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Unlocking Cultural Agility with Marco Blankenburgh

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Explore the diverse stories of some of the most advanced Intercultural practitioners from around the world with Marco Blankenburgh, who has been equipping people with cultural agility for 25+ years. Along the way, you will gain cultural insights that will help you find relational success in our globally diverse world.


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Explore the diverse stories of some of the most advanced Intercultural practitioners from around the world with Marco Blankenburgh, who has been equipping people with cultural agility for 25+ years. Along the way, you will gain cultural insights that will help you find relational success in our globally diverse world.






Navigating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging with David Miles

We're delighted to introduce our esteemed guest, David Miles, who brings a unique perspective on race and intercultural agility. Born and raised an African-American in a largely white community, David's journey is one that shines a spotlight on the importance of investing in relationships and going beyond the conventional right and wrong approach. Our in-depth chat dives into the necessity of intercultural agility, a skill that's non-negotiable in our ever-evolving world, and how it helps in understanding ourselves and others better. We don't stop there; we venture further into the realm of Intercultural Intelligence (ICI), and how it impacts our personal and professional relationships. With an ICI certification, you gain transformative insights, tools, and language to navigate challenging conversations, particularly those around race and ethnicity. We get practical too, sharing an instance of using the DIR (describe, interpret, respond) tool to kickstart a meaningful conversation on race with a group that was initially resistant. Lastly, we tackle cultural preferences and their impact on leadership and decision-making. Utilizing tools like the cultural mapping inventory, we discuss how understanding these preferences can promote better decision-making and foster understanding. The conversation underscores the importance of self-awareness and understanding one's strengths and weaknesses within a cultural context. So, join us for this enlightening journey into the world of diversity and intercultural agility; it just might change the way you view the world. In this episode, you will learn: Learn More about: Unity in Diversity in Your Organization The Key to Unlock Success in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives Resolving Conflict Around Diversity -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Killer Meetings with Marco Blankenburgh

Are you ready to turn the intricacies of intercultural meetings from minefields into gold mines? Let's embark on this journey together with, Marco Blankenburg, the International Director of KnowledgeWorks. We'll interrogate the challenges of cultural nuances in meeting spaces, and how to navigate the virtual and face-to-face interactions in our current work environment. Get ready to learn from Microsoft's intriguing research on how the pandemic has modified meeting dynamics and how to foster a space where everyone is valued and can contribute freely. In our enlightening conversation, we delve into effective strategies to engage all participants in intercultural meetings and boost the overall structure. Marco will share the secrets behind a successful meeting - from preparation to the selection of a moderator. He'll also delve into the understanding of how cultural dynamics play a crucial role in affecting the contributions of certain individuals. Intrigued by the use of CC and BCC in intercultural meetings? We'll unravel the intricacies of this, and the subtle communication nuances that take place before and after these meetings. This episode promises to change the way you approach your next intercultural meeting. Don't miss it! In this episode, you will learn: Learn More about: Grow Your Intercultural Team Into a High-Performing OneThree Principles of Communication for Virtual Teams Creating Great Intercultural Teams Through Relationships -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Power Across Cultures with Ming-Jinn Tong

"Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton made this statement in 1887 and it still informs our view of power today. But is power all bad? Is there any beauty in it? If we have power, what do we do with it? Are hierarchical cultures based on power, "bad"? Through these questions and many more, Marco and Ming-Jinn guide you in this exciting and enlightening deep dive into the nature of power. They leave us with a clear, insightful path forward to engage cultures driven by a Power/Fear worldview in a way that leads to the empowerment of everyone involved. You can reach out to Ming-Jinn at ming-jinn@knowledgeworkx.com In this episode, you will learn: -- What is beautiful about power -- How to use power to empower and create safety for the people around you -- The influence of power on all three cultural worldview drivers | Learn More about: -- The Beauty of Power (http://kwx.fyi/beauty-of-power) -- Empowerment in Coaching (http://kwx.fyi/empower-in-coaching) -- Discovering the Power-Fear Cultural Paradigm (http://kwx.fyi/discovering-power-fear) -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Bringing Intercultural Agility into the Classroom

