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This is Up Arrow Podcast where we feature successful people in the venture capital, B2B, and e-commerce industries as they discuss how entrepreneurs can improve their business and drive their profits to the next level.


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This is Up Arrow Podcast where we feature successful people in the venture capital, B2B, and e-commerce industries as they discuss how entrepreneurs can improve their business and drive their profits to the next level.



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Internationalization: Growing from Roughly $130M to $200M With Tyson Drake

Tyson Drake is a fractional CMO for eight- to nine-figure DTC brands, helping them scale profitably. As a self-taught affiliate marketer, he became the CMO of The Oodie, where he trained an in-house team of over 25 people across performance marketing, creative, and e-commerce, scaling the company to nine figures across eight markets. In this episode… As an e-commerce brand, expanding into international markets can skyrocket profitable growth in multiple areas, and a robust marketing strategy is crucial to this expansion. What strategies can you harness to penetrate new markets for exponential growth? Global marketing powerhouse Tyson Drake scaled to $200 million in yearly revenue by diversifying in multiple international markets. He attributes this achievement to his progressive internalization strategy, which involved having complete visibility into his business operations and regional trends to allocate budgets effectively across channels. This omnichannel distribution is essential in targeting your total addressable market and identifying growth opportunities. When measuring ROI for your efforts, focus on contribution dollars rather than profit margins for a more accurate growth measurement. In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris chats with fractional CMO Tyson Drake about allocating your marketing budget to scale into international markets. Tyson talks about targeting new demographics, how to launch into new channels and promote new products during global expansion, and how to navigate a saturated market.


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Marketing to Mindstates: Behavior Design for DTC eCommerce With Will Leach

Will Leach is the Founder of Mindstate Group, a behavioral research and brand consultancy that specializes in identifying the unconscious factors driving consumer behavior. As the world’s leading expert on subconscious mindstate research, he works with innovative brands to uncover actionable consumer insights. Will is also the best-selling author of Marketing to Mindstates and is a Behavioral Design Instructor at the Texas A&M Human Behavior Lab. In this episode… Have you ever been captivated by an ad that seemed to read your mind or wondered why certain products make their way into your shopping cart almost without thought? Behavioral psychology plays a huge role in consumer purchasing decisions. So how can you leverage psychological mindstates in your marketing? According to passionate behavioral marketer Will Leach, mindstates are emotional motivations that make consumers susceptible to influence. In these moments, they’re more likely to make rash, subconscious decisions that satisfy demands. Marketers can leverage these mindstates to influence purchasing decisions and drive brand awareness. Behavioral marketing techniques include employing visual cues to increase your ads’ stopping rate and developing a frame of reference to give your product a competitive edge. However, these strategies only capture short-term attention. To sustain brand loyalty, you must shift from emotional allure to demonstrating your products’ rational benefits. In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris converses with Will Leach, the Founder of Mindstate Group, about the practical applications of behavioral marketing. Will talks about the influence of the environment on purchasing decisions, how brands can harness psychological cues to create persuasive marketing campaigns, and why brands struggle with rapid growth.


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Commerce Is Culture: Muses, Archetypes, and Visions With Phillip Jackson

Phillip Jackson is the Co-founder of Future Commerce, a media company helping retailers and e-commerce companies understand the future of commerce and culture. With an engaged global audience of over 100,000 executives, his reach spans seven retail and digital commerce-focused content realms. As a writer, speaker, and marketer, Phillip has spent decades shaping brands and e-commerce businesses, guiding them from $10 million to $100 million and beyond. In this episode… Brands are vying for consumer attention online, but trends have become relative to specific audiences. As consumers are overwhelmed by purchasing choices and brands seek differentiation, holidays and other cultural events have become perpetual marketing campaigns. How does this relentless pursuit of relevance impact culture and commerce, and how can brands contribute to this discourse? With diverse cultural experiences under his belt, Phillip Jackson recognizes the relationship between culture and commerce, maintaining that e-commerce brands shape societal culture and consumer behaviors. He says to embrace this fusion by incorporating cultural motifs into your branding strategy to resonate with consumers and foster a stronger connection. You can also leverage archetypes to craft engaging brand narratives. Since culture has become commoditized, structuring marketing campaigns to align with societal changes and cultural movements is crucial to expanding your influence. In the latest edition of the Up Arrow Podcast, Phillip Jackson, the Co-founder of Future Commerce, joins William Harris to discuss the dynamics of commerce as an integral part of culture. Phillip shares how to maintain relevance in a trend-driven market, how e-commerce can reignite the humanities discipline, and how Buy Nothing groups impact consumerism.


