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74: Creating High Performing Service Agents, with Alan Stein Jr.

Alan Stein Jr. is a coach, speaker, and author with an expertise in improving organizational performance, cohesion, and accountability. He spent more than 15 years working with highest-performing basketball players on the planet; including NBA superstar, Kevin Durant. Alan now travels the world teaching organizations how to utilize the same strategies in business that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level. Alan has a brand-new book called Raise Your Game: High-Performance...


73: How to Break Out of the Spin Cycle of Self-Criticism with Barbara Churchill

Barbara Churchill is a sought-after master-certified executive leadership coach who specializes in working with emerging and senior level leaders and entrepreneurs. She is particularly passionate about empowering women to embrace their leadership skills and step into more challenging roles. In this episode, you’ll hear why trusting our intuition is at the core her message for the world, how a teacher’s negative words in middle school influenced her career path for decades, how to determine...


72: How to Ignite a Culture of Bold Innovation with Leena Patel

Leena Patel is the CEO of Global Impact Systems, founder of Sandbox2boardroom.com, and a leading expert on helping executive teams worldwide drive innovation and develop a culture of collaboration and inclusion. She draws from two decades of experience as a business owner to design and execute innovation initiatives that capitalize on new business opportunities and secure a strategic market position. In this episode, Leena shares why leaders need to focus on helping their teams become...


71: Bridging Ideological Divides with Judy Brower

Judy Brower is a life and leadership coach. She also just so happens to be one of my mentors. Having learned deep respect for many people who hold opposing belief systems, Judy discovered that when full respect is given, full expression becomes welcome. Her passion is to unleash the potential of effective dialogue into our culture, workplaces, and homes through what she calls, “respectfullexpression.” In this episode, Judy explains the core of her message, the five statements that will...


70: How To Be a Servant Leader in Sales with Tiffany Adams

Tiffany Adams has spent most of her professional life working in a corporate setting dealing with human capital management; both before and after they’re hired. She’s previously worked for companies like IBM and is currently the Director of Client Solutions with the Ken Blanchard Companies. What I love about Tiffany and is that she does this work with a servant-leadership attitude. In this episode, Tiffany and I discuss what she does for her company and clients, what servant leadership and...


69: How to Confront People Without Feeling Pressure

I've received more feedback about my recent episode on how to discern your calling without feeling pressure than almost any other episode to-date. I'm so glad you've all reached out to me about this because it lets me know that, clearly, the subject of pressure is a hot-button one for you. As a result, I've decided to cover the topic of pressure from a few more angles. In this episode, I'm providing you with three questions to ask yourself that will help take the pressure off...


68: Mental Health Matters for Pastors and Those Who Care for Them with Espen Klausen, Ph.D.

Dr. Espen Klausen is a regular here on the Voice of Influence podcast and he’s back again this week. This time, Dr. Klausen is here to discuss mental health for pastors. In this episode, we cover the role the church has played in Dr. Klausen’s from the time he was a child to now, the unrealistic expectations we placed on pastors to always have it all together, how our bodies are designed to handle stress, his tips for what pastors can do to help protect or improve their mental health, and...


67: How to Discern Your Calling Without Feeling Pressure with Andrea Joy Wenburg

Have you ever looked at someone you admire and felt pressured to be like them, do things the way they do, or do something just because they say you should? Where does this pressure come from? Yourself? How much do you judge yourself based on what you admire about that person? I want to help you stop the judgments and instead focus on what it is about that person that you resonate with. What is that person awakening in you? In this episode, I'm going to provide some insights that will...


66: How to Become a Citizen Leader for a Cause with Susie Hageman

Susie Hageman is a local friend of mine and I’m very excited to have her on the show with me because she is doing very important work, at a local level, on a global crisis. Susie has a clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy and works primarily with patients in an outpatient orthopedic setting, spends her time with her sons, and volunteers in her community with a passionate voice in her efforts to address the issue of human trafficking in her community and state. In this episode, Susie and...


65: What to Say to People Who Are Angry with You with Andrea Joy Wenburg

As a voice of influence, I'm sure you've experienced your fair share of negative people or trolls. They often seem angry for no reason, don't respond to logic, and only hoping to bring others down. In this episode, I'm offering an explanation for a reason as to why they seem so irrationally angry and a few ways that you can respond to this situation that will be beneficial to both of you.