How can teachers create a cultural space in their classrooms where students of all backgrounds can thrive? Listen as Shelley Reinhart, KnowledgeWorkx Director of Education, unpacks this question with educators and Ph.D. students Yasemin Altas and Victoria Hopkin. Yasemin has been teaching at universities for nearly three decades. She is a faculty member teaching intercultural studies at the Higher Colleges of Technology, in the UAE. She has a Master's in Management in Education, is a trained Celta Teacher Trainer, and has been involved in projects with the Ministry of Education. She is currently working on a Ph.D. in Education with a focus on intercultural studies. Victoria is a teacher, school leader, coach, and educational researcher with a passion for cultural agility. As a trained and experienced intercultural coach, Victoria's Ph.D. research focuses on cultivating environments that are inclusive and culturally adaptive. If you want to learn how you can bring these skills into your classroom, sign up for the next Culture in the Classroom Course at: https://www.knowledgeworkx.education/teachers In this episode, you will learn | Articles -- What Does It Mean to Be a Third Culture Kid? (http://kwx.fyi/what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-tck) -- Wandering the World - a Hopeful Tale (knowledgeworkx.com) -- KnowledgeWorkx Education Training (www.knowledgeworkx.education) -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


The International Business of Music with Iain Wilson

How did a small team from Northern Ireland create a world-renowned service and build up an international clientele winning multiple national and global awards for their excellence? Find out as Marco talks with Iain Wilson the CEO of IBC- Music and a Certified Inter-Cultural Intelligence Practitioner. IBC-Music specializes in helping international musical instrument brands find manufacturing and distribution partners across the world. Just last month, IBC Music won The King’s Award for Enterprise, the most prestigious business award in the UK. It is one of only 148 organizations to be recognized. On top of that, IBC helped one of its Canadian customers, Riversong Guitars, win the prestigious MMR Dealers' Choice Award for Acoustic Guitar of the year in 2022. IBC was the sourcing agent for the River Pacific P2P acoustic guitar, helping it beat leading international guitar brands. You can reach out to Iain at iain@ibc-music.com Learn more about what IBC Music does at: http://ibc-music.com/ In this episode, you will learn: -- How to build and manage business relationships across the globe -- How the international music industry works and the significant role relationships play in it. -- The power of connecting people and the way IBC-Music has become so successful at it. | Learn More about: -- Building Deep Relationships that Cross Cultures (kwx.fyi/deep-relationships-crossing-cultures) -- Whole Systems Thinking (kwx.fyi/multiplier-effect) -- High Performing Intercultural Teaming (kwx.fyi/team-development) -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Global Leadership — How to Become a Culturally Agile Leader

Whether it's leading staff living around the world, navigating different cultural and personal workstyles, or working on teams across borders — leading globally keeps becoming more complex. Global leaders must guide their teams through local and regional instabilities, drastic industry changes, political upheaval, protests and strikes, and many other turbulent surprises. In this episode, Marco and Shelley walk through the things global leaders need to succeed in today's world. They explore the one thing that holds back global leaders that want to be culturally agile as well as practical tips for how you can start becoming a culturally agile leader. You can spot culturally agile leaders in three ways: 1. They navigate complexity with agility. 2. They build cultures of high trust, inclusivity, and belonging. 3. They keep their employees by creating a team culture of collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Start a conversation about becoming a culturally agile leader. In this episode, you will learn: -- How to make your intercultural team come alive. -- The difference between global leadership and actually being culturally agile -- The pitfalls leaders fall into when leading in a global context and how to avoid them. | Learn More about: -- Whole Systems Thinking (http://kwx.fyi/multiplier-effect) -- High Performing Intercultural Teaming (http://kwx.fyi/team-development) -- Three Colors of Worldview (http://kwx.fyi/3-colors-worldviews) -- 12 Dimensions of Culture (http://kwx.fyi/12-dimensions) -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Interpersonal Assessments in an Intercultural World with Linda Berlot