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Market Trends, Pitching Journalists, and Editorial Strategy With Phil Rosen

Phil Rosen is an award-winning journalist, author, and the Co-founder and Editor of Opening Bell Daily, an independent news and research outlet. As the former Senior Reporter at Business Insider, he has a passion for finance, market trends, content creation, and community building. Phil is also the Founder of the Creative Journalists Club, where he hosts dinners and events for media professionals in New York City. Additionally, he is a prolific blogger who focuses on personal growth and career guidance. In this episode… What does it take to stand out in a society bombarded by content and fleeting attention? With the media landscape shifting, strategies that once helped professionals gain media acclaim are no longer viable. How can you maximize your influence in your sector? Having left a corporate news outlet to launch an independent media venture, Phil Rosen is knowledgeable about the changing landscape of media and content creation. He notes that leveraging industry insights and market trends in your discipline enables you to adapt and capture emerging opportunities in your business. To maximize your presence and gain visibility, it's crucial to regularly create and share content, interact with your audience, implement their feedback, and establish connections with media professionals to make the most impact in today's attention economy. In this week’s Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris chats with Phil Rosen, the Co-founder and Editor of Opening Bell Daily, about the art of corporate storytelling and influence. Phil shares editorial strategies, the importance of media relationships, and the essential elements of personal branding.


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$459B Market: Innovating the Future of Thermal Insulation With Michael Markesbery

Michael Markesbery is the Co-founder and CEO of OROS Labs, a game-changing material technology company. His leadership and drive for innovation have propelled OROS Labs to create some of the most advanced thermal materials on the planet. Recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 winner, Michael developed Solarcore®, a technology leveraging aerogel's properties to transform insulation in multiple industries. In this episode… Many industries struggle to maintain optimal heating and cooling. Poor insulation in everything from coats to industrial buildings has created a need for more advanced technology. What does it take to become a cross-industry leader in revolutionary technology and innovation? When climbing the Swiss Alps during a college backpacking trip in Europe, Michael Markesbery found he couldn’t stay warm without layering coats. Realizing the insufficiency of insulation in the apparel industry, he set out to develop versatile technology using aerogel to provide insulation for clothing, buildings, and vehicles. Michael demonstrated the technology’s use by creating a jacket that could withstand the below-freezing temperatures of liquid nitrogen, allowing him to demonstrate the product’s unique value in a memorable way for consumers. By differentiating his products from the mass market, Michael cultivated a strong company and transformed the industry. In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris invites Michael Markesbery, the Co-founder and CEO of OROS Labs, to speak about turning a multi-industry problem into cutting-edge solutions. Michael shares how he recruited materials engineer Jeff Nash, his journey from a zoologist to a materials scientist, and how he obtained his pilot’s license.


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What To Build Next? Finding Feature Ideas for Your Online Store With Linda Bustos

Linda Bustos is the Founder and Content Creator at Ecom Ideas, a platform dedicated to unveiling the latest UX and technical trends in the e-commerce industry. In her role, she sources and publishes in-depth insights for digital marketers, product managers, and designers, including a comprehensive weekly newsletter. Having served as the Director of Digital Content Strategy at Elastic Path, the VP of eCommerce at CorporateGift.com, and the Founder and eCommerce Consultant at Edgacent, Linda has a wealth of experience in creating compelling online shopping environments. In this episode… eCommerce businesses must juggle multiple trends, new technology integrations, and sales strategies alongside evolving consumer demands and preferences. How can you elevate your online store with creative approaches to drive sales? With deep involvement in various facets of content creation, Linda Bustos understands how to curate shopping experiences for diverse customers. You can leverage interactive digital shopping to allow consumers to view products in multiple settings. For instance, some apparel brands allow customers to select product models based on their unique body types, simulating in-store fitting experiences. Similarly, implementing visual searches to provide alternatives to out-of-stock items mitigates lost sales opportunities and increases customer retention while offering product finder quizzes personalizes the user experience and increases conversion rates. In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris meets with Linda Bustos, the Founder and Content Creator at Ecom Ideas, to talk about e-commerce innovation through strategic website integrations. Linda breaks down the importance of detailed product data, the integration of UX design practices, and the constant evolution required to keep up with industry trends.


