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Unpolished 32: Know Your People Not Your Critics

We often spend so much energy trying to convince people of our value or make ourselves into someone who we are not. It’s a disservice to people who could benefit from what we have to offer if we don’t own our talents and gifts and simply share who we truly are. Our people will be drawn to this—we don’t need to spend time explaining ourselves to our critics, yet this is what we often do. Getting clear about who we are and what we’re passionate about is where we need to start. Working with the...


Unpolished 31: Confronting Our Privilege/Part 2

Continuing the conversation we started last week, this episode looks at how our privilege shows up in the context of trying to build businesses in the wellness and coaching worlds. We start by discussing themes from @andrearanaej’s The Color of Wellness class including the lack of diversity we see, elitism, the difference between survival and having/wanting wellness, and the difference between equality and equity. We talk about how blame arises when we feel shame or guilt about privilege,...


Unpolished 30: Confronting Our Privilege

This is the start of a much bigger conversation. This episode is our first step in recognizing the privilege we both are afforded, how that shows up in our lives, and what we can do to start to process it. The most powerful place for us to start is self-awareness. We can't take action until we recognize in ourselves our own biases and privileges and see how we are contributing (even unconsciously) to the problem. The world changes when we change. We must do the uncomfortable work, to be...


Unpolished 29: An Unpolished Journey Interview With Reelika Schulte

“Be confident in your message. Know that there are people out there who need to hear what you have to share. Something that may be common sense to you, may be life-changing to someone else.” In this episode of the Unpolished Journey, we talk to Reelika Schulte, an international business coach with an honors degree in business, and the founder of Design Dream Lifestyle, where she teaches women from around the world how to use their life experiences to launch their own thriving online...


Unpolished 28: Mom Guilt

It can be really hard to be all the things. The idea of having it all is great—but we can’t have it all in every moment and we need to acknowledge the realities of the tradeoffs we make in our choices. Mom life is just really hard, and it’s time we talked about it. We all feel different degrees of insecurities about being mothers, and these feelings of judgment are our projections of our own insecurities as we seek validation for the decisions we make. There are parallels between this and...


Unpolished 27: The Emotional Rollercoaster

What makes your soul come alive? What did you love doing as a child and how does that show up in your life today? When we start to clear away the clutter of who we think we should be and live as ourselves, there’s so much power and strength because there isn’t as much room for fear. The outcomes matter less because the feelings we’re after are felt simply by being who we are and standing in our truth. We’re going to experience both ends of the spectrum (the high-highs and the low-lows) and...


Unpolished 26: An Unpolished Journey Interview With Monica Packer

“People get caught up in not starting something because they don’t think it’s going to be successful. That’s the biggest failure of all—to not even start. Nothing is a failure if it’s leading you to something else or helping you grow.” In this episode of the Unpolished Journey, we talk to fellow podcaster Monica Packer of About Progress. Monica Packer is a podcaster, writer, and recovering perfectionist. She is a wife and mother of four young children, living in the San Francisco East Bay....


Unpolished 25: Getting Personal

This episode almost never saw the light of day—it’s a deeply personal conversation that dives into the complicated emotions that come up on the self-awareness journey. We acknowledge that part of the entrepreneurial path is digging deep into yourself and confronting parts of you that may feel uncomfortable, yet the only option to breakthrough is to simply get curious and see what you can learn. We talk about imposter syndrome, the real me vs. the not real me, what our fear is trying to...


Unpolished 24: The Little Things Lead to the Big Things

We continue our conversation from previous episodes on the idea of “unfolding” and look at how truly surrendering to this process and noticing how all the little pieces fall into place helps take the pressure off. While this perspective is empowering, it’s certainly not our natural inclination and is a choice we have to continue to make over time by training our brain. We share specific examples from our lives as to how this is showing up for us and explore how even the small or...


Unpolished 23: The Power of Surrender

This episode begins with a conversation on the need to surrender and how it can actually be a good way to pause and enjoy what is right in front of us. We talk about how to approach this from a place of empowerment and remind each other that we can even be frustrated about things we are grateful for. Changing our perspectives is one of the most powerful things we can do, but changing how our brains automatically respond to things is a hard (but worthy) task to take on. We end the...


