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USR 413: Overcoming A Scarcity Mindset So You Can Earn More And Grow Faster

No matter the age or stage in your business, sometimes we get scared. We get a little worried when we don’t hit our goal for the week or a client decides to leave. No matter the obstacle, scarcity is always something that sets in. In today’s episode I want to help you overcome this mindset so you can grow and earn faster! I don’t want this mindset to hold you back. Having scarcity thoughts can cause poor decisions for your business. So let’s take a step back and if you do these three...


USR 412: Gaining Visibility By Just Being YOU with Reina Pomeroy

Do you ever feel like you are lost in the crowd? With so many online business people out there, how can you make yourself stand out? In this episode we are talking to CEO and founder of Reina and Company, Reina Pomeroy. Turns out the key to visibility is CONNECTION. And while it’s easier said than done, you’re in luck because Reina is sharing her system! You’ll learn how to get leads resonating with you, chatting with you, and buying from you simply by being you. (3:40) “If you haven’t...


USR 411: Sell More Using Your 3 Layers Of Unique Differentiation

Online businesses have become the majority rather then the minority it was just a few years ago. No matter what stage or age you are business is in, you need to understand what makes you different. What makes you standout in the crowd? In today’s episode we are exploring how to sell more using your three layer of differentiation. It’s not always about the strategy but going just a little bit deeper, and finding something to connect with. When you know exactly how to attract your ideal...


USR 410: Stepping Into Your Greatness As The True CEO Of Your Business

Leadership is everything in your business. I see entrepreneurs from all walks of life--from startups to multi million dollar businesses still working as a ‘super employee’ and not as the CEO. So many business owners still struggle with this and almost always it ends in burnout. I am here to make a change! I am on a mission to break the cycle of burnout and CEOs not living their true potential. It’s time to step into your greatness as the TRUE CEO of your business. My new book ‘Bigger Than...


USR 409: Spiritual Law Practices with Lisa Fraley

How many of us get a little scared about the legal stuff in our businesses? Creating contracts, starting an LLC or even putting together legal language for the website--there is a lot we have to think about. Today I want to change that mindset. Today, we are talking to legal coach, attorney and best-selling author Lisa Fraley. She is on a mission to help small business owners understand that law can be accessible, loving and even spiritual. Don’t let the legal stuff stop you from growing...


USR 408: The Rise Of Short Form Content

Online content has gone through some phases over the years. We went from long posts, to long form videos, to short form video, and finally to right now. Right now we are in the middle of short form content--videos, stories, and posts. Now, I still believe that content is king but how do we capture our message in so little words? This episode is all about walking you through the rise of short form content and how you can get a better ROI from it. What you have to remember is how important...


USR 407: Systems For Adding New Strategies For Growth To Your Business

You know that feeling when you start your business? It’s so new that you spend all your time planning and executing, so all you can do is watch it grow. Then you hit a point, and the work gets overwhelming and you start to work longer hours because you have items on your plate. It then becomes time to build a team and put systems into place that will help your people and the company grow. So in today’s episode I am sharing the systems you need to add new strategies to your already...


USR 406: How to Use Instagram for PR with Patricia Maristch

When you think of ‘public relations’ a lot of traditional things probably come to mind. Magazine placements, television appearances, or newspapers even, but what about Instagram? Instagram has opened up a whole new field for PR firms and for businesses to promote on. Today we are talking to PR manager and founder of Piqued Public Relations Patricia Maristch. She is walking us through, step by step, how she helps clients connect with influencers online and then promote their...


USR 405: Go For What You REALLY Want In Life

Have you ever thought about making a leap? Doing something that requires some faith and thinking ‘well what is really stopping me’. Take some time to really reflect about that. It’s the little things that stop us from doing something major in our lives and business. Today’s episode is all about going after what you REALLY want out of life. It’s about not letting the little things stop you from seeing the bigger picture. Don’t compromise on your happiness or freedom--take life by the...


USR 404: 3 Mindset Shifts Required To Go From 6 To 7 Figures

“The mindset that you carry really determines the impact the actions that you make.” --Kelly Roach Mindset, mindset, mindset. It always seems to creep into every topic we cover here on the show. We always have to circle back to it but it affects every aspect of our lives. There is no escaping needing to create a strong, healthy foundation. In this episode I am going to share with you 3 mindset shifts you can make today that will take you from 6 to 7 figures in your business....


