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The world’s most innovative and exciting companies have all got one thing in common – world-class customer experience. This podcast series by Voxpro Studios finds out exactly how they do it. This series will feature rare interviews with titans of customer experience in the tech world.

The world’s most innovative and exciting companies have all got one thing in common – world-class customer experience. This podcast series by Voxpro Studios finds out exactly how they do it. This series will feature rare interviews with titans of customer experience in the tech world.
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The world’s most innovative and exciting companies have all got one thing in common – world-class customer experience. This podcast series by Voxpro Studios finds out exactly how they do it. This series will feature rare interviews with titans of customer experience in the tech world.








Customer Experience and the Philippines - Everything you need to know

When companies are selecting a location in which to base their customer experience operations, one country that is always high on the list is the Philippines. This country has become a world leader in this space in a very short space of time, growing by 43% since 2006. So why is the Philippines so good at the provision of customer experience? And what are the key things that companies need to know about before deciding to choose it as a base for their CX operations? Tonchi Achurra,...


Circle, Ripple and Luno on the Future of Money

As partner to some of the world’s most successful Fintech firms, Voxpro always has its eye on the future of money. So, we invited some of crypto’s greatest minds to join us at a special event at Voxpro’s Dublin centre of excellence and share their vision for the new financial world order. Special guests in this bonus episode of Voxpro Studio include: Jeremy Allaire David Schwartz


Dan Kiely - CEO, Voxpro - powered by TELUS International

This episode profiles a founder who took a very traditional industry and completely redefined it. The delivery of customer experience used to be seen as necessary cost, and many companies took a high-volume, low-cost approach to it. But Dan Kiely, CEO of Voxpro - powered by TELUS International, knew it could be so much more than that. Along with his wife and co-founder, Linda, Dan pioneered a model of ‘Beautiful Customer Experience’ delivery that has led to partnerships with some of the...


Voxpro Studios - Xavient

Technology has completely transformed the delivery of customer experience. Digital innovations like AI, Chatbots, Omnichannel, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have made CX delivery faster, more intelligent and more personal, and we are now operating in an entirely new customer experience landscape. In this episode, we meet one of the companies creating this technology - Xavient Information Systems, now part of the TELUS International family.


Hubspot - Amanda Whyte, Senior Manager of Agency Partner and Customer Success

How important is it to have a ‘customer-first’ mindset? How valuable is it to your company? And how can you go about successfully developing one? Hubspot has over 40,000 customers in 90 countries and having a genuine ‘customer-first’ approach has been central to its success. Amanda Whyte is the Senior Manager of Agency Partner and Customer Success at Hubspot. In this episode, Amanda talks about:


How I raised Net Promoter Score from 8 to 68 - Alan McNab, MD EMEA of Velocidi

Do your customers trust you? Do they trust your brand and believe what that what you say about your own company and value proposition is true? It’s a simple question but often a very difficult one to answer – but being able to answer it is imperative because trust is at the very heart of a successful relationship with your customers. It is also central to critical scores like NPS. Our guest in this episode can help. Alan McNabb has decades of experience working with customers in...


Airbnb - Aisling Hassell, Head of Global CX

When you’re Head of Global CX for a company with hundreds of millions of customers across 191 countries, how can you ensure they all have a beautiful customer experience? The answers are all in this episode of Voxpro Studios. Aisling Hassell has been heading up global CX for Airbnb since 2014 – four years of exponential growth for the company. In this rare interview, Aisling describes how she has successfully scaled the CX function over that period, and the fundamental lessons she has...


7 Imperatives for Moving your Customer Experience to the Next Level.

If your customer measures (CSAT, NPS etc) have hit a plateau, you might need to start thinking about your customers in a whole new way. Colin Shaw, founder of Beyond Philosophy, has published a new book to help you do that. 'The Intuitive Customer: 7 Imperatives for Moving your Customer Experience to the Next Level' delves into the psychology behind why customers act and make decisions the way they do. In this episode, Colin reveals how this knowledge can start moving those measures in the...


Jeffrey Puritt - President & CEO, TELUS International

How can Chatbots and human agents work together to deliver an exceptional customer experience? How can you leverage big and small data to build customer loyalty? TELUS International handles over 200m customer interactions annually; in this episode, the company's president and CEO, Jeffrey Puritt, reveals why cutting-edge technology must be combined with the human touch for the delivery of world-class CX.


Artificial Intelligence in 2018 - Brendan O'Driscoll, Founding CEO of Soundwave (acquired by Spotify)

Artificial Intelligence expert Brendan O'Driscoll on the 4 key AI developments that we will see emerging in 2018.


Rod Jones - the man who helps CX Leads make better decisions

Do you need to make more informed decisions about CX, ROI, Contact Centres, and many other critical aspects of your role? Rod Jones is one of the most experienced CX and contact centre consultants you will meet. In this episode he talks about: How to get C-Level buy-in for CX; The return to 'Common Sense' Customer Service; The rise of the Super-Agent; and why the 1960's was the heyday of CX, Drugs and Rock n Roll.


Renn Vara - Airbnb Leadership Coach & Co-Founder, SNP Communications

Renn Vara helped Brian Chesky turn Airbnb into the global tech giant that it is today. In this fascinating episode Renn reveals:


Cogs and Marvel - Roisin Callaghan, CEO C&G USA

Your team are your most powerful brand ambassadors. There should be no difference between how you treat your team and how you treat your customers - and company-led events are central to how you can achieve this parity. Rosin Callaghan runs events (experiences) for the biggest tech companies in the world - this episode reveals how she does it to a world-class standard.


Vivino - Chad Boonsupa, Global VP of Customer Experience

How will you and your team handle the 'perfect storm'? Can small startups have the same world-class customer experience as a Fortune 500 company? What are the only three metrics you need to measure? This Disney-trained CX leader, who compares his job to a Broadway production, has the answers.


Strava - Mark Gainey, Co-founder & Chairman

Big data is rocket fuel for customer experience. Strava is the social networking app for tens of millions of athletes, and the data collected from their wearables and devices allows the company to provide them with a world-class experience. In this episode, Stava's co-founder Mark Gainey explains how.


Peter Ryan - Ryan Strategic Advisory

Are you ready to roll out Bots? Should you be considering video chat as a channel? How can CX leads do more for customers with less budget? Influential industry analyst Peter Ryan gives his expert analysis on these key topics, and a lot more.


Asana - Brian Boroff, Head of Customer Success, Services and User Operations

Brian Boroff left Apple to build the customer experience operations of Asana – a fast-growing SaaS company with a product that helps teams work more effectively. In this interview, he talks about the central role of CS in SaaS, how to build highly effective user profiles, the curse of ‘tool fatigue’, and what’s next for CX.


GoFundMe - Morgan Wood, Head of Customer Happiness

Rapid response time is the holy grail of Customer Experience. Not only do customers have a higher opinion of companies that respond to them quickly, they also spend more money with them. In this episode, Morgan Wood of GoFundMe describes that company's 5-minute response time policy, and the training and ergonomics required to achieve it.


Spotify - Chug Abramowitz, VP of Customer Support and Social Media

Spotify has two hundred million customers - and counting. The company's Head of CS has developed a strategy that he claims keeps 99% of them happy. In this episode, he explains how.


Nest Labs - John Moses, Head of Customer Support

John Moses is one of the true visionaries of Customer Experience. John is Head of Customer Support at Nest Labs, the market leader in home automation. In this episode he talks about: John speaks with incredible passion and insight. If you've got customers, you've got to hear this interview.