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009: Upwork, Freelancer, Building a Reputation and Working the System with Lonnie Marts

Lonnie Marts is a voice-over actor and a full-time student at Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University, and he's the go-to expert in what you need to know to crush your voiceover career on Upwork. We highly recommend that you diversify your presence on more than one voiceover freelancing platform other than Fiverr, and Upwork is a great […]


008: Establish Yourself on Multiple Voiceover Platforms, Always Be Networking, Become Organized and Master Your Time Management with Abraham Salazar

Abraham Salazar has experienced quite a bit of success on both Fiverr and ACX. He currently works on an oil rig and still finds the time for freelancing, fun, and family. He has a few thoughts about practicing good time management when building your voiceover business, and he has a few ways to stand out, […]


007: E-Learning and Audiobooks Through Amazon’s Audible ACX Platform with Allen Logue

Are you a current OR aspiring voiceover artist? Then you need to check out the "long-term" e-learning and audiobook platforms (including ACX/Audible) where you can land large jobs (5-10 hours production time) that most of your competition is afraid to apply for. As a result, you can TRULY become your own boss because you have […]


006: Express Gratitude, Celebrate the Small Wins, Solve Problems, and Network Your Way to Freelancing Success with Domingo Castillo

Can Domingo Castillo let you in on the mindset secrets to become the best voiceover artist you can be? Would it help to learn the secrets to get a better attitude, to increase your confidence, and get MAJOR satisfaction (and fulfillment) from the "good feeling" that comes from helping others? Then you'll want to tune […]


005: Develop Your Voiceover Skillsets, Create Multiple Streams of Income and Find Many Paths to Success with Don Baarns

Don Baarns has decades of recording and engineering experience, and has helped thousands sound great across the VO, eLearning and Audiobook world. With multiple family members involved in VO, eLearning and Audiobooks, they've produced over 10,000 VO projects among the family. Don has engineered them all, while coaching a wide set of working pros in […]


004: Develop Your Voiceover Freelancer Marketing System, Find Focus, and Problem Solve with Bentley Michaels

Bentley Michaels is a professional non-union voice over talent that works from his home studio in Oregon. Some of his past clients include NBC, ABC, AT&T, Mastercard, BMW and Sheraton Hotels. He's here to talk about productivity and "character creation" mindset when it comes to voiceover freelancing, how one opportunity leads to the next (i.e. […]


003: Ramp Up Your Fiverr Voiceover Freelancing Business and Income: Pay the Bills, Grow Over Time, Have Fun, and Innovate with Dane Scott

Dane Scott has several pieces of voiceover freelancing advice for you: have fun, learn people skills, don't "sleepwalk" through your business, enjoy the variety, and consider what extra "gigs" you might offer in your voiceover business, such as voice coaching or Message On Hold voiceovers. He also teases a few of his favorite Fiverr techniques, […]


002: Freelancing, Hustling, Networking, and Prospecting: Diversify and Differentiate Yourself as a Voiceover Freelancer on Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Voicerealm and Others with Fiverr Top Rated Seller Troy W. Hudson

Troy W. Hudson, The Voice Over with Personality, is a voiceover artist who is setup on just about "every" freelancing site, including Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, Freelancer, VoiceRealm, and so many others. Troy believes in blocking off time, having clear goals, and making sure you're always prospecting for new business. Listen in as Troy explains how […]


001: Starting From Scratch: Make Money From Voiceovers on Fiverr with Lance Tamashiro

Lance Tamashiro from VO Sucess Formula stops by the show to explain what you need to know to start a voiceover income today and create a self-funding business. Becoming your own boss, figuring out the voiceover world and the freelancing sites comes with its own sets of challenges. What equipment do you need? How do […]