USR 403: Profit Planning with Haley Burkhead

When was the last time you felt true freedom in your business? We fill our schedules up so much with tasks and projects but how many of them are really going to help grow our business? It’s time to stop feeling overworked and trapped in your business. Today we are talking to Haley Burkhead, CEO of Profit Planning Lounge and host of the Profit Planning Podcast, where she helps business owners scale their online businesses using profit focused profitability. She is sharing how important...


USR 402: Locking Arms With Those Who Encourage You To Grow

Woohoo--you asked and we have delivered! We have opened a Facebook community just for you. It’s called The Tribe of Unstoppables. We are bringing you all together to ask questions, get referrals, generate leads and so much more. The group is already off the ground and filled with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners already. I want to make sure everyone gets the chance to check it out and join this booming community! Head over to www.kellyroachcoaching.com/community , answer...


USR 401: The Inside Work Of Building A Successful Business

If you have been an entrepreneur for any period of time, you know that there is a lot that we need to have in order to sustain profitable results. Things like speed, action, momentum and most importantly perseverance are going to be the things prospects want to see. However, these are just the things that make up the hard exterior of the business. There is a softer side that makes you into the person that can sustain the business over a period of time. In today’s episode I am talking...


USR 400: Optimizing Your Website For Success with Jill Stanton

Where is the one place prospects can go to see all of your offerings and get a better understand of YOU!? It’s your website, your home base!! The question is, how do you get more people to see it? Today I brought on co-owner of Screw The Nine to Five and co-host of the ‘Screw The Nine To Five’ podcast with her husband Josh, Jill Stanton and she talking all things WEBSITE TRAFFIC. How you can put a piece of free content on your website and get clients. Check out the full episod to learn...


USR 399: 3 Steps To Ensure Your Businesses Financial Future Starting NOW

If I had one wish for this generations of entrepreneurs it would be to think long term! Stop micromanaging the small stuff in business and start thinking LONG TERM! Don’t get stuck in the short term game! When you start thinking long term you start to plan for the future of your business. It can give you peace of mind, something we all want as entrepreneurs. So in this episode I am sharing with you three steps to ensure that your financial future and how you can start right...


USR 398: The Superpower of LinkedIn with Josh Turner

If I told you that a majority of your clients could be coming from LinkedIn, would you believe me? LinkedIn has changed so much over the past couple of years and it can be your next social media superpower! Josh Turner, CEO of Linked Selling and LinkedIn expert, is here talking about how this is the most important platform for any business owner to be on. It’s time to be present on LinkedIn and start using it for what it is made to do -- connecting you with premium prospects that you...


USR 397: Spreading Positivity Through Copywriting with Liz Theresa

“I’m not a writer, so I can’t write”--Liz Theresa This mindset is WAY too common in the business space. Just because you didn’t grow up writing doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to say. In this episode we are talking to web designer, copywriter and CEO of LizTheresa.com, Liz Theresa. She is walking us through how everyone can express themselves in different ways and on different platforms. There are plenty of platforms for you, the business owner, to flourish. Liz is sharing...


USR 396: Surviving Summer As A Parentpreneur

Summer is FINALLY here! Get out those swimsuits out, it’s time to catch some rays and enjoy these next couple of months. For all those ‘parentprenuer’s’ out there, your summer months might look a little different. With the kids being home and a business to run, it can be hard to find a balance. So in this episode, I am sharing with you 3 tips on how to survive summer as a parentpreneur. From chasing the kids around the yard to finding your perfect power hour! Check out the full episode...


USR 395: How To Build Your Audience With Podcasts

We have been talking a lot about organic marketing lately, aka how can you, a business owner or entrepreneur, reach thousands of people without spending hundreds of dollars a week? Podcasting might just be your solution. Having a podcast or being a guest on other podcasts is a great way to get exposure to new audiences, and you could be doing this every week. This strategy is low to no cost and gives you credibility on topics and subjects. If you haven’t built podcast ‘guesting’ into...


USR 394: Six Figures and Beyond (Without Advertising!) with Angie Lee

What if I told you there is a way to build your business to make six figures WITHOUT paying a single dollar on advertising? Sounds crazy right?! You can change the way you market your business by simply showing up. In this episode I am talking to the AMAZING Angie Lee: organic marketing expert, Instagram influencer and host of the top rated podcast, ‘The Angie Lee Show.’ She is breaking down how she built her online brand using NO ADS! You’ll learn how she built a community with trust...