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Voice of Influence: Personal Brand and Communication Strategy for Message-Driven Leaders is a podcast featuring interviews with thought leaders and experts who have a highly developed voice of influence. Creative, message-driven leaders will appreciate the support, insight and advice that will help them develop their own voice and compelling communication that makes a difference in the world.

Voice of Influence: Personal Brand and Communication Strategy for Message-Driven Leaders is a podcast featuring interviews with thought leaders and experts who have a highly developed voice of influence. Creative, message-driven leaders will appreciate the support, insight and advice that will help them develop their own voice and compelling communication that makes a difference in the world.


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Voice of Influence: Personal Brand and Communication Strategy for Message-Driven Leaders is a podcast featuring interviews with thought leaders and experts who have a highly developed voice of influence. Creative, message-driven leaders will appreciate the support, insight and advice that will help them develop their own voice and compelling communication that makes a difference in the world.






175: Advocating for Yourself While Championing Others

How can individuals who approach a challenge from different perspectives leverage their differing strengths to work toward a goal collaboratively? Andrea takes another look at the importance of balancing diverse perspectives and respecting the gifts and contributions of others, while engaging conflict with self-awareness so that we can remain aligned in our team objectives.


174: Using Kolbe to Function Well as a Team with Jen Heins

Kolbe Certified Consultant and Youth Specialist Jen Heins shares with us how understanding the specific ways we and those with whom we work take action when faced with a project can make us more successful at meeting our team goals. Whether it’s owning the best way for you to approach a problem or gaining a better understanding of why someone else needs to handle things differently, your team will have less friction when there’s an appreciation for, instead of a frustration with, diverse...


173: Finding Gratitude for 2020

As we close the door on 2020 and cross the threshold of 2021, I address the gifts that we can gain from seasonal transitions and look at what we can gain from letting go. What can you look back on with gratitude?What did you learn? Are there successes you can celebrate? How have you emerged from this year stronger for what you’ve experienced?What things can be released to make space for new opportunities? Join me as we wrap up this year and kick off a new series!


Why the Grinch Stole Christmas with Grant Wenburg

Have you ever wondered why the Grinch stole Christmas? Our son’s 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Brennan, posed this question to kids in the class and asked them to write a persuasive essay about why they believe the Grinch is either evil or misunderstood. On the Voice of Influence podcast one of the key questions we explore is why are people the way they are? How can we motivate others who may be closed off to us? Though Grant’s essay doesn’t go on to suggest how to approach the Grinch, it does...


172: How to Change What You Don't Like at Work

What’s your role in making your work an opportunity to do what you love? Are there ways that you might be blocking your own goals at work? As we wrap up this series sparked by our interview with Carson Tate, I address the difference you can make at work when you create a vision for yourself, build trust, initiate productive dialogue, and find win-win solutions for yourself and your company.


171: How to Turn Your Job Into Your Dream Job with Carson Tate

Do you have the power to make your job into your dream job? That’s what our guest Carson Tate, founder and managing partner of Working Simply, Inc., joins us to discuss. Carson shares how to understand your organization’s needs, how to build a business case for the changes you want to see made, and how to create win-win scenarios for you and your employer. Carson is the author of the bestseller Work Simply: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style and the newly released book...


170: Taking Personal Responsibility for What You Want

We know that people want to be happy and fulfilled at work and that healthy organizations want to provide an environment that allows people to feel happy and fulfilled. The organization’s culture, the leadership style, and the individual employee all play a role in whether or not that desire becomes a reality. What aspects of our work environment do we determine directly and which ones can we influence? In this episode, we address some of the crucial dynamics that impact employee engagement.


169: Love Your Audience, Clients, and Prospects More Than You Fear Them

What fears can get in the way of your business success, and what role does love play in overcoming them? Building on last week’s conversation with Finka Jerkovic, Andrea discusses three core fears that are common obstacles when you’re selling your idea, getting others onboard, or marketing a product or service, and how each fear can be overcome by love.


168: Selling From Love with Finka Jerkovich

Whether it’s a product or an idea, how do we move beyond selling as a transaction and instead make it the catalyst for transformation? Finka Jerkovich joins Andrea today to discuss that, as well as why she believes confidence must be rooted in curiosity, creativity, and resourcefulness rather than being limited to competence.


167: Own Your Expertise and Your Desire to Share It

Do you ever feel frustrated that others don’t seem to grasp the value of what your expertise can offer them? Getting buy-in from others sometimes requires some self-reflection on your part first. In this episode, Andrea discusses her own process of recognizing the things that kept her from owning her voice so that not only could she connect her gifts with the needs in the world but she could also help others use their gifts effectively. Take some time today to clarify your purpose so that...