Most psychometric tools are created by researchers in the West. These tools are shaped by cultural human beings with Western biases. Are these tools viable in non-Western settings? How do you avoid marginalizing non-western team members if you do use those tools? Listen as Linda Berlot shares deep insights to help managers and facilitators alike use psychometric assessments to help their intercultural teams thrive. Learn how to bring cultural agility into the valuable tools you already use. Linda Berlot is the CEO of Berlot Group and works with executive teams to address intangible hurdles that exist around trust, conflict, communication, and intercultural issues, to adopt a better, more collaborative, and united way of working together. You can reach out to Linda Berlot at: berlotgroup.com Sign up for a DiSC Certification through KnowledgeWorkx to understand how to bring cultural agility into the way you use DiSC at: knowledgeworkx.com/certifications-disc Sign up for an Inter-Cultural Intelligence Certification at: knowledgeworkx.com/certifications-ici In this episode, you will learn: | Articles and Resources -- Two Spotlights for Illuminating Human Behavior (http://kwx.fyi/two-spotlights-for-human-behavior) -- DiSC Certification –The KnowledgeWorkx Way (http://kwx.fyi/disc-knowledgeworkx-way) -- KnowledgeWorkx.com/framework -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Thriving Intercultural Relationships with Bart and Julie Heiligenberg and Bryce and Thelma Dzirbik

How do you create a thriving intercultural marriage or relationship? The challenges of the last few years have taught us that quality relationships are crucial for success in work and life. Listen to these stories of relational success to learn how to build better relationships at home and work. Bart and Julie Heiligenberg and Bryce and Thelma Dzirbik share their stories walking through life bringing together cultures from the USA, Netherlands, and Nigeria in the UAE. If you are interested in being part of a thriving intercultural marriage workshop you can email Bart@KnowledgeWorkx.com . In this episode, you will learn | Articles -- Building Deep Relationships that Cross Cultures (http://kwx.fyi/deep-relationships-crossing-cultues) -- Four Keys for Building Trust on Teams (http://kwx.fyi/building-trust-teams) -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Exploring the Depths of Trust on Teams

What is trust? What causes it to erode? How can a team build a resilient culture of trust? In 2022, Gallup ran a poll and released statistics revealing that up to 70% of employees would leave their job if they could. Much of that dissatisfaction is rooted in distrust. A lack of trust creates misunderstanding and a breakdown in collaboration. Work culture turns toxic, resulting in a traumatized workforce. In this episode, Shelley Reinhart, KnowledgeWorkx’s Global Liaison, and Marco Blankenburgh, International Director of KnowledgeWorkx, dive deep into what it means to trust, and they identify practical ways to begin building trust in your workplace and on your teams. You can start your team on a high-performing intercultural team journey to help your team build trust here. In this episode, you will learn | Articles -- The Four Pillars of Successful Intercultural Teams (http://kwx.fyi/four-pillars-teams) -- Four Keys for Building Trust on Teams (http://kwx.fyi/building-trust-teams) -- Creating the “Multiplier Effect” on Your Team - Part 1 (http://kwx.fyi/multiplier-effect) -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Managing our Biases - Special Interview from "Cup of Tea Podcast" by European Commission (Bonus Episode)

