flight Mode EP 156

Guest, Penny Zenker, talks about how focus can help our productivity, get strategic, and make little shifts in our mindset. She explains the difference between focus vs attention. Then Catherine and Penny take a deep dive into how social media and the pandemic have affected our focus. They also discuss how this can lead to a trauma response. Tune in to hear Penny answer the question, “Why are we in a focus crisis?” And how we can all become focusologists by taking back our focus on the areas...


Summer Recap, Planning, and Bright Shiny Pens EP 155

Catherine starts this episode with a recap of her summer with burnout and setting some stronger boundaries particularly around work not bleeding into vacation. She explains a new work routine and how this is helping her battle the burnout. And offers up her routines around personal time. Catherine shares her realizations from a summer of truly honoring when her body and brain say enough. And how you can honor being intentionally unproductive. All of which leads up to September's theme of...


Decluttering the Rest of Your Office, Setting up Stations, and The Magic 6™ Part 3 of 3 Bonus Replay EP 154

In this third of our 3 part mini series on uncluttering your office, Catherine takes you through decluttering the rest of your office. She mentions clearing out books and permission to give them away. She suggests you get rid of excess office supplies, broken pens, old tech, manuals, and those endless random cords. She takes you through how to set up stations in our office space – different areas for different types of work. For example, you might have different areas for sorting your mail...


File-Act-Toss, the Art of Wastebasketry Part 2 of 3 Bonus Replay EP 153

In this second of our 3 part mini series on uncluttering your office, Catherine starts with the most important questions you should ask as you begin to declutter the papers in your office. She reveals the difference between filers and pilers. Finally, she explains how to declutter your paperwork using the File-Act-Toss System™ and The Art of Wastebasketry® (both learned from her training as a Certified Productive Environment Specialist). © Productive Environment Institute All Trademarks &...