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Who Is Your Gender Guru?

In this last episode of the season, I explore the concept of gender gurus - people of another gender who can shed light and share their experiences on how they view issues affecting gender equality. The idea of gender gurus is new to me and came from an article by Leah Fessler about Josh Felser, founder and partner at Freestyle VC. I think it's genius, because we're all experts in our own experiences and if we share those experiences with someone else, we expand our collective knowledge...


The Power Of The Vote

This special episode departs from our usual format to remind us of the privilege and responsibility of voting and shares the voices and perspectives of some awesome women about why voting is important to them. Please vote! Resources in this episode: African-American Women's Suffrage Movement Heidi Williamson, 2013, "Women's Equality Day Celebrating the 19th Amendment's Impact on Reproductive Health and Rights" Eugene Scott, 2017, "The Democratic Party Owes Black Female Voters A Big Thank...


MeToo Redemption

What's required to come back from a #MeToo incident? Time alone is not enough. This episode explores what a path to redemption might look like -- it might include some atonement that shows humility and a desire to change. This episode also tackles some societal changes we might need to make to reduce the likelihood of #MeToo moments in the future. Listen in and see what you think, then let me know what changes you would suggest by emailing me at unravelingpink@gmail.com. Resources in this...


Suggestion: Speak Up

Why are we so afraid to speak up when someone makes a sexist remark? Or when we witness discrimination or inappropriate touching? The reasons are a bit different for men and women and some may surprise you. These reasons are explored in this episode, along with some suggestions of how to overcome the bystander effect and use your voice to move us forward to gender equality. Listen in. Resources in this Episode: Ally of the week: Kourosh Hemmat, "Halifax Taxi Driver Reportedly Kick...


How Diverse Is Your Bookshelf?

This week's episode shines the spotlight on the representation of women on our big screens, little screens, conference daises, and bookshelves. It's worth taking some time to consider the messages we receive from all forms of entertainment and education and whether we are getting a balanced view of the world. If you come to the realization that your bookshelf needs more female authors on it, never fear, we have a list of some favorite female authors and books. Check them out! Tweet your...


Must Boys Be Boys? The Impact of Design on Women

With the recent public discourse around "boys being boys" and the associated impact on women, I spent some time looking at how our world and communities are designed. What I found (which won't surprise most women) is that most aspects of the world we encounter are not designed with women in mind -- likely because they are often designed without the input of women. This episode dives a bit into how our communities, tech, and other aspects of our lives are designed, and sheds some light on...


I Hate My Voice

What could be more unique to each of us than our voices? Yet, many of us get criticized for how we sound. In the business world, it is often women whose voices are criticized, forcing women who want to be taken seriously to adjust their voices - those peculiarly unique to them - to be more masculine. This episode explores voices, criticism of voices, and some of the biology that impacts how we sound. Listen in... Resources from this episode: "Former Chelsea player says women’s voices are...


Emotional Leadership

This episode explores emotion and the workplace, in particular, the value of emotion for leaders. My conclusion: we should encourage more emotion at work, and accept it equally regardless of the identity of the person expressing it. Do you agree? Let me know at unravelingpink@gmail.com. Resources from this episode: Tina Young, 5 Feminine Traits Conscious Leaders Cultivate Daina Middleton, Grace Meets Grit Serena Williams video John McEnroe video David K. Williams, Forbes.com, 7/18/2013,...


All The Good Ones Are Taken

Should you have women on your corporate board? Studies and a current bill winding its way through California’s legislative process say yes. This episode explores some of the complaints raised about putting women on a board and shares resources for where to find female board members (once you’re convinced it’s a good idea ... or required by law to do it) and where women interested in board service can get plugged in. Spoiler: all the good ones are NOT taken.


I Couldn’t Let Go

After a summer break for some podcasting introspection, Unraveling Pink is back, with new episodes being released this Fall to create conversations around gender equality at work. Listen in and share how your conversations go!


An Unraveling Pink Reflection

After almost a year and a half of Unraveling Pink, Annie reflects on the highlights and explores the format and content for the future. Have thoughts on format or guests? Share them on Twitter to @UnravelingPink, by email to UnravelingPink@gmail.com, or on our Contact page. Unraveling Pink will be on summer break until August or September. In the meantime, enjoy past episodes and challenges that will be posted on Twitter!


Should We Get More Intimate At Work?

In this week's episode, Annie floats the hypothesis that perhaps more intimacy at work could be the antidote to our #MeToo culture. What do you think? Did your views change at all before and after listening to this episode? Share your thoughts at https://unravelingpink.com/contact/.


Hey, Maybe This Is Going To Be Awkward, But...

In this episode, Dan and Marion share stories about the single-gender conversations they are having about the #MeToo movement, how to be an ally to another gender when no one of that gender is in the room, how a more comprehensive look at gender equality requires looking at the assumptions we apply to men, and how we can start having more tough conversations. They model for us how to have these sometimes awkward conversations, highlight some of the challenges in this #MeToo culture, and...


Two Dudes Writing About Women, with David Smith

In this episode, we hear from former Navy Commanding Officer, David Smith, a sociologist who co-authored Athena Rising, a book by men to men about mentoring women. Dave dives into some of the challenges men face today mentoring women in the #MeToo environment, and highlights the benefits -- to men -- that show why men should double-down on interacting with their female colleagues - not pull away.


What Is Your Diversity Story? with Jennifer Brown

In this episode, Jennifer Brown -- CEO and Founder, Jennifer Brown Consulting, and Author of Inclusion: Diversity, The New Workplace & The Will To Change -- shares her perspective on finding our diversity stories (hint: everyone has one), asks some tough questions about how you show up at work, and shares insights into how you can inspire others at work.


Let’s Give Each Other A Chance, With Jacqueline Steenhuis

In today’s #WomenHelpingWomen story, we hear from Jacqueline Steenhuis who shares how a woman took a chance on her.


It Can Be Scary When Someone Believes In You

Today’s #WomenHelpingWomen story shows the power and responsibility that comes when someone believes in you.


Let Me Tell You What People Think Of You

In today’s #WomenHelpingWomen story, a gift of reflecting back how you appear to the world.


Be Careful What You Say Aloud To Awesome Women - It Might Become Reality

Amazing things can happen when you have awesome women on your team. #WomenHelpingWomen


When Someone Fiercely Advocates For You

In today’s #WomenHelpingWomen, we hear a story of advocating publicly for someone else. Who have you advocated for today?