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This is Up Arrow Podcast where we feature successful people in the venture capital, B2B, and e-commerce industries as they discuss how entrepreneurs can improve their business and drive their profits to the next level.


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This is Up Arrow Podcast where we feature successful people in the venture capital, B2B, and e-commerce industries as they discuss how entrepreneurs can improve their business and drive their profits to the next level.




The Impact of 3PLs on eCommerce Brands’ Market Value and Profit Margins With Casey Armstrong

Casey Armstrong is the CMO of ShipBob, a global omni-fulfillment platform providing businesses access to the best-in-class supply chain and fulfillment capabilities. Over the past five years, Casey has overseen the marketing, partnership, and growth teams. Before joining ShipBob, he was the VP of Marketing at BigCommerce, where he led the digital, content and SEO, growth and CRO, and other marketing and operations teams. Casey is passionate about helping startup companies establish growth and marketing strategies. In this episode… eCommerce has become an increasingly competitive market — prompting the need for innovative marketing strategies. In efforts to scale their companies, some e-commerce brands have invested resources in delivering their products to a global market, partnering with popular retail stores, and prioritizing a personalized experience for consumers. What strategies can you implement to scale quickly while increasing your profit margin? Brand originality is a valuable currency in the e-commerce industry. Your marketing strategy must captivate and compel your target audience to purchase your product over competitors. But in a saturated market, novel marketing tactics are rare. Rather than spending marketing dollars on reinventing the wheel, Casey Armstrong advises e-commerce brands to borrow strategies from influential brands to inspire their marketing approaches. As your brand grows in popularity, partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) company relieves you of fulfillment duties — allowing you to focus solely on growing your business. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Casey Armstrong, CMO of ShipBob, to discuss trending e-commerce marketing strategies and the benefits of incorporating 3PL into your business model. Casey shares how borrowing influential brands’ strategies can maximize your profit margins and explains why simplifying your goals makes business decisions effortless.


CRO: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly With Raphael Paulin-Daigle

Raphael Paulin-Daigle is the Founder and CEO of SplitBase, a conversion optimization and landing page agency helping e-commerce companies increase conversion rates and profit margins. As a digital marketing consultant, Raphael has helped leading brands add millions to their bottom line, including Dr. Squatch, Hyperice, and L’Oréal. He is also the host of the Minds of Ecommerce Podcast, where he interviews e-commerce brand executives on top growth strategies. In this episode… The ascent of e-commerce requires companies to compile user data to determine effective marketing strategies that resonate with their target audiences. Brands who understand their customer base can anticipate the user journey and control the narrative, leading to an increase in conversion rates. Which strategies can you implement to yield favorable conversion rates? CRO converts brand consumers into lifetime customers. There are numerous tests brands can implement to increase their conversion rates — some more favorable than others. Platforms like Twitter provide inspiration when assembling CRO tactics, but developing a promising strategy begins with customer research. Raphael Paulin-Daigle refers to this method as conversion research. While other companies prioritize trending test strategies, directly asking customers qualitative questions provides them with an optimal user experience. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Raphael Paulin-Daigle, Founder and CEO of SplitBase, to discuss the particulars of CRO and the best strategies for optimal conversion results. Raphael shares the purpose of CRO, which testing strategies to avoid, CRO strategies worth pursuing, and why asking the right questions provides better insights than trending tests.


Debunking Marketing Myths Advertised as Best Practices for Business Growth With Alex Greifeld

Alexandra (Alex) Greifeld is the Founder of No Best Practices, a website dedicated to helping marketers drive profitable growth by understanding consumer behavior. Alex has over a decade of experience in the e-commerce and digital marketing industries at Fortune 500 media brands, bootstrapped companies, and global names like Coach and Kate Spade. She is passionate about helping brands leverage the relationship between their customer and merchandise to break through growth plateaus. In this episode… Thought leaders inundate marketers with best practices for scaling businesses — without having hands-on experience in e-commerce. While valuable, this advice is not always applicable or beneficial. What strategies are worth pursuing if popular practices are irrelevant to authentic business growth? It’s unrealistic to assume applying universal marketing strategies to all businesses will reap the same reward. Differing missions, values, and goals require unique methods to reflect a business’ purpose. Alex Greifeld, an expert in the e-commerce and marketing industries, discredits widespread marketing tactics. Her alternative perspective provides brands with an understanding of how to market themselves to their customer base. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Alex Greifeld, Founder of No Best Practices, to discuss why brands can’t rely solely on best practices for business growth. Alex explains how feedback loops between ads and merchandising help drive profitability. She also shares why wholesalers struggle in the e-commerce space and advises brands to prioritize their marketing strategies.