We'll be back with more episodes of the Cultural Agility Podcast in November. In the meantime, I got to sit down with my good friend and host of the "Cup of Tea" podcast Chris O'Shaughnessy. We explored all sorts of helpful topics to help you develop your own cultural agility. You can listen to this episode and more here. The Cup of Tea Podcast is organized within the InterCultural Approach program of the Directorate General International Partnership of the European Commission. Listen to the whole Cup of Tea podcast "Bringing you a moment of intercultural empowerment" on Soundcloud at: Capacity4dev's INCA Podcast Series "Cup of Tea"! The InterCultural Approach program is leading some exciting initiatives especially the Intercultural Cities Programme. It supports cities and regions in reviewing and adapting their policies through an intercultural lens, and developing comprehensive intercultural strategies to manage diversity as an advantage for the whole society. Intercultural Cities is also a platform to connect cities and leaders globally into a community where initiatives and practice from one city are analysed and shared to inspire the other -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Intercultural Consulting with George Kesselaar

Join George Kesselaar and Marco as they explore the complexities of intercultural consulting and how to successfully facilitate positive behavior change in people in this global world. George Kesselaar is a seasoned corporate transformation specialist with 25 years of executive level experience in Big 4 consulting firms and deep experience in managing strategic change, human resources transformation, high-performance learning journeys, and executive compensation in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Southern Africa. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Business of the University of Cape Town, investigating antecedents to change supportive behavior during large-scale organizational change interventions through worldviews. You can get in touch with George Kesselaar at: georgekesselaar@gmail.com. In this episode you will learn -- | Articles: -- Culture Made Practical: Self-Cultural Analysis (http://kwx.fyi/self-cultural-analysis) -- Creating Messaging that Resonates Across Cultures (http://kwx.fyi/messaging-across-cultures) -- Better Conversations, Smarter Questions, and More Listening (http://kwx.fyi/better-conversations) Psst... Listen all the way to the end for a special easter egg. -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Creating Belonging in Organizational Culture with Hasan Rafiq

Hasan Rafiq has worked as a senior Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) leader at some of the world's largest companies, including EY (Ernst and Young) and Facebook. Join Hasan and Marco as they explore how to create a culture of belonging in organizations both large and small. Currently, Hasan Rafiq is the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging of Newsela, where he drives the company's strategies for the integration of diverse perspectives and experiences into the building of an inclusive culture, and development of equitable policies. In this episode you will learn: - How to build a listening organization where people feel seen, heard, and valued. - How to be a culturally agile leader and build a global DEIB strategy for your organization. - How belonging and the language around it look different around the world. If you would like to start a conversation with Hasan about the incredible work that he does reach out at: coachesforinclusion@gmail.com Articles: - Defining values and value behaviors that resonate across cultures (http://kwx.fyi/values) - The 10 Most Common Organizational Values, An Intercultural Examination (http://kwx.fyi/10-most-common-values) - Four Keys for Building Trust on Teams (http://kwx.fyi/building-trust-teams) -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


The Story of a Culture Creator; A Special Interview with Marco Blankenburgh

Our 10th episode features an authentic conversation with KnowledgeWorkx’s founder and International Director, Marco Blankenburgh. Shelley Reinhart, KWx's Global Network Liaison, conducts this engaging interview. She asks Marco about his childhood in the Netherlands, his service in the Dutch Special Forces, his love of plants, and the story of the creation of KnowledgeWorkx. Listen to Marco's journey and how his interactions with culture gave birth to a desire to create cultural tools to help everyone navigate the cultural complexities in our global world. Marco and Shelley go on to discuss the impact that the Inter-Cultural Intelligence Framework has in their own lives and in the world around them. Don't miss this fascinating conversation! Learn how you can become a Certified Inter-Cultural Intelligence Practitioner here: https://www.knowledgeworkx.com/certifications-ici | In this episode, you will learn -- | Articles: - Three Colors of Worldview (http://kwx.fyi/3-colors-worldviews) - Discovering the Power-Fear Cultural Paradigm (http://kwx.fyi/discovering-power-fear) - How We Created an Inter-Culturally Intelligent Office Space (http://kwx.fyi/intercultural-office) -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Building Bridges Across Racial Divides with Ming-Jinn Tong and Andy Gray

