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Unpolished 18: Joy Hangovers and Gratitude

Have you ever thought that you can be grateful for something and appreciate what it offers to your life, even if you really don’t like that thing (like taxes or a corporate job)? This nugget of wisdom comes out of a discussion around a joy hangover Stacy experienced for the first time. We talk about what this looks like in each of our lives and how it relates to: The human tendency to categorize things as black and white Why zebras don’t get ulcers (great book if you haven’t read it:...


Unpolished 17: When the Work Doesn’t Feel Productive

What happens when working doesn’t feel like work? Is it a sign that you’re not actually being productive? Or does it mean that you’re actually accomplishing a step on the path to your larger goal(s)? In this episode we talk about: How to feel productive and accomplished when you’re doing something that doesn’t feel like work The idea of gamification to create milestones that make you feel progress in your business How to structure and label your time to acknowledge what’s contributing to...


Unpolished 16: Getting Out of Our Own Way

Why is it that we are often our own worst enemies? It can be so hard to acknowledge our own strengths and is often why we all tend to seek validation from others. In this episode, we talk about how this applies to Sarah’s current calling to try something new in her business and how she has a choice to listen to the calling or the insecurities it triggers. We discuss how uncomfortable it can be to acknowledge and own our gifts and why this leads us to self-sabotage our efforts. We also talk...


Let It Unfold

Have you ever noticed how decluttering the physical space of your home can create fresh space in your life to invite in something new? Sarah shares an update on the impact of her big purge and we discuss how timing and fuel are the key ingredients to make something like this actually work. When we address what we need in each moment, our lives can feel so much different. Stacy shares her experience owning her needs on a recent business trip and how the idea of unfolding is resonating with...


Unpolished 14: Fear and The Inner Critic

This week is all about the nagging, negative voice in our ears called the Inner Critic. It tends to get louder when we start stepping into something new and it likes to find sneaky ways to distract and dissuade us with fear and that not-good-enough feeling. We talk about finding ways to take the pressure off and ways to work with the fear. We also discuss how we’ve found that setting intentions and taking action is often the open door that fear enters through. We end with a helpful...


Unpolished 13: Decluttering

Have you ever noticed a connection between the amount of clutter in your life and the level of chaos you feel? This episode dives into the energy of clutter as we talk about the massive purge Sarah is about to take on in her life. We talk about the art of decluttering, how we hold on to ideas and things far past their usefulness, why letting go of mental clutter is so much harder, and more. Sarah offers a new perspective on how we can relate to other people triggering negative emotions and...


Unpolished 12: Belonging to Yourself

What does it mean to truly belong to yourself? This episode focuses on the core theme of Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. Sarah shares a personal story of how she experienced this herself and discusses the interesting dance of sharing opinions on social media. When you can stand in your truth no matter what anyone else thinks, there’s a ripple effect of how grounded and powerful this can make you feel. Giving yourself permission to be who you are looks different when your mind vs....


Unpolished 11: The Inspiration Tribe

Have you ever had the experience of your soul nodding “heck yes!”? That feeling is what this conversation is all about. Sarah shares an update on her experience hosting a recent workshop and how she did NOT have a vulnerability hangover this time. Her experience was radically different because she felt more confident in her authenticity and was coming from a place of giving the gifts she could give instead of from the need to perform. We talk about how shifting our mindset can take the...


Unpolished 10: Authenticity

We talk a lot about vulnerability on this podcast, and in this episode, we explore the idea of authenticity through two different analogies we’ve both come across. Sarah shares the metaphor of how we present ourselves to the world is like a room that we get to decorate however we want. It’s scary to present the room exactly as you want it, showcasing every detail that represents you, but having the courage to be exactly who we are is where we can find deeper joy. When we think about how...


Unpolished 09: The Art of Showing Up

What if we looked at every experience as an opportunity to learn something? When it comes to building our businesses, we’ve found that this approach really helps us stay open to possibilities and find even the smallest ways to move forward. This episode starts off with Stacy sharing insights that she learned from a recent round of giving free coaching calls and how the idea of practicing confidence is more about getting out of our own way and letting it come through. We explore the idea...


