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099 Summer Rerun Insight into Individual Donors with Melissa The Coach

Next up in our summer reruns series is an interview I did with financial coach, Melissa Thomas. She had great insight as to why our individual donors are so valuable to our organizations--even beyond their financial gifts. Enjoy!


098 Summer Rerun Boundaries

This week's summer rerun is about boundaries. You know you need them, but it can be so hard to maintain them. In this episode I interviewed Jen Moff, a certified relationship coach, about boundaries--why they are important, why people encroach on them, and how to maintain them. Please share this with a friend who might need to hear it, because we shine brighter together.


097 Summer Reruns Suffocating Negativity

This week's summer rerun is a look at suffocating negativity. For me and my board, especially this time of year, it is easy to get caught up in the stress of the moment and go really negative. This week's episode will help all of us avoid that trap!


096 Summer Reuns Personality Profiling

This week's summer rerun is a look back at personality profiling. This is by far the most downloaded episode of my 95-episode streak, so clearly people resonate with the information. When you're done listening to this, pick up a copy of Gretchen Rubin's "The Four Tendencies." It is the perfect accompaniment to this week's information. While personality styles are about how you receive information, the "Four Tendencies" are about how you respond to expectations. This knowledge is essential if...


095 If Only I'd Known

If you are a Patreon supporter, you already know that I lost my voice this past week. As you can tell, it's really bad, so I'm turning to my backup host for the intro and outro. This week's topic covers many of the things you need to be aware of in the interview process. It's a mashup of summer rerun and new content, and I think this can really help you if you're job-hunting or if you're in the process of adding people to your team. Even potential board members can benefit from these...


094 Summer Reruns Tools

This week is our first week of "summer reruns" so I wanted to start with my most popular episode: Tools. I've taken the original "Tools" episode and a "Tools 2" episode and edited them together. I hope this brings you value!


093 Summer Is Coming

If you live in the US, today signals the unofficial start of summer. Kids are getting out of school, pools are opening up, and many businesses go on a summer schedule, whether it's flexible hours for corporate employees or longer hours if you live in a tourism-based area like me with a lot of restaurants and retail. For me the summer means Festival time. It is my busiest time of year. This summer I'm taking my own advice about delegating and time management and changing things up for the...


092 Plan Time In Your Schedule For The Unexpected

Last week I got "glutened" which meant I was out sick for a couple of days, missing board meetings and critical proofing time before our major publication goes to print. Fortunately, I had planned a looser schedule and was able to absorb this unexpected and quite sudden sick time without too much stress. Listen to how and why I was able to do that. Resources and links mentioned this week: Support the podcast with a Patreon gift: Email me to...


091 How To Handle A Stress Spiral

The day will come (or maybe it has already) when you and your team are going to be up against a massive deadline. As you inch closer to that deadline, you may start to feel the effects of what I call the Stress Spiral. This happened to me and my team recently. A Stress Spiral looks like this: looming deadline, pieces coming together, then something slips out of place, then something happens in your personal life to knock you off balance (because big deadlines seem to have their own special...


090 Puppets, Baby Alpacas, and Dealing With The Unexpected

When you write a grant for an arts in education residency, you don't think you'll end up with your face thisclose to the backside of an alpaca in active labor. But that's how life goes sometimes. Listen this week as I talk about how nothing went right for this arts program, but everything still went perfectly.


089 Its OK To Be Happy

In nonprofit culture there is this insidious expectation that the way you show you care is by feeling as unhappy as the person who is bringing their problem to you. I'm here to debunk that right now.


088 Arts And Economic Development

On this week's episode, I'm sharing the audio from a radio appearance on WEHC, Emory & Henry College's station, where I got to talk with my pal, Dirk Moore, about the arts, economic development, tourism, and a bunch of other nonprofitly nerdy topics. The calculator that I mention in this episode can be found at If you run a nonprofit arts org, I hope this episode helps you make your case to whoever needs to hear it. The arts are an important industry for many reasons,...


087 Third Annual Tips From A Grant Panelist

This week's podcast is my third annual "Tips from a Grant Panelist" episode. In this episode, I'll share the four top tips I garnered from reading this year's crop of applicants to the VCA general operating support and project grants, and I'll share the tips that my fellow panelists wanted to you to know about. My top four are: 1. Take our advice and apply it to your next application 2. Find a proofreader 3. Take the time to write a quality application 4. Be honest about your struggles as an...


086 Standing Up For Yourself

This past week, I got to speak again at a town council meeting. I was not happy about doing it, but I did it anyway. Sometimes we in nonprofit have to stick our necks out so that the person who comes next has it a little easier. I went before the council, and even though I was shaking and clinging to the podium to stay upright, I said what I needed to say. I hope this gives you the strength and some words you can use the next time you need to stand up for yourself and your organization. <3...


085 Taking A Micro Break

I don't "observe" spring break, but my husband and I both happened to have business in Atlanta this past week, and we took the opportunity to step away from our usual routine for a few days. The time away made me realize that we don't need to take lavish sabbaticals to refresh and refocus. Even 30 seconds at your desk can have benefits. Listen to find out more.


084 My Talk at the YWCA Emerge Conference 2019: Building Unity Around Change

This week on the podcast is the full audio from my talk at the YWCA's Emerge conference a couple of weeks ago. The topic was "How to Build Unity Around Big Changes," which I've covered on the podcast before. What's different about the talk live vs. on the podcast is that when it's done live, I get to reinforce what I'm talking about with some audience participation. I hope that this helps you if you need to build unity in your organization. Thank you to our Patreon supporters for keeping...


083 Lessons From 20 Years Of Festival Producing

Recently I celebrated my 20 year anniversary in festival producing. It's been an amazing ride so far, and I've learned some lessons the hard way. This week I'm sharing a few of those lessons with you, so you can learn from my mistakes. Briefly, those lessons are: 1. How long it actually takes to plan an event 2. How to keep your volunteers feeling valued 3. What to do when your temper rises 4. Two magical phrases to use when someone is criticizing you 5. How to plan for trouble I'd love to...


082 Highlights From The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

LISTENER WARNING: As you can probably tell from the title, there are a few swear words in this week's episode. That's because I'm talking about my 5 highlights from Mark Manson's book, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck." This book isn't about becoming nihilistic. It's about choosing carefully where to place your care and attention. The 5 concepts I loved most about this book are: 1. "Not giving a fuck does not mean being indifferent... 2. "Often the only difference between a problem...


Sarah Olivieri Unpacks Digital Fundraising

This week on the podcast I have the continuation of my interview with Sarah Olivieri. Sarah is a former executive director and current consultant for nonprofits through her company, PivotGround. In this part of the interview, Sarah unpacks digital fundraising. We talk about how to find the time to do it, how it works to scale one-on-one communication, the #1 reason why your donors leave, and a bunch of other juicy stuff to take your digital fundraising to the next level (or really any level...


080 PivotGround's Sarah Olivieri On Strategic Planning

This week on the podcast I got to interview Sarah Olivieri of PivotGround. We nerded out over strategic planning, how to talk to your board about the need for a plan, and how to make a plan that doesn't sit in a drawer for the next 3-5 years. You can connect with her on her website: If you enjoy this podcast and I bring you any value, I hope you'll become a Patreon supporter at You'll have access to special content...