From $10M to $100M: Strategies for eCommerce Growth With Kunle Campbell

Kunle Campbell is the Co-founder of Octillion Capital Partners, a value-driven, digital native consumer brand platform acquiring, operating, and growing an ecosystem of brands in the health, beauty, and food and beverage industries. As an outsourced e-commerce CMO and advisor for DTC product businesses, Kunle coaches retail teams to unlock growth through acquisition, CLV, and UX optimization. Kunle is also an international speaker, author, and the host of the 2X eCommerce podcast, where he has interviewed over 450 e-commerce leaders on industry insights. In this episode… One of the benefits of being a business owner is having the freedom to grow your brand using in-house resources — saving you money as the company gains traction. Maintaining momentum requires you to revisit your current business strategy and make calculated adjustments to achieve the next milestone. What actions can you take to scale your business today? Businesses can only grow so much without outside reinforcement from marketing and brand specialists. E-commerce advisor Kunle Campbell wrote E-Commerce Growth Strategy to provide entrepreneurs with a resource to kickstart their growth journey. His emphasis on customer-centric strategies educates entrepreneurs on how creating a brand persona influences consumer behavior — which is quantifiable for data collection. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Kunle Campbell, Co-founder of Octillion Capital Partners, to discuss how to take your e-commerce business to the next level. Kunle provides a synopsis of the six core pillars highlighted in his book and dissects the three most critical to brand growth. Tune in to learn how to cultivate your company’s narrative, use data discipline to attract consumers, and leverage human psychology in your marketing strategy.


How Ad Campaigns Contribute to Brand Success With Karan Jassar

Karan Jassar is the Founder and CEO of Socioh, a digital advertising platform for e-commerce brands to create and run profitable ads on Facebook and Instagram. Karan is the technical architect of the company’s first-party pixel and branded catalog and consults eight and nine-figure brands on improving meta-ad performance. With 17 years of experience in the technology industry, he has in-depth knowledge of advertising and ad optimization with a specialization in AI. Before founding Socioh, Karan was a Senior Manager at Yahoo, where he helped create its new search optimization engine. In this episode… Evolving regulations on social platforms directly affect how e-commerce brands manage marketing campaigns and conduct business. While major platforms like Facebook are leading the branding revolution, improvements must be made to prioritize building customer relationships. What are the downfalls of these upcoming developments, and how can you discern the most efficient ad campaign strategies? By 2024, it’s estimated brands advertising on Facebook will be required to set up a shop through the platform. A one-stop shop is strategic from a business perspective, but until the user experience improves, e-commerce brands are hindered from building customer relationships. Karan Jassar, an e-commerce branding expert, explains Facebook’s strategy is ideal for attracting new customers, but lacks in providing brands with essential customer data. He recommends reviewing campaign performance to determine which channels are yielding desirable results. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Karan Jassar, Founder and CEO of Socioh, to discuss how ad campaigns contribute to brand success. Karan shares how pixels affect ad campaigns, Facebook’s influence on the marketing industry, and the differences between cash and accrual-based accounting. He also advises how long a campaign should run and strategies to produce a successful ad.


