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057 Be Seen

This week's podcast is a quickie because I bit off more than I could chew this week. I began not one, but three challenges to kick myself into high gear: the Fundraising Intensive, a fitness challenge at my gym, and the "Be Seen" challenge with Jenn Scalia. In this episode, I share a quick outline for opening communication with potential funders and partners. If you want to join a future "Be Seen" challenge with Jenn, here's a link to her website:


056 Put The FUN Back In Fundraising

Using Shawn Achor's "The Happiness Advantage" as a jumping-off point, this week I talk about how and why you might want to put the FUN back in your fundraising efforts. This week's links are: Accountabilibuddies episode: Training Magazine article: The "don't sell the unsellable" episode:...


055 Gearing Up For Year - End Fundraising

Something that will be on your radar soon if it isn't already is year-end fundraising. This week I'm sharing more tips on how to get yourself ready for the big year-end push, why it's important to your organization, and a quick event fundraising tip to add a few extra dollars to your bottom line. Links below. Infographic on year-end fundraising: Ep. 8 Fundraising Prep:...


054 Why Fundraising Might Feel Hard Right Now

Something that I noticed this year is that fundraising has been HARD. Like a LOT harder than usual. This week I'm talking about why that might be the case, how to put the fun back in fundraising, and I answer a listener question about last week's episode on rallying around a colleague in crisis. Here's why your fundraising may feel harder than usual: 1. Your list is old and outdated 2. You're trying to sell the unsellable 3. You're approaching fundraising from a place of desperation Here's...


053 How to Rally Around a Colleague in Crisis

We've seen it before: a sudden divorce, a death in the family, a catastrophic illness, or maybe it's even a national tragedy... Something horrible is requiring your colleague's attention and they are ... not handling it well. Here is how you love on them and support them through this. 1. Plan for them to miss deadlines. 2. Lighten their work load for however long they need and your team can handle it. 3. Ask them what they need and then give it to them to the extent you can. 4. If it is...


052 How to Recover After a Big Event

I've heard it said (though I can't cite a source) that it takes a full day of rest for every hour of event time to fully recover. Now, I know none of us has that kind of time off available, but this week I'm going to talk about ways to speed your recovery after a big event.


051 War Stories, or as I (apparently) like to say, "Hunh"

True tales from the 70th annual Virginia Highlands Festival, including a legit funny new nickname for one of my board members. I talk about the fires that needed putting out, the joyful moments, and what it means to redefine success as "significance."


050 Event Debrief Festival Patrons Concert and Reception

Every now and then I'm going to share an event debrief so we can learn from each other's mistakes and successes. If you have an event debrief you'd like me to include in an upcoming episode, email me becky at Virtual executive director dot com. This debrief is on the Virginia Highlands Festival's Patrons' Event. I'll talk about what the event is, what the goals were, and where we succeeded and failed in meeting those goals.


047 Making the Most of Organizational Downtime

In the summer, my nonprofit is insanely busy, so I tend to assume that *everyone* is insanely busy. But I know there are lots of orgs that may be in a bit of a summer lull. So this week, I'm talking to you and wistfully daydreaming about my own organizational lull in a couple of months.


046 5 Red Flags When Interviewing for a Nonprofit Job

This week I'm talking specifically to people who are interviewing for jobs at a nonprofit or who are conducting the interviews for these jobs. Everyone wants to put on their best face for a job interview, so you have to be vigilant in looking for these red flags. And if you are the interviewer, you have to discuss frankly the challenges your organization faces. Here are 5 red flags that I've seen pop up in an interview situation. Let me know what you'd like to add to this list.


045 Board Recruitment Macro Strategy

The biggest indicator of success for an organization is its culture, and the biggest influence on culture comes from your board. It is worth taking the time to find the right fit in the recruitment process. This week's episode talks about how to do that from a macro level. In this episode I mention downloadable fundraising worksheets. Here's the link for more info:


044 How to Say "No" Without Feeling Like a Jerk

We've all heard the trope, "No is a complete sentence." I mean, sure, it is. It's also a quick way to alienate people you care about. This week I talk about how to say "No" and still maintain those important relationships.


043 How to Prepare for your Busy Season

I happen to be in my busy season. I know this to be true because the almond milk I just bought expires after my event is over. When my food outlasts my work project, I know it's crazytime at the job. So this week I'm sharing with you my 5 tips for preparing for your next busy season.


042 How to take a sick day

Those of us in leadership know we don't get sick days the way a lot of other people do. Sure, they are part of our benefits package, but when we're out sick, no one is there to pick up the work, and things start falling through the cracks very easily. So how can we take care of ourselves and our nonprofits at the same time? This week I'm sharing my secrets for how to take a sick day without everything falling apart.


041 Event Day Storytime

As this is being released, families in the USA may be road-tripping home from the long weekend. So instead of my usual "how to" podcast, here's a little story from a recent big event.


040 Accountabilibuddies

You don't have to go it alone. Studies show that having an accountability partner (or "accountabilibuddy") increases your rate of success with whatever you're trying to accomplish. This week, I talk about the value of an accountabilibuddy and how to make the relationship work.


039 The One Thing I Never Do When Fundraising

I use many different fundraising tactics for my org, but the one thing I never do is this. I never try to sell to the unsellable. This week I talk about what an "unsellable" looks like and what to do to work around them so you can still meet your fundraising goals.


038 How to Approach Networking

This week I'm sharing my tips for how to network the "right" way. It takes patience and a willingness to give without expectation. When you do that, you build relationships that are there when you need them. In the podcast I share how to craft a solid elevator pitch, why it pays to be patient, why business cards aren't dead, and how to start and continue conversations with strangers.


037 Working Effectively with Interns

Many of our orgs will be getting a crop of summer interns soon. Here's my best advice about how to make this a valuable experience for them and for you.


036 How to Defeat the Most Powerful Force

There is no more powerful force in the universe than "I don't wanna." I'm experiencing it right now. I'm on a major deadline, I spent the weekend moving--no shoehorning--my parents into a new house. My body and mind are exhausted and yes, I have a really bad case of the "I don't wannas." So what do you do when you're in charge of a nonprofit that demands and deserves your best, and so does your family, your community, and yourself? I've got some quick tips for how to get things done in spite...