Join Ming-Jinn Tong, Andy Gray, and Marco as they unpack how cultural agility is building exciting new bridges in racial equity and diversity and inclusion work in Minneapolis. Ming-Jinn Tong is a Certified Intercultural Intelligence Practitioner and owner of Cultivate, specialty consultation firm helping companies connect better across cultures. As an amateur chef, Ming-Jinn likes to equate culture with a good meal. He loves everything about culture. The flavors, the textures, the colors, the sights, the smells. He sees culture everywhere and is eager to engage with it. Find out more about his work at meetcultivate.com Andy Gray is the Executive Director of Catalyst for Harmony. Teaming empathy, truth, understanding, candor, and compassion together, his disarming approach to navigating difficult matters has served as a catalyst to build bridges of hope and oneness. In this episode you will learn -- | Articles: -- Unity in Diversity in Your Organization (knowledgeworkx.com/post/unity-in-diversity-in-your-organization) -- The Key to Unlock Success in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives (knowledgeworkx.com/post/the-key-to-unlock-success-in-diversity-inclusion-and-belonging-initiatives) -- Better Conversations, Smarter Questions, and More Listening (knowledgeworkx.com/post/better-conversations-smarter-questions-more-listening) -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Intercultural Communication and Strategy with Nic Labuschagne

Join Nic Labuschagne and Marco as they explore how cultural agility helps you adapt communication to fit audiences from many different cultures. Nic Labuschagne is a senior director of strategy at APCO Worldwide and is based in Dubai. He is a communications strategist with over 30 years’ experience in helping governments and organisations in emerging markets (Middle East and Africa), to successfully and sustainably manage reputational risk. At APCO, Mr. Labuschagne leads the Crisis and Sustainability practices, providing communications strategy, issue, crisis and change management advice, and communication capacity building to corporate and government clients. Prior to joining APCO, Mr. Labuschagne was a senior advisor to the Office of Government Communications of the Abu Dhabi Government. Before that he was seconded to Brand Dubai in 2006 to manage a series of politically sensitive issues that were negatively impacting the reputation of Dubai. In this episode you will learn -- | Articles: -- Creating Messaging that Resonates Across Cultures (http://kwx.fyi/messaging-across-cultures) -- Better Conversations, Smarter Questions, and More Listening (http://kwx.fyi/better-conversations) -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Creating Culture through Learning and Development with Kerry Lee

Join, Learning and Development Professional and Certified Intercultural Coach Kerry Lee, as she and Marco explore how we position ourselves and our ideas in a way that connects across cultures. Kerry is a life-long learner with an insatiable curiosity about people, potential, and cultures. She works with individuals and teams to develop their potential through coaching and customized learning experience design by embracing the unique genius of each individual. In this episode you will learn: -- How to design culturally agile trainings that draw out people in their differences. -- How to create safe learning spaces where people feel culturally included. -- How to meet a coachee in a culturally agile way by examining the lens your questions are coming through. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to slow your responses in coaching here (http://kwx.fyi/intercultural-mindfulness-webinar) | Articles: -- Intercultural Mindfulness in Coaching (http://kwx.fyi/intercultural-mindfulness) -- Creating a Third Cultural Space (http://kwx.fyi/creating-a-third-cultural-space) "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid" -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Building Culturally Agile Schools with Michael Bartlett and Shelley Reinhart