How EOS and EO Benefit Your Business Exit Strategy With Chris Carey

Chris Carey is the Co-founder of Modern Automotive Performance (MAP), a high-growth e-commerce manufacturing company serving the automotive industry. In 2006, Chris launched the company using a bedroom closet to store inventory, and by 2011, MAP ranked #403 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing privately held companies in the US. He sold MAP to Enthusiast Enterprises in 2020, generating $44 million in revenue. His thoughts regarding entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and leadership development have been published in the Wall Street Journal, Inc. magazine, and Minnesota Business. Chris is a General Partner at Traction Capital, where he adds value to portfolio companies, assists with acquisition initiatives, and furthers his knowledge of venture capital and private equity. In this episode… The process of building and launching a business takes such an emotional, physical, and mental toll that most early-stage entrepreneurs wouldn’t dream of selling their company. As the years go by, it’s inevitable for business owners to consider the next phase for themselves and their organization. If selling your business is in your best interest, how can you prepare for a seamless transition? Entrepreneurs are advised to begin the exit process well in advance to ensure the company is prepared and ready to hand off to the succeeding owner. Chris Carey, a post-exit entrepreneur, didn’t hesitate to begin his due diligence upon recognizing his company’s valuation had peaked and he was ready for a new challenge. In doing so, he gave himself adequate time to increase revenue and reduce overhead before burning out. Chris attributes his graceful business exit to a structured EOS and a supportive peer group through EO — and he recommends fellow entrepreneurs take advantage of these resources. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Chris Carey, the former Co-founder of Modern Automotive Performance (MAP), to discuss the resources that helped him prepare for his exit from MAP. Chris delves into MAP’s origin story, the motivation behind creating a product line, and how his role as an executive affected his physical health. He also explains why establishing an EOS and joining EO is beneficial for entrepreneurial success.


Why CRO Is The Most Profitable Marketing Investment With Allen Burt

Allen Burt is the Founder and CEO of Blue Stout, a conversion rate optimization (CRO) platform helping eight-figure brands increase conversion rates, revenue, and profit through A/B testing and site optimization on Shopify Plus. In 12 months, Allen’s clients averaged a 25% increase in conversion rates, over $1 million in additional revenue, and more than 20 times ROI through his services. As a serial entrepreneur, he has co-founded several startups and e-commerce brands, including Executor.org and Offmap. In this episode… Owning a business goes far beyond leadership ability and attention to detail. To grow your brand, you have to develop and optimize marketing strategies. Businesses can implement any marketing strategy at their leisure, but without conversion rate optimization (CRO), their efforts won’t reflect in their ROI. What should you know about CRO, and how can you implement this strategy to boost profits? Unlike other marketing strategies where your budget is spent appealing to a new audience, CRO increases revenue by focusing on your current consumers. Allen Burt, a CRO expert, recommends businesses pull back on ad spending and transfer those marketing dollars to CRO strategies. By implementing CRO, brands will spend the same amount of money to understand their audience and increase overall profits. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Allen Burt, Founder and CEO of Blue Stout, to discuss leveraging CRO testing for maximum revenue increase. Allen details why CRO is the most profitable marketing investment, how to leverage buyer psychology in the testing stage, and the efficiency of prioritizing incremental wins using CRO strategies. He also explains how to balance gut-driven decision-making with data-driven methods and his philosophy on work ethic.


Practical Marketing Strategies With Katharine McKee

Katharine McKee is the Founder of Morphology Consulting, a digital commerce consultancy relying on algorithmic structure to optimize company strategies, increasing profitability and growth. As a Fortune 500 e-commerce strategist, startup advisor, and digital commerce expert, Katharine specializes in data and analytics. She has spent 15 years building digital commerce capabilities for leading CPG and luxury brands. Katharine has contributed her thoughts on e-commerce and retail-related topics to Forbes, Business Insider, and Authority Magazine. In 2022, she was recognized in Forbes Next 1000 and ranked #30 among the Top 100 Retail Technology Influencers by Retail Technology Innovation Hub. In this episode… The evolution of marketing has made brand promotion easily accessible and convenient for company use. However, in some instances, quick marketing strategies can be a detriment to your business. Which strategies work against your marketing goals, and which are worth pursuing? It’s easy to opt for quick marketing solutions, such as paying for ads on other platforms. In the short-term, these efforts seem like the best option. The caveat to these solutions are that you spend valuable marketing dollars trying to convince an audience to purchase your product. Katharine McKee, an e-commerce expert and startup advisor, has mentored brands on furthering their influence by focusing on manageable business aspects. She recommends removing large images from your website, targeting your intended audience, and considering your marketing efforts from the consumer’s perspective. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Katharine McKee, Founder of Morphology Consulting, to discuss how businesses can improve their marketing efforts. Katharine shares inefficient marketing processes to avoid and provides valuable methods with proven success. She also explains why information is more valuable than product images.


