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207. Tanya Kleindienst explains what a Head of Corporate Culture does

Our guest today is Tanya Kleindienst, a culture and leadership coach based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to starting her independent consulting practice, Tanya was the Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Culture at Fifth Third Bank. In this episode, Tanya describes the roles and responsibilities of a head of corporate culture. You can connect with Tanya via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanya-kleindienst-6274541b/ If you'd like to receive Unleashed bonus materials in our...


206. Michael Fertman explains the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization

Our guest today is Michael Fertman, a marketing consultant who runs The B2B Marketing Group based in New York City. In today’s episode, Michael explains the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you are looking to have your website ranked higher in search engine results, and SEO is a bit of a black box to you, then this episode could be a good place to start. You can learn more about Michael’s work on his website, theb2bmg.com and you can find Michael on LinkedIn...


205. Annie Scranton explains how public relations works

Our guest today is Annie Scranton, the Founder of Pace Public Relations,a full-service media relations and communications agency based in New York City. If you want to raise your visibility by getting interviewed on TV or by print journalists, this is the episode for you, since Annie explains to me the basics of how public relations work. You can find out more about Pace Public Relations on their website, pacepublicrelations.com Annie’s LinkedIn URL...


204. Clark Beecher: How consultants can make successful career transitions

Our guest today is Clark Beecher, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Beecher Reagan, the largest U.S. executive search firm that exclusively focuses on current and former consulting talent. In this episode Clark provides tips on how to best work with executive recruiters – both when you are looking for a new role and when you aren’t. He also provides his perspective on how recruiters and employers view a stint as an independent consultant. So if you are an independent consultant...


203. The power of sending recap emails

A five-minute investment in sending a recap email can significantly improve the effectiveness of meetings and the overall outcomes on a project. In this episode, we discuss two flavors: #1: The post-meeting recap email #2: The weekly recap email If you are interested in hiring an independent consultant for one of your project needs, email Will Bachman at unleashed@umbrex.com


202. Avish Bhama on Sonia, an artificial intelligence tool that makes meetings more productive

Our guest today is Avish Bhama, the CEO of Sonia, where the mission is to build Artificial Intelligence that interprets human intent, and use it to democratize access to information-flow at work. Sonia builds tools that empower you to focus on the interesting and creative nature of your work rather than the repetitive and mundane parts. When you sign up for a plan with Sonia, you get an AI tool that can dial into your phone calls, take notes, identify the action items that are agreed to in...


201. Why custom made shirts and suits for men are a better value than off-the-rack

Custom-made shirts and suits for men may cost a bit more than clothes off the rack, but are a much better value. Technical fashion designer Kazuki Kozuru-Salifoska explained the economics to me. For the last six years, I've bought all my shirts and suits from Latesh Kewalramani, who goes by Harry. He is making his annual swing through the United States to take measurements and orders for shirts, suits, and jackets for men. You can download his itinerary here. If you'd like to book an...


200. Nir Eyal on how to become Indistractable

Our guest today Nir Eyal, author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, which has been a huge bestseller and is considered a must-read book in Silicon Valley. Nir’s latest book is Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life, which is being released on September 10. I’ve read a review copy, begun putting his recommendations into effect, and I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever been distracted. In today’s episode, Nir shares highlights from the...


199. Forty-eight tips on how to thrive for recent graduates

The New York Phi Beta Kappa Association asked me to share some tips with recent graduates in the New York City metro area as a panelist at an event this evening. I came up with a list of 48 tips and figured I'd share them here first. Some tips are probably obvious; some non-obvious tips may also be not helpful. I hope the set of non-obvious + useful tips is non-zero. To get the weekly Unleashed email that includes a summary of recent episodes and bonus material, email Will Bachman at...


198. Rima Nair: How the world of customer insights is evolving

Our guest today is Rima Nair, a McKinsey alum who is a Principal at IRI, a leading provider of big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights that help CPG, retail and media grow. In this episode, Rima explains why the largest consumer packaged goods companies subscribe to IRI’s information sources, and how the world of customer insights is evolving. You can learn more about IRI at https://www.iriworldwide.com/en-US/ And if you want to reach out to Rima, Here LinkedIn profile...


