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Ask Asha! Episode 12: Oakland’s Minimum Wage Increase

Did you know what Oakland’s Minimum Wage is increasing again on January 1, 2017? Are you ready? Listen up to find out what the new wage will be. The post Ask Asha! Episode 12: Oakland’s Minimum Wage Increase appeared first on The Wilkerson Law Office.


Ask Asha! Episode 011: In Times of Chaos, Focus on What You Can Control

Have you ever been dazed and confused and wondered how to regain your footing? As leaders and business owners, it is important to keep your composure and your wit no matter what chaos ensues around you. Entrepreneurs quickly learn that you cannot control the outcome of most things, but you can set yourself up to... The post Ask Asha! Episode 011: In Times of Chaos, Focus on What You Can Control appeared first on The Wilkerson Law Office.


Religious Accommodations During the Holidays

I’m reminded every time I step into a store that the holidays are quickly approaching. Just yesterday I heard Christmas music at the grocery store…it was November 7th! All this music and fanfare reminded me that as employers, it is our responsibility to make sure that our employees feel supported during the holidays. Not only are we...


Ask Asha! Episode 009: Employment Agreement or Contract, What’s the Difference?

Yes, there are differences between employment agreements and contracts and it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into with either one. The main difference between the two is that employment agreements reflect an at-will employment relationship; meaning the employer can fire the worker for any reason or no reason at all, as long as...


Ask Asha Episode 008: 3 Steps You Must Include In Your Hiring Process

As a small business owner, who you choose to hire can make or break your business and creating a hiring process will save you time, money, and possibly your reputation. For this podcast I interviewed Valencia McDuffy, Sr. Human Resources Manager at DHL to see what advice she has for small business owners looking to hire...


Ask Asha! Episode 006: Find the Problem, Offer the Solution

Lessons from Cuba #5: Find the Problem, Offer the Solution One tried and true way to stay in business is to offer a solution to a problem. It may be a problem your consumer is aware of, or one they don’t even know they have. In Cuba, I saw so many innovative ideas used...


Ask Asha! Episode 005: Relationships Matter

Lessons from Cuba #4: Relationships Matter If you’ve ever been to Cuba, you know and understand (at least I hope) that community and family are very important pieces of Cuban culture. People work together to help each other survive. In business, whether you have a business partner or external support, you are working in a...


Ask Asha! Episode 004: Simple Is Often Better

Lessons from Cuba #3: Simple is Often Better What do they say? K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, Stupid! I hope you’re not offended, but it’s true. Make your business plans simple and watch them come to fruition. The more complicated they are, the more noise gets in the way of your end goal. Check out...


Ask Asha! Episode 002: Lessons I Learned In Cuba

Lessons from Cuba #1: Values are More Important Than Money I just touched down after my second visit to the beautiful country of Cuba. I first went to Cuba 10 years ago through a study abroad program and quickly fell in love. After 10 years I can say without a doubt that no love has been lost. Cuba is an amazing place, but it is not without its challenges. Cuba is a place that is rich in culture, music, and dance. Society as a whole seems to value community above everything else. If I...


Ask Asha! Episode 001: The Introduction

Welcome to the very first episode of Ask Asha! The Business and Legal Podcast for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. I am excited to talk to you about your business ideas and legal concerns and I cannot wait to share our tricks of the trade with you. If you have questions or topics you want covered on the podcast, do not hesitate to reach out!