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#99 Building Team Through Coffee

In this episode, Annie talks with a long-time friend, Noah Lemas, about what increasing gender equality in the workplace feels like for a 50-ish white male, why he left the traditional workplace, and what the workplace lost when he left it. Enjoy!


#98 Sam Has An Epiphany

In this week's episode, Sam and Annie try to untangle friendship - among men and among women - and dig deep into the past to understand why they see friendship as they do. In the process, Sam has an epiphany about the man box. This episode may take you down your own memory lane. Enjoy!


#97 Rub Some Emotional Dirt On It

In this episode, Sam and I start to explore how the man box shows up in leadership, but this launching point took us to an exploration of authenticity. Also, a confession by Sam, a recommendation, and a challenge. Enjoy!


#96 Time For Some New Voices

In this episode, Sam and Annie explore the Patriarchy - what it really is (which may not be what you think), why it's so pervasive, and what we might be able to do to change it. Resources in this episode: Philippe Leonard Fradet, "7 Reasons Why Patriarchy Is Bad (and Feminism is Good) for Men" (https://thebodyisnotanapology.com/magazine/7-reasons-why-patriarchy-is-bad-and-feminism-is-good-for-men/) Charlotte Higgins, "The age of patriarchy: how an unfashionable idea became a rallying cry for...


#95 When There's No Man Box Release Valve

Please note: This episode deals with gun violence. In this episode, Sam and I explore the connection between the man box and gun violence and mass shootings. We hope this sparks some conversation about this difficult topic and, more importantly, that it encourages you to reach out to those in your life to check in with them. Let us know your thoughts on this conversation by email to unravelingpink@gmail.com or message us on Twitter @unravelingpink. Resources in this episode: Intro audio clip...


#94 If You’re "Qualified," You Make The List

Sam and I kick off the Fall 2019 season exploring what happened with the Forbe's America's 100 Most Innovative Leaders list, whether it truly reflects merit or, instead, historical privilege, and whether the "man box" had a role. In this season, we'll continue exploring how we all contribute to and are affected by the man box, and where it shows up in current events. Let us know what you think! Resources in this episode: Intro audio from MSNBC...


#93 Nothing Is Impossible

In this final episode of the "man box" season, Sam and I reflect on the season - what it's been like to sit across from someone of another gender and talk about gender issues - and we issue a challenge to all of you to do the same. We offer some suggestions based on our experience - our successes and failures - and close with Sam's thoughts on what he's learned from this experience. Enjoy! Unraveling Pink will return with a new season in the Fall.


#92 A Camouflage Fanny Pack And A Size M Spacesuit

Extending a bit from the man box, this episode looks at the impact of design on women - this time, with a designer in the conversation, as Sam comes back for another conversation. This week's challenge: observe the world around you and who it is - and is not - designed for. Resources in this episode: "Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men – a review." (http://theconversation.com/invisible-women-exposing-data-bias-in-a-world-designed-for-men-a-review-113693) Aimee...


#91 The Man Box: Not Just For Men

In this episode, we explore whether the man box comes into play when women are attacked for scientific accomplishments. Sam joins the podcast again and we discover common threads among the topics we've tackled this season. We end with a challenge that everyone can take on. Resources in this episode: Katie Bouman talk at Stanford (https://talks.stanford.edu/katie-bouman-imaging-a-black-hole-with-the-event-horizon-telescope/) Jason Duaine Hahn, People.com, “Male Scientist Claps Back at Trolls...


#90 Life Is About Connecting

Well, that was awkward... How often does an interaction with someone trigger that response? In this episode, Sam and I explore the concept of personal boundaries, with Joe Biden as a convenient jumping off point. We come at it from different perspectives and end up with different approaches, which shows just how unique and individual this question is for everyone. How do you approach the personal boundaries of those around you? Resources in this episode: Joe Biden video...


#89 Gaslighting Is A Myth

This episode explores gaslighting and its impact on both men and women. Sam comes back on the pod and we struggle to offer up some solutions to gaslighting. Have a better one? Email it to UnravelingPink@gmail.com or tweet it to @UnravelingPink. Resources in this episode: Gaslight movie excerpt (1944). (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BICqcEvzhVw) Oxford English Dictionary....


