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Ashindi Maxton - Democracy Reform, Racial and Social Justice

Ashindi is an independent strategist and donor advisor in democracy reform, social and racial justice. She has developed funding strategies informing more than $100 million in investments from some of the largest foundations and individual donors in the United States - including the Democracy Alliance, the Ford Foundation, The Women Donors Network, the Sandler Family Foundation, and PowerPAC. Ashindi co-founded the Emergent Fund, a post 2016 election rapid response fund supporting...


Episode 6 - Podcast Mashup - Between Two Millenials

This week we’re proud to bring you our first Podcast Mash-up. Jonathan McClelland, recent Pepperdine Grad and the Host of Between Two Millenials, and I - decided to co-host a show on the ways in which Millenials are approaching social innovation and social entrepreneurship. We cover a broad range of topics from cultural influences to changing perspectives on traditional nonprofit organizations. We also talk about the role of the socially aware consumer and the steps Millenials, in...


Peachy Myers - Community Engagement, Foundation Communities

At some point in time, every social innovator faces the daunting task of growing beyond their initial customers and inspiring the larger community. Questions quickly arise in response to the challenge: How can we connect in a meaningful way to more and more people? How can we leverage our existing supporters to get the word out? What does it take to create raving fans and evangelists for our product or service? To help us explore these questions and talk through tangible strategies any...


Tools You Can Use

This week we’re switching things up and launching our first Tools You Can Use episode. We’ve been trying to think of an efficient way to respond to the questions that have been coming in from listeners - and thought we would try this on for size. The most common question we’ve been asked is “how do you even get started? I’m committed to a cause but not sure where to begin.” There are so many ways to begin, but here are three quick steps that come to mind: Step 1: I’d read “It’s not what...


Episode 5 - Lidija Sekaric - Sunshot Initiative

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Lidija Sekaric about ways to disrupt an industry and leveraging government resources. Lydia has held a number of progressive positions within the Department of Energy over the last eight years. As a Director, Deputy Director, and Group Manager in the SunShot Initiative, Lidija managed a portfolio of $1B in project funding in solar research and development. She helped drive the near and long-term solar program strategy, out-year budgets, and new...


Episode 4 - Hal Cato - CEO of Thistle Farms

Scaling the Social Enterprise There are generally three types of risk a social enterprise must manage as it grows and scales over time: concept risk, execution risk, and scale risk. In this week's episode we talk with Hal Cato, CEO of Thistle Farms as he manages the execution risks of a growing social enterprise and lays the groundwork for a dramatic scaling effort that includes more than 450 Whole Foods stores, supply chain integration with other social enterprises across...


Episode 3 - Tala de los Santos, Global Program Leader, PATH

Throughout the world, we can find instances where the market has failed to deliver sustainable solutions. Whether addressing education, health, or energy, a market may not have the necessary capital, expertise, or free cash flow to design and create an adequate response to a community challenge. In this week's episode, we explore how PATH is taking a proactive approach to commercializing health solutions in some of our most remote communities. Tala de los Santos, Global Program Leader for...


Episode 2 - Thinley Namgyel - Chief Environment Officer - Bhutan Climate Change Division

Climate change remains one of the biggest threats to humanity and will no doubt change the direction of our economies, cultures, and collective futures. It can be hard, however, to determine the ways in which we can combat such changes given breadth and scale of the changes underway. Thinley Namgyel serves as the Chief Environment Officer for the government of Bhutan and works on the front lines of our changing landscape. Even though I've known Thinley for more than twenty years - I...


Episode 1 - Michael MacHarg

This week's guest - Michael Macharg Overview: There are very few social entrepreneurs with the breadth and depth of experience as Mike MacHarg. Mike's career spans micro-finance, drug development, progressive purchasing and sustainable energy, and now impact investing with Mercy Corps ventures. In this episode, we take a look at: Mike's self-effacing style is a pleasure to listen to and the show is chalk full of wisdom for new and experienced social entrepreneurs alike. Show...