Using DTC Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Brand With Cindy Marshall

Cindy Marshall is the Founder and CEO of SHINE Strategy, a strategic consulting company committed to helping brands drive profit and ROI. She is also the Chief Digital Officer at Jane, a curated marketplace with more than 2,000 shops. As an accomplished chief marketing officer, Cindy has developed working relationships with over 50 well-known brands, including Vera Bradley, Performance Bicycle, Strand Bookstore, Annie Selke, and LL Bean. Beyond her efforts as a company head, Cindy serves as a board member of the Women in Retail Leadership Circle, an elite women’s society of executives at leading retailers and brands. In this episode… Direct-to-consumer (DTC) is an e-commerce marketing strategy where brands sell products directly to consumers. In addition to benefiting manufacturers, the DTC model offers consumers advantages like higher lifetime values, improved relationships, and effortless omnichannel experiences. Despite the many pros of DTC marketing, the model also presents several cons. The DTC e-commerce industry experiences widespread complications with marketing strategies such as paid search, feed optimization, and performance max campaigns. However, marketing strategists like Cindy Marshall provide solutions through the use of a roadmap. Roadmaps are campaign evaluations offering insights on brand logistics and the changes needed for business growth. The process includes strategic and content planning, data management integration, and talent solutions. In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Cindy Marshall, Founder and CEO of SHINE Strategy, to talk about DTC marketing strategies. Cindy discusses the SHINE roadmap, common challenges in the retail industry, and universal e-commerce branding advice.


How To Increase Consumer Engagement Using Infographics With Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace is the Founder and President of NowSourcing, an award-winning and nationally recognized infographic design agency creating visual and influential marketing content. Brian has been named a Google Small Business Advisor since 2016 and joined the SXSW (South by Southwest) advisory board in 2019. He’s a mentor for Startup Weekend Louisville and was a volunteer community organizer for #ThinkBig, an initiative to transform Louisville into a flourishing start-up community. In this episode… The marketing industry has become saturated with unproductive content, so advertising strategies must be developed methodically. Content creation is the focal point of digital marketing, but brands overlook the value of long-form explanatory content and infographics, which creates a persuasive narrative for the consumer. How can you entice your audience with infographic content when short-form narratives are easier and quicker to consume? People in the e-commerce industry believe infographics are synonymous with product listings — a widely believed misconception. Infographics produce long-form explanatory content laying out a detailed narrative for the consumer. Brian Wallace, an infographic expert, explains the value of creating a story rather than telling the audience why your product is necessary. Infographics are a strategic way to captivate your target audience and boost your business’ reach. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Brian Wallace, Founder and President of NowSourcing, to discuss how leveraging infographics can increase consumer engagement. Brian explains how influential brands can add value to the media. He also shares the scenarios where an infographic would be an unsuccessful marketing attempt.


Strategies for Cultivating Your Personal Brand on Social Platforms With Goldie Chan

Goldie Chan is the Founder of Warm Robots, a B2B and B2C social media strategy agency helping brands and Fortune 500 C-level executives grow and retain their audiences. As a social media strategy leader, Goldie has over 10 years of experience working in-house for major technology and entertainment companies. She is a global speaker, author, advisor, and member of multiple boards in the creator industry, marketing, and education. Goldie regularly contributes to Forbes and is writing her first book, Personal Branding for Introverts. In this episode... Social media platforms allow space for creative individuals to curate original content, helping them develop their personal brand. Creating a brand that attracts your target audience can boost your following and grow your business. What criteria should you include in your content when establishing a personal brand? The beauty of social media is there are virtually no limitations on the content you share — allowing freedom for authenticity and creativity. However, when building a personal brand, understanding your influence on your community can determine how your content performs on various platforms. Personal branding expert, Goldie Chan, advises her clients to create both educational and entertaining content. When used in unison, these elements give the individual an engaging personality. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Goldie Chan, Founder of Warm Robots, to discuss why branding yourself on social media is essential for business growth. Goldie explains how to develop a personal brand, the role of storytelling in personal branding, and what to avoid when producing content. Her passion for creative innovation empowers anyone wanting to develop their personal brand.