#88 Familiarity As The Antidote To Objectification

This week's episode explores objectification of women - why it happens, how it impacts women, and what we can do about it. This week, can you notice the subtle - or not so subtle - ways objectification happens around you? Resources in this episode: ABC News Hot Button Episode: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BmtQZsoyNjE A Call To Men "What Is the Man Box" (http://www.acalltomen.org/news/2017/7/21/what-is-the-man-box) Robin Tran, “4 Ways Men Are Taught to Objectify Women From Birth.”...


#87 Speaking Up When Bias Rears Its Ugly Head

This week's episode dives into why well-meaning male allies might not speak up even when they know they should. The reason surprised me, and it might surprise you too. But what probably won't surprise you - given this season’s theme - is that it is tied to the "man box." This episode's resources: Terry Crews video (https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/celebrities-womens-rights-weinstein-harassment/) Francesca Gino, Harvard Business Review, 5/2018, “Why It’s So Hard to Speak Up Against a...


#86 Can Masculinity Be Redefined?

This week's episode looks at the harm both men and women suffer from traditional definitions of masculinity - that is, the "man box" - and the ways both men and women would benefit from redefining masculinity. Times have changed, can our collective expectations of masculinity change as well? It's not clear that seismic change will happen any time soon, but younger generations are providing hope for incremental change, that eventually will provide men with access to a fuller version of...


#85 Let Me Explain Something

This episode explores the intersection of the man box and mansplaining and includes a special guest to share the male perspective of why mansplaining happens, and what we might do to shut it down. Resources in this episode: "Male Coworkers Were Asking This Woman Whether They Were ‘Mansplaining’, So She Created A Chart" (https://www.boredpanda.com/mansplaining-chart-explanation-kim-goodwin/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic) Rebecca Solnit, 4/13/2008 LA Times, "Men who...


#84 Releasing Us All From The Man Box

Coming off the winter break and a lot of gender equality soul searching, this season will approach gender bias from a different direction -- exploring the "man box" and how it impacts us all. While many definitions and terms abound, the man box generally refers to the societal expectations we place on men -- to be "men" -- that can restrain their full expression of themselves and constrain their ability to speak up or act out against gender bias. I hope you'll join me on this journey as I...


#83 Who Is Your Gender Guru?

In this last episode of the season, I explore the concept of gender gurus - people of another gender who can shed light and share their experiences on how they view issues affecting gender equality. The idea of gender gurus is new to me and came from an article by Leah Fessler about Josh Felser, founder and partner at Freestyle VC. I think it's genius, because we're all experts in our own experiences and if we share those experiences with someone else, we expand our collective knowledge...


#82 The Power Of The Vote

This special episode departs from our usual format to remind us of the privilege and responsibility of voting and shares the voices and perspectives of some awesome women about why voting is important to them. Please vote! Resources in this episode: African-American Women's Suffrage Movement Heidi Williamson, 2013, "Women's Equality Day Celebrating the 19th Amendment's Impact on Reproductive Health and Rights" Eugene Scott, 2017, "The Democratic Party Owes Black Female Voters A Big Thank...


#81 MeToo Redemption

What's required to come back from a #MeToo incident? Time alone is not enough. This episode explores what a path to redemption might look like -- it might include some atonement that shows humility and a desire to change. This episode also tackles some societal changes we might need to make to reduce the likelihood of #MeToo moments in the future. Listen in and see what you think, then let me know what changes you would suggest by emailing me at unravelingpink@gmail.com. Resources in this...


#80 Suggestion: Speak Up

Why are we so afraid to speak up when someone makes a sexist remark? Or when we witness discrimination or inappropriate touching? The reasons are a bit different for men and women and some may surprise you. These reasons are explored in this episode, along with some suggestions of how to overcome the bystander effect and use your voice to move us forward to gender equality. Listen in. Resources in this Episode: Ally of the week: Kourosh Hemmat, "Halifax Taxi Driver Reportedly Kick Catcaller...