Join Michael and Shelley as they explore the ways teachers, parents, and school administrators can transform their schools and classrooms into culturally inclusive spaces. Michael Bartlett is the Head of School Partnerships at Suraasa. He has founded schools, served as an executive school principal, and consulted for international schools around the UAE. Shelley Reinhart is the Director of Knowledgeworkx Education. She has twenty years of teaching experience and loves weaving cultural agility and educational instruction together, equipping teachers to connect with their students. Learn more about how you transform educational spaces with Cultural Agility at: www.knowledgeworkx.education In this episode you will learn: - How to use Cultural Agility to better understand students, parents, and colleagues. - How to create inclusive classrooms by understanding how worldviews shape your students. - Why Cultural Agility helps schools not only retain teachers but also attract students. Deeper Reading: Defining values and value behaviors that resonate across cultures (http://kwx.fyi/values) What Does It Mean to Be a Third Culture Kid? (http://kwx.fyi/what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-tck) From the Innate to the Intellectual: An Inter-Cultural Intelligence Practitioner’s Story (http://kwx.fyi/from-the-innate-to-the-intellectual) Follow KnowledgeWorkx Education on Facebook and Instagram @knowledgeworkx.education -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Third Culture Kids with Inter-Cultural Intelligence as their Superpower - Bonus Episode

Listen to stories of three Third Culture Kids (TCKs) growing up outside their home country, with all the challenges and amazing opportunities that come with it. - Ahmed: Born and raised in Dubai, Ahmed’s home country is Tanzania. He is currently studying at the University of Toronto. - Maggie: Born in Maryland, USA, Maggie moved to Dubai as a young teen. She studied Human Services at York College in Pennsylvania, and currently is living and working in Delaware, USA. - Helen: Born and raised in the UAE with a Dutch dad and a South African mom, she is currently in her first year at the University College Roosevelt in the Netherlands. Unpacking their experiences alongside them is Shelley Reinhart, Director of KnowledgeWorkx Education, who loves weaving cultural agility and education together to help teachers connect with their students. You want to learn more about Third Culture Kids go to www.knowledgeworkx.education Listen as these young Inter-Cultural Intelligence Certified Practitioners share their deep insight on cultural agility. Are you TCK? Apply for a scholarship to develop your own cultural agility here --- http://kwx.fyi/ici-scholarship --- | In this bonus episode on Third Culture Kids you will hear: - The stories of three distinct TCKs using cultural agility to enter diverse careers. - Ways culture affects both teachers and students. - Tools for understanding others regardless of ethnicity and nationality. Deeper Reading: -- Wandering the World - A Hopeful Tale (http://kwx.fyi/wandering) -- http://kwx.fyi/what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-tck -- http://kwx.fyi/from-the-innate-to-the-intellectual -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Understanding Third Culture Kids with Chris O'Shaughnessy

Join Chris and Marco as they explore the gifts and challenges unique to Third Culture Kids and how those parallel the realities of our globalized world. With his characteristic wit and engaging storytelling, Chris brings the intuitive into the intellectual so that we can all benefit from a shared language around our experiences. Christopher O'Shaughnessy is a speaker, comedian, and author who “gets to fly around and chat for a living.” He is a global expert on Third Culture Kids and speaks around the world about cross-cultural skills, Third Culture Kids, identity, belonging, and change management. If you are interested in bringing some of these skills into your school, you can see an array of available workshops offered by KnowledgeWorkx Education and Christopher O’Shaughnessy at www.knowledgeworkx.education . Learn more about Christopher O’ Shaughnessy at: chris-o.com . Listen to his humorous and insightful podcast “Diesel and Clooney Unpack the World” found at: chris-o.com/podcast . Read His Book: Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-Between By Christopher O'Shaughnessy . In this episode you will learn-- | Articles: -- http://kwx.fyi/from-the-innate-to-the-intellectual -- http://kwx.fyi/what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-tck -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com


Building Cultural Bridges Through Sports with Apollo Perelini

Join Apollo Perelini and Marco as they explore the bridge building power of rugby across cultures. Apollo Perelini is a former professional dual-code international rugby union and rugby league footballer. Now he is the High Performance Manager of the United Arab Emirates’ Rugby Federation. In 2021, he organized the first ever friendly match with the national rugby teams of Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Learn more about Apollo’s work at aprsa.com In this episode, you will learn about-- | Articles-- --http://kwx.fyi/grow-your-intercultural-team-into-a-high-performing-one --http://kwx.fyi/anatomy-of-organizational-culture -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com