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$9M to $25M in 2 Years: Measurement and Attribution for Prestige Brands With Jessica Curdi

Jessica Curdi is the Vice President of Digital Marketing at The Beauty Bank, an innovative beauty brand holder leading digital marketing strategy across a portfolio of emerging brands. As a seasoned digital marketer, she has over 15 years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, having worked with consumer brands, including StriVectin, L’Oreal, and Warp + Weft. Jessica specializes in brand awareness, customer acquisition, and fostering retention and loyalty. In this episode… Are revenue plateaus in your e-commerce business holding you back? Implementing foundational digital marketing strategies may be the key to unlocking explosive growth. With iOS 14.5 altering the way companies collect consumer data, digital marketing remains a top challenge for many brands. Digital marketer and e-commerce maven Jessica Curdi insists on returning to the basics of marketing, stating that structuring your strategies around profitable growth areas can help you scale effectively. Once you’ve established a stable foundation, you can begin integrating brand storytelling with performance marketing to communicate your brand’s and product’s benefits to your customers. Throughout each growth phase, retain customers by tracking their journey through multi-touch attribution. No matter which marketing strategy you employ, Jessica advises continuously testing and analyzing marketing campaigns to refine your strategies. In today’s episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris chats with Jessica Curdi, the VP of Digital Marketing at The Beauty Bank, about the role of digital marketing in brand growth. Jessica explains the necessity of a solid analytical approach in marketing, foundational work on marketing strategies, the significance of customer retention, choosing an ideal marketing agency, and the evolution of digital marketing post-iOS 14.5.


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Product to Profit: What We Can Learn From Alex Hormozi’s #2 - Tim Calise

Tim Calise is the Managing Member of Acote Consulting, where he helps growth-minded business owners drive value. He is also the President of Coaching at Wealth Without Wall Street, an online community reeducating individuals and entrepreneurs about money and wealth. As Alex Hormozi’s former “number two” at Gym Launch and the Co-creator of the AI-driven SaaS platform ALAN, Tim has a track record of driving rapid growth. With over 20 years of experience helping entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom and business acumen, he hosts the Leveling The Field podcast. In this episode… What strategies propel businesses from mediocrity to industry domination? The key often lies in how the strategies are executed. Could a shift in approach be as transformative as the tactics themselves? Having worked alongside business mastermind Alex Hormozi to build growth-minded enterprises, Tim Calise has developed calculated processes for growth and profitability. His proprietary “Product Profit” framework involves reassessing your product’s offerings to align with customer preferences and market demands, shifting your focus from immediate profit to lifetime value considerations. Additionally, Tim recommends making small, strategic decisions to foster innovation, adaptability, and efficiency. By evaluating and streamlining each operation, goal, and approach, you can drive long-term growth and sustainability. In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris invites Tim Calise, the President of Coaching at Wealth Without Wall Street, to speak about building robust, service-based businesses. He explains the importance of financial freedom, his characteristics of success, and how to leverage offers to boost customer acquisition and retention.


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Unveiling Beauty Tech: Dr. Robb Akridge's Path to Top Inventions

Robb Akridge (Dr. Robb) is the Founder and CEO of REA Innovations, Inc., the creator of the skin care brand OPULUS Beauty Labs. The brand has been recognized by TIME as one of the top 100 inventions of 2021. As a multifaceted scientist with expertise spanning botany, HIV/AIDS research, and skincare technology, Dr. Robb began his entrepreneurial journey with Sonicare toothbrushes and later co-founded Clarisonic, a brand that transformed the beauty industry. In this episode… Consumers have become increasingly savvy about their purchases, demanding product transparency and authenticity. Yet too much information can be overwhelming, especially with science-based products. In this case, the science behind the products should be communicated simply and effectively. Does simplification compromise the products’ integrity? Scientist, innovator, and business executive Robb Akridge understands how to transform complicated scientific concepts into compelling, consumer-friendly narratives that educate and captivate customers. When distilling complex information into easily digestible material, he emphasizes clear communication, visual storytelling, and tapping into shared human experiences to resonate with consumers and increase product appeal. You can also leverage influencers to introduce products when the market is primed and convey benefits that shape consumer perspectives. Tune in to this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast as William Harris chats with Robb Akridge, the Founder and CEO of REA Innovations, Inc., about bridging scientific complexity and consumer appeal. Dr. Robb sheds light on the intricacies of marketing, the effectiveness of influencers, and the critical role of timing in product popularity.