Unpolished 08.5: Right Now Is The Destination

Progress isn’t usually a straight line - sometimes there are loops and circles, but it’s all still movement. If you drew a bunch of loops on a piece of paper, the line is still moving forward even though there’s a portion of that loop that’s moving backward. This mini-episode was a parting thoughts conversation we had after wrapping up a previous podcast recording. We talk about the importance of knowing our triggers so that we can set the right boundaries for ourselves. We also discuss...


Unpolished 08: Courage Over Comfort

What happens we finally take that leap and are able to move past our fear? In this episode, Stacy talks about her experience finally doing something that she had avoided for a while, and what happened as a result. We talk about why doing the scary things our intuition is pushing us toward is so important, and how we can view this process as a game instead of a scary mountain we have to climb alone. Being authentic, vulnerable, and telling our story - whatever that may be in the moment - is...


The Vulnerability Hangover

Have you ever woken up the day after you've done something vulnerable and thought to yourself - oh my goodness, what did I do?! Well, that is what Brene Brown calls a vulnerability hangover. In this episode, we dive deep into this topic and talk about our recent experiences and what we do to recover. We examine the different roadblocks we come up against as we try to take steps forward on our entrepreneurial journeys—fear, our inner critics, the seeking of validation—and we share different...


Unpolished 06: A Productive Waste of Time

We all find ourselves saying “I don’t have enough time”, but is that really true? When we really think about, we actually end up wasting a lot of time—from mindlessly looking at our phones, to being uncomfortable with doing nothing, or even caught up in thoughts that aren’t productive. In this episode, we talk through ways of minimizing the anxiety around wasting time and commit to testing out small ways in which we can each be more productive and add more balance to our lives. After...


Unpolished 05: Confronting Fear

This episode focuses on what it’s like to put ourselves out there and the scary vulnerability that comes with testing and learning. We each share a personal story around the experience of offering our services for free in the spirit of moving our businesses forward. We also talk about how judging others is often a reflection of our own insecurities, how failure is just another way of learning, and the importance of building in recovery time once we take vulnerable actions. After listening...


Unpolished 04: Being Okay With Being Real

What started as a conversation around professional family photographs turned into a conversation around vulnerability, authenticity and so much more. In this episode, we discuss the downfall of the word should, the unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves by trying to compete with the perfect social media photo, and the value that each and every one of us provides by putting our own unique filter on the different ideas and experiences we each come across. We all need to find our own way of...


Unpolished 03: The Comparison Trap

Why do we get so triggered by people posting that they found the miracle solution? Or the perfect family photo? Why do we all get stuck in the trap of trying to make it sound like we’re all further along and experienced than we actually are? What would happen if we just spoke from the place of our raw, real, authentic selves? And what would happen if we gave ourselves permission to change the rules in our lives at any point in time? In this episode, we dive into these questions and more!...


Unpolished 02: Crankitude

Crankitude. What is this yucky feeling that sometimes pops up and throws a monkey wrench in your day? What does it mean when your soul is out of alignment with some aspect of your life? This episode focuses on what it feels like to be stuck and explores different ways of looking at and learning from our pain. Here’s the blog post from Tara Mohr that Stacy mentions sparked some insights for her: http://www.taramohr.com/2017/11/pain-of-the-soul/ After listening to this episode, come join our...


Unpolished 01: Resistance is Futile

What happens when we allow ourselves to just feel the feelings? It’s scary, but an important way to move through some tough emotions. This episode starts off by examining one of our favorite quotes: “Pain = Struggle x Resistance” and later comes back to the idea of clean pain vs. dirty pain and how pain can actually be used as a path to learning and growth. We also talk about how we talk to ourselves is so different than how we talk to our friends—and the need to find more compassion on...


Unpolished 00: A Very Unpolished Introduction

Meet Sarah and Stacy, two women whose lives fatefully crossed paths on their entrepreneurial journey. This episode almost never saw the light of day, but in the spirit of being unpolished, we decided to share so people get to hear our story and understand how we met and why we decided to create this podcast in the first place. We can find plenty of examples of people who “made it” on the entrepreneurial journey, but the middle part—the part that’s messy and hard and where both of us find...


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