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Ep. 1: Taking A Month Long Vacation with Cyndi Thomason

Today we're talking with Cyndi Thomason, one of my dear friends and the owner of BooksKeep eCommerce bookkeeping service. She is also one of the leading strategies and implementor of the Profit First strategy where she helps sellers build and run a profitable business. *Note we waited until Cyndi returned from her vacation to post this show! She is back and working now! But today, we're going to talk about something that is probably a foreign concept to many people - something they...


Ep. 10 "If You Only Knew..."

Today we’re going to be talking about something I hear at nearly every conference and almost every one-on-one coaching session I start with a new client. And to be honest, it’s something I still work on myself. At some point in your entrepreneurial career someone has probably come up to you and said how really impressed they are with you. They tell you how they really look up to you and what you’ve done and the fact you’re running a successful business. It’s usually followed by some...


Ep. 9: Make Your Business Run Like Clockwork with Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz is a business owner, speaker, and the author of the best selling book Profit First. He has quickly come one of the most prolific business writers out there. Mike's mission is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty. In his new book, Mike shares what it takes to create the systems so that you aren't a slave to your business. In this episode, Mike discusses the very definition of the “entrepreneur” and what it takes to get to the next level in business. He also gives us a...


Ep. 8: A Manufacturer's Perspective on Amazon with Steve Mark from Tenzi

In this episode, we are talking directly to a manufacturer in the toy industry to get their perspective about selling on Amazon. Steve Mark is the Executive Dice President of Tenzi which is a great family game and fellow ASTRA member. Steve talks about how Tenzi came about and what their experience trying to navigate the waters of Amazon has been. They have experienced some amazing growth. However, with major growth companies often face major hurdles. Steve shares how important his brick...


Ep. 7: How to Hire A Virtual Assistant Successfully with Nathan Hirsch of Freeeup.com

In this episode, we have Nathan Hirsh the Owner of Freeup.com/Nest. He shares from his vast experience working with virtual assistants what works and what doesn't work when hiring virtual assistants. We share about considerations about hiring virtual help. As you go from scrappy entrepreneurs to CEO of an e-commerce business you have to make sure that you are working on tasks that get you a good ROI on your time. Step one is identifying where you are in your business. Are you hiring someone...


Ep. 6: Am I Ready To Hire?

In this episode, we talk about hiring someone for your Amazon business. This includes your first hire and some advice for those you are ready to hire more people in your business so that you can move to more of a CEO position and daily task list. With your first hire, you want to make sure you have thought how long you expect this person to stay in your business, what they will be doing, and what are realistic expectations of their tasks and skill sets. You want to consider what personality...


Ep. 5: Making Growth Predictable With Setting Buying Guidelines and Goals

Some goals are stupid. We hear people say that it can be true. In this episode, we talk a bit about our obsession with goals and also about the importance of setting clear buying criteria. We believe that everything in our business has to have a level of intentionality. I value the time with my family, my friends, and hobbies to waste time working in my business just hoping it will work out. Goals in my business allow me to focus on the activities that will help move the dial on bringing in...


Ep. 4: Should I Attend the ASD Trade Show In Las Vegas?

In this show, we share a little bit about ASD and some of the considerations you should think about if you are debating whether or not to attend. ASD is a trade show in Las Vegas that happens twice a year. The plays happen in July/August and in March. It is a general show that has a lot of different categories represented. We have always had excellent luck with sourcing at ASD. It is one of the largest shows as it fills up the entire Las Vegas convention center. There is also free...


Ep. 3: Three Metrics To Grow Your Business Selling on Amazon

This episode we share about three metrics that you should be looking at when you are trying to increase your gross sales. Before sharing this I share what you need to be watching in your business to make sure that you are not sacrificing bottom line growth for top line sales. We especially see increased gross sales with a decrease in bottom line when people are growing very rapidly and using leverage such as an Amazon loan. While we focus on short team lead measures like weekly spend,...


Ep. 2: So You Want To Sell On Amazon (Starting an E-Commerce Business)

In this episode, we are going to be talking about the foundations of selling on Amazon. If you have been thinking about selling on Amazon this episode for you as we focus on the basics of starting your Amazon business and are picking sourcing models. If you are already an Amazon seller and have income coming in, then you probably have been asked by others how to start their own Amazon business. Don't worry there is some information that would apply toward existing sellers, especially if you...


Welcome to the Unstoppable Amazon Academy Show

Welcome to the Unstoppable Amazon Academy Show We are so excited to be back to sharing our information on building profitable, sustainable businesses through e-commerce. While there are a lot of other podcasts about selling on Amazon, however, we are going to focus on the advanced skills, the mindset, interviews from advanced sellers, and e-commerce news to help you continue to grow in your business. This episode is an introduction to us and what you can expect from the show. In one...