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Cultivating Customer Loyalty: Secrets from a CEO's Playbook With David Wachs

David Wachs is the CEO and Founder of Handwrytten, a company bringing a modern twist to traditional communication through automated handwritten notes. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he founded Cellit, a text messaging company providing innovative communications solutions to leading brands. David is also a frequent speaker on messaging technology and has presented for the Direct Marketing Association, the Advertising Research Foundation, and other notable organizations. In this episode… What does it take to make your customers lifelong fans of your brand? Sometimes, going back to the basics is all you need to win over your customers in a digitalized market. David Wachs, a communication brand builder, emphasizes the value of personalized communication, like handwritten notes, to stand out in the digital age. This demonstrates appreciation and lets your customers know they’re top of mind. Additionally, owning up to your mistakes and going above and beyond for the customer can turn negative experiences into positive ones and improve lifetime value. Producing valuable content, creating a cadence for communication, giving consumers choices, and providing a channel for feedback allows customers to feel in control and valued. In this Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris welcomes David Wachs, the Founder and CEO of Handwrytten, to discuss personalized customer communication. David explains how augmented reality impacts the buyer’s journey, his journey to entrepreneurial success, and why he utilizes meditation and hypnosis for stress management.


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Brand Storytelling: How Companies Can Do Well by Doing Good With Amanda Brinkman

Amanda Brinkman is the CEO of Sunshine Studios, which focuses on transformative brand storytelling. She is a seasoned producer, filmmaker, branding expert, and keynote speaker. Amanda has served in C-level roles in major corporations and has been the driving force behind the successful Hulu series Small Business Revolution, which ran for six seasons and garnered multiple Emmy nominations. A champion of women's achievements in business, Amanda has won numerous awards and is passionate about guiding others to identify their superpowers to create a positive change in the world. In this episode… Many are caught in the pursuit of a purpose so grand that it impedes their daily objectives. Aligning your personal purpose with your career can lead to feelings of confusion and uncertainty. How can you combine your professional ambitions with your desire to create a positive impact? Amanda Brinkman addresses this struggle, having integrated meaningful work into the brand space and built a business around impactful storytelling. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing your core strengths and superpowers and aligning them with your career for a fulfilling and purpose-led life. Genuinely connecting with an audience requires translating your purpose into actionable brand storytelling by leading with authenticity. You can then employ metrics to track the engagement and reach of your efforts. In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast with William Harris, Amanda Brinkman, the CEO of Sunshine Studios, talks about translating personal purpose into professional excellence. Amanda also touches on overcoming purpose paralysis, integrating service into life, and building a career that harmonizes achievement with altruism.


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Earning National Media Acclaim but Wishing It Would End With Katie Richardson

Katie Richardson founded Puj, an internationally successful multimillion-dollar company with distribution across thousands of stores and numerous countries. Her innovative work has graced popular shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Today Show, and the Rachael Ray Show and has landed her on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine. As an executive business coach, Katie empowers founders and CEOs by teaching essential mindsets, skills, and tools for robust business operations and purposeful living. A highly creative individual, she shares tactics for business growth, effective branding, and the importance of personal development for comprehensive success. In this episode… Have you ever tried to fulfill your potential while being pulled in different directions? You can turn this dilemma into a compelling brand narrative that connects with people worldwide. Today’s guest’s story demonstrates how balancing life's dimensions with strategic thinking opens doors to unexpected opportunities. So how did she pull this off? After her company experienced explosive growth and became featured in national television shows, design and leadership expert Katie Richardson struggled to be all things to all people. To solve her multifaceted entrepreneurial dilemma and meet customers’ needs, she created products that resonated with consumers emotionally. She maintains that infusing human values into every aspect of your company personalizes your brand, fosters customer loyalty, and leads to organic PR opportunities. Additionally, Katie says to shift your business model to prioritize personal development and wellness, ensuring you can sustain the demands of entrepreneurship. In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris talks with Katie Richardson, the Founder of Puj, about weaving resilience and savvy branding into business growth. Katie illustrates the profound impact of storytelling through product experiences, the courage needed to reinvent oneself, and the empowering shift from a single-goal focus to a multifaceted approach to life and business.