Analyzing Marketing Data for Intelligent Decision-Making With Nevin Jethmalani

Nevin Jethmalani is an e-commerce consultant and the Founder of Data Dish, a data analytics company that builds custom reports and helps with data visualization. With over 10 years of experience in e-commerce, Nevin consults for brands like Dr. Brandt Skincare, Tusk, and Jamie Foxx’s eyewear brand Privè Revaux. Before founding Data Dish, Nevin was the Co-founder and CEO of Looq (previously Notify Nearby). In this episode... Research shows that unstructured data is a challenge for 95% of businesses. While companies have unlimited access to data, few can leverage it to improve marketing strategies, productivity, and profit. Firms often analyze incomplete, inaccurate, or disparate data sources, reducing their abilities to merge the information for intelligent decision-making. How can you gain real insights into data? According to e-commerce expert Nevin Jethmalani, data silos limit management teams' access to information required to create high-performing marketing campaigns. He recommends making data transparent to the team to enable thoughtful and intelligent decision-making. In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris hosts e-commerce consultant and Founder of Data Dish, Nevin Jethmalani, to discuss how e-commerce businesses can measure marketing metrics accurately. Nevin examines the drawback of information silos, why you should analyze data from an MER perspective, and how to choose the precise metrics. He also shares marketing strategy tips, his favorite tools, and how Data Dish helps companies obtain insights using custom analytics.


Leveraging Brand Collaborations To Scale Your Business With Andrew Heddle

Andrew Heddle is the Head of New Business Development at Colaboratory, a SaaS company that uses data, science, and software to boost brand collaborations. As an entrepreneurial business leader, he has a track record of scaling e-commerce, D2C, and retail businesses. Andrew is also the author of D2C DNA, which examines in-depth case studies of the world's most innovative D2C brands. Before Colaboratory, Andrew was the Managing Director of D2C Commerce at VMLY&R and has held executive positions at top brands like Best Buy and Vista Outdoor Inc. In this episode… While companies might reach primary targets independently, combining marketing resources and creating joint campaigns with other non-competing brands could help reach new audiences. Brand collaborations create new and exciting reasons for consumers to shop, enabling businesses to develop credibility and authority. However, brands encounter challenges acquiring suitable partners and establishing and launching campaigns. Business strategy guru Andrew Heddle emphasizes the value of leveraging data and software to identify potential brand partnerships. He describes a successful brand collaboration as two businesses leveraging each other’s strengths to offer value. But to have a successful campaign, a brand must remain authentic and create a strategy that connects with the audience organically. Is your partnership giving consumers value? In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Andrew Heddle, the Head of New Business Development at Colaboratory, to discuss the elements of effective brand collaboration. Andrew shares tips for creating a campaign that cuts through the noise, the importance of synergy in a partnership, and the potential pitfalls of brand collaborations. He also highlights the inspiration behind Colaboratory, the firm's services, and case studies of successful partnerships. Tune in!


How Your Amazon Price Listing Affects Profitability With Chad Rubin

Chad Rubin is the Founder and CEO of Profasee, a pricing platform enabling Amazon brands to predict product pricing. Chad began his career in the e-commerce industry in 2008 and has since founded six companies, including Deep and Sassy, Think Crucial, and Skubana. As a speaker and Amazon expert, he speaks about e-commerce, Amazon, and SaaS at global conferences and webinars. Chad is also the author of the Amazon bestseller Cheaper, Easier, Direct, which guides readers on uncovering success by disrupting industries. In this episode... Amazon has become one of the largest e-commerce platforms for brands large and small. Consumers prefer shopping on the platform for its reasonable prices and convenience. However, to offer competitive pricing, Amazon brands have sacrificed profitability by focusing on achieving ACOS and ROAS targets. What can you implement immediately to improve your profitability on Amazon? Many e-commerce professionals encourage you to spend your valuable time on keyword research and ad spending. Chad Rubin, an e-commerce business owner, refers to the phenomenon as the ROAS illusion — capable of plummeting your business’ success and profitability. A Harvard Business Review study determined a 1% price increase can improve your EBITA by 14%. If product pricing has a direct effect on profitability, why wouldn’t you reconsider your pricing strategy? Chad implores business owners to revisit profitability fundamentals. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Chad Rubin, Founder and CEO of Profasee, to discuss how e-commerce brands can increase their profitability on Amazon. Chad shares how to structure your pricing on Amazon and the risk of focusing on ACOS and ROAS strategies. He also discusses the reliability of AI resources and how it contributes to business development.


