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EP 6 Olivia Charlet: Developing a Mindset for Success

Olivia Charlet is a coach for women who are on a mission! In this episode, Olivia shares the mindset routine she used to create massive success in her own business along with ways she helps her clients create their own success. We also talk about figuring out what you’re truly passionate about, following your cravings and staying consistently visible online without getting burnt out. Here’s how you can connect with Olivia: On her website: www.oliviacharlet.com On her Facebook page:...

EP 5 Meredith Watson: Selling with Confidence, Ease and Grace

Sales Coach Meredith Watson shares how to sell with confidence and close every sale with ease and grace. In this episode we also chat about the finding your zone of genius and being authentically YOU in your business. Here's how you can connect with Meredith: On her website: http://bit.ly/macboss On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MillionaireAllianceCorp/?pnref=lhc And on Dropbox to check out what her brand would be like if it were photos and music: http://bit.ly/2fxeNxQ

EP 4 Nikki Pebbles: Getting Visible With Video and The Power of Being Yourself in Business

Branding and Social Media Strategist Nikki Pebbles talks about getting visible with video, overcoming the overwhelm of social media and the power of being yourself in business. We also talk about the not-so pretty side of running your own business and what goes on behind the scenes of living “the laptop lifestyle”. Here’s how you can connect with Nikki: On her website: www.nikkipebbles.com/ On Facebook, YouTube and Instagram @NikkiPebbles

EP 2 Tiajuana Cooper Self-Actualization, Women's Empowerment and Embracing Your Story

Unleash Your Inner Magic Podcast, Episode 2: Tiajuana Cooper Transformation coach, Tiajuana Cooper shares her story and how she uses her past experiences to help transform the lives of others and the process she used to discover her true calling in life. Here's how you can connect with Tiajuana: On her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tiajuana.cooper Email: tiajuanacooper1@gmail.com Download Link

EP 1 Tim Shank Authenticity, Integrity and Networking With Heart

Unleash Your Inner Magic Podcast, Episode 1: Tim Shank In this episode of Unleash Your Inner Magic, Intuitive Content Creator Tim Shank and discuss networking offline and online, being your authentic self in business and operating with integrity. Here's how you can connect with Tim: In his facebook group, The Visionary Renegade Tribe-Team #Shanknado: www.facebook.com/groups/teamshanknado/ On his facebook page: www.facebook.com/shanktalk On Instagram:...