166: Being Real without Ruining Your Relationships

Last week, we talked with Shasta Nelson who wrote a book about how you have friendships at work and why are they that important. This week, we’re picking right up with a specific question I asked Shasta during our conversation that I feel deserves a deeper look. In this solo episode, I share how the experience of choosing a table in a school cafeteria is like being around people who have differing opinions, the various options for how to handle being around people who have opinions you...


165: Don't Be Afraid of Building Friendships at Work with Shasta Nelson

Shasta Nelson is a friendship expert and a leading voice on loneliness and creating healthy relationships. Whether she’s speaking at conferences or on TEDx stages or giving media interviews to outlets such as the New York Times and The Washington Post, she is constantly teaching all of us how to create healthier and more fulfilling relationships in our lives. Shasta’s latest book, The Business of Friendship: Making the Most of Relationships Where We Spend Most of Our Time, teaches us why we...


164: Building Relationships While Maintaining Productivity at Work

Our next series on the podcast is about friendship at work and Rosanne and I thought a perfect way to kick things off would be to talk about our friendship and how it aligns with our working relationship. In this episode, Rosanne and I share the concerns she had when I first approached her a few years ago about working together, the lessons I had to learn in the beginning when it came to accepting Rosanne’s ideas and input without taking it personally, why ego needs to be removed from the...


163: Is Your Tone Influential?

A few episodes ago, we talked about why it’s important to simplify your expertise so that people who don’t share your knowledge of a subject can care about what you have to say. In last week’s episode, I spoke with marketing consultant, Wes Gay, about practical steps that subject matter experts can take to cut the jargon and speak clearly so people will listen, In continuing with this theme, I’m now discussing some mistakes experts make that end sabotaging their message by making other...


162: How to Cut the Jargon and Speak Clearly with Wes Gay

Wes Gay is a writer, entrepreneur, and marketing consultant. He is a StoryBrand Certified Copywriter and Guide, helping businesses clarify their marketing message and strengthen their position in the marketplace. While this is Wes’ second appearance on the Voice of Influence podcast, he and I originally connected because I was looking for help with my own marketing efforts. In this episode, Wes and I discuss what the “curse of knowledge” is and why all experts should be aware of it, why...


161: Simplifying Your Expertise So People Care

Starting today and continuing over the next few weeks, we’ll be diving deeper into how to communicate more simply so you message doesn’t get lost. In this episode, Rosanne and I discuss how her son’s passion for fish is a perfect example of the importance of speaking to your potential customers in a way that will resonate with them, why we as experts need to realize that we’ll always care more about the subject matter than our clients and customers, why we need to know our target audience...


160: Break Free from Who You Think You Should Be

After the three previous three episodes about change, I wanted to take some time to think through together what the psychology behind behavioral change means for you individually and how you can process paradigm shifts and helps others process them as well. In this episode, I share the difference between assimilation and accommodation, the first time I experienced change in a way that rocked me to my core, the song I wrote about the feelings I had during that experience, how to understand...


159: Another Look at the Psychology Behind Changing Your Mind

We’ve talked this month about the fact that change challenges us. As part of this theme, I had a conversation with Dr. Espen Klausen last week about the psychology behind how people change. In that conversation, Dr. Klausen described some of the differences between assimilation, which he says is bringing new ideas into old schemas, and accommodation, which he says involves significant paradigm shifts. This week, Roseanne Moore is on the show to help me dive deeper into the concepts of...


158: The Psychology Behind Changing Your Mind with Espen Klausen, Ph.D

Espen Klausen, Ph.D., is back on the show! In case you’re not familiar with this frequent guest, Espen is a licensed psychologist and speaker based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. His work in public community mental health includes individuals, couples, and family therapy with clients of all ages and he conducts psychological assessments. He is the lead psychologist for several County programs. He consults for Social Services. As a speaker, he runs seminars on a wide range of subjects for...


157: Why Don't People Trust Experts?

With all of the global crises that have happened this year, people are stressed and we’re finding ourselves in the middle of a great divide when it comes to our perspectives on many important topics and it’s certainly having an impact on how we’re able to be a voice of influence. In this episode, Rosanne and I discuss the growing lack of respect and trust for expertise and how you can get people to buy into your ideas in spite of that, the parallels between parenting and getting buy-in on...