64: How Small Shifts Lead to Big Transformation with Claudio Toyama

Claudio Toyama is committed to raising the awareness of people around the world, so they live full and fulfilled lives at work and home. He is an international bestselling author, an award-winning speaker, and the CEO of Toyama and Company; an international leadership consultancy specializing in small shifts that produce big results. Claudio has delivered projects in over 113 countries and has lived in five countries on four continents. He is also a Forbes contributor and is a featured guest...


63: Uncovering Money Blocks with Eleni Anastos

Eleni Anastos is the CEO of Business Insights Now and she specializes in uncovering money blocks to help business owners and individuals grow and learn in ways they never thought possible in life and business. She believes making connections and cultivating relationships is what matters most; including in your relationship with money. In this episode, you’ll learn why Eleni believes that how you do money is how you do everything, how having a scarcity mindset about money can negatively...


62: Living Boldly with Andrea Joy Wenburg

This week I have a very special episode to bring you. Today is actually my 40th birthday and, as I started to approach this birthday, I began reflecting on my life. What is that I really want for my life and my family? What are the things I've been doing that aren't serving me? How have I been holding myself back? Take a listen to this quick episode to hear the powerful realizations I've come to.


61: How to Stop Being Afraid of Standing Out with Alicia Couri

Alicia Couri is a dynamic empowerment speaker, author, and personal branding expert who shares her message of how overcoming low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence has created massive opportunities that influence, transform, and impact lives. Alicia’s books focus on self-development and self-care and, while simple, are incredibly profound. Her mission is to influence, educate, inspire, and entertain with audacious confidence and to help her clients do the same with a strong personal...


60: Sell Like Crazy While Serving Others and Being Yourself with Jim Padilla

We're all salespeople whether we identify as one or not. If we want to use our voice of influence in the world, we'll need to become better salespeople and this week's guest is here to help with that. Jim Padilla is the Founder of Gain the Edge, a go-to guy for all things sales, and a master collaborated whose purpose is to help entrepreneurs leverage the power of collaboration to scale their businesses, so they can impact the world the way they intended. In this episode, Jim discusses his...


59: How to Respond With Grace & Power When You're Under Pressure with Crystal Davis

Crystal Davis is a certified Leadership Development Coach, consultant, and speaker whose business personality and work practices are the foundation of her success. I’m incredibly excited to introduce you to Crystal because I personally love her “voice” and the way she comes across as a voice of wisdom. In this episode, you’ll hear how Crystal works with companies to improve their business processes to become more efficient and profitable, the organization she started to help women thrive...


58: How to Make & Keep Your Message Relevant with Joe Calloway

There are new businesses, thought leaders, influencers, coaches, consultants, you name it coming onto the scene every single day. So, how you can stand out and make sure your business, and voice, is relevant in a crowded marketplace? This week's guest is going to tell us exactly that! Joe Calloway works with leaders to help make great companies even better. He is a business author and conducts interactive sessions with leaders on how they can better simplify, focus, and execute in their...


57: Stop Putting Yourself On the Backburner with Keri Stanley

When someone asks who you are, how often do you respond with your title? Wife, mother, physician, executive, etc. You're more than just your title and this week's guest wants to help remind you of that. Keri Stanley is the CEO of Keri Stanley Coaching, Huffington Post Writer, and Inspirational Speaker who spends her life looking for the a-ha moments to share with her clients. She now hosts international experiences for healthcare and service-based professionals to Ground, Grow, & Give so...


56: Find Authentic Confidence in Alcohol-Free Living with Kate Bee

How often do we see memes on Facebook about it being "wine o'clock" or how often do we hear references in pop culture about how alcohol is the answer to a stressful day or the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion? Today's guest has made it her mission to change this narrative. Kate Bee is the founder of The Sober School; where she coaches women through early sobriety and helps them navigate alcohol-free living without feeling deprived or miserable. In this episode, Kate talks about...


55: Find Your MOJO Even in Hard Times with Karen Worstell

We all have that loud voice inside our head screaming at us to avoid doing things that make us comfortable. While this voice is just trying to protect us, we must learn how to silence this voice and not let it stop us from going after our goals or making our voices heard. Karen Worstell went from being a mom to toddlers who couldn’t afford to buy groceries to the Chief Information Security Officer for companies like AT&T Wireless and Microsoft. Now, Karen coaches women in tech and has a...