Top Hacks To Boost Your eCommerce Website’s Conversion Rates

Kurt Elster is the Co-founder and CEO of Ethercycle, an agency with a proven track record of creating web-optimization strategies for top brands like Jay Leno’s Garage and HOONIGAN. As a senior e-commerce consultant and Shopify expert, Kurt helps merchants boost website sales. Kurt is also the host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, which explores tales of e-commerce entrepreneurship with a focus on Shopify. The show has over two million plays and features industry experts like Shopify’s President, Harley Finkelstein. In this episode… In today's online shopping landscape, a user-friendly website is an integral factor of an e-commerce business' chances of success. An appealing, well-optimized, and functional website attracts more visitors – and, ultimately, more sales. How can you improve your site’s user experience, navigation, and interactivity to boost traffic? eCommerce expert Kurt Elster emphasizes the importance of an intuitive website design. Removing any roadblocks from your prospects’ paths through split testing, web optimization, and other advanced marketing tactics can maximize conversion rates. In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Kurt Elster, Founder of Ethercycle and host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, to explore trends in e-commerce website design. Kurt shares his journey from a WordPress developer to an e-commerce consultant and how he started Ethercycle. He also identifies common design mistakes and provides tips for website optimization.


Best Practices for Influencer Marketing Strategies With Alexa Vogue

Alexa Vogue is the SVP of Brand Partnerships at FamFluence Talent Management, an agency managing top-performing creators in the family space across social platforms. She is also the SVP of Brand Partnerships at Brilliant PR & Marketing, a PR and influencer marketing firm. In her roles, Alexa develops creative campaigns to help brands achieve their KPIs. With over 10 years of influencer marketing experience, she has worked with various partners, from small startups to global brands, including Amazon, Walmart, and Disney. In this episode… Social media platforms have evolved from promoting digital relationships to functioning as strategic marketing resources. Content creators have become a trusted source for social media users, and brands are capitalizing on their popularity. By partnering with influencers, brands gain exposure and boost their sales while offering consumers organic reviews. How can you ensure a brand deal is mutually beneficial for you and the influencer? When signing a deal with an influencer, determining your objective and expectations is crucial as these factors dictate the creators you select. As an expert in brand and creator management, Alexa Vogue helps brands leverage partnerships with influencers to maintain a working relationship, fair compensation, and freedom of creativity. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Alexa Vogue, SVP of Brand Partnerships at FamFluence Talent Management and Brilliant PR & Marketing, to discuss how brands can utilize content creators for marketing purposes. Alexa also shares the benefits of partnering with influencers, implementing strategies for optimal results, and negotiating compensation. She also divulges her experience as a news anchor and acknowledges the value of mental health.


How To Accelerate Your Business Idea With Yarden Shaked

Yarden Shaked is the Co-founder and CEO of Varos, a data-sharing platform helping companies compare KPIs with their competitors. Varos, a Y Combinator startup, provides performance marketing benchmarks to over 4,000 brands, agencies, and SaaS companies. Yarden is an active angel investor and was a Private Equity Investor at Apax. In this episode… An entrepreneur’s role is to create innovative ideas that mature into functioning businesses. However, not all ideas come to fruition. Turning your vision into a business model takes sheer determination, hard work, and resources to solidify your mission and goal. What resources can you leverage to transform your idea into a thriving entity and prepare for execution? Sometimes entrepreneurs have difficulty navigating the process necessary to reach their end goals. Without proper guidance, they can feel discouraged and unmotivated. Yarden Shaked, an entrepreneur and founder, discovered accelerator programs are a strategic way to kickstart your business idea. Program mentors challenge you to focus on every facet of your business and alter it as needed. Obstacles are inevitable during the pre-launch phase, but accelerator programs can help you work through blindspots and launch quickly. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Yarden Shaked, Co-founder and CEO of Varos, to discuss how his experience with an accelerator program contributed to his business success. Yarden also shares the correlation between CPMs and CPAs on performance and how benchmarking services are progressing with AI integrations.


