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Hey, I'm Tierney. A non-traditional learner, living a constantly curious life. I bring you inspiring stories about people who've built lives worth living without following the status quo.

Hey, I'm Tierney. A non-traditional learner, living a constantly curious life. I bring you inspiring stories about people who've built lives worth living without following the status quo.
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Hey, I'm Tierney. A non-traditional learner, living a constantly curious life. I bring you inspiring stories about people who've built lives worth living without following the status quo.






How Mariana Started Her Own Digital Marketing Agency & Lives as a Digital Nomad

Mariana has over 8 years experience in marketing. She first started as a freelancer while she was working full time. After discovering her passion for traveling, she wanted to work full time remotely and help business owners build their businesses. Pikzel media is a digital marketing agency focusing on all areas of end to end marketing, from business coaching to marketing strategy. Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/mariana.gonzalezfranco/ Website-...


How Chrisa become a Tedx Speaker and Transformational Coach

A TEDx Speaker and a former Political Strategy Advisor, she has extensive experience working with high performing people in high-pressure situations and she excels helping women deal with confidence related issues, stress management and public speaking on stage, in business and in life Through her programs, workshops, and retreats she guides her audience through powerful experiences that help them face their limiting beliefs rewire their brains, master their mindset, change their behaviors,...


How Roxy Ortiz is Non-traditionally Disrupting the Fashion Industry By Combating Textile Waste

Roxy Ortiz comes from a styling background and facilitates a gap in the market to allow users to view clothing as a tool by tagging quality brands. She is able to identify how added value will increase paid partnerships in the era of monetizing personal content. She sees true, sustainable wardrobe going beyond wear and believes in utilizing existing resources to benefit visual culture in a digital age, while consciously cutting clutter and wasteful retail costs. Learn more...


At 20-years-old, Hailey Skipped College, Became A Published Author At 18 & Earns Over 4k Monthly

Hailey is a full-time freelance writer who writes primarily about fitness, marketing, and education. She published her first book, Hope when I published a book, Hope Is The Thing With Feathers, at age eighteen. Hailey has experience in both journalism and content marketing and is a storyteller at heart. Whether you need a full-length magazine feature, a case study, or an SEO-optimized blog post, she can handle it! Learn more about Hailey here: https://thehardworkingcreative.com/ Hope Is The...


Nude Beaches, 150k Yearly Working a Couple Hours a Day & Listening to Our Heart's Desire

Avarea Jeanine Alexander left her corporate job to take a vacation to Hawaii. Little did she know that a nude beach would somehow convince her to never return. Throughout her time in Hawaii, she's continuously practiced and mastered skills which include but aren't limited to: Licensed Minister Spiritual Counselor Colon-hydrotherapy Therapist Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Breath-work Rebirth Facilitator Yoga Instructor Applied Kinesiology Therapist & MultiDimensional...


How Randi Kay Became a Wellness Practitioner & Mentor to Start Her Online Business

Randi Kay is a wellness practitioner + creator of the Simple Self Care Podcast. Based out of Fargo, ND, Randi helps women who are trying to manage their stress and natural rhythms as they balance their work and personal demands. Through her mentoring programs, online courses, and in-person sessions, she teaches holistic ways to tune into your inner wisdom and establish healing seasonal practices. http://www.naturallyrandikay.com/ http://www.naturallyrandikay.com/podcast


How a 26-Year-Old Built a 6-Figure Marketing Business to Fund His Youth Ministry Passion

RC is young and driven to make an impact in this world. After high school and some college, he decided to search for a better way to design his life. RC worked different jobs and experimented with many different business ventures throughout his early 20's where he was first exposed to his entrepreneurial journey. At the young age of 24, RC made his first six figures and decided to take a chance on faith and move into the entrepreneur industry full time shortly after. Recently, he has been in...


How Laura Amy Earns Over 6K Monthly with Her International Business

Laura Amy is a Mindset & Business coach, supporting women all over the World to achieve their potential, build successful businesses and transform their relationships with themselves, the people they love and their finances. Her specialties include helping women overcome anxiety, stress, fear and the negative barriers holding them back from the success they desire. Having started her first business at the age of 18, she has worked with clients across the globe for over 12 years and for the...


How Adri Turned Her Own limiting Beliefs & Past Emotional Hurt into an International Business.

This is the story of Adri Kyser and how she turned her pain into a passionate and profitable business. Adri’s programs will help you discover the innate power of true inner beauty, awaken your intuition, enhance your spiritual connection, and improve your overall health and wellness.