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DTC Success and Beyond: Matt Bertulli on High-Performance Teams and Acquisitions

Matt Bertulli is the Co-founder and CEO of Pela Case, which makes iPhone cases out of waste, and Lomi, a certified B-corp on a mission to eliminate food waste. The company is backed by Jay-Z’s Marcy Venture Projects and has been named the Top 10 in the Canada Business Growth 500 ranking and #1 in Deloitte’s Fast 50. Alongside his entrepreneurial success, Matt hosts the Nine Figure Operators podcast and is involved in angel investing, sharing and gaining further insights into the world of entrepreneurship. In this episode… When managing a DTC brand, success is more than just sales; it involves strong leadership, competitive strategies, inventory control, and compelling advertising. How can you scale your DTC brand to new heights? Matt Bertulli, a two-time entrepreneur and e-commerce leader, maintains that curiosity and communication are the fundamental characteristics of any CEO or leader. These core competencies build valuable relationships with your employees, stakeholders, and clients and allow you to experiment with new strategies. Leaders must also recognize their company’s vulnerabilities to surpass the competition by focusing on their specialties. A scalable DTC strategy includes assessing and managing your inventory and diversifying your advertising channels to target consumers effectively. In today’s Up Arrow Podcast episode, Matt Bertulli, the Co-founder and CEO of Lomi and Pela Case, joins William Harris to talk about sustainable growth for DTC businesses. He shares why building trust is foundational for high-performance teams and what it takes to scale effectively in the e-commerce world.


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The Rapid Growth of DTC Medicine With Shani Bocian

Shani Bocian is the Co-founder and CEO of Allermi, a personalized DTC allergy medicine. She founded the company with her father, an Allergy and Immunology Professor at Stanford University, who had been developing a comprehensive allergy medication. Since Allermi’s launch, Shani has raised over $4.7 million and grew the company over 1,000% in 2023. In this episode… Millions of people suffer from allergies, yet many medications only target one symptom, and consumers must browse an open market to determine the most effective treatment for their symptoms. Personalized DTC medicine has emerged as an alternative to traditional treatments, allowing consumers more autonomy over their healthcare journeys. How can DTC healthcare companies target customers with precision? After suffering from chronic allergies for years, DTC entrepreneur Shani Bocian recognized a more effective way to treat symptoms and achieve long-term relief. By developing a single formula that incorporates multiple medications, companies can target customers with diverse needs. When building a consumer base, Shani says to differentiate yourself from mass-market brands by showcasing credibility and emphasizing customization. Customer retention and loyalty are integral to sustaining a DTC medicine brand, so you can offer free trials and employ subscription models and referral programs to drive sales and growth. In today’s Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris hosts Shani Bocian, the Co-founder and CEO of Allermi, to talk about the rise of DTC medicine. Shani explains how she built a nine-figure e-commerce store, how Allermi provides personalized and accessible healthcare, and the obstacles she faced scaling her brand.


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Email Personalization and Segmentation: What You’re Not Doing With Shopify Record-Breaker Josh Behr

Josh Behr is the Founder and CEO of AMB Interactive, a leading email and SMS marketing agency enabling e-commerce businesses to grow their revenue and customer loyalty. With over nine years of digital marketing experience, he has worked with the world’s most renowned apparel brands managing email lists, launching viral campaigns, and generating millions of dollars in sales. Josh is a Klaviyo elite partner and a speaker at various industry events, sharing the latest trends and best practices in email and SMS marketing. In this episode… If your email list has more than a few hundred thousand contacts, you should probably consider segmenting it. Many of these users have never engaged beyond merely visiting your website and are hurting your profitability. How can you personalize your emails to target repeat customers? Josh Behr, an email marketing thought leader, segmented his email list from two million after receiving thousands of customer service complaints with each email sent. He recommends segmenting lists based on viewing and purchasing habits and personalizing emails by mentioning recently viewed products in the subject lines. You can also collect customer profile information based on their purchases, including size and color, further curating the experience. Rather than focusing exclusively on open and click rates, export your email campaigns periodically to assess viewed product and checkout rates. In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris joins Josh Behr, the Founder and CEO of AMB Interactive, who shares email personalization tactics. Josh explains why you shouldn’t rely on anonymous user tracking, contact enrichment for B2C companies, and the significance of email designs.