197. Josh Spodek on cultivating initiative

Our guest today is Josh Spodek, who last joined us on Episode 25 of this show. I was very pleased that Josh agreed to return to discuss his new book, Initiative: A Proven Method to Bring Your Passions to Life (and Work). In today’s episode, Josh shares some of the exercises from this new primer on how everyone can make change happen in the world. Josh is a busy professional: In addition to writing books, he writes a daily blog He is also the host of a podcast, Leadership and the...


196. Ilana Grossman on the role of the Chief Marketing Officer

Umbrex member and BCG alum Ilana Grossman, a marketing consultant based in New York City. Her firm is called B2Both, since she works with both B2B and B2C clients. Ilana has been the Chief Marketing Officer at several rapidly growing companies, and we discuss You can learn more about Ilana’s firm at b2both.com If you'd like to receive bonus content plus an update each week on the most recent Unleashed episodes, email Will Bachman at unleashed@umbrex.com


195. Ray Carbonell on who really writes LinkedIn posts for busy executives

Our guest today is Ray Carbonell, the CEO at Qnary, a company that builds out and grows the reputation and thought leadership of professionals. Qnary writes LinkedIn posts and tweets for busy professionals, typically senior executives, and then writes the replies to comments on those posts. In this episode, Ray shares how his firm works with their clients to identify the content pillars that the posts will focus on, what makes a compelling post, and best practices in engaging with those...


194. Spish Rurak on how to successfully transition out of a top-tier consulting firm

Our guest today is Zbigniew "Spish" Rurak, who has served as a career transition coach to several thousand management consultants as they left top-tier global firms. In this episode, Spish shares observations on how to best prepare to transition out of a big firm and how to manage a successful job search. If you’d like to connect with Spish, find him on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zbigniew-spish-rurak-4131674/ If you are interested in joining a global community of top-tier...


193. Lee Frederiksen on how professional services firms can reach their target market

Our guest today is Lee Frederiksen, Managing Partner at Hinge, a branding and marketing firm specializing in professional services. We discuss Visit the website of Hinge Marketing to learn more – at https://hingemarketing.com/ Click on Hinge University tab to see the firm’s online course offerings – several of which you can sample for free, and on the Blog tab you may want to sign up to receive their thought leadership posts right to your inbox. If you've got a question about independent...


192. Adam Braff on capturing value from data and analytics

Our guest today is Adam Braff, a former McKinsey Partner who has held senior executive roles responsible for data and analytics, and is today an independent advisor to private equity firms, corporate senior leaders, and boards in multiple industries on how to extract more business value from their investments in data and analytics. In this episode Adam shares several case studies of how he has helped clients get better results from their data, and he explains what roast chicken has to do...


191. Jason Bay on using customized video messages for business development

Our guest today is Jason Bay, the founder of Blissful Prospecting, a firm that helps B2B sales reps, SMBs, and nonprofits create sustainable revenue growth. In our discussion, Jason explains to me the REPLY method that his firm created to guide the writing of cold emails to prospects. REPLY stands for Results, Empathy, Personalization, Laser-focus, and You. The way I connected with Jason is that he used his own methodology on me. Jason researched me and this podcast, and then sent me a...


190. David Fields on what makes for a successful consulting partnership

Our guest today is David A. Fields, Umbrex member and the author of The Irresistible Consultant's Guide to Winning Clients: 6 Steps to Unlimited Clients & Financial Freedom. David advises many boutique consulting firms, and over the years he has seen partnerships thrive and partnerships fall apart. On today’s episode, David shares some observations on how to make a partnership successful. We also discuss the idea of adding an advisory board to your firm, and we spend a few minutes on how...


189. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, a thought leader in project management

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is a thought leader in the area of project management. Antonio is the author of two books: The Focused Organization: How Concentrating on a Few Key Initiatives Can Dramatically Improve Strategy Execution And The Project Revolution: How to Succeed in a Project Driven World He has been awarded the title of Thinker of the Month by Thinkers50, and has presented on the topic of project management at more than 120 conferences around the world. To learn more about his...


188. Christina Ungaro on the commercial real estate services industry

Our guest today is Christina Ungaro, the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at JLL. In case you aren’t in the real estate world: JLL is the second-largest commercial real estate services firm in the world, ranked 189th on the Fortune 500, with revenue of $16 billion in 2018. Christina was hired by JLL to build the corporate development group, and she has completed 32 acquisitions (mostly professional services firms) since she joined JLL. In this episode, Christina gives me...