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The CEO's and Executives of Arizona's top-performing startups and business operations join Miranda Torres to discuss how they began and grew their company, their vision for the future, and how aspiring entrepreneurs can follow their lead to achieve success in their own business ventures.


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The CEO's and Executives of Arizona's top-performing startups and business operations join Miranda Torres to discuss how they began and grew their company, their vision for the future, and how aspiring entrepreneurs can follow their lead to achieve success in their own business ventures.






Ep#40: Qwick - Jamie Baxter, Co-Founder & CEO



Ep#39: ADMANITY - Brian Gregory, Founder & CEO

For many startups and entrepreneurs, marketing their business and brand seems like an uphill battle, especially against the high volume of competitors that are scattered throughout the market. Brian Gregory, the Founder and CEO of ADMANITY, joins the show this week to change that perception and introduce his fellow founders to his uniquely designed tool that is making marketing easier than ever. If you're looking for someone who can take your startup to the next level, you won't want to miss...


Ep#37: Resonea - Ruchir Sehra, CEO

It's been years since Ruchir Sehra first exited his career as a successful cardiologist to become an entrepreneur in the startup sphere. And today, after having created 7 individual startup ventures, he and his team have introduced the valley to one of its most needed healthcare startups, Resonea - a mobile sleep apnea technology that giving power back to the people. Ruchir joins the show this week to walk us through the life-changing advances Resonea offers the market and how it's able to...


Ep#36: Neon Logistics - Cody Graham, President

Not enough attention is paid to the third-party logistics industry (3PL). As such, not enough attention is paid to one of the Phoenix-area's fastest-growing startup operations, Neon Logistics. Cody Graham, President of this lesser-known valley startup, joins the show in this weeks episode to guide us through the ins and outs of what goes into managing a shipping and logistics company, how to source the right talent for the job, and how to create a company culture that attracts young talent....


Ep#35: Brightside - Tom Spann, CEO

Are you tired of hopping from job to job, constantly looking for the next best thing? Most people are, and it's a root cause of mental distress and an unhealthy work environment. Brightside was created to help alleviate that stress. By partnering with companies around the country, the startup is offering its financial care model to help ensure that employee wellbeing and financial security are put at the forefront of corporate America going forward. Tom Spann, the CEO of this much-needed...


Ep#34: ATLIS Motor Vehicles - Annie Pratt, President

Electric vehicles aren't just being marketed towards consumers anymore. More and more, leading national and global conglomerates are declaring it their mission to reduce the CO2 emissions of their fleets and general operations. And as luck would have it, the Phoenix-based startup ATLIS Motor Vehicles is a leading name in the sector of EV tech companies working to help such companies realize that goal. President of ATLIS MV, Annie Pratt, joins the show this week to talk about her companies...


Ep#33: Quibble - Neal Cyr, CEO

Real estate is one of the top investments consumers can get involved in, hence the abundance of private short-term vacation rentals based all throughout the country. Today, the CEO of Quibble, an online platform that helps rental owners market, compete, and reap the financial rewards of their investment(s), joins the show to talk about one of the hottest rental destinations in the United States - Phoenix, AZ!


Ep#32: EnPower - Annette Finsterbusch, President and CEO

The fight for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future is on, and at the head of the pack here in Arizona is EnPower, the lithium-ion battery company working to supply EVs around the world with some of the latest and greatest in rechargeable vehicle battery technology. Annette Finsterbusch, the President and CEO, joins this episode to share the company's vision for the future, industry trends, the importance of consumer's deviation towards electric vehicles, and the impact all of it will...


Ep#31: Birdytell - Lisa Morrow, CEO

Can any one startup truly embody the creativity and ingenuity of the Phoenix area's thriving business space? The answer is yes, and the outlet is Birdytell. Lisa Morrow drops by the show this week to explain how, without any prior sales or retail experience, she created one of the valley's leading and most unique e-commerce platforms that gives buyers a true taste of what the Arizona marketplace has to offer!