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Media Trading and Investing: Is It Right for You? With Media Tradesman Jonathan Sorkenn

Jonathan Sorkenn is the Senior Vice President of Evergreen Trading, a media investment agency powered by trade. In his role, he originates, executes, and manages corporate trade partnerships and oversees the company’s real estate practice. With over 10 years of corporate trading transactional experience, Jonathan has been involved in numerous pioneering trade transactions, creating innovative structures for the corporate trade industry. As a licensed real estate broker, he has more than 25 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, having served as the Director of Real Estate Capital Markets and Investment Banking at PricewatershouseCoopers Securities LLC. In this episode… Inflation and other economic pressures are building up, and e-commerce brands are facing supply chain disruptions, forcing them to liquidate excess inventory and other assets. Rather than relinquishing merchandise and confronting major financial losses, brands can trade their assets for media. So what’s involved in this process, and how can brands maximize asset value? Media trading and investing involves selling unusable assets to media buyers who exchange additional ad spend for a discounted cost. Through this method, brands receive media credits of equal value to their unused inventory, eliminating the loss that occurs from wholesaling those assets. While this seems like a straightforward option, many brands are hesitant since they often outsource media buying to an ad agency. Yet this presents a greater risk and yields less of a return, so trade partnership facilitator Jonathan Sorkenn recommends partnering with independent trade agencies to optimize your supply chain and save money on media ads. These corporations collaborate with marketing and finance departments to enhance value. In this Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris sits down with Jonathan Sorkenn, the Senior Vice President of Evergreen Trading, to talk about how to convert your assets to media. Jonathan discusses the ideal candidates for media trading, how he facilitated a triple-win for a customer, and how to buy and sell media effectively.


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Above-The-Fold CRO: Don’t Make Users Scroll With Chase Mohseni

Chase Mohseni is the Chief Marketing Officer at Heatmap.com, which provides revenue attribution and AI insights. In his role, he constructs innovative CRO software. Chase has built various B2B SaaS companies, including Creative OS and Pencil, where he was the Head of Marketing and Growth. In this episode… If you’re trying to increase conversions, there are a few statistics you should know. 70% of your traffic will leave your website in under three seconds, and 75% of these people don’t scroll past 30% of the first page. Given these staggering facts, it’s crucial to develop engagement tactics above the fold of your website. How can you optimize conversion rates without your consumers having to scroll? Above-the-fold engagement efforts incentivize users to take action beyond the first page. Conversion attribution frontrunner Chase Mohseni has determined seven fundamental standards for above-the-fold conversion rate optimization. 80% of website traffic originates from mobile devices, so he suggests designing your website for these first to ensure a seamless user experience. You should also include a CTA that provides value for your consumers and facilitates the next step of their journey. Similarly, any announcement pop-ups should include a hyperlinked offer, and they must appear on the page long enough to capture the user. While text blocks should never exceed three lines, the font should be at least 14 px to accommodate mobile users. Your above-the-fold page can also include social proof or testimonials, encouraging consumers to make an eventual purchase. Join William Harris in today’s episode of the Up Arrow Podcast as he welcomes Chase Mohseni, the CMO of Heatmap.com, to talk about above-the-fold CRO. He shares the CRO metrics brands should track, why building software is like baking a cake, how nostalgia drives conversions, and the most detrimental CRO mistakes.


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How To Get Acquired as a $10 Million DTC Brand

