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Best Of Unthinkable: Constraints and Creativity

We all wish we had the wide open creative field -- total creative freedom. It turns out, however, that creative freedom doesn't work. It may not even exist. Today, two stories about constraints, creativity, and the surprising outcomes of embracing limitations. If you enjoy these stories, there are a few ways to go deeper: - Inquire about my keynote speaking for your next event or company meeting at jayacunzo.com - Subscribe to my blog to get a few short ideas on creativity, finding your...


I Made It: Joanna Wiebe Takes Us Inside a Timeless Writing Project

Joanna Wiebe never meant to quit her job and start her business, Copyhackers. In fact, she quit Intuit by accident. Blame the boss, or the wine, or the way Outlook was configured. But don't blame fate. In fact, THANK fate, if you believe in such things, because without Joanna leaving her job all those years ago, thousands of aspiring writers would be worse-off ... and thousands of pages of great writing teaching writing may not exist. If you enjoy these stories, there are a few ways to go...


Best of Unthinkable: Carving the White Whale

Today, a classic episode from the Unthinkable archives about Erik Devaney, a writer and content marketer, who goes deep inside the emotions and the amusing tale of carving the white whale. Find Erik's Medium article, referenced in the story, right here. If you enjoy these stories, there are 3 ways to go deeper: - Inquire about my keynote speaking for your next event or company meeting at jayacunzo.com - Subscribe to my blog to get a few short ideas on creativity, finding your voice, and...


BONUS: The Book Writing Process with Ryan Hawk

A bonus, behind-the-scenes episode originally aired on the popular podcast, The Learning Leader Show. --- Ryan's book, Welcome to Management, is now available on Amazon. You can find his podcast, The Learning Leader Show, on Apple and everywhere you podcast. --- If you enjoyed this episode, there are a few ways to go deeper with my work: - Inquire about my keynote speaking for your next event or company meeting at jayacunzo.com - Subscribe to my blog to get a few short ideas on...


3 Clips: The Subtle Genius of Radiolab's Hosts

3 Clips is the official podcast of my company, Marketing Showrunners. MSR serves marketers who want to find and share their voice, make a difference, and shift the culture of their industries. We believe the best vehicle for doing this is called a show, so we want to help marketers make their audience's favorite shows. In this episode, we deconstruct an episode of Radiolab called "Memory and Forgetting." If you enjoy these stories, here are a few ways to go deeper: - Subscribe to 3 Clips...


Best of Unthinkable: The Pike and the Minnow

Today, a classic episode from the Unthinkable archives about InVision, a software company that made a feature film seem less risky than writing more How-To blog posts. If you enjoy these stories, there are 3 ways to go deeper: - Inquire about my keynote speaking for your next event or company meeting at jayacunzo.com - Subscribe to my blog to get a few short ideas on creativity, finding your voice, and questioning best practices: bit.ly/acunzosub - Support what I do by purchasing a copy...


I Made It: Chase Jarvis Deconstructs His Writing Process

"I Made It" is the podcast I'm creating together with Podia, which sells tools for creators who run their own businesses, helping them sell things like courses, digital downloads, and membership/paid subscription. In this episode, world-class photographer and the CEO of CreativeLive Chase Jarvis deconstructs a favorite project: his book, Creative Calling. Subscribe to the I Made It feed separately wherever you podcast, or join the newsletter for the show at podia.com/podcast To work with...


Introducing "3 Clips" | Understanding Great Podcasts, a Few Pieces at a Time

Today, the second of two new original podcasts I've been working on: 3 Clips, the official podcast of Marketing Showrunners. SUBSCRIBE TO 3 CLIPS WHEREVER YOU LISTEN Apple. Overcast. Spotify. Stitcher. On 3 Clips, we make sense of great podcasts, a few little pieces at a time. In this episode, the debut episode of the show, we profile one of marketing's most under-appreciated yet stellar podcasts, talking to the hosts to dig up some hidden creative techniques and ideas. ABOUT...


Introducing "I Made It" | World-Class Creators Deconstruct 1 Favorite Project

Announcing the launch of a brand new podcast I'm hosting and writing, "I Made It," the official show of Podia. You can subscribe wherever you listen, but also join our exclusive community at podia.com/podcast -- you'll get exclusive content + invites to join me and Podia CMO Len Markidan on live video calls, discussing creativity, the various creative types of work we all do, and creator businesses. Enjoy the show!