Unpolished 22: An Unpolished Journey Interview with Emily Chipman

“It felt so much better to give it a try then to keep suppressing what was inside of me. . . We are so capable, more capable than we even know. Be brave and just go for it.” In our second installment of the Unpolished Journey, we have an inspiring conversation with Emily Chipman, founder of Doliray Swimwear. As a wife and mama of four young girls, Emily was looking for a creative outlet and found it in quite the unconventional place that originally felt impossible. She talks to us about...


Unpolished 21: The Struggle is Normal

We continue our discussion around being stuck in the mud and the discomfort of transitions. The struggle of the extreme highs and lows we’re experiencing is a challenge we constantly battle. We talk about how our primitive brains want to keep us safe, how we get to decide what is true is for us, and the importance of celebrating the process. We want to spark more conversations on the reality of this process, so people have more examples of what this journey is like (and particularly the...


Unpolished 20: An Unpolished Journey Interview with Harper Spero

“There’s a lot of pressure to do things a certain way, and I’m doing my best to not let that prevent me from doing things the way I want to do it.” In our first installment of The Unpolished Journey, we’re excited to chat with Harper Spero, a business coach and consultant from New York City. We talk about her journey from the corporate world to the entrepreneur world, her evolution as a coach, the fears she faced in building her business, and how she balances a chronic health illness with...


Unpolished 19: Stuck In The Mud

It’s no fun feeling like you’re stuck in the mud, but that’s the point of the entrepreneurial journey we find ourselves on. We dive deep into the muck in this episode and explore all the ways we’re experiencing this in our lives. We look at how the hard parts are connected to the good parts much like when an acorn falls from a tree and has to be buried in the mud before it can sprout new life. We also discuss our daily battle with social media, and how we can find ways to better manage our...


Unpolished 18: Joy Hangovers and Gratitude

Have you ever thought that you can be grateful for something and appreciate what it offers to your life, even if you really don’t like that thing (like taxes or a corporate job)? This nugget of wisdom comes out of a discussion around a joy hangover Stacy experienced for the first time. We talk about what this looks like in each of our lives and how it relates to: The human tendency to categorize things as black and white Why zebras don’t get ulcers (great book if you haven’t read it:...


Unpolished 17: When the Work Doesn’t Feel Productive

What happens when working doesn’t feel like work? Is it a sign that you’re not actually being productive? Or does it mean that you’re actually accomplishing a step on the path to your larger goal(s)? In this episode we talk about: How to feel productive and accomplished when you’re doing something that doesn’t feel like work The idea of gamification to create milestones that make you feel progress in your business How to structure and label your time to acknowledge what’s contributing to...


Unpolished 16: Getting Out of Our Own Way

Why is it that we are often our own worst enemies? It can be so hard to acknowledge our own strengths and is often why we all tend to seek validation from others. In this episode, we talk about how this applies to Sarah’s current calling to try something new in her business and how she has a choice to listen to the calling or the insecurities it triggers. We discuss how uncomfortable it can be to acknowledge and own our gifts and why this leads us to self-sabotage our efforts. We also talk...


Let It Unfold

Have you ever noticed how decluttering the physical space of your home can create fresh space in your life to invite in something new? Sarah shares an update on the impact of her big purge and we discuss how timing and fuel are the key ingredients to make something like this actually work. When we address what we need in each moment, our lives can feel so much different. Stacy shares her experience owning her needs on a recent business trip and how the idea of unfolding is resonating with...


Unpolished 14: Fear and The Inner Critic

This week is all about the nagging, negative voice in our ears called the Inner Critic. It tends to get louder when we start stepping into something new and it likes to find sneaky ways to distract and dissuade us with fear and that not-good-enough feeling. We talk about finding ways to take the pressure off and ways to work with the fear. We also discuss how we’ve found that setting intentions and taking action is often the open door that fear enters through. We end with a helpful...


Unpolished 13: Decluttering

Have you ever noticed a connection between the amount of clutter in your life and the level of chaos you feel? This episode dives into the energy of clutter as we talk about the massive purge Sarah is about to take on in her life. We talk about the art of decluttering, how we hold on to ideas and things far past their usefulness, why letting go of mental clutter is so much harder, and more. Sarah offers a new perspective on how we can relate to other people triggering negative emotions and...