Ep#30: Freestar - Kurt Donnell, President & CEO

Freestar, the Phoenix-based company that's been recognized as one of the 40 fastest growing business startups in the United States, recently surpassed $100 million in revenue. Here to share the story of how the company has reached such heights and achieved such success is the President and CEO of the operation, Kurt Donnell, who offers invaluable insight into what he see's the company's role being as being in the digital marketing and development space down the road and what it took to get...


Ep#29: Mindup - Jonathan Cottrell, Co-Founder & CGO

Few individuals have joined the Valley Startups podcast with as versed and extensive of a history in the startup space as Jonathan Cottrell. One of his latest ventures, Mindup, has arrived just in time to disrupt and reinvent the remote meeting environment, though. Tune in to hear what the creator of #yesphx has to share with the startup community!


Ep#28: Find Your Influence - Tami Nealy, VP Communication + Talent Relations

Curious about the ins and outs of the ever-expanding influencer marketing industry? Social media guru and local influencer communications executive, Tami Nealy, joins the podcast this week to walk us through the inception of Find Your Influence, its role in the social influencer market, how brands are utilizing their service, and how interested entrepreneurs can take advantage of the clout of online celebrities!


Ep#27: Future Pharm - Gina Haynie, Founder & Creator

Gina Haynie, Founder of Future Pharm, is on a mission to disrupt the multi-billion dollar pharmaceuticals industry with her line of all-natural turmeric extract products. Specially developed by her team of pharmacists and chemists, her startup's products have grown a national reputation for providing incredible pain relief and daily health benefits. Listen to this week's episode to hear how, with no background in the industry, Gina has created a thriving pharmaceutical startup.


Ep#26: Coplex - Brenda Schmidt, CEO

Coplex is a leading name in the Arizona startup community. In this weeks episode, Brenda Schmidt, the CEO of the company, stops by the podcast to share her background in growing startups, experience running one of the state's largest startup investment operations, and the rebranding of Coplex into the healthcare industry.


Ep#25: LighthousePE - Andrew Steele, CEO

Andrew Steele is a strong name in the Phoenix startup community, having founded and operated a variety of startups throughout his professional career. He joins the show this week to walk us through his latest venture, LighthousePE, a mobile marketing platform-as-a-service startup that's been making waves in various industries around the country.


Ep#24: Morning Squeeze - Todd Belfer, Managing Partner

Todd Belfer is popularly known as a successful venture capitalist working as the Managing Partner of Canal Partners. But did you know he's also the man behind one of the valley's favorite breakfast hangouts, Morning Squeeze? Todd drops by the podcast this episode to share his vision for the growing chain's future, his inspiration for pursuing a piece of the pie in the restaurant industry, and what the past year's pandemic has looked like for his team.


Ep#23: - Rebecca Clyde, Co-Founder & CEO

4/26/2021 may be a name that not all of you are familiar with but their work is something that we can all benefit from. The company's CEO, Amanda Clyde, joins this episode to talk about's work to maximize the UX/UI for businesses webpages and how their cutting-edge artificial intelligence is shaping the way brands interact with their customers.


Ep#22: Hownd - Eric Keosky-Smith, Chief Growth Officer

Hownd is on a mission to be the final word in digital marketing. Eric Keosky-Smith, a veteran entrepreneur here in the valley, and the company's Chief Growth Officer, sits down with the podcast this week to talk about his teams ability to deliver effortless foot traffic to clients, Hownd's growing international reach, and the ways the company has been able to aid brick-and-mortar stores from having to close up shop during this past years pandemic. It's insight and wisdom you won't want to...


Ep#21: Dealty - Renee Stringer, CEO

The real estate market is booming in Phoenix, Arizona! That's why Renee chose to make it the home-base for one of the valleys most noteworthy housing startups, Dealty. In this interview, she talks with Miranda about the benefits of empowering home-buyers and home-sellers with the tools to close deals on their own and navigate the market independently.


Ep#20: Cliffhanger Solutions - John Boere, CEO

John Boere, the Founder and CEO of Cliffhanger Solutions, joins the show to share the story of his work in a field that is oftentimes overlooked by the startup community; GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping. Tune in to learn how his company is strengthening the public and private sectors through readily available access to spatial data!