The Value of Democratizing First-Party Data With Sean Larkin

Sean Larkin is the Co-founder and CEO of Fueled, a first-party data management company providing client and server integrations for e-commerce businesses. Sean is a SaaS founder and veteran agency growth marketer. His experience as a technologist building, purchasing, and selling businesses has aided his ability to assist companies wrestling with complex data and integration challenges. In this episode… The use of third-party data has steadily decreased and is being replaced by democratized first-party data strategies — putting e-commerce businesses at risk of losing years of data. How can you keep your company from losing valuable consumer data? Democratizing allows e-commerce businesses to control their data rather than relying on external platforms to store gathered information. Implementing resources for data ownership protects your company from losing insight into website traffic and other consumer activity. Sean Larkin, an experienced technologist, recommends that e-commerce business owners install first-party tools to funnel information to a data warehouse where your collected material is stored safely. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Sean Larkin, Co-founder and CEO of Fueled, to discuss democratized data and its value to e-commerce business practices. Sean also shares the benefit of leveraging open-source tools and how merchants should prepare for the future of data management.


Breaking Boundaries: How a Single Father Founded a $60 Million Company Marketing to Single Women

Jonathan Beskin is the Founder and CEO of SinglesSwag, a subscription service designed to empower single women. In less than five years, Jonathan’s startup has accumulated $60 million in revenue. He has been featured twice in the Inc. 5000 list. Jonathan is also a digital advertising and e-commerce expert and speaker. In this episode… Can you recall a time when you had an innovative idea that was immediately dismissed by your mentor? Chances are you’ve encountered rejection at some point in time. This experience can suppress your passion, leading you to neglect your idea entirely — but only if you let it. When faced with opposition from your peers, how do you respond? The natural response is to accept rejection and wait for your next million-dollar idea to strike. Jonathan Beskin knew he stumbled upon a worthwhile business idea marketing for single women. His mentor advised him to reconsider, worried a single male was ineligible to market to the female population. Confident in his abilities, he discarded his mentor's advice and pursued his business by himself — which paid off gratuitously. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Jonathan Beskin, Founder and CEO of SinglesSwag, to discuss how he grew a prosperous business marketed to single women and the research he conducted to choose his sole demographic. Jonathan shares how he channels his anxiety into a healthy obsession, how his childhood has influenced his business mindset, and the challenges he’s faced as an entrepreneur.


How To Prepare for the Evolution of Data Analytics With Chase Zieman

Chase Zieman is the Co-founder, Chief Data Officer, and General Manager of Data Products at Cart.com, an e-commerce software and service provider helping brands scale and streamline delivery processes. Chase is an expert in the data sciences industry and has experience leading high-performance teams for growth. He began his career in AI within Deloitte’s counter-terrorism and fraud detection spaces before leading data science at companies, including Home Depot and Vail. In this episode... Tracking attribution helps you understand your customers’ online habits and the marketing strategies influencing their purchases. While the benefits of attribution are invaluable, the model is not perfect — and it may create more questions than answers. What are the practical methods for resolving frequent attribution issues? As data analytics rapidly evolves, traditional attribution models are being discontinued. With rumors of third-party cookies dissolving, your company must adapt to these new developments to continue tracking your customers’ digital behavior. Recognizing the future of data analytics, Chase Zieman found a solution that doesn’t rely on third-party cookies. On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Chase Zieman, Co-founder, Chief Data Officer, and General Manager of Data Products for Cart.com, to discuss how to solve issues associated with attribution tools. Chase also shares the limits placed around attribution models, how limited attribution will affect the marketing industry, the value of campaigns, and how utilizing the fourth dimension will impact our world.