Nicholas Weiksner is the CEO and Founding Partner of South Col, an accelerator fund partnering with e-commerce brands to maximize sale value. With experience in venture capital and private equity, his skills include finance, negotiation, business planning, and mergers and acquisitions. Before South Col, Nicholas served as the CFO for SellersFunding, a global fintech company, and worked as an Investment Banker for Thomas Weisel Partners and Bear Stearns. He also held operational roles at fast-growing tech companies and for the San Francisco 49ers, where he managed sales for their $1.2 billion stadium. In this episode… Many people with eCommerce companies that reach the $10-30 million mark consider selling or exiting. This can be a valuable opportunity for founders looking to kickstart their next endeavors. What should you know about getting acquired, and how can you position your business as an attractive option to potential buyers? eCommerce M&A facilitator Nicholas Weiksner maintains that your numbers are the most valuable aspect of your business. While finances and accounting aren’t sexy, you must gain visibility into each transaction and expense to identify inconsistencies and modify your processes. Eliminating products, services, or processes that stunt growth optimizes profitability for a sale. Additionally, potential buyers evaluate your multiples, so by aligning your metrics with current market trends, you can increase them. This may involve accelerating customer engagement tactics to drive additional sales, developing models like subscriptions to generate recurring revenue, or expanding your top-line products. Aside from knowing your numbers, Nicholas encourages founders to establish a few objectives and focus solely on accomplishing them to advance acquisition prospects. Join William Harris in today’s episode of the Up Arrow Podcast as he invites Nicholas Weiksner, the CEO and Founding Partner of South Col, to speak about preparing your e-commerce brand for an acquisition. Nicholas talks about forecasting your brand’s future, his market projections for 2024, and how his friend happened to date Jerry Seinfeld.


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The Slow Fashion Boom: How Pioneer Kristian Hansen Is Changing the Fashion Industry

Kristian Hansen is the Founder and CEO of the sl∅ fashion company, which produces sustainable, functional, and handcrafted made-to-order denim. Having generated a $360,000 precede, a 100,000-person waitlist, and $10 million of projected revenue, Kristian and his team have redefined building companies through community. He grew the company from a single TikTok post to a community igniting the slow fashion revolution. In this episode… In recent decades, the fashion industry has relied on mass production, with thousands of garments manufactured daily, leading to massive amounts of waste and environmental deterioration. Additionally, the fast fashion model only allows for standardized sizes, limiting consumers’ choices. Slow fashion has emerged to counteract this trend, addressing sustainability and availability concerns. How can fashion brands leverage this model to expand their customer base and grow their businesses? Fast fashion companies aim to fit as many consumers as possible into a single sizing set. By allowing customers to select their ideal size, fit, and fabric, fashion brands can offer made-to-order, tailored garments that expand accessibility while reducing potential waste from unworn products. While this model is more expensive and takes time, the products are of higher quality and last longer, saving consumers money in the long run. As an early pioneer of slow fashion, Kristian Hansen has built a loyal community and generated widespread engagement through organic TikTok content. He notes that remaining transparent and authentic about the unethical practices of traditional fashion is imperative in facilitating education and gaining valuable feedback to scale. In today’s Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris chats with Kristian Hansen, the Founder and CEO of the sl∅ fashion company, about revolutionizing slow and sustainable fashion. Kristian describes how he generates a consistent feedback loop, the challenges he faced launching his brand, and the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry.


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Rebranding Your Ecommerce Store With Best-Selling Author David Brier

David Brier is the President and Creative Director of DBD International, Ltd., a branding consultancy that helps design and build global, regional, and local brands. As a branding expert, he is the recipient of over 330 international industry awards in branding, rebrands, design, and brand strategy. He received the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship medallion and has been featured in Adweek, Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and numerous podcasts. David is also the author of the award-winning book Brand Intervention: 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have into the Brand You Need. In this episode… Branding involves more than simply developing a clever name and eye-catching packaging to drive repeat sales. You must generate loyalty through post-purchase efforts and differentiate yourself from the competition. Yet 95% of brands ignore post-sale branding, blending in with the millions of other brands in their category. How can you rise above the noise to assert your dominance in the market? Branding interventionist David Brier urges brands not to be tentative in their efforts. Instead, communicate your values, mission, and personality with a sense of conviction and be bold in your endeavors. To differentiate yourself authentically, evaluate your competitors, look ahead into the future, and pivot based on the insights you’ve gathered. When it comes to generating lifetime value, you must provide customers with compelling reasons to engage with your brand post-sale. Rather than spamming them with countless emails promoting similar products, reimagine how your brand can function in consumers’ lives beyond the initial purchase. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, David Brier, the President and Creative Director of DBD International, Ltd., joins William Harris to reveal revolutionary brand-building strategies. David shares when you should consider a brand intervention, how to develop a recognizable brand, and how to obtain buy-in from senior executives.