5 Small Ideas with Big Impact

Today, a reinvented type of episode sharing 5 quick concepts that can help transform your work (or, yanno ... do a little good here and there at least?) -- -- -- HELPFUL LINKS: Book Jay to speak: jayacunzo.com Read Marketing Showrunners, the media company Jay founded to help cover and advance the practice of brands making original series: READ or SUBSCRIBE FREE


The Green Smoothie Problem

When you share an idea and others simply don't get it, what's happening? And how can we be more persuasive in presenting our creative ideas so we can do our best work? Link to subscribe: marketingshowrunners.com/subscribe Inquiries about Jay's public speaking appearances: jayacunzo.com or email speaking@unthinkablemedia.com Jay's book is available in print, Kindle, and audio forms on Amazon. It's called Break the Wheel: Question Best Practices, Hone Your Intuition, and Do Your Best Work


A Small Fiction [Revisited]

Today, we revisit an episode from earlier this year while we're between seasons: One of the smallest, but highest-impact, creative projects on the internet. -- -- -- Book Jay to speak at your next event or company meeting: jayacunzo.com Learn more about making an irresistible show for your brand. Visit MarketingShowrunners.com and join free subscribers from Red Bull, Adobe, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Wistia, Roku, the BBC, and more.


The Stuff Inside [Revisited]

Today, we replay a classic episode from the Unthinkable archives, involving the fastest-growing B2B app of all-time, a TV producer-turned-speaker, and a healthy dose of examining the backwards way we approach content as brands. -- -- -- Book Jay for your next event or company meeting. Visit jayacunzo.com Interested in learning more about making a great show to support your brand? Visit MarketingShowrunners.com, the media company founded by Jay, to read and subscribe for free. You'll be in...


Deconstructing the Art of the Interview

In this episode, Ryan Hawk, host of the Learning Leader Show, and Jay Acunzo deconstruct the art of conducting a great interview for shows and in conversation with others. Among other things, we'll explore... -What to do when the other person won't open up. -How to create an environment where others feel they can share their best ideas (i.e. how to cut through the corporate babble) -Deconstructing Ryan's three most challenging interviews: NBA player JJ Redick, filmmaker/screenwriter/TV...


Dumb Ways to Die [Revisited]

When we dub something a creative smash hit, we often point to the final product, as if their work was neatly contained in this one project. But it's often what happens AFTER something launches that makes it successful. Today, a revisited story about how to build momentum. -- -- -- For insights on how to make a great show for your brand, visit MarketingShowrunners.com and join marketing leaders from companies like Red Bull, Roku, Adode, Salesforce, Shopify, Wistia, Zendesk, the BBC, and...


How to Reinvent Live Music

A story from Unthinkable producer and Marketing Showrunners staff writer, Tallie Gabriel, about a startup that's gone global with its attempts at reinventing live music, and how they manage to use small changes to create consistent innovation across dozens of cities and hundreds of venues. (Oh, and their venues? Yeah, they aren't technically venues...) Follow @talligator_ and @jayacunzo For speaking inquiries for Jay Acunzo, visit jayacunzo.com Music in this episode partly provided by New...


Something Smelly This Way Comes [Revisited]

When a past story Unthinkable listeners absolutely loved resurfaces in a rather facepalmy way, it's time to listen back to this ridiculous story. For speaking inquiries to have Jay at your next event or company meeting, visit jayacunzo.com or explore his book, Break the Wheel, at jayacunzo.com/book. You can join marketing leaders from brands like Red Bull, Roku, Adobe, Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk, Wistia, the BBC, Drift, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and more who subscribe to Marketing Showrunners,...


What's Next for Unthinkable

A brief look at where we started, where we're at, and where we're going.


The Man Bun [Revisited]

Scott looks every part a blacksmith. And while he might not work with any actual metal, he still forges his work with red hot fire. Today, we rerun a classic Unthinkable episode. Join marketing leaders at companies like Red Bull, Roku, Mailchimp, Adobe, Shopify, Salesforce, and the BBC who get my Marketing Showrunners newsletter: One email per month to help marketers make great original series, like podcasts, video shows, and documentaries, to build passionate audiences. Subscribe at...


Creative Cafe: We All Write Menus

Mike Lombardi runs one of the best new restaurants on the planet. Hearing him speak, it kinda seems like that's ALL our jobs. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, all about brands making shows. Subscribers include leaders from Red Bull, Roku, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Shopify, Wistia, and more: marketingshowrunners.com/subscribe Book Jay to speak at your company or event: jayacunzo.com